Greatest Hits

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Artist :   Queen
Album Name :   Greatest Hits
Genre :   Rock
Relase Date :   26 October 1981
Tracks :   18
Country :   USA

Greatest Hits (Queen) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 5:55
2. Another One Bites the Dust Queen 3:35
3. Killer Queen Queen 3:01
4. Fat Bottomed Girls Queen 3:23
5. Bicycle Race Queen 3:01
6. You're My Best Friend Queen 2:52
7. Don't Stop Me Now Queen 3:30
8. Save Me Queen 3:48
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen 2:44
10. Somebody to Love Queen 4:57
11. Now I'm Here Queen 4:14
12. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy Queen 2:52
13. Play the Game Queen 3:33
14. Flash Queen 2:48
15. Seven Seas of Rhye Queen 2:47
16. We Will Rock You Queen 2:02
17. We Are the Champions Queen 3:00

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Queen - Greatest Hits Album Wiki

A greatest hits album, sometimes called a "best of" album or a catalog album, is a compilation of songs by a particular artist or band. Most often the track list contains previously released recordings with a high degree of notability. However, to increase the appeal, especially to people who already own the original release, it is common to include remixes or alternate takes of popular songs; sometimes even new material (previously unreleased) will function as bonus tracks. At times, a greatest hits compilation is the original album release for songs that have themselves been released as a single and charted successfully. Many of these albums surface despite the unwillingness of original artists to support them, the songwriters being embroiled in fighting record company decisions. Despite The Rolling Stones' conflicts over the control of their tracks, the band-opposed Hot Rocks 1964–1971 surfaced in December 1971, and the contentious legal issues failed to clip the wings of the record's commercial success. Nonetheless, many other of these albums actually receive detailed co-operation from the musicians involved, which can mean trying to present a specific 'goal' or 'sound' in the work (roughly akin to that in concept albums)..

Greatest Hits (Queen) Album Comments

Greatest Hits (Queen) Album Reviews

  • Terrible recording..

    I love Queen, but this is just a terrible recording. This isn’t a review of the album as much as it is Apple because it’s an iTunes issue.
  • just get platinum

    just get platinum collection for 25 and get 51 queen songs
  • Album

    Rington song
    I don’t want that song please
  • I was born in 2005...

    the puth fairy
  • What a Beautiful, “Duwang”!!

    I got a boner and had a SHEER HEART ATTACK from This glorious album
  • Something is missing…

    In the early 1980s, The original “Queen Greatest Hits" CD, w/ this photo cover, included the track "Under Pressure." This original CD was an overseas import from the UK, I had to specially order. There was no Queen greatest hits CD I could find. That’s why I had to specially ordered the CD. That is the only CD with that cover listing the track “Under Pressure” on the back track list. It may have been a limited edition CD, which included "Under Pressure."this greatest hits version has a different lineup in the track listings than the one I have with under Pressure. Under pressure on mine was in the middle of the track listing. I would buy this version, however I would feel as if, something is missing. What a bummer! Why not U.P. in the iTunes "Queen Greatest Hits?"
  • ❤️❤️💗💗🥰🥰

    I literally can’t even with Queen they are legends
  • ❤️❤️💗💗🥰🥰

    I literally can’t even with Queen they are legends
  • Love queen

  • Antrimate

    Just in