Top Instrumental Albums Lyrics of May 2024

Best Instrumental Music Albums Lyrics

2Smooth Jazz by Smooth Jazz Collective album lyrics

Smooth Jazz

Smooth Jazz Collective$5.99Date: 29 April 2016
5Ballet Music by ballet music album lyrics

Ballet Music

Ballet Music$8.99Date: 12 March 2011
6Irony by Jung Sungha album lyrics


Jung Sungha$9.99Date: 21 September 2011
7December by George Winston album lyrics


George Winston$9.99Date: 01 January 1982
8Sleep Music - 101 Sleep Songs by Sleep Music Lullabies album lyrics

Sleep Music - 101 Sleep Songs

Sleep Music Lullabies$9.99Date: 20 October 2011
9Fanimals - EP by Too Many Zooz album lyrics

Fanimals - EP

Too Many Zooz$5.94Date: 15 September 2014
10Autumn by George Winston album lyrics


George Winston$9.99Date: 01 January 1980
11Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico by Yanni album lyrics

Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico

Yanni$10.99Date: 17 April 2012
12The One Four Seasons by Issaku Matsumoto album lyrics

The One Four Seasons

Issaku Matsumoto$7.99Date: 09 October 2022
14Intervention by Helen Jane Long album lyrics


Helen Jane Long$9.99Date: 27 August 2012
16Intimacy Vol. 1 by Andrea Vanzo album lyrics

Intimacy Vol. 1

Andrea Vanzo$9.99Date: 28 October 2022
19Flying by Garth Stevenson album lyrics


Garth Stevenson$9.99Date: 14 June 2011
23Music for Cats Album One by David Teie album lyrics

Music for Cats Album One

David Teie$9.99Date: 16 October 2016
24Classical Drumming by Vadrum album lyrics

Classical Drumming

Vadrum$9.99Date: 21 January 2011
26Perfect Blue by Jung Sungha album lyrics

Perfect Blue

Jung Sungha$9.99Date: 01 June 2010
32The Shape of Colour by Intervals album lyrics

The Shape of Colour

Intervals$9.99Date: 04 December 2015
35The Lord of the Rings Symphony by Howard Shore album lyrics

The Lord of the Rings Symphony

Howard Shore$11.99Date: 13 September 2011
39Away With Words, Pt.2 - EP by Angel Vivaldi album lyrics

Away With Words, Pt.2 - EP

Angel Vivaldi$4.95Date: 07 April 2023
41El Bueno Y El Malo by Hermanos Gutiérrez album lyrics

El Bueno Y El Malo

Hermanos Gutiérrez$9.99Date: 28 October 2022
42The Way Forward by Intervals album lyrics

The Way Forward

Intervals$10.32Date: 01 December 2017
43Guitar Rhapsody (Live) by 40 Fingers album lyrics

Guitar Rhapsody (Live)

40 Fingers$9.99Date: 22 January 2021
44Rockfluence solo piano by Scott D. Davis album lyrics

Rockfluence solo piano

Scott D. Davis$9.99Date: 04 January 2006
45Wish Upon a Star by Jenny Oaks Baker album lyrics

Wish Upon a Star

Jenny Oaks Baker$9.99Date: 02 August 2011
49Binaural Beats by Binaural Beats album lyrics

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats$9.99Date: 08 May 2012 ranks the month's 100 best instrumental music albums across all genres, ranked by sales and streaming activity. We've all been there. You're driving in the car, or working out at the gym, and you get that itch to hear your favorite song. But then you realize you don't know the lyrics. Well, not anymore! With Top Albums Lyrics, you can access the lyrics to any of your favorite songs in just seconds. Whether you're a karaoke king or just want to sing along in the shower, Top Albums Lyrics has got you covered.

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