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Don't miss out on all the most popular albums of April 2021, whether it's a giant pop release, an indie record, or the hottest mixtape.

Most Popular Music Albums of April 2021

1Wish Me Well 3 album reviews

Wish Me Well 3

YFN LucciGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 04 December 2020
2American Teen album reviews

American Teen

KhalidGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 03 March 2017
3Ghetto Gospel album reviews

Ghetto Gospel

Rod WaveGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 01 November 2019
4Poetic Pain album reviews

Poetic Pain

ToosiiGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 18 September 2020
5Stoney (Deluxe) album reviews

Stoney (Deluxe)

Post MaloneGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 December 2016
6Over It (Complete Set) album reviews

Over It (Complete Set)

Summer WalkerGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 20 November 2020
8Platinum Heart (Deluxe) album reviews

Platinum Heart (Deluxe)

ToosiiGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 06 February 2020
9ASTROWORLD album reviews


Travis ScottGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 03 August 2018
10SoulFly album reviews


Rod WaveGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 26 March 2021
11beerbongs & bentleys album reviews

Beerbongs & Bentleys

Post MaloneGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 27 April 2018
12Life On Earth - EP album reviews

Life On Earth - EP

Summer WalkerGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 10 July 2020
13Whole Lotta Red album reviews

Whole Lotta Red

Playboi CartiGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 25 December 2020
14Pray 4 Love (Deluxe) album reviews

Pray 4 Love (Deluxe)

Rod WaveGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 07 August 2020
15Hot Pink (Video Deluxe) album reviews

Hot Pink (Video Deluxe)

Doja CatGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 26 March 2021
1617 album reviews


XXXTENTACIONGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 25 August 2017
17So Icy Gang, Vol. 1 album reviews

So Icy Gang, Vol. 1

Gucci ManeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 October 2020
19REAPER SZN (Deluxe) album reviews


YXNG K.AGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 19 March 2021
20YHLQMDLG album reviews


Bad BunnyGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 29 February 2020
21Los Dioses album reviews

Los Dioses

Anuel AA & OzunaGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 22 January 2021
23Purgatory album reviews


Tyler ChildersGenre: CountryDate: 04 August 2017
27The Great Depression album reviews

The Great Depression

DMXGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 01 January 2001
29Luv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe) album reviews

Luv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe)

Lil Uzi VertGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 17 November 2017
30El Dorado album reviews

El Dorado

24kGoldnGenre: PopDate: 26 March 2021
31True 2 Myself album reviews

True 2 Myself

Lil TjayGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 11 October 2019
34Big Bank album reviews

Big Bank

Bankroll FreddieGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 02 April 2021
35Circles (Deluxe) album reviews

Circles (Deluxe)

Mac MillerGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 19 March 2020
37My Dear Melancholy, album reviews

My Dear Melancholy,

The WeekndGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 30 March 2018
39The Life of Pablo album reviews

The Life Of Pablo

Kanye WestGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 10 June 2016
40TwoFr 2 album reviews

TwoFr 2

Kalan.FrFr.Genre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 12 March 2021
42Clan Virus 2 album reviews

Clan Virus 2

BlueBucksClanGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 26 March 2021
43T R A P S O U L (Deluxe) album reviews

T R A P S O U L (Deluxe)

Bryson TillerGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 25 September 2020
44DEMIDEVIL album reviews


AshnikkoGenre: PopDate: 15 January 2021
45Rich Slave (Deluxe) album reviews

Rich Slave (Deluxe)

Young DolphGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 22 January 2021
46I'm Him album reviews

I'm Him

Kevin GatesGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 27 September 2019
471989 album reviews


Taylor SwiftGenre: PopDate: 01 January 2014
48Time Served (Deluxe) album reviews

Time Served (Deluxe)

Moneybagg YoGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 10 January 2020
49ALIVE album reviews


Kid InkGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 April 2021
50Artist album reviews


A Boogie Wit Da HoodieGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 September 2016
52Feed Tha Streets ll album reviews

Feed Tha Streets Ll

Roddy RicchGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 02 November 2018
53Meet the Woo 2 (Deluxe) album reviews

Meet The Woo 2 (Deluxe)

Pop SmokeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 07 February 2020
55Victory Lap album reviews

Victory Lap

Nipsey HussleGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 February 2018
56Hoodie SZN album reviews

Hoodie SZN

A Boogie Wit Da HoodieGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 21 December 2018
57PLAYBOY album reviews


Tory LanezGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 05 March 2021
58Blonde album reviews


Frank OceanGenre: PopDate: 20 August 2016
59Kiss 5 album reviews

Kiss 5

K CAMPGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 24 April 2020
61If I Know Me album reviews

If I Know Me

Morgan WallenGenre: CountryDate: 27 April 2018
64Welcome to O'Block album reviews

Welcome To O'Block

King VonGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 30 October 2020
66Steel Human album reviews

Steel Human

NoCapGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 July 2020
67Heaven Or Hell album reviews

Heaven Or Hell

Don ToliverGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 13 March 2020
68? album reviews


XXXTENTACIONGenre: PopDate: 16 March 2018
69...And Then There Was X album reviews

...And Then There Was X

DMXGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 21 December 1999
70The Voice (Deluxe) album reviews

The Voice (Deluxe)

Lil DurkGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 29 January 2021
71Thats What They All Say album reviews

Thats What They All Say

Jack HarlowGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 11 December 2020
72Die 4 Respect album reviews

Die 4 Respect

DDG & OG ParkerGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 19 March 2021
74Starboy album reviews


The WeekndGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 25 November 2016
75Fearless album reviews


Taylor SwiftGenre: CountryDate: 01 January 2008
76THE GOAT album reviews


Polo GGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 15 May 2020
77Starting Over album reviews

Starting Over

Chris StapletonGenre: CountryDate: 13 November 2020
80Thunderstorm Sounds album reviews

Thunderstorm Sounds

ThunderstormsGenre: New AgeDate: 06 June 2017
81Chilombo (Deluxe) album reviews

Chilombo (Deluxe)

Jhené AikoGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 17 July 2020
83High Off Life album reviews

High Off Life

FutureGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 15 May 2020
84TAKE TIME album reviews


GIVĒONGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 27 March 2020
85Code Red album reviews

Code Red

Moneybagg Yo & Blac YoungstaGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 18 September 2020
88Drip or Drown 2 album reviews

Drip Or Drown 2

GunnaGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 22 February 2019
90Death Race for Love album reviews

Death Race For Love

Juice WRLDGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 08 March 2019
91Views album reviews


DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 29 April 2016
92Ctrl album reviews


SZAGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 09 June 2017
94reputation album reviews


Taylor SwiftGenre: PopDate: 10 November 2017
95Top album reviews


YoungBoy Never Broke AgainGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 11 September 2020
96thank u, next album reviews

Thank U, Next

Ariana GrandeGenre: PopDate: 08 February 2019
97Big Grim Reaper album reviews

Big Grim Reaper

Big ScarrGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 April 2021
99G.I.H.F. album reviews


Rylo RodriguezGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 27 November 2020
101After Me album reviews

After Me

SoFaygoGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 17 December 2020
103CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) album reviews


NFGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 26 March 2021
104Hollywood's Bleeding album reviews

Hollywood's Bleeding

Post MaloneGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 06 September 2019
105Sailing Soul(s) album reviews

Sailing Soul(s)

Jhené AikoGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 19 March 2021
106SOUTHSIDE album reviews


Sam HuntGenre: CountryDate: 03 April 2020
107Take Care (Deluxe Version) album reviews

Take Care (Deluxe Version)

DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 15 November 2011
108JACKBOYS album reviews


JACKBOYS & Travis ScottGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 27 December 2019
110Purple Reign album reviews

Purple Reign

FutureGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 17 January 2016
111A Gift and A Curse album reviews

A Gift And A Curse

TinkGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 25 December 2020
112Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) album reviews

Speak Now (Deluxe Edition)

Taylor SwiftGenre: CountryDate: 25 October 2010
114Made In Lagos album reviews

Made In Lagos

WizkidGenre: WorldwideDate: 29 October 2020
115ye album reviews


Kanye WestGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 01 June 2018
117Sellout album reviews


Koe WetzelGenre: CountryDate: 20 November 2020
118So Much Fun (Deluxe) album reviews

So Much Fun (Deluxe)

Young ThugGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 16 August 2019
119Afrodisíaco album reviews


Rauw AlejandroGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 13 November 2020
121Street Gossip album reviews

Street Gossip

Lil BabyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 30 November 2018
122Care Package album reviews

Care Package

DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 02 August 2019
123God of Texas album reviews

God Of Texas

Sauce WalkaGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 April 2021
124No Love Lost (Deluxe) album reviews

No Love Lost (Deluxe)

BlxstGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 04 December 2020
128KG0516 album reviews


KAROL GGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 26 March 2021
129X 100PRE album reviews

X 100PRE

Bad BunnyGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 24 December 2018
131The Best Of DMX album reviews

The Best Of DMX

DMXGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 26 January 2010
134DAMN. album reviews


Kendrick LamarGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 14 April 2017
136More Life album reviews

More Life

DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 18 March 2017
137Nothing Was the Same (Deluxe) album reviews

Nothing Was The Same (Deluxe)

DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 01 January 2013
138Lover album reviews


Taylor SwiftGenre: PopDate: 23 August 2019
139Realer album reviews


YoungBoy Never Broke AgainGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 20 December 2018
1412014 Forest Hills Drive album reviews

2014 Forest Hills Drive

J. ColeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 December 2014
142WUNNA (Deluxe) album reviews

WUNNA (Deluxe)

GunnaGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 24 July 2020
144Heaux Tales album reviews

Heaux Tales

Jazmine SullivanGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 08 January 2021
148Scorpion album reviews


DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 29 June 2018
149Too Deep For Tears album reviews

Too Deep For Tears

OMB PeezyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 05 March 2021
150Shottaz 4Eva album reviews

Shottaz 4Eva

MO3Genre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 April 2021
153Destined 2 Win album reviews

Destined 2 Win

Lil TjayGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 02 April 2021
154Fine Line album reviews

Fine Line

Harry StylesGenre: PopDate: 13 December 2019
155Art Dealer Chic 4 - EP album reviews

Art Dealer Chic 4 - EP

MiguelGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 09 April 2021
156I Still Dont Feel Nun album reviews

I Still Dont Feel Nun

EST GeeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 18 December 2020
157OK ORCHESTRA album reviews


AJRGenre: AlternativeDate: 26 March 2021
158Freedom. - EP album reviews

Freedom. - EP

Justin BieberGenre: GospelDate: 04 April 2021
15924K Magic album reviews

24K Magic

Bruno MarsGenre: PopDate: 18 November 2016
160Dark Lane Demo Tapes album reviews

Dark Lane Demo Tapes

DrakeGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 01 May 2020
161Dopamina album reviews


Manuel TurizoGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 09 April 2021
162EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO album reviews


Bad BunnyGenre: Urbano latinoDate: 27 November 2020
164PTSD (Deluxe) album reviews

PTSD (Deluxe)

G HerboGenre: Hip-HopDate: 29 May 2020
166DS2 (Deluxe) album reviews

DS2 (Deluxe)

FutureGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 17 July 2015
167In Due Time album reviews

In Due Time

LakeyahGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 09 April 2021
168F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) album reviews


The Kid LAROIGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 06 November 2020
170My Turn (Deluxe) album reviews

My Turn (Deluxe)

Lil BabyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 28 February 2020
171HNDRXX album reviews


FutureGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 24 February 2017
175BLAME IT ON BABY (DELUXE) album reviews


DaBabyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 04 August 2020
176Harder Than Ever album reviews

Harder Than Ever

Lil BabyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 18 May 2018
178Shiesty Season album reviews

Shiesty Season

Pooh ShiestyGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 05 February 2021
180Die Lit album reviews

Die Lit

Playboi CartiGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 11 May 2018
182Unfuckwitable album reviews


Babyface RayGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 12 February 2021
183Epidemic (Deluxe) album reviews

Epidemic (Deluxe)

Money ManGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 21 August 2020
184Swimming album reviews


Mac MillerGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 03 August 2018
186After Hours album reviews

After Hours

The WeekndGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 20 March 2020
187Red album reviews


Taylor SwiftGenre: CountryDate: 01 January 2012
189Grandson, Vol. 1 album reviews

Grandson, Vol. 1

King VonGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 20 September 2019
190Die a Legend album reviews

Die A Legend

Polo GGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 07 June 2019
191It's Dark and Hell Is Hot album reviews

It's Dark And Hell Is Hot

DMXGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 19 May 1998
192Positions (Deluxe) album reviews

Positions (Deluxe)

Ariana GrandeGenre: PopDate: 19 February 2021
194missunderstood…still album reviews


Queen NaijaGenre: R&B/SoulDate: 30 October 2020
195Love Songs 4 the Streets 2 album reviews

Love Songs 4 The Streets 2

Lil DurkGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 02 August 2019
196Levon James album reviews

Levon James

King VonGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 06 March 2020
198Yellow Tape album reviews

Yellow Tape

Key GlockGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 31 January 2020
199Good News album reviews

Good News

Megan Thee StallionGenre: Hip-Hop/RapDate: 20 November 2020
200My Savior album reviews

My Savior

Carrie UnderwoodGenre: CountryDate: 26 March 2021

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