Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists

Various Artists - Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. The Trouble With Love Is 3:40
2. Here With Me 4:13
3. Sweetest Goodbye / Sunday Morning 5:44
4. Turn Me On 2:34
5. Take Me As I Am (feat. Sharissa) 4:17
6. Songbird 3:43
7. Wherever You Will Go 3:27
8. Jump (For My Love) 4:22
9. Both Sides Now (Re-Recorded) 5:45
10. All You Need Is Love 3:28
11. God Only Knows 2:53
12. I'll See It Through 4:04
13. Too Lost In You 4:11
14. Glasgow Love Theme 2:04
15. White Christmas 3:05
16. Christmas Is All Around 3:48
17. All I Want For Christmas Is You 3:27

Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists Album Reviews

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Google this-----. Y'all need to google Love Actually Discography. It will give ya 17 songs you can search for. Found Cd Universe was the most helpful. iTunes often holds soundtracks and artists hostage guys. It's nothing new. Good Luck all!!!!! --Aja

Too bad.... Just bought the CD off Amazon which has the full album of songs including Craig Armstrong’s Glasgow Love Theme, PM’s Love Theme, and Portuguese Love Theme. iTunes needs to read these reviews and wake up! Get the full album on here for everyone to enjoy!

5?. Where are the other 12 songs? This is not the whole album.

Missing best song!!. I agree. Apparently the record companies are intimated by a 9 year old girl who sings the best version of "All I Want for Christmas" that I have ever heard. She blew Mariah and Whitney away with her version!

Love it. Thanks for adding all the music from the movie. I love it!!!!

Ditto. I agree with Olivekub - this is one of my favorite movies and was extremely disappointed to find out that only some of the songs are being made available on iTunes - the cause for which, no doubt, comes down to one reason: Money. I guess rather than pay for the song I want (Both Sides Now) I'll have to get it from my local library for free. This is not just silly - but stoopid silly (misspelling intentional).

Love. Represent everyone

Ugh Gross. We Reeeaaallly need some original Christmas music. This is just pandering and the only good song is the Mariah Carey version.

Christmas is All Around. Looks like they put the rest of the songs on

Go to Amazon. After being thoroughly disappointed with the limited version of the soundtrack available on iTunes, I headed over to Amazon. They have the entire soundtrack (17 tracks) for only $5.99. :0)

Missing Songs?. Where are numbers 2, 3, & 6?....😞

Love Actually. This is ridiculous to release a partial album after the original release was the full album. It's like getting one shoe when you order a pair.

Perfect compliment to a great movie. I am not sure why some of the others have said what they have however all I know it is a wonderful soundtack and all the songs are from the movie and each song I hear it reminds me of the place in the movie it is played to move you and feeling to the scene. I have had this soundtrack for more than 10 years and listen to many of the songs quite frequently. Enjoy it throughly~

Love Actually (Original Soundtrack). Five songs only? I specifically wanted Olivia Olson's All I Want For Christmas track ... where is that? Where are all the other great songs from this soundtrack, for that matter? Since I notice people have been asking this question for years now, what answers have been given for this lame excuse for a soundtrack album?

Thumbs way down!!!. I agree with all these folks. This is a bloody lazy,half -assed product. It doesn't deserve to even share the title of this classic (by now!) Where are key songs that contributed so much to charm and wit of this fabulous film. (& btw, although female I NEVER watch "chick flicks".I'm ACTUALLY very disappointed in you iTunes!

Disappointed!!!!. Have been waiting and waiting to see the "WHOLE" soundtrack to this movie available here on ITunes!! What's the Hold up?? Obviously I am NOT the only one waiting!! You have another album available with "ALL" the songs on it but isn't sung by the original artists!! What's up with that...that you can have that one available but NOT the one everyone actually WANTS!?!?

Where are the rest of them. I completely agree with olive! This movie was full of songs that I would love to purchase and none of them are on this partial album. Please post all the songs

Where are the other songs?!. Terrible idea to only have just a few songs from the soundtrack.

Love Actually Soundtrack. Really? Only a few songs? And not even the good ones. This is one of the best Christmas albums out there and I'm very disappointed that iTunes would not have the entire soundtrack. U all must do better.....please.

Love Actually. Put at least half of the songs from the movie on before you call it a soundtrack album

12 years!. 12 years ago i was a single man working in a movie theater, this movie had almost no traffic and every time it ended the few people that left were in tears. I decided to catch a show after my shift and was completely unprepared. This became my must see movie. At every point in my life i can relate to a different character. And the music will follow and transport me to any moment filled with emotion. Today i write this 9 days before my wedding. And im downloading this on my new phone so i can play it at the wedding. Love is....all around Buy this soundtrack and buy the movie. Youll cherish it forever

Found it!. I just watched my favorite movie, for the 50th time. I had to bonk myself for not having the soundtrack with so many great tunes! Super disappointed with the paltry selection of 5 songs on iTunes! Went on eBay and got the CD with all 17 songs for 4.97...

Disappointed 2. This blows!

WRIGLEY. This is classic variety!

What is this?. There's nothing on this album to even justify the cost of its production. All the really good music is exempted! I'd love to meet the six-figure salary moron who came up with this idea. It deserves no stars, but I'll give it one for including the Pointer Sisters -- the only good track on this album. It's a waste of money to purchase this album.

Fun soundtrack. "All you need is love", "All I want for Christmas", and especially "Christmas is all around" are fun, but you can't buy or, as it's a Christmas album - GIFT - individual songs, but hey it's Apple and if there's a Scrooge for the season, there's no one better.

Really? Really? Really!. A "Partial" album? Why would you do this? Here's to a lost sale for you... Merry Effing Christmas. :-(

Ummm. PARTIAL ALBUM?!?!?? Where is Christmas is all around???

Why bother???. If you're not going to provide the real album, then why bother? All you do by claiming to offer the album, and the only listing these measly few songs is disappoint and - frankly - piss people off. I want the songs -- and am willing to pay -- that I heard while watching the awesome movie: specifically, I want those songs performed by the artists who did so for the actual soundtrack - not necessarily by the original artist who first made those songs hits. C'mon, where's the REAL soundtrack???

I. Review after review has vented there dismay that most of the songs from the movie are not on the so called sound track. Its now almost 2013 and we're still WAITING

Where's the album?. I have to agree with everyone here. This doesn't even carry enough to be considered even a partial album. Not one of the songs anyone is looking for is included on here. Sigh!

Not enough. I want to download Olivia Olson - all I want for Christmas is you. It's not in the album. Why not? Please put it in the album.

Such a shame at Christmas time. With the networks showing Love Actually nonstop around the holidays, iTunes could make a good buck off people interested in the WHOLE album :( I know I was... Looking elsewhere for this.

What?!. Only five songs......

Go to YouTube to listen to and download all songs for free!!. YouTube has all of the songs and you're also able to watch the movie clip during the song!!

Love it all!. Just one of the best movies but couldn’t be so without these songs.

I want the movie not the sound track!!!. Disappointed :(

Olivia olson. Seriously, where is her version of "All I want for christmas?" Are the record labels so worried that it will outsell Carey's?!?!?

Great songs. It's the Christmas album I listen to all year. Love it.

Finally iTunes!!. This is one of the best all-time Christmas albums and I am so happy that FINALLY iTunes has made it available. Good to know you are paying attention :)

SMH. Idk why everyone hates on this album and movie. I think they’re both great.

Love Actually. I would like to purchase this; however, there are only 5 songs.

STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All the songs people want, no one can buy! Stupid!!! Come on, bring out the whole album so we can enjoy ALL THE GREAT MUSIC FROM THIS BELOVED MOVIE.

Really?. I wanted so badly to listen to "Christmas is All Around", and it isn't even on here! In fact, there are, what, about five songs that were actually added? This is such crap! No good songs are here, and it's such a disappointment. A wonderful movie with a wonderful soundtrack is, in a way, put to shame here.

Where Are the rest of the songs?????. I loved this movie & the music from it. This "partial" list isn't worth it

Love Actually. Where the freckin hell is the rest of the album😱

Hello?. Saw this movie years ago, and every Valentine's day I watch it again, and so I was thinking of the album which is pretty good, but where's the rest of it?

Fabulous. Fabulous movie, fabulous cd! Love everything and I know it is lastly

Love actually. I would gladly buy this. If it were the actual soundtrack from the movie!

Full price fore 5 songs to down load?. I want my money back! i paod for the entire download and got 5 songs. Rip off.

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