Top Pop Albums Lyrics of October 2023

Best Pop Music Albums Lyrics

1Frantic - EP by Wé Ani album lyrics

Frantic - EP

Wé Ani$6.45Date: 05 April 2023
2Heaven & Hell by Ava Max album lyrics

Heaven & Hell

Ava Max$6.99Date: 18 September 2020
3High Drama by Adam Lambert album lyrics

High Drama

Adam Lambert$9.99Date: 24 February 2023
4I Hear Your Voice - EP by Loren Allred album lyrics

I Hear Your Voice - EP

Loren Allred$7.74Date: 06 April 2023
5NOW That's What I Call the 90's by Various Artists album lyrics

NOW That's What I Call the 90's

Various Artists$34.99Date: 26 January 2010
6Jesus At The Gay Bar by Cub Sport album lyrics

Jesus At The Gay Bar

Cub Sport$9.99Date: 07 April 2023
7Greatest Hits - Chapter One by Kelly Clarkson album lyrics

Greatest Hits - Chapter One

Kelly Clarkson$11.99Date: 16 November 2012
825 by Adele album lyrics


Adele$10.99Date: 20 November 2015
930 by Adele album lyrics


Adele$10.99Date: 19 November 2021
10NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 85 by Various Artists album lyrics

NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 85

Various Artists$7.99Date: 03 February 2023
11Gold: Greatest Hits by Carpenters album lyrics

Gold: Greatest Hits

Carpenters$9.99Date: 13 September 2000
12The Hits--Chapter One by Backstreet Boys album lyrics

The Hits--Chapter One

Backstreet Boys$9.99Date: 23 October 2001
13ODDINARY by Stray Kids album lyrics


Stray Kids$6.99Date: 19 March 2022
14Greatest Hits by Mariah Carey album lyrics

Greatest Hits

Mariah Carey$14.99Date: 04 December 2001
15Thriller by Michael Jackson album lyrics


Michael Jackson$9.99Date: 30 November 1982
16÷ (Deluxe) by Ed Sheeran album lyrics

÷ (Deluxe)

Ed Sheeran$12.99Date: 03 March 2017
18Fine Line by Harry Styles album lyrics

Fine Line

Harry Styles$10.99Date: 13 December 2019
19Backstreet Boys by Backstreet Boys album lyrics

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys$9.99Date: 06 May 1996
2050th Anniversary Collection by Neil Diamond album lyrics

50th Anniversary Collection

Neil Diamond$24.99Date: 31 March 2017
21ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits by ABBA album lyrics

ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits

ABBA$9.99Date: 21 September 1992
22SQUARE TWO - EP by BLACKPINK album lyrics


BLACKPINK$3.99Date: 01 November 2016
23Coco Moon by Owl City album lyrics

Coco Moon

Owl City$9.99Date: 24 March 2023
25Wellerman - The Album by Nathan Evans album lyrics

Wellerman - The Album

Nathan Evans$9.99Date: 04 November 2022
26Brighter Days by Blessing Offor album lyrics

Brighter Days

Blessing Offor$5.99Date: 25 February 2022
27Ultimate Air Supply by Air Supply album lyrics

Ultimate Air Supply

Air Supply$9.99Date: 01 January 1990
28Murmur by R.E.M. album lyrics


R.E.M.$7.99Date: 11 April 1983
29BOYS PLANET - ARTIST BATTLE - EP by Various Artists album lyrics


Various Artists$4.99Date: 06 April 2023
30The Immaculate Collection by Madonna album lyrics

The Immaculate Collection

Madonna$12.99Date: 09 November 1990
31S Club by S Club 7 album lyrics

S Club

S Club 7$5.99Date: 01 January 1999
32Songs You Know By Heart by Jimmy Buffett album lyrics

Songs You Know By Heart

Jimmy Buffett$7.99Date: 01 January 1985
33Come Away with Me (Remastered) by Norah Jones album lyrics

Come Away with Me (Remastered)

Norah Jones$9.99Date: 26 February 2002
35The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill album lyrics

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill$10.99Date: 25 August 1998
36Endless Summer Vacation by Miley Cyrus album lyrics

Endless Summer Vacation

Miley Cyrus$10.99Date: 10 March 2023
37THE ALBUM by BLACKPINK album lyrics


BLACKPINK$7.99Date: 02 October 2020
38Harry Styles by Harry Styles album lyrics

Harry Styles

Harry Styles$9.99Date: 12 May 2017
39Ultimate Collection (Remastered) by Eurythmics album lyrics

Ultimate Collection (Remastered)

Eurythmics$9.99Date: 08 November 2005
43Off the Wall by Michael Jackson album lyrics

Off the Wall

Michael Jackson$9.99Date: 10 August 1979
44NOW That's What I Call A Decade! 2000s by Various Artists album lyrics

NOW That's What I Call A Decade! 2000s

Various Artists$7.99Date: 06 May 2022
45Continuum by John Mayer album lyrics


John Mayer$10.99Date: 12 September 2006
48= by Ed Sheeran album lyrics


Ed Sheeran$9.99Date: 29 October 2021
49Now That's What I Call the 80's by Various Artists album lyrics

Now That's What I Call the 80's

Various Artists$39.99Date: 10 January 2009
51reputation by Taylor Swift album lyrics


Taylor Swift$9.99Date: 10 November 2017
52Allie by Allie Sherlock album lyrics


Allie Sherlock$10.89Date: 07 April 2023
53SELF - EP by Apink album lyrics


Apink$4.99Date: 05 April 2023
54NewJeans 1st EP 'New Jeans' by NewJeans album lyrics

NewJeans 1st EP 'New Jeans'

NewJeans$4.99Date: 01 August 2022
55TRUSTFALL by P!nk album lyrics


P!nk$11.99Date: 17 February 2023
561989 by Taylor Swift album lyrics


Taylor Swift$10.99Date: 27 October 2014
57Greatest Hits by *NSYNC album lyrics

Greatest Hits

*NSYNC$9.99Date: 25 October 2005
59Seasons by Alexz Johnson album lyrics


Alexz Johnson$9.9Date: 07 April 2023
60Diamonds & Dancefloors by Ava Max album lyrics

Diamonds & Dancefloors

Ava Max$9.99Date: 27 January 2023
61My Tribe by Blessing Offor album lyrics

My Tribe

Blessing Offor$10.99Date: 13 January 2023
63Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars album lyrics

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars$6.99Date: 04 October 2010
641989 (Deluxe Edition) by Taylor Swift album lyrics

1989 (Deluxe Edition)

Taylor Swift$11.99Date: 27 October 2014
65All-Time Greatest Hits by Neil Diamond album lyrics

All-Time Greatest Hits

Neil Diamond$11.99Date: 08 July 2014
66Number Ones by Michael Jackson album lyrics

Number Ones

Michael Jackson$10.99Date: 17 November 2003
67The Best of Bread by Bread album lyrics

The Best of Bread

Bread$14.99Date: 05 July 2001
68Diamonds by Elton John album lyrics


Elton John$9.99Date: 10 November 2017
69Lover by Taylor Swift album lyrics


Taylor Swift$11.99Date: 23 August 2019
70Harry's House by Harry Styles album lyrics

Harry's House

Harry Styles$11.99Date: 20 May 2022
71The Greatest 70's Hits by Various Artists album lyrics

The Greatest 70's Hits

Various Artists$11.99Date: 28 May 2018
73The Ultimate Bee Gees by Bee Gees album lyrics

The Ultimate Bee Gees

Bee Gees$17.99Date: 03 November 2009
74Yourself or Someone Like You by Matchbox Twenty album lyrics

Yourself or Someone Like You

Matchbox Twenty$10.99Date: 01 October 1996
75x (Deluxe Edition) by Ed Sheeran album lyrics

X (Deluxe Edition)

Ed Sheeran$12.99Date: 20 June 2014 ranks the month's 100 best pop music albums across all genres, ranked by sales and streaming activity. We've all been there. You're driving in the car, or working out at the gym, and you get that itch to hear your favorite song. But then you realize you don't know the lyrics. Well, not anymore! With Top Albums Lyrics, you can access the lyrics to any of your favorite songs in just seconds. Whether you're a karaoke king or just want to sing along in the shower, Top Albums Lyrics has got you covered.

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