Wrapped In Red by Kelly Clarkson

Genre Christmas
Release 29 October 2013
Price $6.99
Tracks 15
Country USA
6.99 USD

Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped In Red Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Wrapped In Red 3:36
2. Underneath The Tree 3:49
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ... 3:39
4. Run Run Rudolph 2:27
5. Please Come Home For Christmas (Bel... 3:19
6. Every Christmas 3:46
7. Blue Christmas 2:52
8. Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Ronni... 3:01
9. Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song) 3:22
10. White Christmas 3:02
11. My Favorite Things 2:49
12. 4 Carats 3:28
13. Just For Now 3:30
14. Silent Night (feat. Reba McEntire &... 4:09

Wrapped In Red by Kelly Clarkson Album Reviews

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Awesome. This album is awesome just like all her others :)

Better than Mariah.. Point blank period. 110x's Better Christmas album than Mariah Carey. More soul and Christmas spirit. Love Kelly !!!

Best modern Christmas album ever!. Bought this album when it first came out...now it’s still my most fav Christmas album several years later!

A perfect Christmas album!. This album is great. There’s a perfect combination of uptempo songs to get you in the Christmas spirit such as Underneath the Tree and Run Run Rudolph, and then there’s her take on classics like Blue Christmas and Silent Night. She has an amazing voice, perfect for Christmas. This album is always in my holiday rotation.

Best Christmas Album Ever!. This is my most favorite Christmas album! Love it! I bought this when it was released and I even listen to some of the songs when it's not Christmas! Great original songs. Great job Kelly!

I liked run run Rudolph but the other songs were ok 👌. I love run run Rudolph ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Biiiiiiiitch. Phenomenal

Such an incredible album!. All the songs sound so fresh and energetic! I truly love this Christmas album!

She kills it. I don’t know why this album isn’t more popular. It’s sooooo good.

Taylorfan. It is beautiful!!!

👍👍👍👍👍. Love it 👏

One of the best. This is my favorite album by Kelly. Her covers are unique, but don't lose the spirit of the original. And they are a mix of many genres, so it's not all one long run. The original tracks are all superb. The production is pretty good. It has some minor flaws(she's kinda loud on the duet), but the rest is so amazing. Definitely one of the best Christmas albums ever. It's my personal favorite.

Amazing!. Has been my top Christmas album go to since it came out. Kelly’s voice is just phenomenal!

holiday wish. After my second spinal fusion surgery this song really gets me in the holiday spirit Wonderful vocals love it!

Wonderful wrapped in Red. I just purchased this album and I must say it is a wonderful find.

Not the best but okay. I mean it’s okay

You go girl!. This is simply breathtaking and she has come so far! Her voice is wonderful and she has done so well with these songs and I know there will be lots more of her amazing songs coming for years to come! Keep rocking your songs, Kelly! 🎶😊🎤

Love it. 4 Carats is such a fun song!

Voice like a cup of cocoa. For those who are saying it's too modern or comparing to Mariah- you're on crack! So many Christmas albums out there, and this is at the top! Kelly's voice makes me feel like I'm sitting with a comfy blanket with a cup of cocoa in hand. Beautiful. Great songs. This is my first review. I felt compelled to review!

a true icon. one of the best albums of all time

Amazing. I'm obsessed with this album!! Kelly did it again!!

A classic. Always a classic. On repeat every Christmas year 💗

Best work ever. ❤️. Fabulous work!!

I love Kelly. Powerful, Unique, Voice.. I highly recommend this album!

Love it!. I just love Wrapped In Red!! Beautiful music!! A classic for Christmas!!

A new Christmas feeling everytime with this album. I was so proud of Kelly Clarkson. She did A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in this album! I was really delighted that she sang with children when performing her songs! Really love the feeling from this album. Wrapped In Red shall be on top every Christmas! My favorite song is obviously Underneath the Tree! Love the meaningful lyrics! Amazing album! 🎄🎁🎅🎆❤️💚

super good. beautiful

Wow!. She can really sing. I had no idea til listening to a few of her songs this Christmas!

My Dave Christmas album. I love that it’s some traditional songs and then her own originals in there. Lovely work!

Put this with the Christmas music collection. Love this!

Buy itttttt❤️❤️❤️. I luv this album because it takes old Christmas classics and makes them more modern. 🎅🎄🎄🎄 My favorite is Underneath the Tree❗️❗️❗️

Kelly Clarkson is Amazing. Kelly Clarkson is a amazing, awesome, great, inspiring singer. I love her music so much and I love the song. Underneath the Tree it is a great Christmas holiday song on this album.

Ok. So I’ve only listened to a few but underneath the tree is by far the best!!!! I CANT STOP SINGING IT

Wow just wow. This album is so amazing. It’s a Xmas album but honestly I could listen to these jams all year long. So good Kelly your just an amazing singer and you really know how to bring it. This is a today kind of Xmas album for sure. We all listen to the oldies and yes I have those too but this is just fun and new.

❤️. ❤️

No thanks. No one does Blue Christmas like Elvis; she needs to stop with the fake country act.


My favorite. Not usually a fan of “new” Christmas songs but kelly has mastered it!

Lit 🔥. Buy itttttttt

GREAT. wonderful xmas album, in love

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Love this Christmas album!!!!!!

Best one yet. Best Christmas CD ever!!!!

An Instant Classic. Kelly is classy, vocally incredible and sings with the spirit and passion that all Christmas music should have. So glad Wrapped in Red is back on the charts in 2014 - well-deserved!

omg. underneath the tree 🔥🔥🔥

Magic, divine, wow!!. 20th time and still... Breathe taking! I would have paid $$$$ to see this in person! Standing ovation... Each and every time, so beautiful it hurts.

A lovable Kelly Christmas!. This lady is a load of fun and this album is nothing shy thereof! I love it!

Excellent!!. The best Christmas album!! Absolutely love it!!!😍😍

STILL one of my favorite Christmas albums. This album is fantastic. The original songs, the covers, ALL great. I look forward to listening to this album every year. Five stars for YOU Kelly!

Beautiful. Kelly Clarkson's voice is so pretty. My favorite is "My Favorite Thing".

Beautiful Christmas Album. This is an essential Christmas album. You should definitely add this to your Christmas collection. I cannot state it any more plain than that.

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Wrapped In Red (Kelly Clarkson Album) Comments

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