A Family Christmas by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli & Virginia Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli & Virginia Bocelli - A Family Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Do You Hear What I Hear? 2:59
2. Away In A Manger 2:37
3. Feliz Navidad 1:59
4. The First Noël 4:02
5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ... 4:03
6. Over The Rainbow 2:29
7. Buon Natale 3:06
8. Joy To The World 3:03
9. The Greatest Gift 4:01
10. When Christmas Comes To Town 3:39
11. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 3:32
12. Il Giorno Più Speciale 3:15
13. I‘ll Be Home For Christmas 3:09

A Family Christmas by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli & Virginia Bocelli Album Reviews

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A Family Christmas. The family harmony is fantastic and joy of Christmas is feels so sincere -Z-

Tears. I saw the video of the greatest gift and immediately preordered. Only have a few days to wait.

Beautiful!. They sound amazing!

Simply wonderful. My new favorite Christmas album, the blend of their voices with love just sounds so perfect to me. It has an impact on all that listen! Absolutely 5 stars!!!

Astounding. The blend of the 3 voices is astounding. I can only say that the music on this cd is jawdropping. I was searching youtube for some christmas wrapping background music and found this. Ive always been a follower of Andrea, I was unaware he had such talented children as well. Little Virginia is a breath of fresh air, her pure excitement of what she is doing shows in her eyes. I cannot recommend it enough. My new favorite Christmas music.

Great voices, but.... I know Americans in general can't POSSIBLY listen to something that isn't in English, but for me hearing someone sing in a language that clearly isn't theirs makes the lyrics sound stilted at best and insincere at worst. I'd have preferred to hear Bocelli singing in Italian. At times, the production here is, as with most of his albums of the last 20 years, overblown. (Check out his first two albums, which match the intimacy of his voice MUCH better). That being said, it's a decent collection for people who like slick production values, duets for the sake of duets, and lyrics sung in English.

Magnificent. What a wonderful gift from their family to ours in any language. What a pure Blessing. Sending Love from the US.

Outstanding. The purity of tonal voice. I can hear overtones when they pair themselves in song. Pleasure, simple pleasure. Love it, love it, LOVE them for this beautiful gift they’ve been blessed with!

My Favorite!!!. This is my favorite Christmas Album to-date! Love Love Love

Voice from God. Just amazing and outstanding vocals! Such a talented family and the love is felt on the entire album!!

We. I’m

A Family Christmas. Beautiful voices singing beautiful songs…. Thank you so much…😀

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Great arrangements with outstanding voices. My new favorite Christmas album.

The greatest gift. This is a blessing of a song I have it preordered already. This really puts someone in the mood for Christmas. The greatest gift to oneself or others is to bring peace to the world. If everyone joined in this world giving blessing and hope and peace we all would be in a better place to live in. Bless you Andrea , Matteo, Virginia, Veronica and Amos Bocelli for this wonderful gift of a song. Merry Christmas to your family may all your dreams come true. From my family to yours. 🎄⛪️✝️ Mammie Bess

WoW. This is a beautiful album! 🤍his children sing beautiful!

Family Christmas. I too pre ordered and received all of it today. This album embodies the spirit of Christmas. Such talented artists. Love the selections on this album. As always outstanding. Looking forward to the next project.

A Family Christmas. so so - not great

Pleasantly surprised. Not a huge Christmas music fan but saw them on TV. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM.

What a blessing!. A wonderful Christmas album! This family is so talented and each song is masterfully done.

The Greatest Gift. Happy Tears. love this family 🥰

Talented Family Magic. This album was a delight because each family member is talented - Class act.

Beautiful. Hearing this music puts me in the mood to embrace Christmas with love and open arms. Great album!

Family centered, praise God. What a beautiful blending of voices and a huge Blessing this Christmas season. The YouTube movie they made with these songs as well is so lovely and moving. Your voices are incredible!

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A trio of gorgeous voices. Beautiful harmonies and a lovely variation of tones to all of their voices. The sounds of a warm family Christmas.

Bocelli Matteo Andrea Virginia. Wonder voices. I will be playing this all though the Christmas season & possibly after

Fantastic. I really love his music but the added family voices takes you somewhere else! Couldn’t resist buying this & listening to the whole album straight away!! Well done Andrea!!

So good. I love this song so much

Stunning. An absolutely stunning collection of festive music, great to hear the family voices, thank you all at the Bocelli house.

Wonderful and Joyful!. Beautiful

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