The Andy Williams Christmas Album by Andy Williams

Genre Holiday
Release 24 November 1998
Price $6.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
6.99 USD

Andy Williams - The Andy Williams Christmas Album Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. White Christmas 2:30
2. Happy Holiday / The Holiday Season 2:41
3. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roast... 2:33
4. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The... 2:32
5. A Song And A Christmas Tree (The Tw... 3:57
6. Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells 2:06
7. The First Noël 3:08
8. O Holy Night 3:23
9. Away In A Manger 2:52
10. Sweet Little Jesus Boy 3:18
11. The Little Drummer Boy 2:16
12. Silent Night, Holy Night 2:13

The Andy Williams Christmas Album by Andy Williams Album Reviews

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Amazing!. I just wanted to listen to some Christmas songs! I just looked up Christmas Songs on iTunes and he came up #2! Great job!

Childhood memories. This has to be my favorite album for the holidays. Still own and play the L.P. Version every year!

Love it!. Can't have Christmas without hearing this!

The Andy Williams Christmas Album. Great memories from yester year and today. There's nothing like a gathering of family, friends & Andy at Christmas time. However, I am disapointed that I can't purchase songs individually on this particular album. Holiday Season

His voice is CLASSIC!. Wow! Andy Williams has a wonderful voice and I LOVE his Christmas songs. What a singer!

The best Christmas song ever!. I love Christmas music! This song is one of my favorites! Best song!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!. * ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ |_| Happy Holidays, TeamAlphawolfsquaker

Not Christmas w/out Andy. There is absolutely no Christmas in my house without Andy WIlliam's Christmas albums. I am 24 years old and grew up listening to this album with my parents. I went to see him live last year & am proud to say I had the biggest, cheesiest grim on my face the entire evening! He is a wonderful performer with a warm heart and a tremendous caring spirit.

Love love love. Theses songs are a must have!

This is a great holiday album to listen to with the whole family. This is the perfect Christmas album. Make some hot coco, with a fuzzy blanket, all sitting around the fireplace, and put this album on. I'm telling you, it's the perfect evening. This is a must buy album for the holiday season. Wortgh the $10

Tradition. True American Christmas Music

Andy Williams Christmas Album. Even as a child, and later as a teenager, I loved Andy Williams' voice all year long. My favorite of the Christmas songs has always been Andy's rendition of "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year".

The best!. If "It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" and Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells don't put you in the holiday Spirit, then you're truly a Grinch! My very favorite by Andy, which is not on this album, is Sleigh ride. His songs are happy, full of holiday cheer. It just makes me feel so festive! I've listened to him since I was a little girl and many, many years later, he is the one to put me in the holiday spirit. Other artists can sing the same songs, but there's only one Andy Williams. I am forever grateful for his music and the Memories that he's given to me. Christmas isn't Christmas without him.

It isn't Christmas.... ...until the CD is played. This might be the best Christmas album ever recorded.

The best Christmas album. I Have Bing, Frank, Dean, Nat & Tony's Christmas albums... Nobody does Christmas better than Andy. O Holy Night never fails to give me goose bumps. Christmas would not be Christmas around our house without this Classic, It is the Andy Williams Christmas album that never fails to get me into the spirit of the seasons. I've been listening to it every year since 1963, and I've never been disappointed. Thanks, Andy

Voice of an Angel. Most beautiful voice singing most beautiful music.

One of the best. Andy Williams is one of the best Christmas singers out there. He's pretty much the standard for all Christmas songs. Buy the cd, its worth every electronic penny.

My Favorite since 1964. I have listened to this Christmas album every year since 1964. There's none better.

ive seen his show in brandson and seen him at a restront in brandson. he's amazing

Bereft of Inspiration. I lose respect for an artist that does a lot of covers. I also lose respect for an artist that does multiple holiday albums. Andy Williams' music is, for the most part, bereft of inspiration and emotion. Yeah, sure, he sings with vibrato, (in that pompous, arrogantly androgynous tone of his) but his voice lacks feeling. I hear "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and want to kill myself.

Nothing But The Best For Christmas. Has to be one of the top Christmas albums of all time. There's a reason he was nicknamed Mr. Christmas. R.I.P. Andy...your music will live on forever.

Your voice is amazing!!!!!!. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!!!!!:):p

Point of Clarification. Just read the 'Ebeneezer iTunes' review. While I share the 'album only' frustration when it effects me, the decision to do that is usually not made by iTunes. iTunes can only sell what they are licensed to sell by the owners of the recordings -- the record labels. Labels will often choose to limit the sale of particular songs for the express purpose of getting people to buy a full album. It goes back to when artists would release Greatest Hits collections, but also record a few new singles to promote the album at radio. Fans would then have to buy the album to get the new songs even though they had all the other songs on other records. I imagine iTunes doesn't care much one way or another. Their margin on the sale of singles and albums is really pretty close to the same. If the labels put a restricion on the sale of their intellectual property, then iTunes has to comply. I know it's annoying, but let's not assume it's iTunes that's at fault. There are plenty of other less visible players in the game making these kinds of decision. Besides, the one star rating is bad for poor Andy 'Mr. Christmas' Williams.

Mr. Christmas is appropriate title!. Christmas is not the same unless i put on Andy Williams. He is Christmas to me and my family. Go to Branson and watch his Christmas show, it's fantastic. He still hits the same notes in his early 80's that he did back in his 40's.....

The Classics Remain. There are only a handful of Christmas albums that are necessary and this is one. I'm pretty sure all the great Christmas songs have been written and no remake will ever touch the classics. Sorry, Taylor. ❤️

Simply Beautiful. Everyone has something they love about Christmas. Mine is the Christmas music on the radio. I absolutly love it. Andy Williams is one of my favorites. This album is a collection of his wonderful Christmas spirit.

Most wonderful. I’m from New York and I listen to 106.7 and they alway start the Christmas music about the middle of November. And they alway have a contest for people to guess the song they will play to start the season. My guess was alway Andy Williams “The most wonderful time of the year” to me it a no brained you have to start with that song. As a matter of fact the song just played as I’m tying this...Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This is Christmas!. If one can't watch the Andy Williams Christmas specials any more, this is the next best thing. As a kid my family and I waited for the cozy specials with Andy's family and guest stars. It marked the begining of the Christmas season. Listening to Williams' warm inviting voice is like curling up in front of the TV and being carried away to that magical Childhood memory.

The Andy Williams Christmas Album. I can't say how much I love this CD. I remember my mom having the record of this when I was younger. Like others have said it isn't christmas without Andy Williams. It is so good to see that all the songs are available. I must add one of my favorites is still "A Song and a Christmas Tree"

Just Amazing. Andy Williams was born to sing Christmas music and proves it through all his work. He is simply amazing.

Happy Holiday Music!. This music put myself and my family in the Christmas spirit! Happy holidays to all!

A Seriously Great Christmas Album. This is by far one of the greatest Christmas Albums in my opinion. Every song sounds great. It's just not the same feeling at Christmas without the Andy Williams Christmas Album.

Best Christmas album ever. I can't put up my Christmas tree without listening to this album. I am 36 and have played this album every year while we decorate for the holidays. It wouldn't be Christmas without Andy Williams.

One of the best Christmas albums ever.. Amazing album for the Christmas spirit. I guess the time I'm posting this comment is a little off season, but it's fun to listen to Andy Williams to all months leading up to Christmas!

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Essential Christmas Fare. Quite simple. The finest Christmas album of my lifetime. Some songs: Simple, pure arrangements, with Williams' voice towering. Others: Rollicking, full-bodied holiday romps, including he kick-assiest version, ever, of Jingle Bells. Perfectly timeless.

Andy Williams Christmas Album. Well this album makes my Christmas. It was one of two albums my mother got for christmas with her record player. The speakers were detachable (with a wire of course) and my sister and I played it over and over along with the Bing Crosby christmas album. I will never forget those christmases or the wonderful music of Andy and Bing.

The Andy Williams Christmas Album. I have been looking for this album on CD for years. It has been my favourite since I was a child. It makes my Christmas finding it on CD.

Trip down memory lane!!. I remember my mum listening to this on vinyl! when I was a small girl. And I always LOVED Andy Williams Christmas Album up until the day it got left near a radiator and that was the end of poor Andy:( Being a Christmas song freak, and getting my kids into the spirit of things, I looked for this Album on itunes, and I was overjoyed that it was here..... thank you itunes!!! Great Songs for all the family to sing to, either wrapping presents, putting up the christmas tree, or just chilling out with a glass of wine, it will be sure to please whatever the scene. :)

A perfect 'traditional' Christmas album.. Now I must admit I'm a little biased as I grew up with my Mum playing this on vinyl each Christmas but for me, this is a beautiful, traditional and well sung collection of great songs. I've found that many of the more modern compilations contain so many 'jazzy' tracks, which while fine in their own sphere, do not make me feel like Christmas is coming quite like this album. While I'm a little young to remember anything else Andy Williams has done, his voice is crisp, strong and uplifting. If you're looking for a bit of a traditional album to play to your family and children, to remind them of a few classic songs, then I'd highly recommend this album. 5 stars from me. Merry Christmas everyone :)

The best Christmas Album EVER!!!!!!. My mum and dad used to have this on vinyl and I played it every day from 1st Decemeber when I was a kid, oh the memories!!!! Such a beautiful album and the only album that brings back those wonderful memories of childhood Christmas's!!!!! This is a must for your collection!! My daughter loves this when I play it to her and I sing-along with it!!!! 1000000% love it!!! :)

Christmas essential for the 30,40 somethings!. The best time had at Christmas is when you are a child .This album puts you right back there with your new Thunderbird2 and Action Man, or Sindy for the girls!

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