Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Simon Franglen & The Weeknd

Simon Franglen & The Weeknd - Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Streng... 4:27
2. Into The Water 3:40
3. Happiness Is Simple 2:22
4. A New Star 2:56
5. Converging Paths 1:45
6. Rescue And Loss 6:39
7. Family Is Our Fortress 3:06
8. Hometree 3:27
9. The Way Of Water 2:30
10. Payakan 3:30
11. Mighty Eywa 4:12
12. Friends 1:47
13. Cove Of The Ancestors 2:46
14. The Tulkun Return 2:51
15. The Hunt 5:47
16. Na'vi Attack 4:43
17. Eclipse 3:12
18. Bad Parents 3:23
19. Knife Fight 2:47
20. From Darkness To Light 4:14
21. The Spirit Tree 2:57
22. The Songcord 3:19

Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Simon Franglen & The Weeknd Album Reviews

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🍎🍏. ❤️💙💚🇺🇸🧑🏻‍🦲

WOOOO! FINALLY HERE!. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I’m thrilled for the soundtrack! Can’t wait to be able to see probably the best movie I’ve ever seen! #AvatarTheWayOfWaterIsHeeeerrre!

Incredible soundtrack to match the movie!. Phenomenal period! 💙🌊💯

Saw this on an airplane. Love this

Perfection.. When you take time, master your craft, story line and image. You get perfection.

Disappointing. For me this doesn’t hit the same, Horner is def missed and this new guy I’m sure he’s nice enough but he doesn’t have the talent for this he’s average at best. They should of gotten someone like Bear McCreary, John Powell, James newton Howard people who have more talent. This is a big step down from the first avatar movie in terms of music

💕. Omg I can’t wait for this movie. I can’t imagine how much better these songs will sound in the movie

Yay!. Yes! I love this so much!

Stunning. Absolutely wonderful. Takes James Horner’s score from the original film and builds on it to something unforgettable.


Avatar. 1000 Uttare

Angelical. This masterpiece fit perfectly with the movie ❌⭕️

2 Songs. This is a steep price for a Weeknd and Zoe song, coupled with a bunch of “chamber music”. Zoe can actual sing though. The Weeknd’s effort isn’t bad but not his best. Unless you are a orchestra fan, I would download The Weeknd’s and/or Zoe’s song and save the rest of your money for a full album that you will listen to more than once.

Beautiful Music. The music was just as breathtaking as the movie 🥰

💋💋💋💋💋. What name


❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Awful. Written by a filler composer in the music department, and it’s painfully obvious. So many great scores are cherry picked from other composers and sound like bad covers. I’m sure Cameron had a difficult effort finding a composer to commit to the extended runtime, but this movie deserves better than this schizophrenic, derivative mess of an “original” score.

Customer Response. The album art is as bland as the film it represents. But Cameron made a choice to have what was a masterpiece be a gum franchise where you get stretching and stretching and nothing else. The Way of Water was a one note stressor. The water and the world building left much to be desired by contrast of the characters and stale plot. It didn't have to be made and I certainly waited 13 years for something above this. I mean seriously. the franchise logo as the album cover? Where is the imagery, or Kiri's face like Neytiri's in the first movie soundtrack? The music was nothing parallel to the genius that is James Horner but got the job done. I hold no hope for the score album coming out on the 20th...

Beyond Flawless & would watch a thousand times Over 💙💙💙. I have no words for how spectacular and breathtaking this film was!! To the plot, music, characters and even their relationship as a family!! Cried so many times and definitely buying the film once it’s out for purchase!! Worth watching a thousand times over!! 💙💙💙 Was definitely worth the 13 yrs of waiting!! And can’t wait for future works!!!

I bet you eat you Oreos with water bc you dad never came back with the milk. I’m the rubber your the glue whatever bad you say about me bounces off me and sticks to you.

Such an incredible failure. Massive flop

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Ignore Blokker’s Review. This soundtrack is amazing and very heartfelt from one of thee best movies I have ever seen

The movie of the decade. Just like the first movie this one also has earned movie of the decade or maybe 3,4 or 5 will claim that title? It’s a total work of art. As for the soundtrack I’m addicted to it. I just wonder why they put The Weekend in it. The song isn’t bad but it’s clear as mud he used way too much auto tune and electronic rythem for an Avatar soundtrack which is something James Horner never would’ve done. But on its own it isn’t a bad song

Trash soundtrack for a trash movie. Garbage

Great soundtrack!. The Weeknd has an amazing voice. This movie is truly a masterpiece!!

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