My Gift by Carrie Underwood

Genre Christmas: Country
Release 25 September 2020
Price $11.99
Tracks 11
Country USA
11.99 USD

Carrie Underwood - My Gift Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee 3:55
2. O Come All Ye Faithful 3:14
3. Let There Be Peace 3:59
4. Little Drummer Boy (feat. Isaiah Fi... 2:56
5. Sweet Baby Jesus 4:29
6. Hallelujah 4:35
7. O Holy Night 4:41
8. Mary, Did You Know? 3:26
9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ... 3:49
10. Away In A Manger 2:41
11. Silent Night 3:31

My Gift by Carrie Underwood Album Reviews

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Very nice with on exception. Great Christmas listening for the most part. I do have to say this version of Little Drummer Boy is amongst the most heinous songs I’ve ever heard. It seriously made me consider pouring bleach in my ears, undeniably horrible.

Nothing Original. We've heard all these same songs from several other artists, do your own!

Awesome. I love every song and loved hearing her son sing with her !!

Great (Except JL). Great album. Weakest track is John Legend.

Heavenly. Carrie makes you feel like through her voice, you have a straight connection to our Lord. What an amazing gift.

Wonderful. Great album with a beautifull voice.

Carrie Xmas. Been waiting for a Christmas album from Carrie and she didn’t disappoint.

No Legend!. No just NO!

Stunning Album. Beautiful songs, but it’s Carries voice that makes them great. Merry Christmas ! Loved this album, will be listening to for years to come.

This is one bad Christmas album. This doesn’t bring any of my family and friends into a Christmas cheer. Very depressing and uninspiring holiday album.

From Caroline. Hi Carrie Underwood! During the pandemic I have enjoyed your talent and voice. My favorite is Hallelujah! I myself am a singer. I love Drummer Boy when you sing with your son! I think he will be a great singer like you one day! I really hope I grow up to be like you! - Caroline

Love It. I Love this album! Carrie has included some of my favorite songs on this album and they are beautifully done! I love Mary Did You Know . I also love the way she did Little Drummer Boy, and Oh Holy Night has always been one of my favorites. Carrie’s voice brings so much depth to these songs. I have been a fan of Carrie since before she won American Idol and I will continue to be her fan!

What we needed this year. Love this album

Christmas classic!. Carries voice was made for Christmas music and this album doesn’t disappoint. The classics are wonderfully done, but my favorite might be the originals - especially the duet with John Legend. Their voices sound awesome together!

What a Gift!. Thank you for such a beautiful blessing of being able to listen to such an amazing voice! You are The Gift!!!

Hallelujah for the Duo. Carrie and John come together for a beautifully sung song, that was a show stopper for mr

YMurphy. The most up-tempo song is Little Drummer Boy

😕😑😕😑. It’s okay but I know she can do better. I’m not the kind of 9 year old to send bad reviews but on this it’s not so good. 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🍂🌹🍂🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 Mimic Vampire starlight that was pretty mean you know. Okay… I’ll say that about a song you hate and I’ll say I hate you. How would you feel. I myself would not like it. So think how your making others feel. Besides have you heard the statement…. Treat others how you wanted to be treated. It’s very true

Love it!!!. To anyone who doesn’t want to buy this album just because of the bad reviews don’t listen to them. This is my favorite Christmas album by far.

This is a gift to the world. Most powerful voice there is. What isn’t to love about this album? All the haters are DEAD WRONG. Vocal perfection on all the songs-like THAT NOTE IN O HOLY NIGHT!!! Wowza!😍 such a beautiful take on the classic Christmas songs, and added some absolutely BEAUTIFUL new ones to the catalog. Will be on wayyyyy past the holiday season in my house.

Boring. Would've liked something more fun

My gift. Carries first Christmas album is a masterpiece.. that will be played for years to come and just just at Christmas Carrie brings new life into these songs and makes them her own 1. Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee 3/5 Wow I never really like old Hymns but this song is Beautiful this song Can be played all year long 2. O Come All Ye Faithful 3/5 Probably one of the most traditional songs on this Album Not one that I would play All year but Carries Vocals Soar !!! 3. Let there be Peace 5/5 the song if 2020 this song is so relevant for this year and is one that can be listened too all year also Carrie co wrote this so If you like Love Wins you will love this song 4. Little Drummer Boy 3/5 this is not one of my favorite Christmas Songs but Carrie Sells this and Adding her precious son Isaiah is a Plus.. 5. Sweet Baby Jesus 5/5 another stellar song written by Carrie that is deemed to be a classic !!!! The true meaning of Christmas that I will be listening too all year 6. Hallelujah 5/5 one of the best tracks on the album Carrie and John are fantastic this is a new classic that will played all year and for Years to come !!! A Number 1 for sure 7. O Holy Night 4/5 no one sings this better hands down best version of the song and only version I will listen too 8. Mary Did You Know 4/5 another amazing track on this album Carrie sings this song like it’s her own !!!! Love love love 9. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas 4/5 this is another Christmas classic that Carrie is exceptional on it is flawless new fan of this song 10. Away in a Manger 3/5 the other most traditional song on the album that I probably will only listen too around Christmas 11. Silent night 4/5 now I am not a huge fan of Silent night But Carrie is making me like the song and I love her version of the song it is so beautiful 12. Favorite Time of Year 5/5 I have no clue why this song is a bonus track it is incredible and Is a number 1 song for sure and it’s a bop and an instant classic Carrie release this song so ppl can love it like I do

a legend. 15 years in her career and still breaking records

100/100. Absolutely amazing!! Carrie always does such a wonderful job with all of her music! This album will be played thru the whole year. Not just during the holidays! So proud of you Carrie!

BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC CHRISTMAS!!!. A must have if you have an appreciation for the traditional classics - it is refreshing, Carrie truly has captured the heart of CHRISTMAS. “IMMANUEL” Thank you Carrie it is truly a treasured gift. 💜❤️

Rushed?. The production of the music seems rushed ... kinda basic sounding . It almost comes across karaoke. Sorry , love her music but this album is meh

Wow. Carrie this is a Christmas master piece

Incredible.. Simply beautiful.

Beautiful. Carrie is a great singer. How many people have their own kids sing with them. He did great in the little drummer boy. Her and John Legend did great with Hallelujah. She has a great future ahead.

Carrie Underwood - Greatest Of All Time. Carrie is the best vocalist of any genre, any generation, hands down!!!!

Love This Holiday Music From The Queen Carrie Underwood. love every song brings me joy for christmas to listen to good holiday music . she is the best country singer for sure. 💯💯💯💯

My New Favorite Christmas Album. This is a wonderful Christmas album! Carrie’s voice truly shines. I love the originals, especially Hallelujah. The duet with her son is absolutely precious too! This will remain a classic for many years to come.

Perfect!. I love, love, love this album - beautiful!

Amazing. Vocally, musically, lyrically everything is just amazing.

Timeless!. Classic Christmas songs and Carrie’s flawless vocals are a match made in heaven. She really reminds us what Christmas is supposed to be about with her song choices and her voice has truly never sounded better.

Carrie Underwood. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Review. Best Christmas album

Just ho-hum music from Carrie. Sorry, Carrie, but singing Christmas music is not your forte. There is so many better Christmas albums out there than what you produced on this one. Stick to country music.

Lovely. She makes Christmas way better

Absolutely awesome!. Carrie Underwood is the queen and truly amazing singer! Love this Christmas album so beautiful! Highly recommend!

It’s all so pretty omg. There so calming and her voice is so powerful so totally recommend.

Beautiful!!!. I saw her interview with Jimmy Fallon and had to purchase this music. It is amazing! I love hearing her son sing with her. A true song of Christmas and love. The song with John Legend is excellent also. Everyone of these songs are amazing. I wish her show wasn’t on HBO Max so we could all enjoy it. The music is a blessing and is really needed this season.

Carrie underwood Christmas songs. Everyone God doesn’t take people just thinks that the price is too high I say Carrie underwood is good at what she does now start writing good reviews about her bye now.

Great work!!. Beautiful voice from a beautiful person!! True talent.

Stunning. Every song is absolutely perfect! Her voice is just magical. Merry Christmas to all of us!

Great Album. Just great!

Hallelujah. Hallelujah may be the single greatest Christmas song of this century. I heard this masterpiece at a small holiday gathering and was immediately compelled to look it up. Since then, whenever possible, I’ve been listening on repeat. It’s such a beautiful, powerful song. I imagine this is what Heaven sounds like. Carrie Underwood and John Legend are the perfect pairing - they’ve got pipes! I can’t fathom how some of the other reviewers are calling this album “boring” - do you hear what I hear?

Hmm ... Christmas Albums Are Tough. I look forward to putting on my favorite Christmas albums and songs every year. Most of the greats have recorded a Christmas album sooner or later, and it is always exciting when they do. Only a couple have succeeded in creating albums I want to hear over and over, year after year. Mariah Carey reigns supreme. Celine Dion also nailed it. Of course, Whitney waited until she was a crackhead and couldn’t sing anymore, but at least we have The Preacher’s Wife. Christmas music needs to be inspiring and FUN for me. Carrie’s album is way to serious. It’s almost depressing, and very Jesus-centric, but not in a fun way. I’m sure lots of deeply religious people will love it. The tracks are underproduced. I kept waiting for the album to end because it was so boring! Every song sounds the same. However, The Little Drummer Boy (a duet with her son) and the John Legend duet are both great. She does end up using a choir at one point, but it’s with the worst song on the album called, Let There Be Peace, which is a terribly written clunky piece of cliche junk. Christmases will come and go. Sadly, this is probably the last time I will hear this album. She DOES finally open her voice up on O Holy Night, but it’s too serious sounding for me. I’d rather hear Mariah’s version. At least when it finishes, I don’t feel like slitting my wrists.

Sadly disappointing. Just feels like she wasn’t trying with this one in my opinion.

stop. leave christmas to mariah

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Awesome!. Carrie, you never disappoint! So beautiful! Christmas came early this year with this gift! So meaningful and Christ centred!

Beautiful voice. Beautiful and traditional.

Let there be peace!. Album not out yet but know it will be amazing! Best singer I have ever come across and always so relevent with every aspect of MY life. Would love if you released ‘praying for time’ to Apple Music! Gotta be one of your best! Xoxo

Meh.... A little disappointed by the album. I was expecting a little more holly jolly. Carrie’s vocals are wonderful, but Isaiah’s singing is not. Very off-key. Little Drummer boy kind of ruined the rest of the songs for me.

Tis a gift. Thank you.

Love it!. Her singing is beautiful as always! I especially love Let There Be Peace, Hallelujah, and the adorable Little Drummer Boy. Great singing Isaiah!!

The One I’ve been waiting for...... I’ve been praying for Carrie to make a Christmas album! And it has SO been worth the wait! The little drummer boy brought a joyful tear to my eye! It’s just Beautiful start to finish!! WELL DONE!! Thank You Carrie!!

Simply Beautiful and bright light to 2020. You WILL NOT be disappointed...You will want to add this piece of the musical master piece to tour library. This is goose bump, hand raising album we have all be waiting for! Amazing 💗🎁💗🎁

A light in this darkness. Thank you Carrie 🙏🏼💕

Simply Amazing!. Been waiting for years for a Carrie Christmas album!! So excited!!

She’s Flawless. There’s nothing she cannot sing. My absolute favourite country female singer. Been a fan from the beginning. ❤️

Simply angelic. I have been waiting for Carrie to release a Christmas album forever! One beautiful thing that came out of 2020!

Review because why not. Love this album very much especially little drummer boy ❤️

1000 out of 10. Now this is what I am talking about 😀. Phenomenal Christmas Album 😍. So thankful that My Third Favourite Female Country Singer came out with Her First Christmas Album ❤️

Woo!. Amazing!

Vocal masterpiece. Music to my ears. The best thing we’ve got in 2020. Its a vocal masterpiece. Peaceful music.

Little Drummer Board. Little Isaiah is the star, just so gorgeous 🤩

Disappointing. Thought with her voice I was expecting more

What?. Not exactly a gift is it at £10. Looks like a cash grab to me. Some will love it, some will leave it.

What a voice. Seen her live in Cardiff not too long back,she is amazing.stunningly beautiful voice,add xmas to that and its the perfect combination

A missed opportunity. A disappointing effort from Carrie. I do enjoy a Christmas album so I was excited to hear what her effort would be like but sadly it is underwhelming. It was a bit too low-key for my liking; it would have benefited from a greater variety of tempos. If she decides to do a second one, I hope she opts for more of the secular classics or at the very least a couple more bops in the tracklist.

Beautiful.. A wonderful selection of traditional and new Christmas songs. The duet with John Legend is a highlight. Carrie duetting with her son on Little Drummer Boy is very sweet! Festive and lovely. I’ll enjoy playing this at Christmas.

No thanks. Simply done to cash in, also the previews sound so dull.

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