Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis

Genre Pop
Release 06 October 1958
Price $9.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
9.99 USD

Johnny Mathis - Merry Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Winter Wonderland (with Percy Faith... 3:19
2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roast... 4:20
3. Sleigh Ride (with Percy Faith) 2:59
4. Blue Christmas (with Percy Faith) 3:03
5. I'll Be Home For Christmas (with Pe... 4:06
6. White Christmas (with Percy Faith) 3:33
7. O Holy Night (with Percy Faith) 4:35
8. What Child Is This? (with Percy Fai... 3:58
9. The First Noel (with Percy Faith) 3:49
10. Silver Bells (with Percy Faith) 3:34
11. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (wi... 3:08
12. Silent Night, Holy Night (with Perc... 3:48

Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis Album Reviews

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This is Christmas for me. My parents bought the album in the 60's, then the 8-track when it came out, then the cassette tape when it came out then the cd when it came out. My parents are gone now but listening to this album at Christmas time takes me back to when I was young and they weren't sick and I looked so forward to Christmas. I listen now and can just about see visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. You can not go wrong with this choice.

Missing a song. The album is great, and his voice is outstanding. But they are missing a song. On the original LP there was is a song "Have Reindeer, Will Travel". I can't find it on any releases. This would be the ultimate Christmas cd if it had that one lost track...

Old Favorite. I can remember listening to this as a little kid-my parents owned this! Brings back great memories and this is one of the best Christmas song albums I've heard.

Johnny Mathis at his best. As an admirer of the 50's, Johnny was the Star in the sky around Christmas...:)

Johnny is the king of Christmas. No one does it better

This is Christmas to me!. I've listened to this album since I was a little kid. It doesn't feel like Christmas until I hear these songs. It's worth every dollar!!

Smooth, indeed!. When I was growing up in the 70s, this was THE Christmas album in my home. It wasn't really Christmas unless I had listened to this album at least there or four times. This album IS Christmas for me. There's nothing like snuggling up with the one you love on a snowy evening in the glow of the Christmas tree with a cup of hot chocolate and Johnny Mathis playing in the background. Merry Christmas!

Still the Best. This is the best Christmas album of all time. I have worn out vinyl and two CDs. I now have on my IPhone. Hearing Johnny Mathis song makes Christmas as he has to have known the Savior to sign like that.

5 stars. excellent Christmas album that gives you the holly jolly spirit

Merry Christmas. I look forward to this time of year when I can get my Christmas music out to play, especially Johnny Mathis. He did an excellant job with this album. I think anyone would be pleased if they bought this.

Only Christmas album you need. Growing up this album was my favorite and continues to be in my house now. I had so many memories playing this record as a kid. I have the digital copy which we play a lot but on Christmas I play the original record. Best Christmas album you could ever own.

Beautiful. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A perfect Christmas album, Along with ray coniff singers,percy faith, dean Martin, new christy minstrels!!!!

One of my favorites. Love this album. My absolute favorite Christmas song “What Child is This” brings tears to my eyes evreytime I hear it.

Great Christmas Memories. This was a favorite album as a kid for Christmas. Can almost smell the Christmas tree listening to this.

A must have Christmas Album. My mom had this record when I was growing up and it is a staple in my family during the holidays. Its the best Christmas album. Its tradition that we open our gifts with this on in the background. His voice is perfection. Now that I have kids of my own I am passing down this tradition.

Merry Christmas - Johnny. Bought this album in 1958. Still have it hidened away in the actic somewhere. It was great then and still is today.

Magical Christmas. Today the schools won’t let children learn Christmas songs... at least not those that mention the birth of Jesus. Quanza songs, a harvest holiday developed by hallmark cards in 1964 for Africa harvest, Hanukkah songs, which was not even a major Jewish holiday, Santa songs (forget he was st. Nicholas) all for a holiday of presents. The Christmas tree is a Celtic symbol of evergreen and new growth and future spring. But my children were forbidden to learn the songs that 80% of this country’s faith is based upon. I did realize it because l loved them so much that I just assumes they would learn them. So this album is of supreme importance, because it brings use back to the nonprofit reasons for the winter holidays. Holidays that have been in practice long before the birth of Christ. And allow us to enjoy all the must we used to carol from house to house. Merry Christmas

Hands down best Christmas album of all time!!!!. This album is a must have if you celebrate Christmas. Perfect album with no songs that you will have to bypass. Doesn't matter if your home watching the snow fall, out looking for that perfect tree or driving the neighborhood looking at the holidays lights. This is the best Christmas album of all time.

The First And The Best. My dad has this on vinyl and I grew up listening to that scratchy version for years then as I became adult bought my own copy on cd, then re-purchased the remastered version a few years later and my point is this cd supports the argument that cd's can sound better that vinyl. The scratches and pops of that record drowned out the tender moments in Percy Faith's glorious string arrangements that simply wrap around Johnny's tenor. His readings of "Winter Wonderland" with it's almost supernatural arrangement and "Sleigh Ride" are definitive and sets the standard against all other versions. "Blue Christmas" is a waltz and "O Holy Night" is surreal. This cd is a timeless classic

The Greatest!. This has to be the best collection of Christmas songs ever recorded. This music has brought tears to my eyes & tingles to my spine for 38 years. I thank my mother for making Johnny a part of our family Christmas to this day! He has the perfect voice for conjuring the warm memories of Christmas.

The Best Christmas Album. Johnny Mathis sings the ultimate Christmas songs. Everyone should have this in their collection.

So Underrated. One of the most underrated Christmas Albums of all time. An annual Christmas tradition is to play this as the family sets up the tree. It never gets old. Let it Snow, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, Sleigh Bells, and of course Winter Wonderland are memorable and delightful. Music and backup vocals are smooth, warm and rich. Just an all around classic.

Christmas music like it's supposed to sound. Grew up listening to this album that my parents must have bought when it first came out (I was born in '63 and I vividly recall hearing this album EVERY Christmas season.) Because of the nostalgia factor, this is always the "first Christmas song of the year" album; Johnny's version of "Winter Wonderland" kicks off every Christmas season for me (personally), and I've yet to tire of hearing it. The song selections are your favorite timeless Christmas tunes, and are done smoothly, with a beautifully orchestrated background. Johnny Mathis makes the Christmas season a joy and a delight with this collection.

Best Version of "O Holy Night". Nobody does that song like Johnny does! Simply the BEST!

Best Christmas Album EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Good grief! How many times have I listened to this? YIKES. And it never gets old. I wish there were more this good! Johnny rules as my friend Fran knows. O HOLY NIGHT IS ICONIC! Long live Johnny!

The best next to Nat King Cole. This is one of the best Christmas albums of all time!!!! I love him and nat king cole

Best Christmas LP Version of All Time !!!. My parents bought this album in 1970 as one of my first LP records. The vocals and orchestration of this album are fantastic! I love this album so much that I have a recording of the LP version in my iTunes library which includes “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. This iTunes version adds “Silent Night Holy Night”. Note: The LP version removed the third verse of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” (The last LP track), most likely due to length. The Songlyrics web site has all four verses. If you listen close, after the second verse, you can hear an extra “ng” which is a remnant of that third verse. That is the only, only imperfection in the LP version and makes the LP version so special.

My mom had this album on record. I knew Jonny Matthis was from back in the day because of my moms record. I remember thinking he had such a pure and beautiful voice and made Christmas sound like...well Christmas on this album. I’m not convinced he gets the credit he deserves. When I think of the classics like Sinatra and Martin, I rank Matthis right up there.

A Must-Have Christmas Album. There a many good Christmas albums available but there are only a handful of them that must be part of your collection. This is one. The song selection is wonderful and Mathis does each one justice. Johnny, Bing and Nat King Cole are the true singing angels of Christmas.

You Can't Go Wrong With This Perfect Christmas Album. Other reviewers are right that this is the best Christmas album ever recorded. Johnny Mathis puts fun in the secular tunes and great feeling in the heavenly one's. (I challenge anyone to NOT get goose bumps when Johnny reaches the long high notes on "O Holy Night"!) This album alone makes me believe in Christmas. I also bought the vinyl album, the cassette and the CD when they came out because I go to sleep each Christmas Eve listening to this gorgeous music.

Still holds its own!. This album IS the Christmas of my childhood. It will forever remind me of Christmas as a kid. Timeless sound. Thank you Johnny.

Classic Christmas. The velvet voice is delicious down to the last drop. ❤️

Best Christmas album of all time. Johnny mathis has recorded a timeless and perfect collection of traditional Christmas classics. This is what some would call a masterpiece.

BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM EVER!!!. This album defines christmas in my house and christmas just wouldn't be the same without johnny! i like to characterize musician's voices by whether or not they have christmas song voices and hands down johnny's got the best!!! i reccomend this album to anyone who enjoys christmas music - which probably applies to anyone who celebrates christmas. it's a great album that really makes you feel warm even when it's snowing outside

Memories. When I was a little kid I had this album on tape. I used to play it in my room while I made Christmas cross-stitch projects and sing at the top of my lungs. These are timeless songs we all know and every time I listen this particular album I feel like it's Christmas.

OH HOLY NIGHT. This is a great Christmas album but the centerpiece of it is "Oh Holy Night"! Many have done this beautiful song over the years, but nobody, and I mean nobody, "hit it out of the park" like Johnny Mathis and Percy Faith!!! Very emotional, beautiful and spiritual!!! If you know of somebody who hasn't heard this version before, play it for them and see if they are not moved to tears like I am every time I hear it!

Christmas is not the same without this album. This was the only Christmas album my parents had when I was growing up. We would put on Johnny Mathis and decorate the house and the tree. I can't imagine Christmas without this album.

Good Christmas Album. Really good christmas album. Johnny Mathis has a lovely voice and the songs sound great.

Family Favorite. It wouldn't be Christmas in our house without playing Johnny Mathis: Merry Christmas! This album is a classic and will always be a classic!

Awesome Christmas Music. I grew up listening to this Christmas Album. To me, this is classic Christmas music

Jurgensen. I like all of the songs

Johnny Mathis - Merry Christmas. My parents had this record when I was a kid and they played it over and over every year during the holidays, I am now 36 and this album is still the greatest collection of music and vocals I have ever heard. You can almost feel what the holidays were like back in the days when this came out. I cannot imagine the holidays without this CD. The memories that it brings back are just unreal. Anybody who is a fan of Christmas has to experience this collection.

The album I would take on a desert island. If I could only hear one album for the rest of my life , this is it. Yes, certain happy childhood memories are intertwined with this music. But, this music is gorgeous, yet happy, sacred, but human. Percy Faith gets as much credit as Johnny - a close listen reveals that a perfect voice is married with the finest arrangements ever employed for the sake of holiday spirit. Timeless perfection.

Best Xmas Album. This album has been played at my family Xmas gatherings every year since the 80s now a family tradition

It was and still is CHRISTMAS. Great Album by an icon...

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