Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe) by Sia

Genre Holiday
Release 17 November 2017
Price $6.99
Tracks 13
Country USA
6.99 USD

Sia - Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Santa's Coming For Us 3:26
2. Candy Cane Lane 3:32
3. Snowman 2:45
4. Snowflake 4:02
5. Ho Ho Ho 3:25
6. Puppies Are Forever 3:43
7. Sunshine 3:25
8. Underneath The Mistletoe 3:50
9. Everyday Is Christmas 3:23
10. Underneath The Christmas Lights 3:36
11. Round And Round 2:29
12. Sing For My Life 3:44
13. My Old Santa Claus 3:24

Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe) by Sia Album Reviews

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Where did the extra songs come from?. Hurt feelings....


Sigh.... It's an old album with some bonus tracks, everyone... Do we really like bonus tracks as much as the singles? Probably not...

Christmas songs. I’m 61 years old and I love them all🎄

Listen to album every year. Still so good. Puppies are forever !!

Noice dude. I like Candy Cane Lane and Snowman

I wanna marry this app uwu. I want you to know that I’m never leaving cuz I’m mrs.snow till death we’ll be freezing yeah you are my own my own full of feelings so come on let’s go..let’s go below zero and hide from the sun I live you forever and we’ll have some fun let’s hit to the North Pole and live happily so don’t cry no tears now it’s Christmas baby! UwU

Wow. I love this album but even know it not Christmas I love to listen to it

🎅🎄. It's perfect! I love it! Thank you Sia!

It’s SOOOOO GOOD. Omg I love this song!

The best Christmas album ever. This is so special,and so underrated omg stop sleeping on Sia she is the best voice of the industry right now

Yearly tradition. Always have this album blasting either in the car or in the house whenever December rolls around 🎄🎁💚❤️

this was awesome. ❤️. I’m so glad I bought this :)

New tracks are stellar!. Sia never disappoints it’s crazy! Beautiful, heartfelt and heart-filling music! Best Christmas album of all time.

OMG I love Sia!!. And this album is no exception! Every song is gold. Catchy and could listen all year long! Can't wait for another non Christmas album!!!

Christmas QUEEN!!! 🎄🌟☃️❤️💚. It makes me so emotional! I love every song and I love the way Sia sings! 😊

Honestly. As a death metal fan, it’s weird for me to find good pop songs but I really freaking love the song snowman (that’s it but yk)

Reviews are gone. So what

so.. 🎄. this album is so Christmas vibes


Queen of Christmas. PERFECT

Flawless. ❤️

Snowman trend!! (Squad version). 1: Levi 🖤😑 2: Charli 😇🧡 3: Jade 🤪💚 4: Light 💜🥰 5: Jaxx ❤️😆 6: Zach 💗😔 7: Alex 💛😭 8: Sora 💙🏳️‍🌈 9: Drake 💙😎 10: Luca 🤍🤗 Zach be the cheater of all cheaters.. but umm great song my fav Christmas song!!

Omg 😭😭😭. Why is she singing in cursive?? Or at least it sounds like that??? This is so annoying 😭😭

Yes!. This album is overall amazing and a masterpiece! My favourites are sing for my life, Santa’s coming for us, and candy cane lane. You should definitely buy this for Christmas and maybe even year long when you miss the holidays

Sis. The candy cane song makes me so angry

A new Classic. This is my favorite album from Sia and will likely become one of my favorites of all time. Some songs are soulful but most are upbeat and lively. I rediscovered this over Christmas but can’t stop listening. Try Ho Ho Ho and Sunshine on a HomePod. Spectacular!

What?. I seriously do not understand the amount of positive reviews this album has. This Christmas album is so depressing. It doesn’t make me feel joyous. It’s the way she sings these Christmas songs that don’t exactly make someone feel like celebrating the holidays. This is one of those times where when she was asked to do a holiday album, she should have said no & just let someone who has more charisma & spirit take the wheel.

Sia is Magical. This album has brought my Christmas spirit back! Amazing!

Best song. This song to me is awesome soooooo good😄😄😄

Fantastic. Love Sia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😌🔥🔥🔥🔥


Any year. Sia has always been one of my favorite artists. Although this has to be my favorite album of all! It doesn’t even matter that this was posted about 3 years ago! It’s still super popular and still my favorite album. Candy Cane Lane is my favorite song on this album. I would totally suggest this album for the holidays!

BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Sia continues to make the best music this world has ever heard. This is a holiday classic and it’s a must have. I love her so much 😭

Greatest Christmas Album. I really didn’t expect to like every song in a Christmas album. It’s rich, soulful pop with a Christmas aesthetic, unlike anything I’ve really heard during the holidays.

Beautiful!. I love this album and I think it is one of Sia’s best! There are some songs I’m not crazy over (Puppies are Forever) but, for the most part, I love everything. My favorites are snowman, snowflake, candy cane lane, and underneath the Christmas lights. I could listen to this album all year long!

Get Ready to Have Your Heart “Melted”. Sia still has the power to amaze and evoke the deepest of emotions with her spectacular voice. In a season dominated by songs for children, Snowman is the rare, refreshing song for that special someone in your life. This is an instant holiday classic that everyone should listen to with their significant other and be reminded that it’s more than ok to keep romance in your Christmas.

Love it queen of singing. 🥰I like it

My new favorite Christmas Album. Every song should have better ratings! This whole album is GREAT! I’m not even a SIA fan I have like one song (California Dreaming from San Andreas) from her. I actually heard “Candy Cane Lane” in the movie “Happiest Season” (A new favorite Christmas movie now too!) and I really liked the song so when I came to find it on iTunes I saw she had a whole album and I ended up buying the whole thing and listened to it all thru the Christmas season! And honestly it’s so good I still listen to it in its entirety now because these songs are so good and she sings so beautifully! BUY THIS ALBUM!

I love it. I love it so much my fav song is candy cane lane and also to the people who r writing mean comments mind your own business and if u don’t like the song’s don’t listen too it so it’s not a big deal

Sia. It’s a Christmas Miracle

I love it!. I love Sia! I have loved Sia since I was REALLY young and I just love how she sings about what happened to her in the past. I, myself, have been through similar things and love Sia. I have an playlist with just Sia's songs in them and I just listen to them nonstop. The song that I truly relate to is Bird Set Free and Dressed In Black by Sia, and I highly recommend her songs! She had a different tempo to different songs and that's what I love!

Sooooo good!!!!. Buy it now!

Bast song. Omg recommend this song I have all the lyrics on the song now!😜

Amazing!!. “Snowman”

Great Christmas album!. That’s with all of Sia‘s albums, this is a Christmas album I can listen to any time of the year! Fantastic!

I love sia and her songs🔥. I just feel joy in me when ever I hear it

This album is forever, not just for Christmas!. PERIOD♥️♥️♥️♥️

No. No

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Lover. Best song for couple moment

Great to have new Christmas songs. Both "Underneath the Christmas Lights" and "My Old Santa Claus" are real standouts for me. I'm not a diehard Sia fan, but occasionally she simply shines. On these 2 songs, Sia absolutely glitters.

Three new songs. I brought them. iTunes should add the three new songs to my album I bought.

Snowman❄️☃️. I want you to know that I’m never leaving cuz I’m mrs snow ❄️ till death we’ll be freezing, yeah you are my own, my own for all seasons, so come on let’s, go let’s go below zero and hide from the sun, I’ll love you forever and we’ll have some fun, let’s go to the North Pole and live happily, plz don’t cry tears now it Christmas 🎄 baby~ I love this song and I sing it even when it ISNT Christmas☺️🥺🎄🥳🤪

Great album make snowman or my old Santa Clause a single. Love the three new songs although my old Santa clause stands out the most. Release more singles

Amazing. This album is amazing I love all of the songs especially My Old Santa Claus!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I love this song so much. Because it makes me feel warm inside and it got me through a lot and i just love it to bits 💯

Snowman. I love snowman☃️❄️🎁

🎅🏻🎄☃️🎁❄️. Thank you for the extra Christmas tunes Sia!

So cool to see this in the charts again. Some of the best christmas songs ever

Hi. I love this song even if it is summer but I live in the uk so it doesn’t make a difference

Part of my favourite duo ever 😍. Sia and David Guetta are the best. Her solos and her singles are really good but my favourite song by Sia is “Bang my Head”. Stream it now!

:). :)

Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe) (Sia Album) Comments

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