Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Once Upon a Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. I Believe In Santa Claus 3:28
2. Winter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride 3:41
3. With Bells On 2:40
4. Christmas Without You 3:51
5. White Christmas 3:03
6. A Christmas To Remember 3:38
7. Hard Candy Christmas 3:37
8. The Greatest Gift Of All 3:43
9. Once Upon A Christmas 4:21

Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Album Reviews

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Hard candy Christmas. Best song ever for Christmas so many people have hard times at Christmas so this is what we need good job Dolly P.

Where are the rest of the songs????. This is not the who;e album and some of the songs are truncated! bummer because this is a great album in its entirety

It is not Christmas without this music!. Bought this album when it first came out in 1984, and the tree cannot be decorated without this playing in the background. My adult kids have carried on the tradition, and we all just bust out singing every word! Thank you, Dolly and Kenny!

Listen up friends...... I found the whole album/cd at Hastings!!!! $5.99 It is titled: Kenny Rogers Christmas Collection. CD #1 is Kenny Rogers only. CD#2 is the entire Once upon a Christmas, with Dolly Parton. What a deal!!!!! Go to Hastings!!!! 12/11/2013

Winter Wonderland!. I can finally get Winter Wonderland/ Sleighride!!! It's a Christmas miracle!

Where is silent Night. Growing up listing to this album I remember silent night was on it with Kenny Rogers but I don't know if it's a copy right but I miss the silent night on here that's what Christmas is all about the full album on here.

Why?. Where is the whole album???

Best Christmas album, EVER!. Seriously, this is the best Christmas album, EVER! Every song is perfection. My absolute favorites are “A Christmas to Remember” & “Christmas Without You”.

Lots of memories. This is my go to Christmas Album. I loved this Christmas Special when I was a child and 35 years later it still brings back those memories of my parents and sisters being together for the holidays.

Once Upon a Christmas. Please offer the entire album!

RELEASE THE REST!!!. We're Still waiting for the WHOLE Album!!! I remember this music growing up as a little kid!! PLEASE release the rest of it!! Christmas to Remember isn't the same if it isn't Dolly and Kenny!!

Once upon a Christmas. Where is the rest of this fabulous album????

Where is the rest of album. When I was a kid Christmas morning started with "I Believe in Santa Clause" bought an iTunes card just for this album. I want to carry on a tradition now I cant

Once upon a Christmas. We always listened to this while doing our christmas cookies!!! Please give us the whole album!!!! It's a family tradition! What's the problem? Whole thing please!!!!!!

One of my favs. I grew up listening to this andove the album but am so bummed the whole album is not available! And you can't find CDs in stores anymore so this is very disappointing that we can't get this anywhere! Please get the rest of it on iTunes!!

The Best Christmas Album Ever!. Every year since 1984 I have listened to this album with fond Christmas memories. Kenny and Dolly are a match made in heaven. Classic recordings and original tunes I will cherish for many Christmas seasons to come!

Full album. Why haven't you put full album to purchase do you not see all of the reviews wanting it

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEBER. I won't buy this on here for only 3 songs? I'm glad I got the viynl and CD i can just upload them on my iTunes and put them on my iPhone :).

Best Christmas album ever!. This is my ultimate favorite Christmas album of all time, and trust me I have many! But this is the first one I play every year at the beginning of the season due to it's fun, upbeat and joyful energy. It gets me into the Christmas spirit immediately! Usually there is at least 1 or 2 tracks on a Christmas album I skip over, not this one though. Every single song is superb and the voices of Kenny and Dolly blend so perfectly together. Buy this album you will not regret it! Merry Christmas!

Entire album?. Great music but I want the entire album. Why isn't it here?

Only 3 songs upsets me. this is one of my absolute favorite christmas albums of all time and there are only 3 songs available …. where’s the rest !!

Best ever!. I'm so happy they've released the whole album! This is my definitive childhood Christmas album! Thanks for bringing back memories! Hands down my number one favorite!

We need silent night by Kenny Rogers. We need silent night on the album.

Where is the rest of this album. This album needs to be a staple in my home for Christmas! My childhood memories at Christmas are wrapped with this being the bow on it... Please add the rest of the songs from the album.

Where is the rest of the album?????. Where is the rest of the album? My parents had it when I was a kid and it brings back great memories!!! I want to buy the whole thing not a partial???!!!!

Thank You!!!. Thank you so much for putting the whole album on here! I've been waiting forever to download this! My favorite Christmas Album! Merry Christmas everybody!

Great, but where's the rest?!. Love this entire album. Embodies the spirit of Christmas and transcends generations. Definite download for your Christmas tunes, but iTunes needs to offer up the entire album. Such a disservice.

Christmas classic. Best Christmas album ever!

Is there a better duo than Dolly & Kenny?. I grew up in the 80s and remember these songs playing on my grandparents record player. This is my favorite Christmas album and my favorite duet

Takes me back. Takes me back to Jackson MO every time I hear a song from this album. Kenny, Dolly, Mom, Dad, my brothers & sister every Christmas on North Neal.

Love it!. Great Christmas album by two great singers!

CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER!. This is one of the best all time Christmas albums, and you left out the very best song of all “Christmas to Remember”. Please let us have it! We all have so many memories of this album and this song.

Once upon a Christmas. This is a fantastic holiday album. I was all set to down load it when I saw that iTunes only had a small part of the album. I don't understand why they don't offer the entire album. I will be down loading it from the CD.

Great.... But where is the rest of the album?!

Where are the good songs?!?. Seriously?!? What's the deal?Where is the rest of the album? You're not even offering the best songs from the album. A Christmas to Remember is my favorite! Dolly would not approve of this half hearted attempt to offer this album.

One Upon a Christmas. This list of 9 songs is not the 1984 “original” release. The original released in ‘84 had 10 songs on it. BMG altered it cutting 2 song out. and putting “Hard Candy Christmas” in.

Need the full album. We need the full album!! Please please please before this Christmas!!! I am expecting my first baby in November and want to carry on our tradition with this Christmas album. I would love to purchase from iTunes.


Once Upon a Christmas. Where is the WHOLE ALBUMN?? I need the song Christmas Without You!! Love that song!!

Please can we have the rest of the album. This album is so important to me... PLEASE can we have the whole album??

Love it!. This is my favorite Christmas album ever! ! "I Believe in Santa Clause" is best sang by Kenny and Dolly!!!!!

Christmas Album. ITunes! Please complete Kenny and Dolly's complete album. It is a classic. Many will download.

Please release the whole album!. I'm not a country music fan at all, but this album IS Christmas for my family, and has been since my childhood. PLEASE release the entire album, each track is a classic.

Where is silent Night. Silent night is missing on this album and Kenny Sang it the best please find it and put it on the album.

What's the deal here?. My mom used to play this album all Christmas season when I was little and I'd like to have it for nostalgia's sake. But why just these three songs?

Where are the rest of the songs?. I love this whole album I wish you guys could get it all! I would have given 5 stars if you had the whole album on here

OH MY GOD I love Dolly and Kenny!!!!!!!!!!!(big fan). I love Christmas and both Dolly and Kenny. I don’t even care that this was made in like 1984. Maybe just maybe Dolly will see this. Any way I love this song! I think they should do more of this stuff!I love Dolly this much 1,000,000,000% and Kenny 5,000%. Do more please

Dolly Parton. I though I got it

Christmas classic!. You can’t get any better than a Dolly and Kenny Christmas!

Dolly and Kenny. Love this album

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Once Upon A Christmas -Dolly & Kenny. I was disappointed. Dolly sounded very "Squawky: Could it be that my Mac "CD Burner" is deficient ?

Once Upon a Christamas. I first bought this as a vinyl album in the 80's. We cannot go through a Christmas without playing this album. It is the album of choice when we set up our Christmas Decorations. Would like to get a copy of the Television Special that this album was derived from Gord

Greatest Christmas CD Ever!. Listened to this album as long as I can remember, from ld, to Cassette to CD, to Ipod, its a staple with my family at christmas and forever will be!

Love it. This is a must have album @ Christmas time!

When I think of Christmas - I think of these songs. <3 Looooooove this album! It brings back my childhood! <3

Best song ever. I love this song I listen too it every Christmas and I have it on my phone can not go a year with out listening too it

love this album. this is the best for christmas

Kenny&Dolly once upon a Christmas. I got the CD and there is ten songs on it also hard candy Christmas is not one of them to.

Must have for Christmas. It's not Christmas without this album!

Best Christmas album of all time!. I've worn out many cassettes growing up with this album every Christmas of my life to date. So glad I have the digital copy :)

Love it!! Feels Like Home. Growing up my mother always played this album at Christmas time. I don't always get home for Christmas but playing this album always makes me feel closer to home.

It's not Christmas without Kenny and Dolly. It came out the year I was born, and has been played in my house every Christmas since :)

Kenny Rogers Christmas. Love this CD!! Best Christmas one out there!

Love it!. I love this album but this is not the original from 1984. The original had Silent Night or something in place of Hard Candy Christmas. I would have to look to see what it is. I have a corsage of bells I made that I wear every Christmas because "I'll Be Home With Bells On" I love this album!

Christmas Spirit. It's not Christmas if you haven't listened to this CD!!

Love love this album. I listened every year ALL YEAR LONG.

Christmas. Its not Christmas if your not listening to this album! Love Dolly and Kenny! Merry Christmas!

Merry xmas!. I love this album because there are alot of xmas originals on there which to me are timeless! The standards are also done in a way that makes then beautifully new and fresh!

Hadn't heard in so long. So glad to find this album, we had it yrs ago when we were kids and played it every Xmas for yrs and yrs. it is on tape and still gets played at my parents place, so this yr I have it to play at mine so many Xmas memory's as I made my way through these songs and still know them word for word.

Once Upon a Christmas (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Album) Comments

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