Mumford & Sons - Delta album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Mumford & Sons
Album Name :   Delta
Genre :   Alternative
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Tracks :   14
Country :   USA

Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. 42 Mumford & Sons 4:00
2. Guiding Light Mumford & Sons 3:37
3. Woman Mumford & Sons 4:34
4. Beloved Mumford & Sons 4:25
5. The Wild Mumford & Sons 5:31
6. October Skies Mumford & Sons 3:43
7. Slip Away Mumford & Sons 4:55
8. Rose of Sharon Mumford & Sons 3:23
9. Picture You Mumford & Sons 4:03
10. Darkness Visible Mumford & Sons 3:11
11. If I Say Mumford & Sons 4:29
12. Wild Heart Mumford & Sons 5:05
13. Forever Mumford & Sons 4:36
14. Delta Mumford & Sons 6:16

Delta by Mumford & Sons Album Listen

Mumford & Sons - Delta Album Wiki

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Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Comments

Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Reviews

  • Love this Mumford & Sons

    Rock isn’t dead. And I’m kinda tired of people complaining about Mumford & Sons writing music that doesn’t all sound the same like it did on their first two albums. This album and Wilder Mind have been their best ones yet, and they know how to bring the music. As long as they don’t go pop, then I don’t quite understand why people are mad that they’re playing rock. Stop complaining about bands growing their sound.
  • Awesome album

    Not my favorite album but still a great one!! It will be hard to beat their 1st 3 albums but I will buy whatever they create. Seen them in concert twice and still my favorite shows so far. The delta tour does not disappoint and the energy is amazing
  • Delta = Change for the worse

    I'm sorry but their previous work was just amazing, this is modern elevator music. This is nothing like their previous work. I lot of people didn't like Wilder Mind, which I really enjoyed as well, but if Delta means change, this is a change for the worse.
  • ?

    what happened to the banjos and the guitars? i’m so 🤷‍♀️.
  • Over produced and bland

    Shame they seem to have lost their way. More into studio tricks than authentic music.
  • Where did the integrity go?

    I want Mumford & Sons to be the pallbearers at my funeral so they can let me down one last time
  • Not a fan of the new sound

    Starting with Wilder Mind to now, it’s more than sad that they have gone from an amazingly original band to just another pop song ☹️😔. Not a fan at all
  • Oh my... that hurt.

    Listened to it straight thru on a long drive and the repeated theme for me was WTH did I just listen to. At times it sounded like B movie soundtrack. “Darkness Visible” physically made me sick. I love the last 3 albums. But this was a mistake.
  • Lost their way

    mystic lenny
    This album is perfect for pop station and may garner them more radio play but overall this album is not deep in many ways and the reviews speak to that point. They went in a very mass appeal direction that I think will fail. Lacks depth, richness in sound and lyrics and only one song I wanted to listen to more than once.
  • Exciting and fun

    A nice blend of new and old Mumford and Sons. Even the non-leading tracks are songs that get stuck in my head. One of my favorite albums.