Mumford & Sons - Delta album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Mumford & Sons
Album Name :   Delta
Genre :   Alternative
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Tracks :   14
Country :   USA

Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. 42 Mumford & Sons 4:00
2. Guiding Light Mumford & Sons 3:37
3. Woman Mumford & Sons 4:34
4. Beloved Mumford & Sons 4:25
5. The Wild Mumford & Sons 5:31
6. October Skies Mumford & Sons 3:43
7. Slip Away Mumford & Sons 4:55
8. Rose of Sharon Mumford & Sons 3:23
9. Picture You Mumford & Sons 4:03
10. Darkness Visible Mumford & Sons 3:11
11. If I Say Mumford & Sons 4:29
12. Wild Heart Mumford & Sons 5:05
13. Forever Mumford & Sons 4:36
14. Delta Mumford & Sons 6:16

Delta by Mumford & Sons Album Listen

Mumford & Sons - Delta Album Wiki

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Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Comments

Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Reviews

  • It's OK

    Lantern Lad
    Honestly, I forgot it was playing... the sounds juts sort of blended together and became mellow background noise. No specific track stuck out.
  • What a disappointment

    I was as disappointed with the album as I was excited when I found out about the release. I loved Wilder Mind, so don't tell me how I am resisting change. Terrible music is terrible even if you say they are 'evolving'. Evolve into something good!
  • No.

    This is lazy.
  • It. Is. Awesome.

    They have evolved. That is what bands do, and what they have to do to stay together. Wanting to hear Sigh No More with different lyrics is living in the past. This album is great and will grow on you more with every listen.
  • Disappointed

    Jared blubaugh
    Man they lost their unique sound. Trash...
  • Overproduced

    I get that some bands want to continue their growth artistically from album to album, but the last two efforts are poor. They have let the producers dictate their sounds. Bummer. Looking forward to when they hit bottom and can only play their old stuff at shows.
  • Delta Album

    Not even sure where to begin with this album but I guess saying there’s only a few tolerable songs would be gracious. The music seems almost forcibly subtle and lays down to lend upon electro depressed music. An unfortunately deviated path in the lineage and evolution of the band. The music here is superficial however heartfelt the attempt was.
  • Beautiful album all the way through

    Love this album. It’s different from their folksy sound. They added sweeping orchestral sounds that pair well with haunting vocals. Less banjo, more symphony. Reminds me of my favorite Coldplay and U2 songs. Lots of whiny hipsters giving one star reviews because of that. I am not a whiny hipster.
  • Not good.

    Not a fan of this album. They’re trying to do different genres of music, which is fine, but none of the songs seem to hit what they were going for lyrically or musically. Not a good album in my opinion.
  • People need to grow up

    I’m writing this review strictly because I feel like the ratings don’t accurately represent the album. If the album was released anonymously and we didn’t know it was Mumford and Sons I think people would honestly say it’s pretty good. They never wanted to only be a folk band and they say that. M&S wanted to explore more and honestly, people would be complaining no matter what. If all 4 of their albums were banjo-strumming foot- stomping songs, no doubt people would stay they are a one trick pony band. They sing about real things, they want people to feel something very specific and if that requires them to changes parts of their sound then they should do it. Guiding Light actually sounds a ton like their older stuff so people that are saying it sounds pop have never actually payed attention to music then. The auto-tuning they did can actually create depth and give a sense of other- worldlyness and isn’t just for when people can’t sing. Give people credit for what they did, don’t just say it’s crap because you happen to only like one type of sound from Mumford and Sons.