Back In Black by AC/DC

Back In Black [AC/DC] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Hells Bells 5:12
2.Shoot To Thrill 5:18
3.What Do You Do For Money Honey 3:35
4.Givin The Dog A Bone 3:32
5.Let Me Put My Love Into You 4:16
6.Back In Black 4:16
7.You Shook Me All Night Long 3:30
8.Have A Drink On Me 3:59
9.Shake A Leg 4:06
10.Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 4:15

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Back In Black by AC/DC Album Reviews

- Best hard rock ever

Me and my friend boys blasted at the pool Germany 🇩🇪 everyone always looks at us lol thx its awesome 😎😱😝🤣😂😊👌

- The Essential Heavy Rock Album

For any rock lover in the world, or someone who is trying to get into the world of rock, this is a MUST HAVE!

- Shook me all night long

I bought this record back in 1982 after listening to Shook me all night long over and over at a friends house. I played it to death. I still have it and know where are the skips and where I have to nudge the needle to keep it from repeating, I love every song. Thank you iTunes for giving me the opportunity to purchase and listen to one of my favorite albums of all time

- Great Album - No Booklet

Don't expect to get the digital booklet when you purchase this album. I've been waiting for support to fix the issue for two weeks. Disappointing. Would be a five star otherwise.

- The Best

Probably one of the most best albums they ever made!

- Best Hard Rock Band

AC/DC has been the best and maybe longest running rock band in existence. They've had MULTIPLE hits like Led Zeppelin and Kiss. They're probably going to be around till 2030.

- Acdc you shook me alllllllll niiiiiight loping!!

Acdc you shook me alllllllll niiiiiight loping!!

- Shoot to thrill zombieland the double tap 2 trailer song

Shoot to thrill

- Goat

AC/DC is the greatest rock band and angus is a legend

- Beware...

The Thunder from Down Under is on iTunes, and they're Back in Black! This has got to be AC/DC's best album yet, with the opening track Hells Bells(my favorite AC/DC song), shoot to thrill, the title track, and you shook me all night long. Buy this album! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

- G.O.A.T.

Not overrated this is the best hard rock album of all time .


LOVE THIS ALBUM TOTALLY BEATS PINK FLOYD AND LED ZEP. Definently recommend to those new to hard rock.

- Y

Does every song sound the same

- What do you do for money AC⚡️DC

The best album they ever did no filler tracks and all of them are memorable modern albums wish they could be this

- Rock on

This is the greatest album ever created. Every song on it is full of rockin' solos and head hangin' vocals. ACDC are gods of rock and roll, and this is their strongest work.


Greatest album ever!!

- Wow!!!!!

Shoot to Thrill Enough said

- The gods of hard rock!! 🙌🏻👏🏻

Let their legacy live on!!

- Of Course!!!!

Why wouldn't you buy this album! It's the greatest rock album ever, the highest selling rock album ever, and the second highest selling album of all time!!! BUY BACK IN BLACK


This band is instantly recognized and recommended by me to anyone who really wants good 80’s rock. Or even if someone is a pop head, or rap fan, and you are having trouble getting off that, this is one way to do it. I have listened too many times, and I have not lost interest. Not too heavy, but just enough to get me in the mood. ROCK ON 🤘!!!!

- Not 10/10... 100/10

Couldn't be better in anyway unless there were more songs

- Best memories

My most favorite songs are back and it’s only October 21 2017 and I’m 14 wow I’m young to know these but my dad told me about these songs and now I’m in love with them


guitar solos perfected to the smallest nanometer give this band an amazing sound, as well as a great tune that keeps on rock-n'-rollin!

- First in the series

I will only write a review when truly inspired and Back-n-Black does just that. My kid's kids will know this rocks from the first time they hear it. I suspect it will pass Thriller by then to be the best selling album ever. When you listen to the 8th best song repeatedly, you know you can't go wrong with this album

- Acdc

Definition on what rock n roll was, is, and should be🤘🏻

- Back on Black - WOW

Debut album with Brian Johnson as the lead singer. Coming off the untimely death of Bon Scott and the success of Highway to Hell. This album has strong songs and is considered a no-skip album. The opening song Hell’s bells is a brilliantly composed song and gets the the album rocking. Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black, & you shook me all night long were all staples on the radio back in the 1980’s and are still played on classic rock stations. My favorite songs are What do you do for Money, Giving the Dog a Bone & Shake a Leg. All songs on the album are solid rock n’ roll tunes that should be played loud in the album format. Rock n roll Ain’t Noise pollution, Let Me put my love into You, and Have a drink on me finish out this rock n’ roll treat. Through and through this is a 5 star album with no weakness. As. Side note , comments about Angus playing/knowing 3 notes should really see the live performance or look for this album being played live on other albums , because, it becomes very evident that Angus is up there with the greatest guitarists of all time. Check out his solo performances sometime. Highly recommended album purchase .

- ITunesness

Album would be great if it remained on my devices and didn't block the necessary additional downloading

- Balls to the wall

So sorry Bon, but AC/DC best album and rated one of the best hard rock albums of all time. Best songs, best vocals, best guitar riffs, just awesome from start to finish.

- 40 years!

Where'd the time go? Calling this a masterpiece is somehow an understatement. It's not just a perfect rock-and-roll record, but the perfect example of rock's roots in the blues.

- Never Gets Old

This album without a doubt the greatest!!


This is a must buy. I have never heard such beautiful music before.

- Epitome of Hard Rock

Without question, one of the best hard rock albums of all time.

- Issa masterpiece

No album has had as much of an impact on a genre as this. Just get it now.

- Best album EVER!

AC/DC for life

- The Greatest Ever!!

The Greatest Rock Album Ever Made!!! By the Greatest Rock Band ever....Period!!!!

- ROCK n’ ROLL 101

If you do not have this entire album, you are WRONG!

- Greatest Rock Album.

Hands down, greatest hard rock album!

- Love this bad

I love this kind of band I like these kind of classic rock music ever


With iconic tunes, and classic riffs, legendary band AC/DC cones out with their biggest hit yet! Keep on rockin’ bros!

- Best AC/DC Album EVER!!

This is AC/DC’s magnum opus!

- ❤️


- Awesome

Hands down is one of the best albums ever


I’m pretty sure I heard the f word in Back In Black. But even with this in mind, I don’t have the heart to deprive this great album of a star over this.

- 💪🏻


- Welcome to Valhalla

Truly one of the greatest albums ever released. We wore this cassette out in our boom box almost every morning before first bell at school while we shot baskets.

- Play it loud

There are many great giants in rock n' roll. AC/DC, is a mega god, and the proof is in this album. Every track on this album is hardhitting, and doesn't slow down in speed. The opening track, "Hell's Bells" sums it all up of what this listening experience will be.

- ***** meaning 5 star review

Best AC-DC song out there


This is my favorite album I own on ITunes, and I own A LOT. It goes from Rainbow to Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, to even Cactus., Metallica, Anthrax, And even Great White to just name a few artists. Surprisingly, none of these artists albums ever really impressed me. (Except Led Zeppelin, they blew me away with Led Zeppelin II) When I found out about AC/DC, and I bought this album and Highway to Hell, I realized this was the band for me. Then I bought their least notable albums like Powerage, High Voltage, and Flick The Switch, and I loved those. Anyway, this album is incredible, and is one my favorite records ever.

- Untouchable!

Top 5 bands ever!

- Yee haw awesome album

I like country a lot but this is good stuff I love it get it now

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- The best of the best

It rocks

- Classic album

One of the best rock albums - ever. Essential album for any music lover's collection.

- Must buy

One of the most iconic classic rock albums!

- Only AC/DC

Thats pure AC/DC, heavy and easy riffs. Thank god there is power chords in this world and thank god AC/DC to make it sound like heaven.


Why does iTunes rate this 4 and a half stars it’s one of the best records from my favourite band ever

- Yes

Omg I love them

- Must have album

The greatest rock album ever recorded period.

- All time best LP

When this album was released I couldn’t buy it so I borrowed it from a friend so I could tape it. I loved it so much I kept it for months. I didn’t want to give it back. I don’t think there is a better recorded rock record like this one on the planet. My favourite!

- Loudness War

I'm trying to download the AC/DC songs from the Original Album Hoping I don't get any Remasters. I hate how music Today has been amped up and become really loud. When I listen to my Record albums or Audio cassettes from the 1980s and earlier I never get fatigued. Yet I put on the Radio and I do get to a point where I have to turn it off. My sister tells me can we just have peace and quit I've listened to music all day at work and I need a break. I 100% believe its the loudness wears fault. There are Videos online that talk about and give examples of how music keeps getting louder and louder everytime an album gets a new remaster and once that Dynamic Range is gone it cannot be brought back. MP3s are the same way you can create an 128kbps mp3 and then expect that when you burn it to CD its going to be CD quality 320kbps.

- Classic Album

There are very few albums that when you hear them 30 years later, you can remember when you first heard them. This is one of them. Old school rock'n'roll that stands the test of time. Would give it ten stars, but will crank it to ten instead.

- The Best

Should be the best selling album of all time way better than Michael Jackson's Thriller

- The best Johnson album

Brian Johnson really kicked off his singing skills on this album! This is one of the only albums I like by Brian Johnson! Back in black does NOT disappoint!


This album is amazing all the songs are really good on this album i have nothing bad to say at all.

- Spotify rules

Set up a Spotify account way cheaper only $10 a month don’t have to keep buying iTunes cards sorry iTunes looks like you been beat

- AC/DC's masterpiece!!!

The album is amazing from the very moment you hear the bone chilling riff from "Hells Bells" till the amazing conclusion of "Rock n roll ain't noize pollution". This album changed rock n roll for the better and prove to the world that: Deal with it!!! Rock n roll will never die! We ain't noise pollution!

- Best album

This has to be the best album ever made in hard rock!

- Buy IT

There's a reason that it sold 6 million copies in the US during its first week that it was released. Get it for sure!

- Back In Black

I was 13 years old when I first heard this album. It changed my life, perhaps not for the better in some ways!…. I have since outgrown some crazy habits from my youth but I will never outgrow AC/DC. I just finished downloading all of their greatest albums. They shook me all night long.

- Can listen to this album all the way through

This is the best album of all time, every song flows together, can stand alone and they just sound awesome. God Bless AC/DC

- Lovin every minute of it

One greatest and one my fav albums of all time

- Oh thank God!

I think everyone (myself included) wanted AC/DC (the real band and not the numerous cover bands). Do yourself a favor and buy this album because its a classic and still to this day is regarded as one the best albums ever made. 5/5

- Best ever!

Not only the best AC/DC album, but my favorite album of all time. More than 30 years since I was a teenager and first bought it and I still listen to it regularly. Nice to see the AC/DC library finally on itunes.

- Still Holds Up

To anyone thinking of buying this, think of it this way: there's a reason it's the 2nd best selling album of all time (with the 1st being MJ's Thriller).

- AC/DC's Best... If that wasn't already obvious

The untimely death of your very popular lead singer would be a huge blow to your musical lifespan,no matter what genre you are. Yielding six of your greatest songs ever on your next album with only ten songs is a great achievement, no matter what genre you are. Back in black completely deserves its spot in the best-selling albums ever. Johnson's signature voice is in its prime from the very beginnng, the sound quality is so pristine, and the songs are so varied yet so typical of AC/DC, you can't not love it... provided your at least a mild fan of rock. The filler songs may not be as unique, but even their chorus' are sung with power and heart; this album has no weakspots. (Shake a Leg may appear to be a black sheep when looking at the popularity rankings for this album; I assure you this is not the case). Because this is signature AC/DC, however, most of the songs on this album are average for the band itself (by no means average in general). Not every song can be AC/DC's best, even for this album; the filler is great, but nonetheless still filler. On the flipside, hits such as You Shook Me, Shoot to Thrill and the title track remain signature hits out of the band's entire massive discography, and the opener Hells Bells is my favourite AC/DC song ever! How does it all stack up? Hells Bells- 10 Shoot to Thrill- 9 What do you do for Money, Honey- 8 Given the Dog a Bone- 8 Let me put my Love Into You- 8 Back in Black- 9 You Shook Me all Night Long- 9 Have a Drink on Me- 8 Shake a Leg- 8 Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution- 8 Total: 85/100, 85% Album bonus: +8 Rating: 93%

- Wow

Couldn't be better. Nice work

- Anyone Collecting AC/DC -- Start with this one….

This is classic AC/DC (albeit not the original line up) but rather the quintessential album that is required by any AC/DC enthusiast. Traditional Angus guitar thrashing with ripping and edgy vocals. A total rocking masterpiece and showcase for all their work. I've always loved this album and it was the first one I collected also. I'm a huge fan of their work and love all their music. My nod to the band from down under.

- Amazing

AC/DC has been my favourite band since I was 11 years old, and they were the first band to make me wanna get into music. This album really got me hooked. Well done, lads.

- The BEST Album of All Time

There is a reason BIB is the #2 album of all time. From beginning to end it is simply outstanding. Not one filler on the record. The only reason it's not #1 is because MJ had so many teenyboppers buy Thriller.

- Back in Black

This album is the Rock standard which all other albums are compared to.

- About time

ACDC all the way. I'm happy to see iTunes got then on

- Just terrible

Weak and pathetic

- Love the album

Great to see iTunes & AC/DC came to terms. There is something you gotta' fix, though. I got directed here looking for a ringtone: not a song. If I wanted Back in Black (album or song) I'd buy it or go to my iTunes, where I already have it. I loaded some other ringtones (from songs) from the store without any problems- it only happened here. Please fix the glitch!

- One of the best rock albums

Every song is great on this album. A must have album. Brings back a lot of memories.

- Best rock n roll band

Rock in peace malcolm acdc still best rockin' band they rocked the world

- Finally !!!!!

I looked on iTunes so many times to find ACDC glad it is finally here !!!

- Classic Rock at its Best

I stole $10 from my parents to buy this record when it was released. It still stands as one of the greatest records of all time. I got in a ton of trouble, but it was worth it!

- So Awesome

This is the best album by AC DC. This is the best alum on earth. I love Hells Bells and Back in Black.

- Their best album hands down

Holy crap this album is fantastic.all the songs are great and Johnson's first album with AC⚡️DC was a hit,I don't know how many people would agree with me though but I think hells bells is the best song on this album

- Finally! One of the best albums of all time!

Whenever I hear an AC/DC song on the radio it never sounds right, because the song that's supposed to play next never does. I wore out this Vinyl a long time ago. Play it from beginning to end like it's one big song. AWESOME!

- Doesn't get much better

My favourite album of all time, first rock album I bought. I put this up there with all the greats.

- Finally!

Classic album, it's about iTunes got this album and AC/DC. Best album ever

- Rock and Roll isn’t noise pollution

The best album ever. If you haven’t bought it you are missing out on the best guitar solos ever.

- Back in black!!!

I love this album. It got me into Acca Dacca. And for those who don’t know, the only Aussie member is Phil Rudd. Brian is British, and the Young brothers are Scottish. Just saying RIP Malcom Young, you got me ringin’ Hells Bells

- Great British band

They came to Oz showed them how to rock then left never to return



- Best album

Best selling rock album of all time made by The best Rock band of all time. Anyone who doesn't buy this is mentally insane. Every song is pure perfection. BUY THIS NOW.

- V best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$

:-). Awesome song and album from the worlds greatest rockers! :-) :)

- Rock and role

AC/DC da best and they will never die best album ever

- Rock 'n' roll train


- Thrillfan

About time! Greatest album ever... Crank shoot to thrill up while driving and see those speed cameras flash. Keep listening Howdy mate....

- Definitive

Simply put, the best rock and roll album by the world's pre-eminent rock and roll band. Not a bad song to be found here. All killer, no filler. Just rock and roll as only AC/DC can provide. Brian Johnson's debut sets the band up for decades at the top. "Hells Bells", "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution", "Shoot To Thrill", "You Shook Me All Night Long" and the ripping title track, "Back In Black," are the pick of a very good bunch. Well worth even iTunes' exorbitant prices.

- About Time :)

Rock on :-D

- Aussie band

@mizzen. They are in no sense a British band. They were formed in Australia by Australian citizens, some of whom came here as youngsters. They formed in high school, got their start in Aussie pubs and identify as Australian. So im sorry but you can't claim them. The fact some members were born overseas is irrelevant. And oh yeah- Brian Johnson is Australian born. So there.

- Finally


- At Last!

All I can say is AT LAST AC/DC have decided to make their iconic music available via itunes. Time to sit back, turn up the volume and reminisce about my childhood.

- Nthing beats AC-DC

I may be only 11 but damn... one of the greatest rock songs along side with highway to hell, t.n.t and shoot to thrill


A sonic masterpiece !! Acca Dacca at their brutal best ;)

- Ballsy

AC/DC at their best and balsy,

- Back in black

Awesome album,my favourite ever,30+ years old & it still smashes today's music,a must buy!!!

- da best

neddie say good ol acdc

- Born in Australia?

@Robert Ghanem....that will be the the Brian Johnson that was born in Gateshead in the north east of England then. Suppose it could be considered a suburb of Sydney though depending on how you look at it. Apart from Phil Rudd, they were all born in the UK mate. As for a review of the album. One word. Brilliant.



- 'Bout time

FINALLY. Why weren't these albums on before? The stars are not for the music, but for Apple's lack of ACDC for so long.

- Classic

Only the greatest rock album of all time.

- Back in black!

Finally, AC/DC's on iTunes! I had to buy this album. This is probably AC/DC's best album. This was the first album with Brian Johnson and it was by far the best album they made with Brian. You can't beat these songs like bells bells and back in black. I strongly recommend you get this album if you're a hard rock fan or a AC/DC fan. Rock on!

- Greatest rock album of all time

This is not the biggest selling rock album of all time for nothing!! A must for any collection, as well as being Australian!!


I may be only 14 but this music i think will beat any resent song

- Epic

Possibly AC/DC's greatest album ever...

- BEST ALBUM YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think AC/DC are the best rock band ever.U know the dirty old rock band guns n roses I think they suck and don't stand a chance defeating AC/DC. CRAPPY GUNS N ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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- Acdc

Can only be described as Awesome

- Best album ever made!

First bought this as a teenager back in early 81.Been listening to it ever since and it is just an absolute materpeice. Every track is a flawless work of pure rock and you'll be hard pushed to find any other artist who have released such a complete and perfect peice of work. This album will send shivers down your spine and if you aren't a fan already you certainly will be after listening to this.

- Timeless Classic

In 1980 I shared a flat with 4 other students in Edinburgh from across UK. I had a wide taste in music from rock, punk, post punk etc but I remember being slagged off for buying this. I persevered to blast it from my wee stereo that I'd borrowed money from my Dad to buy. I am glad to say that I was totally correct after all these years and still sounds fresh! Can't remember what my flatmates were into but all are long forgotten!

- Great album

Another acdc album that rocks!! Big time, to many good sons to mention

- Da dunna dunna

Epic record for an epic band


1980 and you shook me all night long blasting out the school classrooms ,oh happy days. THIS ALBUM IS THE BEST COLLECTION OF GUITAR RIFFS EVER!! 10 uncomplicated four minute rock n roll classics.30 years on it is still the bench mark and still will be in another 30 years .PURE CLASS.

- 🔥🎸🎤🎸🔥


- Amazing

I am 13 years old and dont like most of todays music i prefer acdc and nirvana but i have to say this is one of the best albums ever thank god for such great people

- Awesome!!!

The pinnacle of rock albums nothing else comes close to this I bought this on first release in 1980 at the tender age of 12 and have played it zillions of times ever since. Kids buy this album and watch your dad come upstairs and turn it up full blast for you!!

- Just buy it and listen to it OK?

Simply sublime. This was the first album released after the monster that was 'Highway to Hell' and also the first since the sad loss of the fabulous 'Bon Scot'. This album was new front man 'Brian Johnson's tribute to Bon and what a tribute this is. Just buy it.

- AC DC back in black

Amazing song love it

- One Of The Best....

rock albums of all time.


Cannot believe everything by AC/DC is now on iTunes!!!! WHOOOOOO


this is simply awesome AC⚡️DC,s BEST ALBUM BEST SONG IS HELL’s bells.

- RIP Malcolm Young.

The best guitarist ever died of dementia. I'm so sad for this guy.

- Never stop listening to this album

I am 16 years old and I haven’t been keen on many modern Bands or Singers either. I have liked modern music from 2000 up to 2014. When you are an AC/DC or heavy metal fan all you can like is “Hells Bells” or “Shoot to Thrill” or even “Back in Black.” The one song on this brilliant which is my favourite song is “Shoot to Thrill” but I like the whole album. It doesn’t matter this album is gonna be around for decades even if AC/DC retire their music will live on for decades and decades and decades.

- At Last!

AC/DC are on iTunes! Maybe this was in part due to a certain television advert using Back in Black or a new Iron Man release generating interest in the soundtrack or maybe it was just about time! I love that the band clearly had principles about not being on iTunes but I am quite glad for their u-turn. Whatever the reason, it is great to have a plethora of AC/DC to choose from. 'You Shook Me All Night Long' is one of my all-time favourite tracks to blare out at full volume in the car, jogging or at home. Proper old school rock. This album is a fantastic classic, but even just picking a few tracks out to add to your music collection would make you smile. Though I am not sure what your neighbours will think!

- Genius

The best band in the world no wonder this album is the 2nd highest selling of all time

- Best. Album. Ever.

AC DC ROCKS!!! I'm only 12 but I hate modern r&b, and this and this album is a welcome break. The finest songs in the world by the finest band in the world. AC DC, I salute you!!!!!!

- AC/DC Back In Black

This is one of the best selling albums of ALL TIME ! This is the First Album I ever bought. Long Live Rock n Roll.

- Its finally here

Finally the best Hard Rock album ever is available for Itunes. If u've never heard of this then what have u been doing for the past 30 odd years??

- Modern music

I'm 14 can't stand most new music, modern music needs to take a leaf out of bands like AC/DC's book, managing to carry on with out Brian Johnson most bands or groups couldn't carry on with out auto tune. Everyone should support artists like this still going strong at 60 half of them, most groups now won't be going strong after puberty


Also, the second best selling album of all time, trumped only by Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', which can be forgiven, since Eddie Van Halen wielded his mighty Axe with one of the best known solos ever! Back in Black is inspired Genius; the ultimate Rock Therapy! Opening with Hell's Bells, - a homage to Bon Scott, this album is astonishing and awesome no matter how many times you listen. Own the immortal Holy Grail of Rock now, max the volume and prepare to be saluted!!!

- Hells bells

Fuking awsome

- John Hale

Quite simply a Masterpiece.

- Brilliant

Best rock album ever buy it

- At long last!

So glad this awesome album is finally available on iTunes. The title track will always be one of the finest rock grooves ever written - so simple but utterly compelling!

- Back in black

Excellent timeless rock

- The best album... EVER

hells bells, shoot to thrill, what do you do for money honey, let me put my love into you, back in black, you shook me all night long, have a drink on me and rock n roll aint noise pollution are all complete perfection, no wonder this is one of the best selling albums of all time.

- Absolute must have!!!

Pure clasic of rock music! Every single song just puts You on Your knees.

- Greatest album of all time.

Best album from the best band and best live act bar none.....and incredibly they've been doing it for 40 years !!! A must have album in anyone's collection.

- joint best rock album of all time

all killer no filler joint 4th best with let there be rock, powerage and highway to hell.

- I'm 17 and I know good music when I hear it.

One of THE best albums I've ever heard in my life. So gutted I wasn't actually around when it came out. Amazing to head bang and air guitar to. Love love love.

- You'll go back and back to Back in Black.

I've lost count on haw many times I've listened to this album. 100? 250? 1,000? More? After 32 years who knows and who cares. All I can say is that after three decades plus I'm still not bored of it. If you are over the age of 10 then why are you reading this and not jumping around your room to You Shook Me All Night Long? In fact, if you don't already have this album then you must not like music or having fun. I've heard that the US Army played Back in Black non stop at high volume to upset the Taliban. If I had no money to buy this album I would move to Afghanistan.

- Cmon Apple

Brilliant album but 99pence on Google, cmon Apple get with it!!

- The greatest?

The greatest hard rock album of all time? Well I don't think I've ever heard a better one- it's lost none of its raw power and its a joy to finally have on iTunes. Buy buy buy


Omg I love AC/DC wether it be Bon Scott or Brian Johnson!! I have done since my dad played them to me 17 year ago!! I was 7 by the way!! so excited that they are finally on iTunes!! :D

- Spectacular

Unbelievably good. Engraved into the history of british music history with this album alone. A must have

- Great album

I think I have bought this album 6 times on vinyls tape and cd. And still have not got a copy :( Played this album to death... But my all time best acdc album is now powerage, there most underrated album.

- Very good!

Must admit not their greatest fan, but this album is very good!

- Brian’s first & best!

Not a bad song on this, the first post Bon album. They’ve came close but never beaten the power of this release. RIP Bon, but Brian’s in town now! ...and what an entrance he made.

- at last

put quite simlpy , youve probably got this in your loft on the ol big black disk , but buy it again !!!! as carlsburg would say , "probably the best album ever made "

- Back and better than ever!

So glad they finally released Back in black on iTunes.(next door aren't gonna be happy)

- Deano

Was fourteen when i first heard this and it still puts a smile on my face. Even better.. my sons love it too! It aint noise pollution and it'll never die so get of the fence and buy it ;)

- Yewww!

Rock on!

- It's a belter

Did not disappoint, good rock n roll

- Proper music

Along with guns n roses and led zeppelin this is proper music, I think 1D and Beiber should listen to this



- Amazing

At long last they've got this on iTunes

- When music was good

It's AC/DC; what's not to like!?

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천사 🍓sa🧸 loving ronnie

“Here.” Yoongi came back with some black sandals. Jimin thanked him in a silent tone, and once he put one of his foot in a sandal, he noticed how big and sloppy for his tinier feet..


@LBC @DavidLammy Yes BLM & critical race theory and it’s cheerleaders in the MSM and ad industry have destroyed MLK’s wish that people should not be judged by the colour of their skin and set back racial harmony by decades by flooding screens with black faces and treating all whites as racists..

Dorothea Brooke

@ummodern Hi, I’m long screwdriver inserted into the back of a tube-type black and white TV as a kid. The shaking I felt will... never not be in my brain, but I haven’t thought of this in years until reading your tweet.

Samantha Simlish Queen (She/Her)

What a night/morning. First up why I was getting cleaned up and ready for bed. The power went out. It was pitch black in my bathroom. So it was fun trying to feel my way around. But lucky it came back on. But the net was down still. I lost power again just as I was crawling into>.

Candid Crusader

@iseonhokim @queky_ @taebokkiii 🤔 I found this and I even remember EXO fans bragging back then about this... Who knows. Also, yes, it will be a BIRTHDAY ad. That and neither all of this EXO vs BTS shit wasn't my point at all, actually... I've elaborated on it in my notes (black background). .

Esthreeoh?! o

@irisRLc Push the little black tabs above it and below it. Should pop right out. Do the same when you put it back in. It’s gonna feel like you’re breaking something but you’re good.

Dan Gregory #notmypm

@celiamary3 @MrsAitchBee I did a teaching practice on the Isle of Dogs in 1965! Was it really that horrendous? I remember I got into trouble at the School for not making black kids sit at the back though!.


@dean_musk @GregAbbott_TX “HaHa DaMn BrO, iM aN eDgY 18 yEaR oLd aNd I jUsT cAlLeD tHaT bLaCk GuY tHe N-wOrD” Bruh I hope your ass gets exposed and you spend the rest of your life flipping burgers in the back of a McDonalds where no one can see you.

Big Bank like Big Speaker 🐍 444 .

I spend $500 cashappin beautiful black women because we deserve it . It ain’t no pressure . I hit my first 100k on Christmas Eve in my business . I give back because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for y’all.

Amy Corfu

@Beverly79207611 @sassleygirl @CahallWilliam @Blackyoda @MarkFinchem Not loving your nation is what TЯ☭MP does and that for at least 4 years. Neighbors shooting a black jogger in the back... police shooting blacks in the back... police putting their knee on the throat of a black man...Kyle Rittenhouse... do I need to go on = TЯ☭MP hate speeches .

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