Flick of the Switch by AC/DC

Flick of the Switch [AC/DC] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Rising Power 3:43
2.This House Is On Fire 3:23
3.Flick Of The Switch 3:13
4.Nervous Shakedown 4:27
5.Landslide 3:58
6.Guns For Hire 3:24
7.Deep In The Hole 3:19
8.Bedlam In Belgium 3:52
9.Badlands 3:38
10.Brain Shake 4:00

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Flick of the Switch by AC/DC Album Reviews

- Welcome to the 21st Century - FINALLY!

Holy cow, it's about time they put their catalog on iTunes, I just dropped several bucks on getting some of my favorite songs downloaded. This album in particular is a great one that I remember very well from Middle School. Guns for Hire and Flick of the Switch are two of the best AC/DC songs out there, in my opinion, and this whole album is a tight. I suggest downloading this one, and enjoy some great timeless tunes! It's nice to be able to listen to these guys legally again... : )

- One of their best!

One of AC/DC's best albums with such rocking songs Deep in the Hole, Badlands, The House is on Fire and more. Now on ITunes! Epic Win!

- Not good at all

In most of the songs, they just mailed it in. Really, can this album seriously be compared to "Back In Black"; "For Those About To Rock"; "Thunderstruck"; never mind a lot of the Bon Scott stuff. Really? "Deep In The Hole" is possibly the worst AC/DC song in history. Having said all of this, a human being's tastes is a funny thing. Some people out there believe strongly this is a great album, and that my review is idiotic. To each his own, I guess. But, if you want my opinion, you'd have more fun listening to Lawrence Welk with thumbtacks stuck up your toenails than this album.

- Awesome!!

This is my top favorite album. And i think it's the best.

- Best of the Brian Johnson era

I love this album. It is by far my favorite of all the albums with Brian, and my second favorite overall next to 'Powerage'. Thats not to say I don't like BIB and FTATR(WSY), which I think are second and third to this one respectively, but they never quite hit the mark after this release. From the first track "Rising Power" all the way to "Brain Shake" this album just plain rocks. In my opinion this was the last great AC/DC album.

- Half great

Great first half and a not so memorable second half. I still give it four stars. Kind of an end of an era album. I like it a bunch!

- Best Brian Johnson AC/DC album

I have always liked Bon Scott's acdc, I have all those albums, but this is probably my favorite Brian Johnson album. Badlands, Flick of the switch, Landslide, and Rising power are the best songs. If you like AC/DC at all, then get this album.

- Sad face

Worst album ever

- Better than the Prior Album For Those About To Rock

This album tries to go back to the sound they had with Highway to Hell & it shows with Flick of the Switch & Guns For Hire. Badlands & Brainshake are also good tracks but where as almost every song from the Back in Black to High Voltage, everything they did was great. These last two albums have 3, maybe 4 good songs, but nothing really epic.

- Hard Rock 101

My favorite AC / DC album... Can't put my finger on it. This album just straight rocks hard.

- Sweet

One of my first and favorites, it is a rock hard album with great, catchy songs that make you want to listen again and again! ROCK ON! 🎸

- Their best

My favorite album from AC/DC. I Love it!

- Awesome

Not the best. But still pretty rocking

- Last great release from Brian Johnson

I bought this when it first came out on vinyl and have always treasured that the songs were never overplayed on radio like the previous two LPs. AC/DC gets back to straight up rock and roll damnation with Brian Johnson probably having his best vocal performance with the boys. Angus and Malcom’s guitar licks are clean, hard and heavy all the way thru. Some of the songwriting is average but the performance makes up for it. Last album for some time with Phil Rudd on drums and he demonstrates why he is such a core member of their sound. Just repurchased this on CD and have been playing it non-stop and remembering why I loved it when it came out 30 years ago. Has stood the test of time very well. A metal record, thru and thru.

- Very Underrated

By the time 1983 rolled around AC/DC had grown tired of what they perceived to be the unnecessarily overblown production of their previous three albums. The band had found themselves forced to cart around a batallion of cannons and a gigantic bell for each of their stage shows just to accommodate the sound created on the albums For Those About to Rock and Back in Black, respectively. It shouldn't be too surprisng, then, to note that as the band prepared to compose their new album, Flick of the Switch, they had a desire to return to their roots and bring back the raw edge of their earlier releases. Flick of the Switch contains no songs that would be considered classics of mainstream rock radio, unlike their previous releases, and in fact very few of the songs from this album have been played live beyond their initial support tour. This, however, is quite a shame because Flick of the Switch has some awesome material that is unfortunately often overlooked by casual fans of the band. The album isn't pefect by any means (that honor goes to Back in Black and/or Highway to Hell), and not all of the songs are created equal, but there is enough good material here to warrant a full purchase if you are so inclined. If you're looking for specific singles to sample for purchase, however, I highly recommend the bluesy rocker "Badlands" as well as "Rising Power," the title track, and "Guns for Hire." If you're new to the band then this wouldn't be the first album I would purchase, but when you're ready to explore some of their deeper cuts this is as good a place as any to start.

- Second best album only to Back in Black!

Album order 1. Back in Black 2. Flick of the Switch 3. Razor's Edge 4. Black Ice

- Criminally Underrated

This while IMO this was sort of the start of AC/DCs commercial woes this album is a great raw approach to their sound with great tracks like the title track and house is on fire there are some tracks not as memorable like rising power

- A Lost Gem

Because it didn't sell "well" (it only went gold) FOTS often takes the blame for AC/DC's mid 80s slump. It may not be radio friendly, and there are no hit singles or concert classics to be found, but it rocks with authority. "Guns for Hire" and the title song are near classics, and "Nervous Shakedown", "Bedlam in Belgium" "Landslide" and "House Is on Fire" are all strong. Its an intentionally raw and dirty album, meant to shed the precise, overly controlling hand of Mutt Lange - ten barn burners that crunch and pound behind Brian Johnson's powerhouse vocals. If you like AC/DC, don't skip this album just because you've never heard the songs. You'd be missing out on one of the best albums of the Brian Johnson era.

- Flawless

Completely flawless album. Very underrated.

- Very solid a effort !

Not their best but very good . Risen power , great tune

- Get Ready To Rock With A Flick Of The Switch!

Fantastic album! A very overlooked album yet one that delivers exactly what AC/DC lovers desire...pure Rock N' Roll fury at its blistering finest. This is one that you listen to when you've heard enough of their other popular overplayed albums. Great stuff on this one!

- Most Underrated

This album came out when pop had moved into the garbage time of synth drums and overproduction. True to form, AC/DC went back to basics and bucked the trends... and this terrific album was more or less lost. Do yourself a favor, crank up the volume and check it out.

- Not bad, pretty good solos as well...

In 1980, when Bon Scott, AC/DC’s original singer, died after releasing 5 albums with the band, AC/DC held several auditions to find a new singer. Eventually, they settled on Brian Johnson, former Geordie singer. With him, the band released Back In Black, a huge success for the band, and is now the 2nd bestselling album ever, only behind Michel Jackson’s Thriller. 1 years later, they didn’t know what to do. They decided, eventually, to release, so they released For Those About To Rock, a successful album in its own, but never reached the sucsesss of its predecessor. They planned to release three albums throughout the 80s, and this one has to be the best of the 3. Very good vocals on this album, and I would say, some pretty good riffs. Nice job.

- Top band of all time!!!🎸

Hi ACDC! You guys are my favorite band ever! I am an early teen and I have loved you guys sense I been born.i am a girl to say out loud! Malcolm and angus have inspired me to learn electric guitar!!! P.S. i teach myself!!!This album is the most fun to play along with and great sound!Thanks guys y'all are the greatest!!!

- .

It was ok

- Classic no-frills AC/DC!!!

Flick the switch to on with this classic album. Acca-Dacca are all about straight up true Rock N' Roll and this album is a great example of awesome music without the gimmick. While it doesn't have any of their well known anthem-breakers, this is a must have for any true AC/DC fan! So glad they are a part of the iTunes library finally as this album was tough for me to find in person.

- ❤️


- Sheer Bedlam

True AC/DC fans will find Flick of the Switch songs stuck in their heads for the rest of their lives. I tried hard to dislike this album in my teens but alas the tracks just kept popping up in my head over and over until I gave in to this irresistible masterpiece. It SIZZLES. “Bedlam in Belgium” is simply brilliant. Back in Black and Highway to Hell were incredible and for the masses; Flick of the Switch and Powerage are for the most die-hard AC/DC fans.

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- Flick of the switch

Best !!!!!

- The best raw rock album

I would have to say this is the best AC/DC album!!! Just heavy and raw!!!

- acdc

one of the best ever gritty raw rock with with malcom pounding out stellar rock fiffs

- Flick of the Switch review

Gotta love this album. It was very strange that it didn’t sell, though that could’ve had been due to ACDC firing producer “Mutt” Lange. A album overlooked because of “Back In Black” and “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) albums were overplayed, this is an amazing album. Love “Flick of the Switch”, “Guns For Hire” and “Bedlam in Belgium” particularly.

- Flick of the switch

This album is very underrated but it has some of the best AC/DC riffs you’ll ever listen to.

- Flick of the switch

This album is very underrated but it has some of the best AC/DC riffs you’ll ever listen to.



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Five Stars WoW Wow What more can I say worth 7.99 per album so I bought the lot Thanks AC/DC

- Acdc amazing!!

Another great album from Acdc I've nearly got all of them I am a real fan, thanks Acdc!!

- Classic

Another belter belted out,

- Brilliant

Proper music!!!

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