Rock or Bust by AC/DC

Rock or Bust [AC/DC] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Rock Or Bust 3:03
2.Play Ball 2:47
3.Rock The Blues Away 3:24
4.Miss Adventure 2:57
5.Dogs Of War 3:35
6.Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder 3:22
7.Hard Times 2:44
8.Baptism By Fire 3:30
9.Rock The House 2:42
10.Sweet Candy 3:09
11.Emission Control 3:41

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Rock or Bust by AC/DC Album Reviews

- They still rock it out!

Excellent album to work out to!

- Such an amazing album!

This is such a great collection of music. I turn it on every time I get in the car.


The album sounds incredible but, they don't seem to be trying new tempos. Because of this, all these songs sound very tired and the same to me. The last "fast" song they did was "safe in new york city" and that was awesome. I get that groove is their thing, but it just isn't very exciting.

- Just totally awesome

Love it

- I miss Malcolm😕


- All That Time...

Part of the title is correct… “BUST” -Not even one of these songs could make the cut to be released on "Flick of The Switch”... Let alone the stand-out Anthem LPs that persuade people to accept this effort. AC/DC can do way better and they know it! I will keep spinning it to see if it grows on me but I am extremely disappointed that I’m NOT blown away by this recording.

- No doubt one of the greats!👍🏻

Even though I may not own this on iTunes, I own a cd copy. Love to jam to it almost everyday. Recommend for every body out there. Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution hip hop/pop people.

- I may not trust in god, but I do trust in rock

Ok there is some truth to this as I am an atheist, but the point is, awesome album. And btw kid hating reviewer, I’m a member of the generation you say is only into crappy pop, and my favorite band is AC/DC!


Simply the best rock band ever! Wish Brian was still singing with them. I hope they put another album out soon.

- Johnson has always held them back

Album after album the lyrics just continue to be less mature and predictable. As for the music, well, where’s the crunch? Where’s the power? Sounds like cool-aid to me.

- Awesome!

Another great album!!

- Enough already

While I don't agree with some of the reviews stating that AC/DC hasn't made any good music since Back In Black, this is very sub-par. Granted they are older and the creative juices aren't the same as when they were younger (happens to all musicians), but don't they get tired of playing the same stuff over and over? Haven't they ever heard of the world evolve? The songs on this album all sound the same as one another and the same as all the songs on their last album. They need a fresher sound.

- Ac dc

They still know how to rock


ACDC is back and couldn't be better 😍😍😍😍⚡️⚡️⚡️


One of there best albums and every single song is the pure sweat and blood of Ac⚡️Dc. All y'all haters get get out because Ac⚡️Dc IS rock and roll and yes they might be old, and yes there albums are slower to make, and shorter but they are still THE BEST! Live on AC⚡️DC! Total rock and no bust, but great album name by the way😝.

- My favorite band :)

This has been the band that I listen to about 95% of the time I listen to rock. This isn't sex drugs and rock and roll type rock. It's legendary rock that's know world wide :) notice how all their albums are $7-$10 each unlike modern day artist charging $15 the minimum. Illuminati confirmed.

- Finally

I love acdc and that they came back was a very good idea I really like the song Rock Or Bust And Play Ball I really thought they had quit thank you acdc for making a new album I was so desperate before this album was made thanks acdc

- If it ain't broke don't fix it!

At this stage in ther career, this is a great album. No, it's certainly not their best album ever but it's amazing they they have managed to stay relevant 40 years after the start of the band. They can all still play, and that's rare with some bands these days. They're still the same band after all these years. Long live AC/DC!

- Rock or Bust baby

Easily one of their top 5 albums. Not a single song can go wrong in this album, must buy.

- Sweet Candy to my ears...

Rock and Roll never sounded better,AC/DC has got it ON,this is kickin it man...Long Live AC/DC.

- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I loved this album SO MUCH!!!! Great rock songs by the best rock band ever!!!!!😎😎😎😃😃😃 A must buy!

- Awesome

They've been on a roll of greats since Stiff Upper Lip. Little to focused on sex this time around though... little wierd.

- Solid

None of that millennial electronic junk. This is basic good ol' rock and roll. Stevie does a great job filling in for Malcom. Great job guys, keep it coming.

- Rock or Bust

Christmas 1990, I got my first ever CD player and Album at the age of 11. AC/DC The Razor's Edge. 24 years later they release Rock or Bust. This song could easily be placed behind Thunderstruck on the album and fit in perfectly. This band's music hasn't aged a bit.

- They still got it!!!!

Nice to see the guys still can get it done. They should of used the song "Miss Adventure" during one of Scenes during the new Avenger movie!!!!! Thank You AC/DC for giving us some good rock n roll!!!

- nice guitar > filler,filler,filler songs

I've been seeing ac/dc live since 81 but lets face it , their great Brian era material died in the late 80's.( (when they let Brian have input) The last really good one was BUYV . Razors Edge was pretty good too but its been down hill since. Ballbreaker even had standout tracks like self titled,Hail Caesar,Burnin Alive,Boogieman even though the mix was bad. Stiff upper Lip was horriable. The title song was trying to be the great rranp off of bib but failed miserably. Despite Brians voice taking a nose dive it had a few nice ones ; house of jazz, hold me back,meltdown. BI was a pretty impressive return and so was Brians voice . Wow Rock or Bust . Angus obviously trying to write a single in Play Balland Rock or Bust . Both are cheesy as hell but i'm sure the sporting events will be playing the hell out of it during the games and the average Joe Blow who ,lazy Angus ,was trying to appeal to will be singing along and taking his wife to their 1st ac/dc concert . Angus is thinking $$$$$. Rock the Blues away,Rock the House, Sweet Candy all have strong ac/dc feel and nice riffs that are spread across the album b..But the songs as a whole sound like complete filler.Brians voice is in top form.The label has been hyping the hell out of this. Angus and Brian have been doing more interviews then they've did their whole career trying to sell those future concert tickets and top the record breaking BI tour as this might be it.

- AC/DC tells you how to R&R

I know you will love the new album by AC/DC because they do R&R in a new way of their new album. I know you will enjoy the AC/DC album! For all the R&R lovers out there let your love for rock live in you forever!

- yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes


- Great album, future request?

Hey AC/DC, I've been listening to you guys since I was 8 years old and you guys became my heroes. I just went to my first live concert in Montreal, it was so amazing that I want to make a request to you guys: could you guys make an AC/DC Live at Montreal album? It would be so cool for me to relive this amazing memory. Thanks guys ROCK ON AC/DC!!!!!


Now, I’m 11 so you wouldn’t expect me to listen to AC/DC but that band is the best thing to ever happen to the whole genre of hard rock. With great guitar riffs, and songs that tell stories, this rock‘n’roll band will go down in history! Ps: RIP Malcom Young

- .

I didn’t expect much but I liked it


What can be said, THE GREATEST. MALCOM, MALCOM, MALCOM!!! You are missed.

- Axl Rose?! Why?!

So I gave this album 5 starts because I love it. But I am really upset that these guys got rid of Brian Johnson for Axl Rose. What the hell are they thinking?!?!?! So this is probably the last album I ever buy from them. Sorry.


Bought it totes worth it

- Rock or Bust- AC/DC

I think this is their best album yet! Love the intensity, rock and blues. Electric!

- Best since Black In Black

Very suprised at how good this is. Brian sounds great...the band is tight.

- 3rd fav AC/DC release

I've been listening to these guys since I was in the 5th grade, & apart from Highway to Hell, & Back in Black, this is my fav CD they've released. The new blood in the band bring just a touch of something new to add with the old, to mix things up & make it fresh. The songs are full of hooks, & the guitar playing is SPOT ON. This one was so good that it made me dig out the rest of their catalog & revisit the ones I'd forgotten. I sure hope Brian can return to the band!


Acdc is the greatest band of all time, and still making albums, can't wait to see them live

- It feels like a follow up

It’s a great album It basically feels like a follow up to Black Ice I recommend getting this If you like the newer sound of AC/DC If not buy the Blow up your video album Instead now that’s an 80s album

- ACDC Wow

They're back to rock and roll is...they were my 1st concert at Boston Garden I was 16 years old and me and my girlfriend will NEVER FORGET how they rocked The Garden...Loud and Clear!


They can't ever stop. They need to keep going. Replacing members who need out. Acdc spirit

- ❤️



I am 10 years old and I saw ac/ac at the MetLife stadium and I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! You should get this album. It's SO GOOD!

- They still got it

AC/DC is back and back strong, after losing Malcolm due to dementia the Young brothers nephew Stevie fills in nicely, somehow AC/DC while facing the possibility of caving into the pop trends they never did and they still sound like themselves unlike another band that I know (cough cough Def Leppard cough cough) while this may also be the last album with Rudd on the drums he gives a hell of a beat

- dejavu

AC/DC and Motorhead are the only rock bands that can get away with making the same album over and over again.

- Amazing

So relieved to see that AC\DC isn't changing with this screwed up world. Sticking to the original sounds and I couldn't be happier

- Nice one!

Is there anything groundbreaking or revolutionary on this album? No. Is it a solid AC/DC album? Yes. These older guys can still rock out.

- Wow!

After all these years they still have it ! Brian sounds great. 3rd best album of the Johnson era behind back in black and black ice

- AC/DC still ROCKS!

Great album. Good songs to work out to. Keep 'em coming, guys!

- Same Thing

Every song sounds the same. Pace, 3 chords, tone etc.

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- Where's my album

I preorder this album and never got it?

- pure garbage

had to give it 1 star because i cant give it zero....its pure garbage....just like every other piece of trash the Brian Johnson era AC/DC released

- Hardest Rocking Band PERIOD...

They have always kept it simple and Hard Rockin. They sound better then ever. Can't wait for a tour..

- Absolutely loved it

Freaking rocks enough said

- i love acdc

i love acdc, but this album isn't like the old ones.

- Thunder from down under!!!

One and only band you don't have to worry if their new album will be good. These guys always Rock great songs, lyrics, Riffs!! Too the haters out their that prob sit in their basement playing their guitar wishing they good play and write amazing songs like this , please!! Keep the Negative comments, opinions and one star review crap to your playing, because these guys are and will always be amazing!! Or do you have a better album that you wrote we could hear? ...... That's what I thought!! Cheers

- Awesome !!!!!

The boys are still KILLING IT !!!

- The Jester77 is Dumb

He's so dumb because the album totally rocked and he's high

- One of their best record!

Top 5 album of The boys!

- Not happy

Pre ordered new album two months ago and not received it! Paid $10.99 for only one sing. What a joke!

- WOW!!!

AC/DC’s still got it!

- Only the best!!

The best Rock band of all time!!!

- What AC/DC Does Best. ‘Nuff Said!!!

More than a few tasty licks too rock out to. Shake your fist, bang your head and stomp your feet.

- Disappointed

Not the same without Malcolm the heart and soul of the band and songwriting!!

- Still got it!!

Makes me happy that the Classic Rock feel has not left our generation of music. AC/DC still my most favourite rock band today. I hope other musicians out there are taking notes, that this is how Rock music was designed, and should not be altered in any way shape or form. 5 Stars for ACDC and the album.

- love acdc

Rock or bust is cool

- Best album since the 80's

Loved it, much more complete album then black ice, strong at the start and the end. Can't wait for the tour

- Touch to much!

They still got it!! This album is fantastic \m/

- Haters can eff off!

This album is amazing! They rock’n’roll better than anybody. Dogs of War is my favourite, but honestly am not disappointed by any song on this album! I thank the boys for continuing despite the band’s troubles, best wishes to Mal and the Young family

- Rock Or Bust

Only listened to a few songs but really good. Huge Malcolm Young fan but its a good album

- True Rock Fan!!

Great album!! ACDC really keeps the groove I like it. Another band similar is "Rock Alliance" they have these grooves as well if you love this old school Rock sound give them a listen. They are on iTunes as well..Another is Airbourne!!

- Damn dude

Damn dude

- DR

Seriously? This is duller than their last album! You have to go back almost two decades to find anything interesting by AC/DC and Brian Johnson has lost his voice.

- acdc are a excelent band

i saw AC/DC in moncton 2015 please make an new album

- Fantastic album

Oh man I think this is my favorite AC/DC album ever. They just keep freaking Rockin' nonstop in the whole album and Angus is just wicked awesome!

- AC/DC! Every song sounding the same for decades!

This album has nothing special compared to their older stuff. Sounds exactly the same as their older songs, but not in a good way. Sounds like you're listening to the same song over and over.

- Keep On Rockin

They keep cranking the rock tunes. Way to go AC/DC!!!

- Poor Showing

I've been a rocker since 1969 and loved ACDC for many years, unfortunately this CD falls flat. Less then 30 minutes and 11 songs, some are barley 2:30 long. For sure they have seen better days and this one seems like a last gasp at fame.

- ACDC is back

Nothing on this album is bad, its got the sounds you love from the band we know well. This is there last legacy so get it.

- they never left!

Malcolm stepped down, Stevie stepped up, Angus n the boys still got the rock coursing through their veins! buy every album they have! now!

- Best album YET

Great work guys, absolutely perfect sound and great tracks!

- AC/DC at it's finest!

Absolutely great album with the classic AC/DC sound!

- Jesse

I love love love ACDC forever. Everything they sing is great as far as I'm concern. Been a fav of mine for over 40 years :) Keep up the great music...lovya guys peace out.

- At their best

This album really surprised me. I know their big hits from the 70's , 80's and 90's and I was concerned this album would ruin my high opinion of the band. Not a chance. Rock or Bust is my favorite AC DC album from start to finish. It starts off strong, stays powerful through the middle, and ends with a great track. Since I have already listened to the entire album several times through having bought it only 2 days ago I would have no problem recommending you buy the whole album. It's cheaper than downloading the 11 tracks individually.

- Some good rocking tunes!

I pre listened to this album a couple of days ago and I think this album is awesome. You can't help but move to it when it's playing. I think this album is one of their better collaborations, personally. Perhaps the work of Stevie Young is why? Can't wait til they come to Vancouver in 2015.

- Damn fine album

Really good. It's like Ballbreaker/Stiff upper lip style combined.

- Great Album!

AC/DC still knows how to rock. This is a great album.

- Oh no ! Not again.....

One of the biggest jokes in music these days. They were ok I suppose at one time, but it's inconceivable to me that people will still buy rehashed garbage like this when there is a million bands of all genres out there who are making relevant, fresh and LISTENABLE music. It's like watching hockey players from 1968 trying to compete in today's NHL with the same skills and equipment that they had back then. This is just terrible stuff released as one more feeble attempt at stuffing the AC DC piggy bank. Merry Christmas everybody !!!

- Amazing Album

The boys are back and sound better than ever!

- I'll be brief..

just get it and enjoy it!!!

- Boring.

This is new stuff? All I can say is Boring! Boring! Boring stuff, & the longest song is only 3:41. Time to retire guys that's all folks.

- Good old Rock 'n Roll Music

I have listened to every song on this new album and I have a good feeling I'll be listening to them over and over again. Just like the classic foot tapping, air guitar movin, whatevers in your hands and use them as drumsticks kinda ACDC Music of the past! Glad we still have good music coming out again. Enjoy everyone!

- Legendary

Best rock band of all time

- Simply Awesome!

AC/DC Simply the Best...Cheers!

- If you want rock (you got it!)

Great from start to finish! Rock The Blues Away and Rock This House are now two of my all time favority AC/DC songs. I feel like gifting copies of this to all the people claiming rock is dead!

- Old school rock at its finest

For me, this album is so good. I listen too ac/dc every day and I'm loving this new album. I'm so happy for them.o and the haters out there,u can go eff off because the music is the best.


It’s sad that in this day and age, no rock bands have been able to grab the torch and claim it. AC/DC are old men yet still dominate the genre. They are without a doubt, the GREATEST rock band in history and prove it once again. Despite turmoil and losing the best rhythm guitarist ever, they have put out a compact, lean, chunky record that is top to bottom, killer. Outstanding effort by the boys. Props to 67 year old Brian Johnson on outstanding vocals. Angus once again doesn’t disappoint and kudos to stand in, Stevie Young. Well done! AC/DC give their fans exactly what they want and have once again gone to the top. To Gene Simmons of KISS. Rock isn’t dead. Rock is AC/DC!!!

- Wow!

They're back and better than ever!

- Never better.

AC/DC is back at its finest👍

- So out of #style:(

This sound is so #outdated, I can't believe this old band is still around so so old, please retire?

- I saw them perform 2 days ago

I saw them perform and they really put on a show. The tour was more of a greatest hits tour than the rock or bust tour, but it was amazing and I hope they come up with some new stuff.

- It's a "Rock Or Bust!"

Amazing, brilliant, great album! Can't wait to see those boys live! This band never does wrong with their music. Well done as always for 4 decades!

- bust indeed

from classic music of theirs on my ipod to this mindless boogie rock

- bloomy

true blue real rock and roll is still alive long live AC / DC

- Play ball

If play ball is the blues thump rock of the music. This will be gold. Will be old days new acdc 🎸👍 for those about to rock and the fantastic vintage era

- Malcolm Young would be proud

AC/DC's crunchiest, best and heaviest album since the trio of great Brian Johnson era albums ''Back In Black, For Those About To Rock and Flick of The Switch''. To think Angus Young was able to construct 11 songs along with Malcolm Young Riffs from the archives, and pull off an album this solid and consistent after the health issues of his brother is remarkable. The very fact that Angus ensured Malcom's riffs remained present on this album for every song, and played by another ''Young'' family member as his replacement (Stevie Young), is the ultimate tribute to Malcolm Young and fans alike. It ensures that despite his absence, the spirit of AC/DC's original leader, founding member and chief song writer remains beating at the very heart of this album throughout. A very fitting sign-off to Malcolm Young's career with AC/DC, a very good album overall.... and an album I'm sure Malcolm would be very proud of.

- Siick!

Can't wait for the whole album! Always great to see them rocking! Can't wait for the tour!

- love it

acdc are back , love it ,

- PlayBall :)

They just keep pumping out classic rock tunes!!

- bek

can't wait \m/,

- ACDC Whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- So excited

Thanks guys, sounds great - can you improve on excellence? Counting down till the release. Love it!

- AC/DC of old...

A great album, will go done as one of the AC/DC classics, rock that we know and love. Must say however, little dissapointed with the length - only 35 mins (that's why I gave 4/5) otherwise, if you love AC/DC, buy it.

- Rock On Malcolm

Love the new tune boys can't wait for the album. Rock On Malcolm!!


Always awesome music so glad I have downloaded this new CD def uncle Malcolm would be soooo proud of his lads!! Live on ACDC 😃😃😃

- Truly Amazing

This album is by far is one of the best albums up there by AC/DC. Not only have they delivered once again with hard hitting-rock tracks, but it's defiantly ushered in a new era with Stevie Young, that will make Malcolm proud. 'Rock or Bust', 'Dogs of War' and 'Got Some Rock and Roll Thunder' among others are real deal makers, a die hard AC/DC fan and a rock fan will not be dissapointed! 'Dogs of War' should MOST defiantly be the next single, it's not just a great track, it's one of those tracks that gets your blood pumping, goosebumps and all. Really the defintion of hard rock. Bring on the tour in 2015!

- The power of AC/DC... gotta love it!

I love how everyone is giving the album 5 star ratings even though they haven’t heard it yet aha. Might as well jump on the bandwagon. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

- ACDC greatest rock band ever

Best album since back in black baptism by fire wow what a song

- oh dear

more of the same from a band who havnt released a great album since Back in Black. Bon would be turning in his grave

- Same old same

This is getting great reviews and U2 is getting trashed ??! Most of their songs sound the same. I'm giving it a miss.

- they...are...back!!!

this album is AWESOME! can't get enough of it!! welcome back to the spotlight boys.

- Rock On AC/DC Fans

Play Ball blew me away strait away and welcome to Stevie Young

- All Time

Classic Acca Dacca! Some great songs on here. A bit heavier then previous albums, bringing back the rock. Get on it!

- Incredibly good!

Haven't heard much from AC/DC in a long time until they performed Rock or Bust at the Grammys a few weeks ago. I thought Rock or Bust was awesome, the rest of the album is simply brilliant!

- accadaccagirl1997

I’m so excited for a new album release from my favourite band! :D Play Ball sounds really good, can’t wait until Rock or Bust officially comes out! Angus, Stevie, Cliff and Phil, keep rocking! Get better soon Malcolm, best wishes from Australia! :)

- Great lean mean album !!!

With everything that has happened to the lads over recent times I'm not surprised this is an absolute ripper AC/DC album. AC/DC always seem to dig deep when times are tough. There's no filler here all the songs are strong. Some are just extra strong. Production is crystal clear, everything can be heard even down to Angus's strings rubbing on his SG's neck. Stevie fits right in and his style salutes Malcolm's huge legacy as the "Riffmaker". Enjoy old and new fans.

- Fooking Mint

I was lucky enough to sneak a copy of Play Ball when it was originally uploaded on thier Vevo channel. The audio was actually the track Rock or Bust and did I need new pants after that. Initial signs are great. Some of the guitar work in both tracks has a slight early 80's DC flavour to, especially in some of the key changes and chord progressions. The main riff of Rock or Bust recalls Nervous Shakedown (Flick Of The Switch album - criminally underrated!) as well as some more recent tracks of Black Ice feels. Play Ball has some references to C.O.D. (For Those About To Rock album) with the big open chords at the end of the chorus. I also get some Shake Your Foundations and Sink The Pink (both from Fly On The Wall) vibes from Play Ball in some of the chords and lead phrasing. Looking forward to the album!


This is the most amazing band in the world and I can't wait until I see ACDC in Brisbane in a couple of months wow yea


Go ACDC best album yet will top back in black. Missing Neil young but Stevie does a great job

- Classic

Great album. Has a bit of a Led Zep - AudioSlave feel with songs like Rock the house, and dogs of war. Dogs Of War fav. track. Only track I don’t really like is Got Some RocknRoll Thunder. I hear line dancing….

- Blinder

Straight up rock and roll from the worlds best!

- Just bought It !

“Play Ball”, it's an awesome tune! Pure rock'n'roll !

- Feking Great. Great Banter

Refer to title for opinion

- Best album ever made

I herd all the tracks and every song would be a smash hit single. It's the best album I've herd in a long long time :)

- Rock or bust


- Legends Return

Does it get any better than this. Great riffs and a hook that no other band gets near. Play ball Accadacca \m/

- CBR63

It just gets better with age ... Like a fine bottle of red wine... Drunk very quickly and purposefully on a hot australian summers night... Some thought they were deadand burried, from the sounds of this new album obviously not !!! Long live AC-DC

- Classic


- Jensjensnsjdnsbdjdnzix

I absolutely love the album😄😄😄😄😄😄


so keen


I love this album all the songs on it rocks!

- Acdc

The best


Wow cannot wait for the full album I'm so getting it when it's out, play ball was so good I lived the preview of it im so happy to see another album to go to my collection I have of like over 10 albums including movies....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- acdc

there is cool tshrits

- I'm VERY Sceptical

As of time of writing, only the 1st 2 songs have been released to the public, but from that, if this is what the rest of the album is like, that's just the 6 years we've waited flushed down the toilet. Now let me explain. The overall feel of these 2 tracks is essentially what people have been acusing this band of doing for decades: mindless party anthems using the same structure over & over again. This has never been true IMO in the past but Play Ball sounds like Fly On The Wall (the song, not the album) & Rock Or Bust sounds almost exactly like Nervous Shakedown (from Flick Of The Switch). Don't believe me? I made a video about it (username: Bailey'sChannelThe2nd). If they continue to do this throughout the entirity of the album, this will easily be AC/DC's worst. I am awaiting it's release though just to see if they really do continue this, but considering the album's laughable length (<35 MINUTES) it wouldn't be surprising if they did. 2/5 because I don't know what the full album is like.


Such an awesome album, looking forward to further songs!!!!

- WOW! Who woulda thunk it!

I'm a 52 year old veteran of the live sound industry, and have mixed more live rock shows than I've had hot dinners. I've loved AC/DC since they literally exploded onto the Aussie Rock n Roll scene way back in the mid 70's. I was devastated when Bon died, and was quietly convinced that was the end of then road for AC/DC. I was over the moon happy when Brian stepped up to carry the torch on Back in Black, which is my all time Favourite Rock album. Over the decades of their fantastic straight forward, no frills rock I've admired Malcolm Youngs machine like rhythm playing. I play a Gretsch double cut Jet through 2 Marshall stacks and can belt out a reasonable approximation of Malcolm's iconic tone...albeit a poor attempt at his unique style. I once again thought it was the end of the road for Acca Dacca when Malcolm was cruelly struck down by this devastating disease. I purchased Rock or Bust with an open mind, and all my fingers and toes crossed that Stevie could step up, and I'm happy to say he has done an incredibly good job! No, he isn't a Malcolm Young clone. I don't think anybody could be. But he's done a damn fine job and I personally thank him for helping to make Rock or Bust another fine example in the long line of AC/DC albums! p.s. Brian, at 67, and after 100's (1000's?) of gigs belting out that classic rock vocal I'm stunned You still sound great! Thankyou ALL :)

- A Ripper !

Easily their best album since Flick of the Switch , A real grower, Rocks hard at the start and is heavy as **** at the tail end . Awsome album.

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- Brilliant

This (in my humble opinion) is the best album since Back in Black - Johnson sounds better than ever. Wish I had another set of hands or I'd give this 4 thumbs up :)

- Bland drumming

I am a big AC/DC fan but this album is badly let down by the monotonous drumming. For a band of this quality it is truly appalling. Time to buy a drum machine lads.

- AC/DC - Rock or Bust

Excellent as always!! :)

- AC/DC are back

Best Christmas present - been waiting far too long for it!

- Very disappointing

Like many lifetime AC/DC followers, in my case since 1976, i really was looking forward to this album - however when i heard Brian J celebrating all the tunes being around 3 minutes long i feared the worse, & was justified - where are the epic Angus solos & any different structures to the tracks - i'm so disappointed, ……. i just think this is bland, uninspired & devoid of any real stand out tracks - only 35 minutes long, a bit of a rush & a rip off to the real fans ? - i hope this isn't a sad end

- The Very Best

As always, AC/DC are the perfect soundtrack if you wanna wear a wolf fur over an undershirts while drifting in the middle of time square on a convertible Ferrari in the middle of a December's snowfall while everybody stares at you...😎 Great Album! I feel electrified every time I listen it. The sound is the classic one with riff and acid voice. Exactly what I expect from AC/DC. The "young" guitar is good as the old one. To everyone who complains about the fact that all songs sounds as the previous album, these are AC/DC we love. That's it. R'N'R!

- To those about to rock (we salute you!!)

To buy or not to buy, that is the question that Shakespeare should've asked, to a roaring response of yes, yes, yes!! This album, like every ACDC album to date is a mind-boggling array of great rock, as well as being a great tribute to Malcolm Young!! ACDC- as you rock, we salute you!!

- Legends of Rock are back!

The Gods are back!!! Brilliant album. Baptism by Fire is by far the best. Can't wait for the tour. Long live THE LEGENDS OF ROCK AND ROLL!!!

- Rock or Bust? Bust

I've been looking forward to this album being released, I have all their albums and various special releases. AC/DC are one of my favourite bands and I've loved them for at least 20 years. Of the 11 tracks on this album I've only kept 4 on my ipod. The opening two tracks, the singles are the stand-out tracks on the album and apart from a couple of others the album is much or a muchness and I found it generally disappointed. The standard of muscianship is still of the same top quality, even with the change in line-up. The 'Young' name is a mark of quality. Brian's vocals are as good as they were at any point in the last 30-or-so years since Brian joined the band. I expect, and hope, that others will love it.

- So much better than the last album!

amazing sound👌

- Just Keep on Rockin'!!!!

Another excellent album. AC/DC just keep on rocking. The signature track Rock or Bust is a classic and the young Stevie Young does an absolute stirling job of attempting to fill the shoes of Malcolm Young. Keep on rockin' guys.

- Excellent

Can't say much more than that - totally awesome. Rocking me all day long!

- Empty and tired riffs!!!

Love AC/DC but apart from 2 maybe 3 songs, It's a very disappointing album. Some of the songs either sound the same as their previous work (riffs and vocals) or sound like they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel in order to hack out a new album. 35 mins for £8.99?!?! Not impressed!!! Very annoying when people rate an album 5* when only 2 songs have been released! Buffoons!!!!

- Sweet Candy

As the track suggests, a treat of an album. I'm a big 'DC fan, and there's no denying the back catalogue they have, but I have in the past found some of their albums a grind to listen to from start to finish, however this album is an absolute belter from the first to last track. For a band with such a huge if aging following, this offering will no doubt invigorate any new, younger rock fan. To use a quote from years back, "It's the same song, but it's a bloody good one ". If this is your swan song, thanks for the encore💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

- Love it

Love ac dc they rock!!!!!!😎😎🎸🎸🎸🎧🎤

- Poor

With the exception of Play Ball the rest of the tracks are weak, very disappointing

- Get your Devil horns up🎸🎸

The Gods of metal are back!

- Bit of a let down

Yes bit of a let down really short and sweet only 35 minutes long not much substance to it

- Excellent


- Excellent

Best album ac/dc have done in a long time. No weak tracks on this album and I keep playing it on loop. Just wish there were more tracks to keep it rocking.

- Superb

Excellent album. Brian and the boys on top form. Thinking of you Malcolm.

- All the songs sound the same

Another album with 11 carbon copy songs that all sound the same. In fact they all sound exactly the same as there last album.

- Superb



If they changed radically people would complain. I dont know what some people expect. You buy an AC/DC album you get AC/DC. Good Rock and Roll. Angus still doing the business. Brian sounding good as usual. No complaints from me.

- Rock n Roll is definitely not dead!

Back and just as good as ever even without Malcolm Young, they've proven that rock and roll is still alive!

- Short tracks, but rocking

It must be difficult to keep on putting stuff out that satisfies, but this works, short and punchy, puts me in a great mood, like a fix

- Classic sound

The best since 1980's Back in Black. It's a grower too. Simple sharp and to the point. Not a dull track on it. Plus they've managed to recapture that classic 70's sound they had. There is no one like this band and in years to come their records will continue to be played. If you don't tap your feet and nod your head to DC you have no soul. Rock n roll forever. Yes I love this album

- Let There Be Touring

I’ve been an AC/DC fan for life. This isn’t one of there best albums but to be honest who cares because you know when they hit the road they’ll prove once again that they are the greatest live band in existence. Angus will rip it up on stage. Bring it on !



- Pipe & Slippers time.

Sorry chaps but it's time for you to enjoy your pensions. One of my favourite bands of all time but this is not up to standard. I fear Angus has simply run out of riffs and I suspect he will never be the same without his equally talented brother. How about a solo album with a singer who has a bit more range because Geordie is a one trick pony now.

- Brilliant!

Sound a bit more like the old AC/DC!!

- Sad

Real disappointed

- A grower but still only average

Am I one of the few who have not slavishly rushed to buy this album? I put some of this on back-to-back with their previous work - it has a few good moments but is as weak as their post FTATR period.

- Outstanding

A must buy for any rock fan,nobody does simple rock and roll like AC/DC there best album since "for those about to rock" outstanding

- The thunder has struck again!!!!

The boys are back again and better than ever! Just pure steam train rock'n'roll!! Love it. Can't wait for the tour. All the best to malc

- rock or bust

good old classic album from ac dc going back to there roots i like the album a lot one for the older ac dc fan

- Rock or Bust

Very disappointing, no excitement, sounds like a bunch of second rate session musicians doing a cover.

- Play Ball

I don't know about the rest of the album, but 'Play Ball' is - with no doubt in my mind - up there with the best of AC/DC's pantheon of hits. You'd - in my opinion - be excused to have believed that it had come off of Back In Black or Highway To Hell.

- 👏


- just like old times

just amazing. though I'm a big AC/DC fan, I didn't particularly enjoy Black Ice. This is totally different - genuinely every song on the album is a massive anthem; it's like a greatest hits album. Harks back to old school AC/DC - 5* all day long

- Awesome

The best just got better.

- 40 years and still going strong

Even after 40 years, this album is proof that ACDC are still as good as they ever has been, produced to the same standard as any of their previous 14 studio albums- 11 unique and awesome ACDC-esque riffs. To those who moan "they sound the same" listen to them properly. Every band has its own style, I don't expect to hear an ACDC type track on an Avicii album. For fans who can appreciate all songs on other albums, you will not be disappointed. This is a band whose members are into their 60's now, which is some achievement in itself to still be playing, let alone making the same level of music from the 70's. Well done boys, as good as you ever have been and the album really reflects your commitment to your music. Can't imagine any other bands out there on this level in 40 years time!

- Amazing

The rock gods are back

- On the money, as ever!

They never let their fans down, even after losing a founding member to a debilitating illness. You know it's them from note one. Bring on the tour.

- Rock or bust

Phenomenal album.

- Rock or bust?

Oh this is most definitely at there best.rock the blues away best track.only downside album to short only 35 min long

- Awesome DC

My did AC/DC make an album , This is the best DC album since BIB no doubt , The Riffs are to die for with a bit of Zepplin Boogie thrown in. Just turn the vol up to 10 and put on Emission Control and it's back to the good old days. 9/10 for me , Finished!! No AC/DC are just starting if this album is anything to go by. Awesome!

- AMAZING!! Back to there Best!

This album is much better than what I thought it was going to be. Usually there albums have about 3/4 amazing sounds. But this is full circle kind of back to the roots album. Each song is amazing. Angus's riffs are top class. Brian is there with lyrics and a impressive debut for stevie young, Phil sold drumming. Cliff always there and never let's the team down. Superb album!!

- Acdc

It's acdc what else do you expect?!

- Busted

Rock or Bust, I would have to say this is totally bust, as a long time AC/DC fan from 1974 onwards I can safely say this is one of the worst albums they have ever produced for godsake its only 35mins long did they scrape this together from left over bits.

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Hailey Brown

When the pandemic is over can we please normalize playing pop, rock, and pop punk music at parties? Because I would BUST DOWN to Womanizer, Living On A Prayer, or Dear Maria Count Me In so much harder than anything else.

Pamela G-R

@allensm10514668 @titletownusa73 I wouldn’t say rock or bust. I just didn’t get into any of those bands. I loved Duran Duran. Does that count? Hahaha.


@PamelaG_R @titletownusa73 I assume 80’s MTV didn’t capture your interest with some of the Yes, Asia, Men at Work stuff. You are rock or bust! 🤙.

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