Bonfire by AC/DC

Bonfire [AC/DC] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1Live Wire (Live From The Atlantic S... 6:09
D1-2Problem Child (Live From The Atlant... 4:36
D1-3High Voltage (Live From The Atlanti... 5:57
D1-4Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (Live ... 4:14
D1-5Dog Eat Dog (Live From The Atlantic... 4:33
D1-6The Jack (Live From The Atlantic St... 8:31
D1-7Whole Lotta Rosie (Live From The At... 5:33
D1-8Rocker (Live From The Atlantic Stud... 5:31
D2-1Live Wire (Live In Paris) 8:03
D2-2Shot Down In Flames (Live In Paris) 3:38
D2-3Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (Live ... 4:31
D2-4Sin City (Live In Paris) 5:24
D2-5Walk All Over You (Live In Paris) 5:05
D2-6Bad Boy Boogie (Live In Paris)13:19
D3-1The Jack (Live In Paris) 6:02
D3-2Highway To Hell (Live In Paris) 3:29
D3-3Girls Got Rhythm (Live In Paris) 3:19
D3-4High Voltage (Live In Paris) 6:32
D3-5Whole Lotta Rosie (Live In Paris) 4:53
D3-6Rocker (Live In Paris)10:44
D3-7T.N.T. (Live In Paris) 4:12
D3-8Let There Be Rock (Live In Paris) 7:32
D4-1Dirty Eyes (Demo) 3:20
D4-2Touch Too Much (Demo) 6:34
D4-3If You Want Blood (You've Got It) [... 4:26
D4-4Back Seat Confidential (Demo) 5:23
D4-5Get It Hot (Demo) 4:15
D4-6Sin City (Live From "Midnight Speci... 4:53
D4-7She's Got Balls (From "Bondi Lifesa... 7:55
D4-8School Days (From "T.N.T.") 5:22
D4-9It's A Long Way To The Top (If You ... 5:17
D4-10Ride On / Bon Scott Interviews 9:44
D5-1Hells Bells 5:12
D5-2Shoot To Thrill 5:18
D5-3What Do You Do For Money Honey 3:35
D5-4Given The Dog A Bone 3:32
D5-5Let Me Put My Love Into You 4:16
D5-6Back In Black 4:16
D5-7You Shook Me All Night Long 3:30
D5-8Have A Drink On Me 3:59
D5-9Shake A Leg 4:06
D5-10Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 4:15

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Bonfire by AC/DC Album Reviews

- Question…

Is that Bon singing Back In Black or is that Brian?

- Come on

How is jail break not on here?!

- Let There Be Rooooooooooooooock!!!!!

This is a must have for any serious AC/DC fan! Bon Scott is the featured performer here, and it's especially on the live segments where he (and Angus) shine. This set is a must have if not only for the fantastic Live from the Atlantic Studios, but also the soundtrack to the awesome Paris show (one of Bon's last). Especially the Atlantic Studios recordings sound as like you're so close you get sprayed by the sweat pouring off a maddened Angus thrashing around. Thank you guys for coming to iTunes! Let there be Rock!

- Finally!

It's a Christmas miracle. ACDC finally on ITunes.

- Treasure trove of Bon Scott and AC/DC

I have been on the search for this for what seems to be years! And at last! At last! My dreams have come true! Kudos to any and everybody who cared to put this heavenly work of art together! Thanx a million Angus Young for your approval and the many many years of brilliant music mastery. My heart has welled up with an abundance of joy and fond memories that I now can carry everywhere I go:~}*

- .

It was good

- Finally!

Greatest band to ever be! In my opinion, AC/DC is amazing!


I came here for a “Highway to Hell” live with Bon Scott, and that’s what I got, and more.

- AC/DC \m/

Finally AC/DC is on itunes! For those who don't know, this was a tribute to Bon Scott after he died. Hence the name "BON"fire. Rock In Peace Bon.

- Thank you Angus Young

Thank you Angus Young! I know it was your ultimate decision to finally release the bands music on iTunes. Now all you little head bangers. Here's the blood. YOU GOT IT!!!!!

- Rock On

The best blues and straight up showmanship of rock and roll. Gets better every time the songs are played

- BonFire!!! Awesome

Awesome set I like the interview with Bon takes me back to those good ole days. Only one Bon but Angus done great picking the AC/DC rocker for today. AC/DC will never die. BY THE WAY. Awesome reviews on here, rock on ALL

- ❤️


- Back in Black album

The reason that the "Back in Black" album is on here, is because AC/DC dedicated that album to Bon Scott


Bon Scott was the Ultimate frontman\singer!! Losing him was like Nascar losing Dale Earnhardt. I was SO disappointed when AC\DC wasn't on itunes,this makes my year!! Thanks Angus,Malcolm ,Phil & Brian for making this happen. WE MISS YOU BON,But you live on in each of us......Only Tat I got is AC\DC....


Basically this is the greatest AC/DC collection imaginable. Brian Johnson is good in his own right but Bon Scott is a LEGEND

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- High Voltage Atlantic Session

Best. Version. Ever. Worth 40.00 ITSELF. I LOVE that song....,

- Bonfire is a whole lot of awesome!

Bonfire is a must-have for any AC/DC fan. The Atlantic Sessions tracks alone are easily worth the 20 bucks! The demo tracks, including "Dirty Eyes", the precursor to "Whole Lot of Rosie" is just awesome! In summary - DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!



- The best of Bon Scott

This album shows what went on live and in the studios and this is a great album for Bon as it's called bonfire but I wish the whole album was dedicated to Bon and I think that would make that even better R.I.P. Bon and you are what made AC/DC famous

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- Bonfire by Noel Hogan

If Carlsberg were to make an album.... Too late!! "It's here!" The best £24 you'll EVER spend. ......probably.

- Bon Fire

Great Box set dedicated to a true legend, with the added touch of Back in Black which came out after his death in 1980. With his passing weighing so heavily on the rest of the group they still produced a masterpiece as they were still fuelled by his presence so was dedicated to him.

- Bonfire

Worth it for the Paris recording alone. Brilliant.

- Awesome

The fact that the second highest selling album of all time is included in this box set and is the weakest disk in the box set speaks volumes. TBH I don't know why its included.

- Nice box set

Yes.........Without doubt a really nice box set of AC/DC previously unreleased and demo tracks, not to mention the great live recordings from Atlantic Studio and Paris. But what is in question is the inclusion of Back In Black, which ok is a good album, but should it really have been included in what should have been a Bon Scott only offering, it's called Bonfire for god's sake. Just Bon that's what we should have had here, seems almost sacrilege to have anything but Bon Here. Still nice set to have, if you buy it you will not be disapointed.

- Addictive

Carn't stop playing it and playing it LOUD!

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Nicole, the Cyclown

@defenceIout J have you ever looked in a mirror?? YOU'RE A BONFIRE 🧡.

Reilly Boy

@mylosadler Pissing on my own bonfire. Everyone else loves it..


Mom: you wanna help me have a bonfire outside? me: sure *smash cut to 40min later walking through 2ft of snow in the middle of a forest carrying an armful of branches* me: ive made a huge mistake.

🌼 𝓟𝓾𝓷𝓬𝓱 🌱

Diluc - cinnamon, cloves and bonfire .

Nook Myles

@razreilly Don't piss on my bonfire ryan.

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@ohiowa89 The family is going to have a bonfire at our property's picnic site and enjoy the cooler weather..

Hans Cres Press [HMP Belmarsh Office]

@DmWikileaks @_An0nymou5 @An0nK3k @YourMarkLubbers @aka_Gb @NoJulian4US @SlowNewsDayShow @ChalecosAmarill @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b @Cens0redAK @NorwayAn0n @WICKEDXWAYS1972 @OpChildSafety1 @GianniMagini @ASec28 @AnonGilet1 @AnonArgMMM2020 @Madmomanon660 @NiEstatNiRey @LodeVanB They probably don't realise we used to throw the 'Guy' with the mask on to the Nov 5th bonfire 🔥 'Build A Man A Fire, You Keep him Warm For A Night Set Him On Fire, You Keep Him Warm For The Rest Of His Life'.

LON 💫🦋..

My hair smell like that stink ass bonfire 🤮🤢.

Dinero$Ave 🎨👟🔟

This 1 act an ass at the bonfire 🤨 I had sound like them gal “I hope you had your fun bitch 😒” 😭😭😭😭 I need to chill edsu.

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