Givin the Dog a Bone Song Lyrics

Givin the Dog a Bone by AC/DC Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist AC/DC song Givin the Dog a Bone coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Always the burrito.❞

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AC/DC - Givin the Dog a Bone Song Reviews

- The Greatest Band in the history of bands.

Fantastic, all around. COMPLETE AND UTTER AWESOMENESS AT IT'S FINEST!!!!!!!!!!

- Back in Black

The best rock and roll album out there.



- Perfect

Put in context. Your lead singer just died. You have 2 songs written. You are doomed. Not AC/DC. In one of the most heroic achievements since the Oddesey, they found an equal singer with his own identity. No one will equal this band’s achievement and here is there finest accomplishment. Pass it on.

- Timeless Guitars & Drums

Music could of came out today & done very well. Working music, just gears you up to take on any project like it was nothing. You'll be out mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, & power dustin the driveway singing to the top of your lungs Back In Black!

- best think ever

yAAS ❤

- Awesome

The title explains

- Great Album

This album has many great songs on it. It also has some Great riffs too. This album is a must have! I love it!!!!!

- Awesome

This album should've been number 1

- I bought this album 29 years ago.

I love it! BUT. It's not the greatest. I didn't know AC/DC fans were such idiots.

- Yes

Yes yes yes! This is awesome

- Best AC/DC Album

Brian Johnson successfully filled the gap left by Bon Scott. He turned an already rock n' roll powerhouse and raised to a whole new level. Back in Black is one of the best AC/DC albums there is

- Best Rock Album

This is by far the best rock album

- Best album

Best album

- One of the greatest Rock Albums Ever!

This is a awesome album every song rocks! AC/DC rules!

- Wow

Just wow

- Back In Black is their greatest album!

Back In Black is my favorite album and I also consider it to be one of the all-time greatest rock albums period. This is an amazing album with great songs such as my all-time favorite song You Shook Me All Night Long, Back In Black, Shoot to Thrill, Hells Bells, and Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. Also, there are some other good songs such as Have a Drink On Me, What Do You Do for Money Honey, and Givin' the Dog a Bone. A must have for any hard rock fans and especially AC/DC fans.

- Back in black

You probably were confused why this album gets a one star. It doesn't, but I'm trying to get your attention for those of you looking for a flaw with this album: there are none. Whether you are a hard rocker or not, this album has got to be one of your favorites. There are so many great songs on here. Don't even bother thinking about it. BUY BACK IN BLACK


This was the first rock album I purchased. I was tired of listening to just rap, r&b, and dub step, so I decided to extend my musical experience a bit further. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it grew on me. The album starts off with a bang with "Hells Bells" and from there I was hooked. I'm addicted to this album! I'm going to buy more AC/DC albums in the future.


They only way to fix this generation from being so ****ed up is bringing back ACDC


This album is awesome for 13 year olds

- Rock on

This is the greatest album ever created. Every song on it is full of rockin' solos and head hangin' vocals. ACDC are gods of rock and roll, and this is their strongest work.

- Inspiration

This album is amazing. Im thirteen years old, living in a generation of kids who love cheap rap and pop music that consists of only sex and drugs. I, myself, enjoy only the best. Ac/dc, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, White snake, and Aerosmith are all my favorites. I don't understand why music like this is never being made anymore. I was raised listening to this and intend to stay this way. So if you are looking for a good album I can assure this is perfect for you.


Anyone who gives them less than 5 stars either dosent have ears or their hand slipped

- One of the Best Hard Rock Albums!

Not only the best AC/DC album but one of the best Hard Rock albums of all time. In my top 10 albums. You Shook Me All Night Long is one of the best songs ever...PERIOD. Back in Black. Hells Bells, Givin the Dog A Bone, Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution and Have a Drink on Me are all GREAT songs. This is a must have.

- Rock on

Rock on folks rock on to the greatest album ever

- Best second act ever.

Few bands recover from the loss of a front man much less one like Bon Scott but they did and topped the charts and rocked the world with Back in Black. Considered rock they really are heavy blues. Few songs can be recognized worldwide but this has more than one that can be. Buy it

- Shook me

This is no doubt the greatest album of all time. Shake a leg,you shook me all night long,back in black, and what do you do for money are the best songs on the record. This is truly the perfect rock album.

- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

This album is definitly the best AC⚡️DC album in my opinion, and is one of the best rock albums ever!

- Does anybody not know how great this album is yet?

It's often mistaken for a "greatest hits" compilation. That's how solid and memorable EVERY FRIGGIN' SONG, EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' SONG is. Y'all should have ripped it from a CD a long ago.

- love love love

love this album all the way through.

- I love rap.

I am 14 and i mostly like rap. Aww what the heck this sounds good. Lets buy(no). I did not buy this album but good songs

- Always the best

No one can top AC/DC they are sooo great even younger teens are listening to there music it's great

- AC⚡️DC

Greatest band ever!!! When I was younger, I never really knew who they where until I asked my Dad who was playing in Iron Man and from that moment on I loved them! I started to relize how many songs that there were in so many great movies! AC⚡️DC is byfar the best band ever

- Review- Back in Back

I liked the Back in Black album a lot. Every song had a great beat to it. Also the songs were all very smooth, using the same instruments throughout. My favorite song was probably Hells Bells or Shoot to Thrill. They both had a good rhythm and were not too long. I thought Back in Black was one of the greatest rock n roll albums to date. Overall I would recommend this album to anyone that likes rock n roll.

- Words cannot accurately describe

This album is perfect, period. I can't say anything else that better fits.

- Classic album!

The I-Tunes review hit the nail on the head. This is the best second act in music history. It's a classic hard rock album and a fitting tribute to former front man Bon Scott. Every AC/DC album is packed full of tunes that always wake me up and get my blood pumping. Their songs actually increase my focus and my motivation and make for great driving music and this album is possibly the quintessential example. If you had to pick one album to stand as a textbook on AC/DC, this would probably be it. It has the most hits and the strongest average song rating of any AC/DC album. There's almost never a throwaway on any of their albums, but even Back In Black's non-hits are really strong. I was very impressed when i recently reveiwed this album in it's entirety to find that all of the songs were awesome - not just the one's i've heard before. Lots of people point out that their music sounds the same - especially post Bon Scott (I actually prefer Johnson's vocals), but it's a formula that works. And that's something that just isn't true for most bands. These guys are so talented that they could sing the phone book and it would sound great. And they do sound different to a discerning ear. This album proves that they can have a bluesy side with great effect as well. As I said, this album has the strongest average star rating of any AC/DC album. It's got two 5 star songs in Shoot to Thrill and Shook Me, six 4 star songs, only two 3 star songs and no throwaways.

- I love this band !!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE AC/DC shoot to thrill

- Finally

That great it about time this amazing album finally comes to iTunes!

- Album Sales Don't Lie

Album sales don't lie. Usually the albums that sell the most contain the best quality material. Back in Black has sold 22 million albums. I don't think it's as consistent as Led Zeppelin IV or Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. But "Back in Black" is as good as it gets hard rock wise. "You Shook Me All Night Long" is a precursor for what was to come in 80s metal. Back in Black is essential for hard rock or metal fans.

- Just listen to the Album

Just listen to this album and you will know why it is one of the best selling in history. Then try some of the live movies and you will see just how great this rock band is and why they have stood the test of time.

- The Best

Greatest album in music history.

- The Album That Defines Rock

AC/DC was in its darkest hour after the passing of Bon Scott and they had already begun to influence the artists that would become the metal bands of the 80s. But this album was not only the most amazing comeback in the history of rock 'n' roll, because it is also the embodiment of the genre itself. This album finally defined what classic rock artists from the 50s and 60s had founded, and what 70s blues rock artists like Led Zeppelin had begun to build. Back In Black is easily the most influential album to the rock artists of the 80s and to the rock artists of today. It's style, tone, lyrics, and flow from track to track would be echoed over and over by the many rock artists to come.

- It's ok

Way over rated. All their songs sound the same in all the albums. Same vocals similar guitar playing in the background.

- Seriously???

If by now, you need to read a review to decide if this this is worth purchase, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!

- Just so hardcore

This album is fantastic i get why people say it isnt the best album ever but it is up there with the likes of dark side of the moon, tommy, and LZ IV but acdc has their own style and are too powerful that this album shines over some of the greatest


It only makes sense that the best rock album comes from the best rock band. ROCK ON AC⚡️DC!😝

- Overrated, but still great

When I bought this album, I knew it was gonna be good, but not 50 million copies sold good. It's a great album. Not the greatest album of all time, but pretty great.

- Best Record of ALL Time!!!!

Seriously...If you threw me on a desert island with nothing but one album this is it!!!

- The best

This Album is one of AC/DC best ever keep on rocking boys 😁

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- superb!!!

the opening to hells bells has to be the best to any track ever, bought this album many years ago on first release. a true classic rock album, i love it.

- back in black

Best hard rock album, ever.

- A long time coming

Was only searching last week for AC/DC tracks on here. Now my prayers have been answered!! My wife is gonna hate me for the next month with these tunes blaring out! Best CD ever!!

- Best Rock Album Ever Made

Back in Black is the best album ever made , This is a masterpiece of hard rock it has everything. The album was made under difficult times after losing the wonderfull Bon Scott (The Greatest Front Man Ever) but my did they make an album! Another monster from the masters. If you have never heard this album be prepared to be shocked as no other rock album comes close.

- About Time

Finally AC/DC on iTunes. Anyway just to say this is still one of the greatest albums of the 20th Century & sounds just as fresh 32 years on. In my top ten albums, no doubt.

- Classic

THE greatest rock album ever. A genuine classic from start to finish. After mourning the great Bon Scott's death AC/DC found a singer who (in my opinion) is even better. From Hells Bells onwards its an album that doesnt disappoint. Hells Bells, Back in Black, You shook me all night long, Shoot to Thrill are 4 of the best songs AC/DC have crafted. Buy it!!!!

- Dirty Deeds

Quite simply one of the best albums ever - period. Every single track is a Rock masterclass. The title track is a true classic and if Have A Drink On Me doesn't make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck then you have no soul! A must-have album.

- love it.

About Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- A Must Have.....

Any fan of rock music must have this album in their collection. Be wary of anyone who doesn't own this! End to end simply the best rock album ever produced.


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@Official_rhip Hells Bells 🔔 It’s A along Way To The Top 🔝 Givin The Dog 🐕 A Bone 🦴 Rock 🪨 And Roll Damnation Highway To Hell.

Mike mo

@michaelmalice the context is that i was listening to "givin' the dog a bone" by AC/DC and i drew this on a valentine's day card for my girlfriend that loves dogs .

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