Denim & Rhinestones by Carrie Underwood

Genre Country
Release 10 June 2022
Price $11.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
11.99 USD

Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Denim & Rhinestones 2:48
2. Velvet Heartbreak 3:03
3. Ghost Story 3:01
4. Hate My Heart 3:03
5. Burn 3:10
6. Crazy Angels 2:36
7. Faster 3:17
8. Pink Champagne 3:23
9. Wanted Woman 3:19
10. Poor Everybody Else 3:45
11. She Don’t Know 3:29
12. Garden 3:02

Denim & Rhinestones by Carrie Underwood Album Reviews

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She hits another one out of the park!. I've been lilstening to the whole album since June 12. The more I listen, the more I like it. Find myself throughout the day with one song stuck in my head and then another one pops in for a little bit. Then another song pops in. This gose on all day. Not one bad song on the album. It is a fun, lighthearted album just as Carrie promissed. Look, she can put out an album of nursery ryhmes and I'd love it. But this album just gets better the more I listen to it and learn the lyrics. I keep hearing it's not her most "country sounding" album, I don't know what they are listening to. Every song tells a story like country music does. And Carrie does it well. Give it a try, and give the songs a chance. I love that she put out a happy album which puts me in a happy mood. I love it, and I hope you will too.

Good Album. This is a good album to me. I like how the genres of country and pop rock blend together and as for the lyrics of the song I'm not sure necessarily but I will say each song provides a message I guess. I like these kind of country singers. Michelle Branch/ The Wreckers is a good country duo and the 2 pop punk country singer Cassadee Pope/Kalie Shorr. Carrie's song may have some good or bad but the she has that strong rock spirit and country as well like the two that I mentioned.

Amazing. This is another one of her great albums I didn’t like her last album I’m glad she came out with this upbeat album crazy angels is my favorite song so far. Love this. Keep rocking Carrie love your music you make the best music please keep it up. This album shows off her vocal abilities. Love it.

Another winner. Love Carrie, strong, powerful voice!

AMAZING!!!!. Hey Carrie!!! I saw you in Greenville on the Denim and rhinestones tour!!! My first concert, the best concert, and I loved EVERYTHING I’m 12, and I love your music!!! Can’t wait to see you again in concert!!!

4 stars for fun. I wasn’t that impressed with this album by only the first few singles. However, I really enjoyed “She don’t know” and the rest of the album. It’s just fun to listen to! I don’t think it is her best album musically, but it is upbeat and what we needed post pandemic.

Super fun. We love seeing a queen have some fun with her craft.

This Album is So Phenomenal and Incredible ✨💎🔥🔥🛼👖😇. The whole album is good 🔥🔥🔥👖🛼💜😇✨👑 she never disappoints she’s totally the queen of country music

Fights my ears. I’m a huge fan, but this record is weird. Every lyric, of every song, fights against the beat, so it’s not at all a melodic sound - chunky and choppy is what this album should be called. She’s released albums that are absolute fire (every other album, in fact) - but this isn’t that. I’m not opposed to a new sound - I welcome any genre from her. This isn’t about pop vs country. It’s an album of great lyrics, but the way they lay over the music is odd. I can’t find one song I can just settle into, and enjoy.

😶. Eh it’s kinda bad

Na.. Every album sounds the same and gets further and further away from country. Naming a song Denim and Rhinestones, which sounds like a country song and album, doesn't make it such. This album exemplifies what's wrong with country today. Not country. Not for me.

Not her best work. For the first time I won’t be buying this one. Incredibly talented artist but far from her best work.

She’s back!!. This album mixes the sounds of early albums. But it has a modern twist and more mature lyrics. Carrie can’t go wrong! So excited to see her live. She is by far the best vocalist around.

To Boring... I love Carries music, I’ve brought everything she she has ever recorded; but honestly this music here is to generic ( repeated) in so many of the songs. I’m surprised Carrie even allowed it to leave the recording studio. She’s so mucho butter then this .

Amazing album!!!. I love this album so much! Carrie did it again! Thank you Carrie for this album!!! 💙💜💎

Wonderful Album!!!. This is a great album start to finish. Some of the stand out tracks to me are Velvet Heartbreak, Hate My Heart, Crazy Angels, Pink Champagne, Poor Everybody Else, and She Don't Know. There is a little something for almost everyone on this album.

overrated!. Unfortuantely, Carrie has reached the point where more attention is on her "legs" instead of her music.

Vibeless. Lame. And not country music.

Carrie Underwood - Adding to the list of pop country stars. I don’t think she’ll ever produce a better album than Carnival Ride, I’m afraid. Amazing voice, very lacklustre music….. which has been the case for a good while now.

Not good. Nope

She’s Thee Best In The Business. Enough said.

What has happened. Carrie used to be great, loved all her songs but this album and previous album, I just can’t listen to. Just horrible.

NOT COUNTRY. Love her voice but nothing about this is country. I listen to country and cannot stand this “ pop country” nonsense. Carrie might as well join Taylor Swift but n the pop genre. Wish you had not sold out Carrie. I’m not buying one single song of this record.

Lots of Great Songs. Every song takes three listens and boom it’s a bop!!!

Classic Masterpiece. So much old school production in this album which makes for a fun nostalgic album! Most fun album she had released and that any artist has released in a while. Amazing song writing as well!

Denim and Rhinestones. People need to shut up about this not being Country Enough get over it people Country changes and evolves just like everything else nothing stays like the 70-80s forever this is new country and it’s Good very far from Pop !!!! This album is incredible one of her best up there with Carnival Ride, Blown Away and Storyteller!!!! Track ratings Denim & Rhinestones 5/5 this song is a freaking bop !!! One of my favs off the album it’s so catchy and definitely and 80s pop throwback Velvet Heartbreak 5/5 it’s country !!!! A new take on a cheating song warning the girl he’s no good !!! Ghost Story 4/5 while it’s taken a while to grow on me and it’s her current single so I will always support it ! There are definitely better tracks on the album than this one !!! Hate My Heart 4/5 it’s country too !!! A girl who hates her heart after a breakup Burn 4/5 this one feels like one that one of the Guys in Country would sing but Better another winner ! Crazy Angels 5/5 a freaking Anthem the new All American Girl !!! That even good church going girls like to have fun !!!! Faster 3/5 I’m not a mushy love song person it’s good just not my fav has a throwback vibe ! Pink Champagne 5/5 one of the best tracks on the Album this needs to be a single a new take on a love song !!!!! Wanted Woman 3/5 wow CARRIE I thought you said you don’t do Love songs !! Again I’m not a mushy person so not one of my favs !!! Poor Everybody Else 4/5 a freaking rock song that Carrie slays also has Miranda vibes in it but of course way better ! She Don’t Know 4/5 this song is about as country as it gets Dolly inspired this song !!!! Think of Dirty Laundry ! Garden 3/5 the only slow song on the album and still country not my fav

Awesome!!. I love this album and play it on repeat! Ghost Story, Hate My Heart, Poor Everybody Else, Crazy Angels are all awesome! It’s definitely a fun and feel good album!

I LOVE HER SO MUCH. This album is incredible! I am her BIGGEST FAN and I went to her denim and rhinestones concert last month. IT WAS AWESOME I love her so much and her voice is just incredible like I can’t even say how good of a voice she has again I am her absolute BIGGEST fan I love you Carrie!!

👍. 👍

Love, love this new music. This is one beautiful CD with so many great songs on it that its really hard to choose my favorite. I had it on repeat for last 2 days and it only gets to sound better and better. Carrie's voice is phenomenal as always and it shows that she was really having fun recording these songs. For those who are writing nonsense here and comparing her to Kelly Clarkson, please give it a rest. Kelly is a great singer no doubt, but what has she done lately, really? Kellioke, a CD ful of covers of other artists songs? Carrie can do that in her dreams as well and has a great repetoire if she ever chooses to do it and blow everyones minds. Kelly has put everything else ahead of her recording career and that is her choice. Stop bashing Carrie because you are a Kelly's fan. I don't remember the last song Kelly had that was a top 10 hit on Billboard. let alone a #1 hit, so just stop. Carries album is a winner in my book whether its a commercial success or not. She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone any longer, least of all to herself as an artist

Not good. This is by far her worst album. I’m a fan of hers and love her voice but the songs are awful.

Great album. I like the new direction Carrie is taking and love every song on this album. I don't think it's her best, however. I would say that's Storyteller.

Love the new music!!!. This is turning out to be the best Carrie has done to date!! I absolutely LOVE Denim and Rhinestones!! Can’t wait to hear the rest!! Carrie is truly the best!! 💜💜💜

Love Love Love. Amazing as Always!!

💜. Another great album by carrie!

Excellent. A lot better than previous album

so good!!!!. This album is fabulous, can’t pick a favorite song!!

Very good!!!. I enjoyed listening to this album. Her early music is still my favorite, but I really think these songs are great. They make you want to get up and dance.

Nice. This is good

Amazing!!. I LOVE this album! ... Every song, a GREAT one!!!

Generic. Sadly a generic album

Carrie Underwood is my favorite artist!. Her albums and vocals just get better and better, and she’s at the top of her game. I love velvet heart break and crazy angels!!

Love it!. This is her best album yet. There isn’t a single skip on it!✨

Love it!. Carrie never disappoints. Her new album rocks!!

Uhh. Oof

Poor Everybody Else. From start to finish, this album is a fresh breath of air for Carrie! So many songs that makes you want to crank up the volume!

The Queen of Country is BACK!. Her best album since Blown Away! Incredible!

Amazing. So good

OMG!!! SUPER GOOD!!!!. I don’t know what to say, but this album is incredible Carrie!! Keep up your amazing work!!

Wow!. Carrie is back and this is an amazing album. Many songs have #1 written all over them.

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Amaze. Absolutely amaze I only recently got into her songs 💕

Perfection. A far superior album to BTS but of course the K-pop army will keep it from the top.

Her Best Album. Her best Album. Album of The Year Material

Amazing. Your song is so amazing I love it!!!!!

Good. Love Carrie underwood think she have good voice and done so well and glad she back with her own songs

She’s smashed it!. This album is pure pop country perfection! Love the 80’s influences and how diverse it is! Brilliant 🤩

This is perfection. This album is so good. Amazing how she has so many influences in her songs. In every one of her song she tells you a story witch I think I amazing. Love you Carrie your amazing

Classic Carrie. Epic new album!

Really enjoyable. This album is pretty fantastic , the production is top notch and the vocals are on point as always . Great work!!!

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