Good in Goodbye Song Lyrics

Good in Goodbye by Carrie Underwood Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Carrie Underwood song Good in Goodbye coming soon. Today's advice: ❝When you're at a concert or event, enjoy the moment, enjoy being there. Try leaving your camera in your pocket.❞

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Carrie Underwood - Good in Goodbye Song Reviews

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Pooppoop. Terribbi

Love dis. I love see you again.

Best Album Yet!!!. I live in Milwaukee, so I go to Summer fest a lot. I went to Keith Urban, Rolling Stones, lots! I also went to Carry Underwood. I LOVED IT! All her songs sound amazing! My three second favorites are Little Toy Guns, All American Girl, and Jesus take the wheel. But my favorite is See You Again. Her voice is amazing! I wish my voice was that good. Well, my voice okay, but not nearly like hers. Some people don't Understand what her songs explain. I will explain a few. First, Little Toy Guns is a girl that overhears her parent's fighting, and wished words were like little toy guns. If they hit somebody it doesn't hurt, and she wishes words were like that. They don't hurt anybody. All American Girl is that if you are wishing for a gender of baby, and you don't get it, you will probably find a way with either. Jesus take the wheel is if you need to help, you can just pray. See You Again is if you lose somebody you love, or brake up, there is always a possibility you will see them again.

Omg I love this album!. Omg I cant stop listening to it I love the songs Cupid’s got shotgun,see you again, blown away, and two black Cadillacs. Thank so much Carrie your my fav country music star!

Comes Thru Again!. Carrie Underwood never disappoints. Not to say I loved every song, but the musical talent keeps getting better. And I loved most most of them. I always look forward to her next album and she has yet to disappoint me.

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Fantastical!. I've never really listened to country music before, but I came across this album and I felt like it was something I should look into, so I previewed it, and I'm SO glad I did! I WOULD say what the particularly noteworthy songs on the album are, but they're all outstanding! Definitely get it! Don't even bother to preview it, just buy it!

Different. But good!. This album is very different than Carrie's previous work. It's a lot more dark rock than country. But I have to be bias and say I love the album anyway because Carrie is brilliant. Her voice, regardless of the genre is always spot on perfect. Buy the CD. Carrie! Please come down under for an Australian tour soon. CONCERT - Went and saw Carrie in Melbourne, She was brilliant. Just seeing her live made every CD I've heard of hers sound so much better. The best part was when she started singing Jesus Take The Wheel and ended the song with How Great Thou Art. Carrie, you deserved the standing ovation. Please make sure How Great Thou Art is on your next album

Awesome!. She is amazing I love the song 'Blown Away' :) sooo excited for June to see her live in Brisbane, Australia :)

Amazing!. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER VOICE!!| this album is amazing!!! :)

magical. i was so skeptical about this album but woah i was so surprised so dramatic/romantic/sad just everything about it is so good Do You Think About Me melted my heart it's so beautiful

Good in Goodbye (Carrie Underwood Song) Comments

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FAQs for Good in Goodbye

When did good in goodbye come out?

Good in Goodbye is a song that was released in 01 May 2012.

From which album is the song good in goodbye?

Good in Goodbye is a song from the Blown Away album.

Who performs the song good in goodbye?

Good in Goodbye is performed by Carrie Underwood.

How long is good in goodbye?

Good in Goodbye has a duration of 4:19 minutes.

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