The Sound of Music (Music from the 2013 NBC Television Event) by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Carrie Underwood, David Chase & Audra McDonald

Rodgers & Hammerstein, Carrie Underwood, David Chase & Audra McDonald - The Sound of Music (Music from the 2013 NBC Television Event) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Preludium 2:56
2. The Sound Of Music 3:06
3. Maria 3:15
4. My Favorite Things 3:02
5. Do-Re-Mi 5:01
6. Sixteen Going On Seventeen 5:11
7. The Lonely Goatherd 3:28
8. How Can Love Survive? 3:06
9. Reprise: The Sound Of Music 2:07
10. The Grand Waltz 1:29
11. Ländler 2:00
12. So Long, Farewell 2:54
13. Climb Ev'ry Mountain 2:46
14. No Way To Stop It 3:08
15. Something Good 2:54
16. Processional & Maria (The Wedding) 2:48
17. Reprise: Sixteen Going On Seventeen 2:12
18. Reprise: Do-Re-Mi (The Concert) 1:18
19. Edelweiss (The Concert) 2:09
20. Reprise: So Long, Farewell (The Con... 1:59
21. Finale Ultimo: Climb Ev'ry Mountain 1:37
22. End Credits 2:55

The Sound of Music (Music from the 2013 NBC Television Event) by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Carrie Underwood, David Chase & Audra McDonald Album Reviews

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Pretty Awful. This rendition of "The Sound of Music" is quite terrible. It reminds me of something that a junior high drama department might throw together as their semester project. Carrie Underwood can sing pretty well at certain times in certain genres (country) but I think she should have left this alone. Overall: a dud. By the way: in reading all of the reviews on here about this, can one more person, please, just ONE more person use the term "just no," because it doesn't already show up in at least 264 times? Good GRIEF!

OK……………... Since those that find this to be the second coming………and haters are placed at the left………the followers are obviously placed on the right. Audra McDonald is the ONLY saving grace. Sad, when a supporting player outshines and out sings the leading lady.

ALL STAR CAST!. This score has never sounded so great. Amazing cast. These voices are ridiculously amazing. So good to hear these songs in their original keys (written for Mary Martin) as they were changed to soprano keys for Julie Andrews in the movie. Carrie Underwood's voice is outstanding!

Painful. The painful sound of music...

Better off unmade. There are some things that are better of left alone. The Sound of Music is one of them. By making this, Carrie Underwood is basically asking for people to compare her to Julie Andrews, which just cannot be done, especially in regards to The Sound of Music. Nice try Carrie, but you should have avoided this one when they asked you to do it.

Haters gonna hate. You know what so what carie underwood doesn't sound julie andrews I think that if your gonna hate, hate some where else

Theater & Movie Versions Are Totally Different!. This is the theater version of the production. The movie is totally different than the theater production. I love Julie Andrews but she was in the movie and never played Maria on stage. I am so sick of people slamming Carrie Underwood in favor of Julie Andrews. I like them both but for different reasons. Some people are so ignorant about such things! People are more upset about this than pressing issues in the U.S.A. & around the world. Wake up people!

Julie vs Carrie. Is not the issue , they both did a good job with this,they provide a different take on the sound of music, I will buy this on iTunes and maybe the movie the bad part was the commercials.

Extremely Pleased !!. Fantastic, honestly gave me chills and goose bumps listening to this fine group of singers - unexpectedly VERY PLEASED with this purchase - Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer, Audra McDonald, and the rest of the cast of singers were marvelous, very well orchastrated and splendid sound quality from this long-time R&H fan. BTW, I grew up with the original movie and album and saw the stage musical which each I hold in very high regard as a masterpiece - and I respectfully and strongly disagree with all the 1 star reviews.

:). I thought the musical was great! It was a wonderful way for this generation of young people to watch and create their own memories! Many children watched with their parents and will one day be able to tell their children about seeing it performed live on television with the always amazing Carrie Underwood! ❤️

Sound of Music. I loved having Carrie Underwood as the new Maria. She is an amazing singer which is why she's my favorite country music song writer. I love you Carrie Underwood!!

NO SWITCHING SONGS BECAUSE THE TITLE IS THE SAME.. Thank you Apple for taking my Julie Andews version THAT I PAID FOR EONS AGO and swapping it out for the crappy recent TV version without my knowledge, if you are going to change things change the new versions name NOT the most well known version for a bad knock off!!

Carrie.... Don't get me wrong I love Carrie Underwood. She is an incredible singer but her voice is just not right for this it sounds weird. They need to have someone with a fuller sound.

Carrie Underwood.. Carrie fits this perfectly. Who else would? You're saying that she's not talented enough for this, so who else is. I can tell you it's not lady Gaga, or Miley Cyrus. It's almost as if Carrie was born to perform the sound of music. She's not competing with Julie Andrews but bringing back the joy and happiness behind each and every song on the album.


Amazing. People are comparing it to the movie ITS NOT THE MOVIE ITS THE MUSICAL shut up and enjoy! (Great Job Carrie!)

Get it right. Go Carrie!!! This is not a remake of Julie Andrews. Its is another of many many versions of the musical. Did you know that this a musical broadcasted over TV. Unlike Andrews version which is darn movie. Any movie made from a musical in my books ruins it for me. Which her verison ruined The Sound of Music in general. I prefer the orginal musical from before Julie Andrews.Mary Martin is the one who really set the stage for this.

Stop hating on Carrie. Excuse me, but all you haters need to stop hating on Carrie. Once I see you get out there and go do what she did you can then make rude comments. But once you put yourself in her shoes, YOU WONT EVEN UNDERSTAND. So all of you Nasty rude trash balls need to stop hating, and start appreciating bcs I am sick and tired if reading all of your Nasty complaints. Find something else better to do in your life , bcs ruining someone else's Isn't what you should be doing of wasting your time doing. Thank you AND STOP HATING ON CARRIE.( she's perfect )

Original. I think this sounds marvelous, but why are they making a new sound of music? Why do they have to make repeats they will never be as good as the original. Don’t get me wrong I love Carrie’s voice. I just don’t think they should make new things for everything.

Good!. Laura Benanti is totally amazing!

Not working.. When I listen to this, I don't hear Maria. All I hear is Carrie Underwood trying to sound like Broadway, and it's just not happening. The only reason they cast her is because not as many people would have watched it if Maria had been played by an unnamed woman. Personally, I would actually watch it if they had cast someone with broadway experience.

No, don't get confused.. People who don't like this version have nothing to do whether is the original or a remake. But please! Get a sense of music!!! I like compering Madonna and Patti Lupone singing Don't cry for me Argentina!!!!!! Madonna did a good job, like Carrie, but their vocals have NOTHING to do with a musicial that was conceived to be sung by GREAT voices!!!!! Carrie sings good. But, this is the standar we want to give for generations to come????? We don't have nothing better?? Julie or the past is the best???? So sad!!! Julie is one of a kind!!!! But thanks to singers like her, generations grow with a great sense of music!!!! But Carrie is this new "sound of music" standard?? No wonder why new generations are so lost.......... At least Kelly Clarkson!! But a country singer singing opera notes!!!!!!! Really???????

Not good. Just not good!

💫❤️. This is seriously amazing

How dare they?. My ears! Nothing can compare to the original movie. Carrie Underwood is a great singer, but she is not a musical theater singer. She is also not an actor, which made the television event really awkward. It just isn't as good without the hints of a British accent like in the movie from Julie Andrews.

Face It People. Let's face it. Ralph and the oldest Van-Trapp were the best casted. Carrie, though amazing singer, should not act and there was no chemistry between her and Captain. The children were casted well but were overlooked whereas they weren't in the original movie. Just face it, this was a HORRID remake of the classic.

Wow this soundtrack is great!. It’s so great I just want to slap the autotuned songs great job people

Really?. Oh Bah, you really even think that Cary Underwood could portray Maria get a grip ! No one except for Julie Andrews and the actress's before could play that part Carrie Underwood is such an awful actress that she's not even worthy of playing Oscar The Grouch

You “One-Starers” Are Lunatics. Need I say more? This is lovely, and Carrie Underwood is a simply darling Maria, and I am quite certain that Julie Andrews herself agrees with that statement. If you could just enjoy the sound of the music from Miss Underwood, you would be quite delighted. You are deafening your own selves by being biased (wrongly, indeed) toward the 1965 movie.

Carrie Underwood’s singing is garbage. Not worth listening to because Carrie is trash, but Audra’s version of climb every mountain is gorgeous.


Good Try. It was a hard thing to do. They did ok. I mean nothing compares to Julie Andrews but they tried. And it wasn't awful. I give then credit.

Seriously, People???. Carrie is not nor was ever trying to surpass Andrews. The Sound of Music is not something limited to the cast of the movie. This is simply a PRODUCTION of the musical, and is not meant to be in competition with any other version. The cast did a fine job, and Underwood did quite well. Nowhere near as amazing as Andrews, but wonderful in her own right.

Amazing!!. Carrie Underwood is amazing! You can't compare her to anyone. I loved her performance and thought she did an amazing job, especially with the fact that it was live. She sang beautifully and really portrayed the part.

Amazing.. First off, This is a live event, not a movie remake. Carrie is not to be compared to Julie Andrews, they are very different people. Carrie is very talented and did a great job in this. Julie Andrews even gave Carrie her blessing and was glad a new generation could experience this story. This is not supposed to be better than the original. It is a live play based on the movie and it was beautifully done. Someone has to play this role and I am glad a Talent such as Carrie was chosen.

Yessss!. I love the movie so yes u should buy these songs just stay away from the repise

You can never replace the original but.... Although you can never replace the original Sound of Music, this soundtrack is really good! I didn’t think that the acting was that great, however I really like the songs and I thought they were sung very well!

Absolutely fantastic!. This performance was amazing and did the original musical justice. The sound of music was originally a broadway play(not the Julie Andrews movie like all the negative reviews here claim). This reproduction with Carrie Underwood is not only a great tribute to the original but a truly amazing performance in its self.

Love it. I love this soundtrack!!!! And I think that Carrie Underwood was amazing!!! You people don't have to hate on her just because you love the original version more, I mean she tried her hardest. I bet most of you wouldn't be half as good as Carrie Underwood was, so just stop bullying her because I believe that she did an amazing job.

Why is this a thing?. This just wrong. Why would they do this? They took a beautiful production with an absolutely flawless performance from the beautiful Julie Andrews and insulted it. There are just some productions that you leave alone, and The Sound Of Music is one of them. How could they think that Carrie Underwood would even come close to the perfection that is the original? Her voice is deep and nasily and when she says the hills are alive, my soul is dead. This is just wrong. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no is all I have to say.

Wonderful!!!. The Sound of Music is awesome!!!!! And the music is magnificent!!!!

The Hills are alive!. I was amazed when I watched The Sound of Music Live! It was amazing! Carrie was amazing and everyone was amazing! Carrie was the perfect choice for Maria. Carrie do not listen to all the negative comments! No one can top that performance!

craptastic. Her voice isn't right for this. Bottom line, it sucked. I'm gonna have to go on a diet of opera just to fix my brain and then back to pop. In other words, I feel like my ears had some bad fast food and I need a serious detox.

Great!. I was rather iffy hearing that Carrie Underwood was going to be Maria because I watched Julie Andrews with my grandparents when I was a kid but after watching it live on TV, I thought she did a wonderful job as Maria. I don't understand why people left such bad reviews....just give it a chance. That's all I'm saying. I did and I ended up liking this production just as much as Julie Andrews' sound of music.

❤️CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Perfect, Carrie Underwood is amazing

The BEST! Wonderful music!!!. Carrie underwood is sensational!! Her voice is angelic. We have watched sound of music 3 times so far!!! Really touching movie.! Thank you to everyone that made the movie! I think it's going to be a classic.

WHY???. An insult.

I love Carrie underwood. I would have love to have worked with her she is my idol and a really wish the addition people came to my school so I could have had a chance to do this!!!😭☺️😋

BRAVO!!!. 👌❤️

Eh.. Some peoples' voices are not meant for the theatre. Carrie just so happens to be one of those people.

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The Sound of Music (Music from the 2013 NBC Television Event) (Rodgers & Hammerstein, Carrie Underwood, David Chase & Audra McDonald Album) Comments

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