My Savior by Carrie Underwood

Genre Country
Release 26 March 2021
Price $11.99
Tracks 13
Country USA
11.99 USD

Carrie Underwood - My Savior Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Jesus Loves Me (instrumental) 1:06
2. Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus 3:30
3. Blessed Assurance 3:57
4. Just As I Am 3:16
5. Victory In Jesus 4:15
6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (feat. Ce... 4:21
7. O How I Love Jesus 3:26
8. How Great Thou Art 5:20
9. Because He Lives 4:47
10. The Old Rugged Cross 3:30
11. I Surrender All 3:54
12. Softly And Tenderly 5:29
13. Amazing Grace 2:56

My Savior by Carrie Underwood Album Reviews

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Amen!. Amen!

Beautiful. So nice to hear a big star stand for what is pure and good! Thank you, Carrie

My Savior by Carrie Underwood. I was excited to be able to buy this album for my iPhone. My husband will be getting a CD for Father’s Day. Both of us love to hear Carrie sing these beautiful hymns. Carrie has a voice that is truly a gift from God. She never forgets to praise Him with her gift. ❤️

Inspiring and Hope Bringing!. Thank you for making this album. Such a powerful reminder of hope and God’s love! Have you felt down, lost hope....listen to this album!

*LOVE IT *. Thank you Carrie, Great Job, I'm still hoping for a duet with MercyMe ( I can only imagine)

AWESOME CD!!!. This CD is awesome!!! VERY well done, inspirational and motivational and encouraging!! It really makes you think of God and Jesus!!! It’s brought me closer to God and Jesus!! God Bless you, Carrie!! I LOVE ALL of the songs!!!

I’m not a country music lover but go Carrie go. Cant beat the classics- very well planned and the songs just flow- so well done. Love Carrie.

Love this!. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!

Wonderful Album. Carrie Underwood has such a beautiful voice and I hope that this isn’t the only christian album she makes!

Best song ever. I love this song so much it may just be the artist but it’s the best song out there

Amazing!. I’ve wanted Carrie Underwood to make a CD with worship songs for so long! I have the live version of How Great Thou Art from her greatest hits CD and loved it. She sings these songs with such passion because she truly believes. She’s been given a great gift from God and shares His word with so many people.

Country?. Please, just put this crap under gospel/Christian music. It’s not country. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Who’s she trying to convince. Stupid Carrie Underwood.

I like. That moment when your roots are showing and it’s a good thing :)

Jesus. He blessed you with the gift of singing!! Thanks for sharing your gift with us! Wow! This is my favorite album of yours

Such an encouragement. This was such an inspiring album! I really like how her voice sounds singing hymns. This is the best album she's ever done!!!!!!!!!

Side Eye. No, Mr. & Mrs. Underwood the World is "NOT" flat!!! Yes, 750k died of Covid in the USA.

Amazing.. Wonderful.

Perfect. Love it

My Savior. I am not a Country music fan, but I remember her singing How Great Thou Art in 2008 for the Grand Ole Opry, and then Softly & Tenderly at the 51st Annual CMA Awards. I thought both performances were great. I was unaware that this Gospel album was released recently, but was intrigued when I saw that both songs previously mentioned were on it. I couldn’t wait to hear the studio versions of these songs. That said, the album is okay. She has always had a great singing voice that is for certain, however I thought her earlier performances of How Great Thou Art, and Softly & Tenderly were much better than the studio versions. I felt that these two studio versions as well as the rest of the album was slightly lacking in her emotion/passion she has sung Gospel songs with in the past. I also did not care for how the song Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus was done. The "updated", uptempo interpretation of this beloved classic hymn ruins it in my opinion. At any rate the Lord gave her a great gifted voice and I hope she does more Gospel albums very soon.

Perfect from Beginning to End. “My Savior” is a masterpiece, and its production showcases Carrie’s vocal abilities perfectly as she changes up her approach to fit the songs. I’d love to see Carrie do the same with ta straight-up country album. Yes, “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace” are stellar, as expected, but “Because He Lives” and “Softly and Tenderly” are the album’s highlights. This the album that should’ve been named “My Gift” as it clearly shows the world just how God blessed her. I can’t stop listening to it.

Beautiful. Her beautiful voice does not disappoint! I can hear my grandparents voices along with her voice and it melts my heart every time!

Fake. This should be subtitled "Songs For Pseudo-Christians". It all about making money off of the domestic terrorist crowd, who love to talk about Jesus but don't even care to try and understand what Jesus taught.

Thank you for lifting up the name of Jesus. We need more bold country singers who will stand up for the name of Jesus Christ and proclaim his glory. Fame means nothing if you aren’t using it to point people to the one who can save their soul. Thank you Carrie.

Born to sing GOSPEL!. I always hoped and prayed, with her amazing voice, she’d release a Gospel album… and even though I expected AMAZING, she exceeded even my expectations! She can sing it powerful, sweet, thoughtfully, and she gives every line new life…as the Spirit that lives in her is evident. She is clearly anointed to sing THIS kind of music. Absolutely exceeds amazing!

Come Home. Just beautiful

Carrie underwood. Back in April I was diagnosed with bronchitis and I thought it was going to be nothing but it wasn’t and I almost died but I excepted the fact that I might die and I just kept my faith in God and God got me through it I’m alive right now so God Said not yet it’s not your turn to come to heaven so thanks for the prayers and songs please keep it up bye.

Absolutely amazing!. Carrie knocked it out of the park with this album! I love every song! It is playing on repeat!! She has the voice of an angel.

Songs I grew up with in Church. Glad to see that someone is keeping these great hymns alive. Sang these in Church every Sunday.

Gross. Jesus is not white, He doesn’t love apple pie, He’s wasn’t born in the Midwest, and He is Jewish. Give your pandering a rest. White American Christians are not Christian.

What a gift!. I have played this album over and over. Every song is just as good as the others. Carrie has taken her gift to a whole other level with this album.

Best album. This song is very nice

Deft. Lacking personality and emotional depth.. Imagine recording a worship/gospel album void of any emotion... Carrie Underwood managed to do so... and this is bad.

How great Thou art Lord. I love her version, I love singing to my Lord.

Not Feeling It. Pass

Music. I do not like her and her music.

Lame. Lame

Beautiful voice!. Sooo good! 🤍

Beautiful songs and voice!. Thank you Carrie! You are such an inspiration! This is an awesome collection of many favorite Christian songs sung with a powerful beautiful voice filled with worship!

Just as I am ?. Why is this hymn so odd she is messing this up My cat Neela just passed away.Why take a cherished hymn and mess it up

Perfect. Amazing

Amazing. I love these old hymns. Carrie voice is great.

Amazing. This is the most beautiful piece of work you have done yet Carrie! I have been waiting for this for so long! You are such an inspiration! My favorite is Amazing Grace and your live performance on FB was flawless! I have “Amazing Grace”tattooed on my arm in your hand writing such a blessing! I hope I can buy the whole concert soon so I can watch it again! You have the most beautiful voice!

Awesome. I love all these songs! I love all gospel but prefer the traditional church hymns. She definitely does a great job and you can feel the sentiment in her voice. I’m glad she done this album and commend her for voicing her faith and her love for Jesus Christ. We need more of this especially with the times we are in now. God Bless you Carrie!

Holy Spirit Filled. Music that touches the heart

Trash. 🤢🤮

Touched By This. The songs I knew from childhood come to life again. The more difficult the times, the more powerful worship becomes. Beautiful. Thank you. Amen.

Country fan. Love these hymns in a fresh voice. Great job Carrie and her collaborators.

She is Trash!. She should retire.

Wow❤️❤️. This is a BEAUTIFUL album. God has given Carrie Underwood a beautiful voice that she has blessed us all with! ❤️

Amazing Album. Best one yet.. Best Album since Some Hearts in my honest opinion. I would like to hear her put together a contemporary Christian album. Even a worship Album. She has and anointed voice and a huge platform to bring others to Christ. I hope she uses it and isn’t ashamed or shy about it. We truly are living in the last days before the return of our savior. All of her songs on this album spoke to me, they reminded me of My childhood singing hymnals out of the old book. But most of all she sang my great grandma Minnie Harris’. Thank you Carrie. I look forward to many more Christian Gospel albums in the near future.

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IM GETTING ALL TEARY 🥹. I had no idea that Carrie loved god so much so do I god blasts you Carrie and ur family is beautiful 🥰it’s so good to know that Carrie knows god is watching over her all the time everyday🥰

We don’t want this. Don’t waste your time on this, we want real country music, still love you though

Amazingly...praise worthy everyday. My heart has been singing and filled with complete joy listening to this amazing master piece. This has been a long time coming but so worth the wait. Thankful for this album, especially now! ❤️

Is cool. Is cool

A beautiful voice. This is such a beautiful album!! 💖

Beautiful. Love it! As a country fan I also love country gospel!!! And Carrie did a fantastic job!

Yas Queen!!!. Preach the king 🥺❤️🙏🏼

Beautiful spiritual Album. This is a beautiful album. Carrie’s voice has such a spiritual present. It’s a joy to listen to and praise the Lord.

It is going good album. I will love it

Beautiful. Thank you. Being TRUE to your roots, can be so very hard. It is SO important to not forget. These days we are living in, we should all take a moment and Praise God, The Bright and MORNING STAR. Light-Life-Love

Love this!. Carrie Underwood has done it again. It’s such an incredible album and it’s beautifully done.

Uuuhhhgg. This is the perfect album to make sweet love to my boyfriend with.

Love it!! It’s Awesome!!. Sing for the King!! Nicely done Carrie!! I’m praying for people like countrylover69 … poor comment on their part!!

A beautiful tribute!. This album is a beautiful tribute to our Savior and a wonderful reminder to be thankful for what we have all been blessed with, even when life is challenging. Because He Lives, all things are possible. Thank you for this sweet reminder, Carrie! Happy Easter, everyone! 🤍

Underwhelming and probably more for the US market. A disappointing album but unsurprising bearing in mind it's a religious affair. I adore all Carrie's previous studio albums (excluding the similarly disappointing and dull Christmas album) but this is just incredibly average. I'm not averse to Christian flavoured music (I'm a fan of Amy Grant, for example) but this is just kinda boring. I'm sure this will do well in her homeland of America where banging on about Jesus is much more commonplace and encouraged but I'm not sure this will do well here in the much more secular UK. Here's hoping she goes back to regular country-pop for her next release.

Bring back the country. Hopefully she has enjoyed this project as it seems personal to her. But I really hope she brings back her country sound for her next album.

Not her best...but an important subject for her. I don’t love this album, admittedly I’m not particularly religious so a cover album of hymns wouldn’t be my go to. I still wanted to give this a chance as I do have some Christian pop on my playlist, but the production was just completely lacking and I think this is probably her weakest album to date!

INCREDIBLE. as usual, Carrie does not disappoint! amazing vocals

Going back to her country roots. Carrie has gone back to her country roots and has produced beautiful versions of these classic gospel hymns. Though they were all written in the 1800s, you wouldn’t think they were. Using fiddles, steel guitars, mandolins, harmonicas - this is a country album at its finest. I love Carrie’s crossover pop/country music, but I have all the time in the world for her pure country. This album is a personal passion project, but there are millions of listeners to whom this album has come at just the right time in their lives and has become personal for them too. Carrie is brave with this album, she holds nothing back and gives it her all - How Great Thou Art is proof of that. If you’re not religious, don’t slate it just because of the content, but listen to her voice, the music, the passion behind it. It’s a sensational album. I’d say one of her best.

Understated elegance. A simplistic yet beautiful and respectful collection of songs that honour the power of prayer

Not for me. I love Carrie but this is not good. Admittedly the subject matter is not something I would normally buy but I thought I would give it a try. The production is lacking and her voice would have been boosted by a choir singing with her. Hopefully she will return to more familiar ground soon.

Beautiful album. I loved the album so much on Apple Music that I purchased it, I never do this so proves how much I love it, Carrie has an incredible voice well suited to singing hymns, she should definitely do more of it in the future 😀

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