Long Violent History by Tyler Childers

Genre Country
Release 18 September 2020
Price $7.99
Tracks 9
Country USA
7.99 USD

Tyler Childers - Long Violent History Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Send In The Clowns 4:08
2. Zollie's Retreat 2:25
3. Squirrel Hunter 3:58
4. Sludge River Stomp 4:38
5. Midnight On The Water 4:08
6. Camp Chase 3:54
7. Jenny Lynn 3:09
8. Bonaparte's Retreat 2:45
9. Long Violent History 3:10

Long Violent History by Tyler Childers Album Reviews

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Overrated. While I can respect the fact that he’s not fell into the Nashville trap and radio country thing he only has a handful of songs I actually like. This guy is popular really for not being popular lol with the mainstream.

Beautifully done. Echoes of history as we all know repeats itself. Soothing for the soul and chaos for the mind. This is the music of our time with hints of generations past!

Love it. Favorite album by Tyler

Mediocre Violin Album. A Long Violent History is a great song if you don’t mind the narrative. The full album of violin music is terrible, could have been saved if he sang on them. I kept expecting Tyler to start singing, never did

Misconstrued. All the comments claiming he jumped on a band wagon .. he expressed both sides of the argument .. there is injustice and the media has been lying to target and cause distraction .... unique album , I understood it after watching the Tyler’s message on YouTube

wow. i really really loved all of the other albums. nose on the grindstone, bottles and bibles, coal, lady may, and all the others were what got me through the day. this album isn’t even close to the others in my opinion. i absolutely hate that you had to put in politics. i disagree with you, but even if i didn’t i would not like that you decided to put your political views in your music. and not even focusing on that, the lyrics and music seem a lot weaker then your past albums. i’m sorry but you lost another 3 fans today :(

Weeding Out The Useless. Tyler is poetic and brilliant. With this album he weeded out all of the small minded bigots that happen to listen to country music. He drove the darkness out of his Fanbase by speaking the truth. these reviews are evidence of the small mindedness of American society. People who like to hold on to racist family traditions and beliefs instead of moving forward with society. These songs reflect Tyler’s hope for a change for the future.

A really cool album. All of you that are mad that this is mostly instrumental need to learn how to read. It’s literally in the description and Tyler put out a whole video explaining why he released this album. I think the Appalachian style fiddle music is awesome. It also supports a cause that people shouldn’t even be fighting over in this day and age. Country music isn’t your safe space. One should ignore the long violent history in the southern United States and back country. Much of that violent history targeted Black people and the working class poor.

Great traditional music. Appreciate the music and creativity from an artist who is putting out the best stuff hands down

High horse. Get off your high horse, Tiny Tyler.

No 🤭🤭🤭. Literally just an instrumental album!! Barely any vocals 😴😴

Lol. What a tool. Telling blue collar country folk that they need to check their privilege.

just stop. Tyler and sturgill got me excited that good country was making a comeback. Guess not.

Bummer. The music is great but I also love his voice and want to hear that. Now it feels like how long do we have to wait for an album with vocals

Still holding strong. This album is completely brilliant. It’s about equality, fairness, love, and being blind to color. I’m proud of you for being a man with roots in the south, with a mind for a caring future. It hasn’t left my ears since you released it. Thank you for this gift.

Political Garbage. Very disappointed in Tyler for jumping on the political propaganda train. 👎🏻

Uncritical. If you like uncritical, pop-culture politics, this is the music for you. This is the age of quantity over quality. The evidence is everywhere.

Not for Folks that don't like to think. Here is an artist I admire throwing a heck of a curveball even though he isn't a pitcher, he's a musician. If this music doesn't entertain you stick to the mainstream radio. There is nothing political on here, just old time music made by a guy from Kentucky, what a shocker! You don't get to sing along on this one, too bad. Theres another guy for you folks that can't see past the news media propoganda machines that keep us arguing, google him up instead, while you still can.

Awesome. Awesome sounds and message. So proud.

Great. Beautiful

Disappointing. More celebrities have ruined there careers by taking there platform to political issues. Remember, your fans are who pays your bills.

Evil prevails when good men do nothing. What will racist do when they find out all of their favorite music artists don’t hold their distorted values? Bravo Tyler

Beautiful Music.. I didn’t know how badly I needed this album and it’s music until Tyler brought it to the world. Beautiful music and great playing - THANK YOU!

Disappointed. I love Tyler’s music. I would buy any album he made without even previewing it first. But I can’t swallow the politics. I don’t want to be preached to by celebrities. And there is a dangerous false narrative to his explanation of this album. I’ll have to skip this one.

Tyler, you’re being emotionally manipulated. In your recent video you say something along the lines of “media we can’t completely trust”, yet you seem to let the media emotionally manipulate you to the point where you jump headlong into a political movement that has no true intentions of peace or reform. I’m a fan of your music and always will be, but you have to be honest & always tell the truth. If you don’t know the truth then seek it out, but the cases you mentioned have all been exploited and lied about by the media to sell clicks and views. Everyone on the planet earth agrees that George Floyd shouldn’t have died that day, and everyone can get behind the idea that police need better training, but the statistics just do not back the statement that black Americans are disproportionately targeted/killed by police in this country. Don’t be so blind, Tyler. Thanks for the music. All of this being said, this is an awesome album, I love falling asleep to it or listening to it while driving. Strong work.

I want my money back. This album is crap!. Don’t buy this. It’s garbage. That the one original song is an ode to the BLM movement? Does he know his audience??? I just quit Tyler Childers after being my go-to for music. This almost entirely instrumental album is crap. Worthless. I want my money back!

Awesome!. Love it, fun to list too and ends on a thoughtful note. He always blows me away with his talent.

Garbage. He should stick to drinking, drugs and singing. Those are the only skills to which he is qualified to speak on. The instrumental tracks are completely overshadowed by the woke title track.

Sherdewl. I first heard you with the Great late John Prine on Austin City Limits. I was impressed and started reading about this album. Listened to it and it reminded me of the times we went to KY to relatives homes and stayed up all night listening to everyone playing THE MUSIC! It was always great listening as is with this album. Personaly, I think you should do a little research on the movements you stand for because they are racist themselves. All that aside, job well done and keep on keeping on with great music! Thank you!

Are Country Artists Trying to Destroy Their Careers ?. I think Nashville & Country Music on every level is on a mission to self destruct. I think they’re blind to who buys their music. They’ve created the same bubble to reside in as the Hollywood crowd. That’s fine, people are free to do stupid & ignorant things in this country, at least as of right now they’re still free to do so. Why do you think George Strait & Garth Brooks have remained such huge stars with fan bases that only grow & grow ? They don’t get political, no one knows their views & which political ideology they support & that is how it should be bc the fans don’t care & they don’t want to know. I just don’t see how country artists can come to the conclusion that they want to alienate & turn away their fans aka their revenue source.

Appalachian Bluegrass. This is incredible mountain fiddling & i’m a Hickory Briar Boy from Hardin County Ky whose Dad was a 6 year old coal miner in ACME W.V. back in them days in the holler all you need was a fiddle & banjo where you could hear the echoing.Your music helps me remember the good times when my parents were alive & my daddy’s brothers & sisters still in them mountains. Thank you for your art.

Money grab. Don’t buy this if your looking for music that sounds like Tyler Childers

Great Album. Good music all the way.

Amazing Stuff. As a fellow appalachian I love the sound you have going on here. While your vocals are what drew me to your music and the lyrics make it relatable this was still something I enjoyed. I'm lovin the last track! You hit the nail on the head when you asked us what would we do if the shoe was on the other foot. And to the people giving this one star... I feel sorry for you. It must be hard going through life without empathy (you see what I did there?), good luck on your side of history.

Love it!. Great music and a message that we should all get behind. Black Lives mattering shouldn’t be a political thing, just a human decency thing

Thank You. Tyler, you win some and you lose some. Although I like to sing along to your music and hear you sing, I still have found this instrumental album to be captivating. I wouldn’t have expected anything less than the hallowing sounds from a fellow Appalachian.

No vocals!. Love Tyler Childers... hate this album. He only sings on track one and the rest is just instrumental. Not exciting like his previous music at all.

Great!. Awesome!

God bless you.. Let’s get back to making quilts and loving each other and picking each other up when we fall. Grace. Grace. Grace. Thank you for this beautiful album and reminder.

Puts you in a mental time capsule. Love it

Lost a fan. :(

Cmon now y’all. Just because it’s something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you give it one star and call him a shill. And the same applies to the fact that most of this is fiddle work. I personally think this is an impressive album, and while I can agree with the people here that are saying the media is going wild and making things look worse than they are, that doesn’t take away from the fact that, while not as bad as it used to be, racism and hate crimes are an issue. And I know someone’s gonna think “this is some libtard trying to defend this guy” but I’m generally conservative and want to support a fellow human being while also remembering there are crappy people out there. Anyway, Tyler is doing great on his fiddle stuff now

Love you bud. All your stuff had been great to date. But your a con man. Never wanted my money back more after purchasing an album. Worst $7.99 I’ve ever spent.

Stick to music not politics. ....

Stay in your lane. Stick to making music, stay out of politics

Didnt know Timmy was a sell out. I love traditional Childers. Music is supposed to be an escape from the noise of the world and I feel tricked into paying money to have the noise in my headphones. This album was misleading and im real sad to see him bow down. I really thought he was better than that. :(

Meaningful Art. Great music for the thinking man. A Kentuckian all the way through.

Junk. You use to be so good

Go woke, go broke. Departure from him lighthearted sounds. Depressing. Glad I could listen to it first without having to pay for it.

Triple Threat. Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist. Solid work. I love the music, and the humanity. Just in time.

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