Purgatory by Tyler Childers

Genre Country
Release 04 August 2017
Price $9.99
Tracks 10
Country USA
9.99 USD

Tyler Childers - Purgatory Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. I Swear (To God) 3:20
2. Feathered Indians 3:44
3. Tattoos 3:23
4. Born Again 3:28
5. Whitehouse Road 4:40
6. Banded Clovis 4:19
7. Purgatory 2:46
8. Honky Tonk Flame 4:57
9. Universal Sound 3:41
10. Lady May 3:03

Purgatory by Tyler Childers Album Reviews

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Brilliant. This album is so good end to end and that is a rare find now a days.

Great lyricist. Guys great, he appeals to all country fans along with rock listeners like myself. You can hear the influences of traditional country, bluegrass, along with a rock influence. I’d consider him the closest thing to a modern day Bob Dylan

The Lord and Savior of country music is here. With the sounds of Hank Sr mixed with Kentucky country mixed with the Raw lyric genius, there may be a fighting chance for country music to be saved by Mr.Childers... this album is unbelievable so yourself a favor BUY IT!

Fantastic voice and lyrics. This dude is something special.

This is what country music is all about.. Beautiful album.

Songwriting Genius!. Just listen to the lyrics, pure MAGIC.

Literally, amazing.. I can’t say anything but good things about this man and this album. Phenomenal.

Brilliant. An amazing wordsmith, hooks for days, an ode to the old with a fresh voice and vision. Absolutely one of the brightest to come down the creek in a long minute ;)

M 1. I love the music.

River Valley Arkansas Fan. Downloaded his album in July 2018 and it’s easily my most listened to and loved album ever 🙌🏼 it’s driven me to Colorado and back the long way around, all around my little small town, and even now while I type this. Can’t wait to see Tyler in Oklahoma come December.

Best. Country outlaw music from the working mans heart!!!

A new favorite. A great, great album! Can’t wait for the next one!

Great Music. What a great album, all of them. This man deserves some recognition. Keep picking my friend 🤙🏻

Refreshing & A New Day. Discovered Tyler’s music two weeks ago and I’m hooked. He perfectly captures the essence of Appalachian art. I hear a unique blend of Jennings & Scruggs in there. The writing & composition are like nothing I’ve ever heard. Sonically, it’s one of a kind. I listen to a lot of “All Your’n” & “Honky Tonk Flame”. Can’t wait to see him live when the pandemic is over.

Raw. His voice is amazing

Great American Country. Amazing sound, great stories and lyrics used to tell those stories.

Literally amazing. I can’t tell y’all how many times I have listened to this album. Absolutely amazing voice and talent. This is real music.

Everything country should be. Great song writing, old school country with a modern twist. I can listen to the whole album on repeat.

Great album. Just heard about this guy and can’t stop listening to him. Great instrumentals and lyrics.

Perfection. Great songs start to finish!

His music wedged itself straight into my soul. Absolutely love everything about this album. Thank You Tyler! I sincerely appreciate your work❤️

Easily my favorite album. I listen to Purgatory straight through atleast 2 times a week. I absolutely love the sound and the story-telling. Really hope this sound continues in future albums and that Tyler gets the recognition he deserves! Such a talent!

Divine. This is real music that makes you feel it all! He can sang you a pretty love song and then a drinkin song and you just feel every sing thing! We love this music!

Real Country Music. TC Revival, Country Squire dropping in 3 hours - everyone needs to dial in the TC catalogue as he is the Country Music Savior we’ve been longing for!

Just wanna say thanks. Really appreciate the music hope you keep it up

Not a bad song to be found.. Tyler struck gold with this one. Incredible songwriting, music composure, and production make this an instant country classic!

GREATNESS. Tyler Childers should be among the most famous artist. He is not a flash in the pan. This album is amazing, but his catalogue is so much richer than what you hear here. Find the music and always go to the show.

Absolute Dynamite. Literally ever single song on this album is amazing. Don’t mess around, just download them all and enjoy.

Yes!!. Tyler Childers is awesome. That folksy, Appalachian sound takes me home. “Lady May” makes me cry every time.

In a cesspool of garbage called "music" this is a diamond. Like everything the music industry touches, music has become hot garbage. Just look at the front page of the iTunes store. Soulless Garbage masquerading as music. This is what talent sounds like. This is how art sounds. This is how music is supposed to sound. Pay attention.

Average. Least it’s not pop country. With that being said he’s got a long ways to go. For the real deal check out Chris Knight.

get it. i love tyler childers in general, absolutely love this album. get it dude , get it 😌

I’m hooked. Best voice and music that I’ve heard in a long time. Can’t wait for the next can’t come fast enough.

10 out of 10. Tyler Childers is song writing master

A new sound/not so new…. If you have not paid attention to bluegrass (not sure the name of genre) in the past. You should now!! There is s different spin on bluegrass genre I haven’t heard before. Like Garth Brooks in the 90s changing the sound of country music. He’s the king of country, IMO Tyler Childers is among many artist you must go check out. I promise you will not be disappointed. There is s romantic-esk sound, a country sound, dramatic feel, they are beautiful realistic life stories. As if you tore s page out of your journal and added some music notes creating a song. Tyler Childers has a sound that grabbed ahold of me one afternoon. His voice his lyrics his instruments his tune was surfing sound waves through the air on a mission to share his music with the next person that walked on to its path. I stopped, froze, turned , and thought out loud, “Who is that!? “. No reply. I followed the sound waves as if entranced by a surfer riding the waves of the ocean except there was no water just this beautiful music and a perfect voice. Gratefully I didn’t need to follow the surfer to far. I was not far from the road. If the surfer was the devil in disguise, I would’ve got hit by a car. ( Be careful, surfers riding invisible waves through the air could be the devil. Just saying) JUST GO LISTRN!!

West of the Rockies are missing out!!. We’ve been on the road for 6 weeks, traveling from Kalifornistan looking for a red state to move to. Making stops all along the way and heard Whitehouse road playing in a bar (The Pinnacle Club in Cumberland Gap)when we stopped for a beer. I just purchased Purgatory and Country Squire....reminds me of the 8 years I lived in Springfield Missouri, racing and going to bluegrass festivals through the south and east. Best of the BEST....Tyler can make music that makes all the crap go away. Guaranteed, if you like good down home, sittin on the porch tappin your foot, tippin cold ones with good friends and family music....Tyler Childers will satisfy your need.

Best of the Best. That Boys got a Voice and some heavy Musical talent! I can only wish we had more music like this!

This guy will save country music. This is what country music needs

real country music. another example of what country music actually sounds like. keep killing it, Tyler.

Awesome Sound. Was actually turned on to this guy by Zac Brown shouting him out. Glad he did, love his sound!

Outstanding. Been living in Chicago for 35 years but my parents, grandparents, thier grandparents, all from Eastern KY. Paintsville to be exact. Mr. Childres paints that picture of Estern KY, spending long summer days doing notheing but loving it. His sound is perfect, well produced, well written. I encourage people to listen to this, if for nothing else, than to realize what county/bluegrass is all about

Great Voice!. Soulfully country at it’s best!

Real, raw, country. In a time of pop-country and artists trying to rap about big trucks and deep v-necks, comes an artist that takes us back to how country and bluegrass is supposed to sound. Nose on the grindstone and whitehouse road are remarkable songs!

Not the producer. Sturgill is by far the best thing that has come out of country/outlaw ever....That being said, you can use all his tricks & forma on another's music and it won't be quite the same. Not that it should be. But as in a rock star producing, it doesn't make the new music 'incredible'. Tyler has good stuff. His lyrics are awesome, great stories. However, his voice is just a bit too high on this cd & so its just okay. Think that future collaboration will bear good fruit. Looking forward to a live concert, but not rushing out to get this music...

Best album ever!. Love Tyler so much i love this album imperticular!! 5 stars because i loves his voice stories how well he can play interments and all of that! so worth getting it. :)

A++. Love your voice, love this album

Beautiful. Album I can put on repeat and just let it flow.

love it. ❤️🔥straight heat

Can’t turn it off. If you could wear out an MP3 track, my copy of Purgatory would be quite thin. I love these songs. Classic yet current. I’d give it 6 stars if I could!

Intriguing & Eccentric!. This is very intriguing and very eccentric! Awesome job! Air-five! =)

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