Country Squire

Tyler Childers - Country Squire album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Tyler Childers
Album Name:   Country Squire
Genre:   Country
Relase:   02 August 2019
Tracks:   9
Country:   USA

Country Squire (Tyler Childers) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Country Squire 3:21
2.Bus Route 3:07
3.Creeker 5:01
4.Gemini 2:32
5.House Fire 3:52
6.Ever Lovin’ Hand 4:38
7.Peace of Mind 4:42
8.All Your'n 3:38
9.Matthew 4:13

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Country Squire (Tyler Childers) Album Comments

Country Squire (Tyler Childers) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • Beninwv

    5 stars
    Super. Great music, great songs. Easy to just play album on loop and get your work done.
  • coubtry

    5 stars
    Awsome. What a great album speaking from the heart that’s what makes it great call it country Americana it don’t matter it’s great
  • Gary the baddass

    1 stars
    Good live. Production ruins the songs
  • KDC430

    5 stars
    VERY Gifted Singer Songwriter- Love this record. Although I’m a great fan of his, If you put Hank Williams Sr up against Tyler Childers today.... Hank wouldn’t stand a chance.
  • OkieLane

    5 stars
    Everything right about country. Cannot tell what is suppose to be a single or filler and that is good
  • 24mastermusic24

    5 stars
    Great. We need more bluegrass and True country from you because it doesn’t seam to be coming from any other source.
  • Robert Drane

    5 stars
    The Best. He’s the best country artist and this is a dang good album!
  • Bestestemoji1244326

    5 stars
    Amazingly talented artist/singer! And has great songs too!. He needs to become more wide known, people are missing out not hearing him sing! Wish he would come to south Florida and do a concert soon!!!
  • Mecmr

    5 stars
    Love. All Your’n and House Fire are my favorites on this album
  • buuurnout

    5 stars
    Best album. Fantastic record. Every songs a hit. Hard to find in this nonsense pop/hip hop world.

Tyler Childers - Country Squire Album Wiki

Country Squire is the third studio album by American country musician Tyler Childers. Recorded at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, the album was produced by Sturgill Simpson and was released on August 2, 2019, through Childers' own Hickman Holler label. .