Country Squire

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Artist:   Tyler Childers
Album Name:   Country Squire
Genre:   Country
Relase:   02 August 2019
Tracks:   9
Country:   USA

Country Squire (Tyler Childers) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Country SquireTyler Childers 3:21
2.Bus RouteTyler Childers 3:07
3.CreekerTyler Childers 5:01
4.GeminiTyler Childers 2:32
5.House FireTyler Childers 3:52
6.Ever Lovin’ HandTyler Childers 4:38
7.Peace of MindTyler Childers 4:42
8.All Your'nTyler Childers 3:38
9.MatthewTyler Childers 4:13

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Country Squire (Tyler Childers) Album Reviews

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  • BAC05

    5 stars
    Phenomenal. Awesome album. Wish there were more songs
  • Vols4us

    3 stars
    More Tyler, Less Sturgill Please. Peace of Mind, All Your'n, and Matthew are the redeeming songs for me. I want to listen to Tyler. If I wanted to listen to Sturgill I would buy his stuff. Over produced for who Tyler is and his voice. The production hides the lyrics and the soul in Tyler's voice. The simplicity of what Tyler does is a primary attraction. That didn't happen for much of this album.
  • Fuutgirdv

    2 stars
    To Much Nashville!!!. I’ve been singing these songs with Timmy for the last couple years.. I was so excited to hear this record! Talk about a let down. These songs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥 outside of the studio!
  • Mandolovingal

    5 stars
    Awe Blister’em. 🔥🔥🔥
  • Crowbird76

    5 stars
    Fantastic Record!. Great album that gets better with every listen. See TC live, he puts on a great show!
  • cherokee road

    5 stars
    Great sound. Between this album and purgatory put them on loop sit back and enjoy
  • lowmansvillevfd

    5 stars
    Tyler Childers. I love the music especially because he lives less than five miles from me!
  • *****•••••

    5 stars
    Awesome. Tyler Childers is what country music is, and should be. Great album, as expected!
  • Spardicus86

    5 stars
    Tyler delivers as always!. Absolutely amazing! Tyler delivers another well produced and “feel good” album that makes his listeners feel right at home!!!
  • OhMrWilson21

    5 stars
    Perfectly mixed and done. Reading the critics on here and realizing they clearly don’t understand how the music industry works. This is exactly how an album should sound. Smooth like warm butter and flows like a river. Creeker is my personal favorite, Tyler’s vocals have improved tremendously and he was already great on Bottles and Bibles. When you see him live, the songs will sound a little different and that’s the entire point. That’s what makes Tyler great and Sturgill’s ability to produce great. You can’t just record the songs that we’ve all heard a million times already on YouTube the exact same way on the record. That’d be repetitive and boring. This is a masterpiece and it’s currently #1 for a reason. Keep up the great work fellas! See you at the Fox in Oakland, CA!

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