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Long Violent History by Tyler Childers Song Lyrics

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Tyler Childers - Long Violent History Song Reviews

- Don’t rush an album...

I’ve liked every album Tyler Childers has released although i must say the last one was a little over produced... considering I’ve seen him live 3 times and was great every time he played a show. The great thing about Tyler Childers’ previous albums is he took his time, and that resulted in great albums with great music, this one just isn’t one of those albums. I will say i like the bluegrass instrumental though, but it’s missing his unique sound.

- No

Not a fan

- Garbage.

Loved his old stuff. This is garbage.

- Sad day

I own every record you have released including this one. This may be the last. “Appreciate the art, not the artist” has always been my Philosophy. However, I really feel like the NBA, NFL, and other entertainment groups you betrayed your platform. You have that right, you have earned that right. But I also have the freedom to turn it off.

- Great work

I have bought each of Tyler’s albums. I’m always impressed with the quality and direction in each one. The family loves all the instrumentals. Keep putting out quality stuff! I’ll keep supporting great music by buying it.

- Stellar! Per the usual!

Love my dude TimmyTyChilders. He’s beyond refreshing and his sound and song writing is incredible.

- Beautiful

Excellent rhythms that grow on you and stick with you throughout your day. Well spoken message.

- So disappointed

Really wanted some new great songs- all I got was a political agenda thrown in my face! So disappointed, wish I would’ve known it was just a banjo sound track 😒......

- Terrible

Do not waste your money!

- Excellent music and message

Get off of the mainstream path a little and you’ll find this album of instrumental music and one song with a message. It’s so good he ranked #1 on the mainstream when it came out!

- Wonderful record

I think this is a wonderful piece of work. It's young men like Tyler Childers that give me hope. I can't help but scratch my head at the nay-sayers here. We have come, as a society, to be so consumerist in our dealings with life that we don't even see it anymore. Tyler's an artist, not a Taco Bell that has changed its menu. His so called "political" song at the end, actually isn't political at all, and it's harly strident. It's a thoughtful meditation on a truth, and it is people criticizing that tells me everything I need to know about THEIR hearts and minds, and nothing about Tyler's. It says something that we have become so isolated from our hearts and inundated with lies that merely pointing out a socila ill is labelled "political" and the artists is told to basically just shut up and entertain us. Woody Guthrie pointed out social ills and pointed us to our common humanity, as did Hank Williams, Dylan, Louis Armstrong, etc. Beethoven, for God's sake. If you want pablum, check out Toby Kieth or Lee Greenwood. If you want art, heart and soul, give this fine new album by this young man an honest listen.

- Keep politics out of music mannnnnn

Love ya Tyler. Been a fan for years. But please my man, keep the political scene out the music. I listen to music to escape the real world drama...

- 👎


- Excellent. Absolutely.

I’m glad I’m not the only hick redneck that sees this situation we’re in as completely unjust and deserving of protests. You are the man! Thanks for standing on the right side of history, even though you knew you’d catch flack.

- Nope

This ain’t it.

- pleasantly surprised

i’m so proud of tyler childers for his new album. i was a little disappointed when most of it was instrumental because i love his voice and lyrics, but after watching his youtube video explaining his thought process i grew to appreciate it. i love that this album was created to show his predominantly rural white fanbase how they can rep their southern heritage without a racist flag/ideology. and of course the title track is incredible and i think everyone needs to hear it. the lyrics and the corresponding video with his commentary do a wonderful job explaining black lives matter, covid, and other issues we’re facing to the fanbase in a way that’s empathetic and uniting rather than divisive and exclusive to big-city upper middle class. i believe that many of his fans will come to understand black lives matter after hearing tyler's thoughts. i applaud him for effectively using his platform to make an incredible album and video.


I’ve been a fan of this guy since 2011. This album shows yet another layer of Tyler’s incredible talent. Hate to see people so offended that he has an opinion 🙄. Oh well...Lions do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Keep being an original & keep being a great human!

- In response to his video

It was painful watching a seemingly-rational artist like Tyler chastise us for not having empathy towards a group that destroys lives and property. He says he is in no position to preach, yet he then does exactly that. Try stepping off the bandwagon Mr. Childers

- Life preservation is not a political act.

The approach to folk music presented here is authentic and honest. All folk music is rebel music. All rebel music is about upholding the rights of the human spirit before the great machine of the institution, whether that institution be capitalism, racism, or any other ism. We are all free men and women in America. We must stand together to defend all of our rights. When one victim is oppressed, we are all oppressed.

- A musical narrative

This album is a wonderful surprise from Childers. Yes, some fans will be disappointed that the album is primarily instrumental music, or by the social commentary offered in the title track, but I believe Childers accomplished his stated goal better than anyone might’ve predicted. The fiddle tunes effectively bring the particular history of Appalachia to the fore, including the experience of many injustices and simply being forgotten. By laying out a sonic pathway from our past to the present, Childers inspires a mixture of pride, nostalgia, sadness, and hope. Then, in the last song, he explicitly draws the connection between his imagined audience—the neighbors he grew up with, and those like them—and others suffering not only from indifference and scorn, but from active brutality and oppression. He then holds out the question: I’ve reminded you who you are. Now what would you put up with if you were in a similar situation? It’s a good example of the way art can inspire empathy.

- Very disappointed.

Only song on the album with lyrics is a regurgitation of main stream media false narrative about systematic oppression of African Americans in 2020. I always thought Tyler Childers wasn’t that superficial. Guess I was wrong.

- Wrong

Tyler’s explanation on his YouTube Chanel was complete and utter lies. He pushes dangerous theories about Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor with no basis in fact. He compares Blake to a guy fishing just looking though a tackle box as if nothing else happened. I love all of Tyler’s music but this explanation falls short of his usual standard. I expected more of him. I don’t hold it against him and hope he comes to know the truth.

- Great album!

Love old time music. Love this album. Love the message. New fan.

- Disappointing

Coming from someone who is a huge Childers fan. Instrumentals are OK. But you should tell us that it’s just plain that. As far as political views is concerned....it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon Tyler. What happened to staying away from the rest of world to create good rural country music. Unfortunate.

- Listening on Apple Music

I have liked almost everything the guy puts out. Authentic in his approach. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his videos. I’m not a music aficionado so can’t speak to the fiddle playing. Gutsy call releasing a instrumental deal after a killer album but feel that speaks even more to his authenticity. Enjoying it as background music while I work. Sludge River Stomp 👌.

- Beautiful Album

Very well played instruments! Wonderful album to listen to!

- Thank you I can’t stop listening

I can’t explain why or how but this album feels like a balm to my soul. The instrumentals are all I want to listen to in the car, in the kitchen, at work, everywhere. Thank you

- Solid

Hear a little Mr. Bojangles in there. And nice to see Mr. Childers has a social conscience too.

- “Stick to music”

‘How dare you have an opinion and express that opinion! You’re here for our entertainment and nothing else!’ Double edged sword of the internet is giving people who think and say things like that a voice to find others as short sighted as they are, you can’t fix stupid. GREAT MUSIC, GREAT ALBUM, GREAT HUMAN BEING!

- ...

I need words!

- Terrible!

Politics aside this is a waste of 8 bucks!

- RIP Tyler Childers :(

Listened to Tyler Childers for years and loved his music. He WAS my favorite new country artist. This is a huge disappointment. We listen to music for a break from politics and to escape the world around us. At least country music still has Cody Jinks...

- Great album

Good for you Tyler! I stand with you brother! Keep up the good work and we love you!

- Powerful

Love Tyler even more

- Awful

Bad. Bad. Bad.

- Great music, preachy message.

Love me some Childers. But, I cannot get along with the video. While the whole peace message is great, the part about supporting BLM is disappointing. I have everything else he’s put out and still continued to buy this one even after I watched the video. I can enjoy track 9 more if I ignore the fact that the lyrics are about “racial injustices.” I love the people complaining about it being instrumental. Do you not preview an album before you buy it? It great to just put on and do some work to. I would have rated this 5 stars if not for the video and message behind it.

- Love it

All of you that are complaining about the instrumentals seem to just not understand what true Appalachian music is. You can't complain that you didn't know because it was a surprise and he released a (powerful) video message beforehand explaining it and it has countless descriptions you should've heeded before listening. And for the message, human decency and believing in equal rights isn't just a liberal quality. It's not about your political standpoint. It's about your morals. He should keep doing what he's doing. Great record

- Timely and appreciated

Thank you for representing the best of the Bluegrass state

- Disappointed again

An instrumental album. The top track and title track is the only one with vocals, and I listened to it before deciding to buy the album. Would return it if I could, if an album is instrumental it should be abundantly clear that it is. It wasn’t.

- Sell out

Bought all music by Childers including this and this is the last for sure. Sticking to real country and Chris Stapleton

- Disappointed

Disappointed that Tyler is a Commie, really wish these “artists” would stick to music

- Thank you, TC!!

Wonderful album. I love the music and the message Tyler puts forth. Proud to be an Appalachian.

- Garbage

Keep politics out of entertainment

- Why???

First Isbell, now Childers. What is it about getting sober that seems to take your creativity away? I understand the world is a mess, but music should be an escape from the world, not a political tool. I respect his right to speak his mind, but I also wish he’d remember why he has the platform.

- Amazing

Thank you, Tyler! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

- Disappointed...

I'm all for an instrumental record but many of these songs are heavily repetitive. I'm a little down on Tyler's "message" and wish he didn't feel the need to precede this record to preach his social justice stance with the opening video and would've just let the listener interpet the lyrics on their own. I will still remain a fan.

- Nice to hear that instrumental music

Love it

- Horrible

Don’t waste your money!

- I’m a New Fan!

Great Music! Also love the message of promoting Empathy!

- Timmy Ty gets it

Social justice and equality for all is an important aspect of life and should not be classified to many of you as “political views” and that he needs to keep those views out of his music. Get outta here with that. As far as the album goes, this man never disappoints and continues to push out excellent music.

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