When It Rains It Pours - Luke Combs Lyrics

Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours song lyrics
Artist:   Luke Combs
Album:   This One's for You
Genre:   Country
Date:   07 October 2016 (USA)
Track No:   8 / 12
Duration:   4 minutes 02 seconds

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Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours Song Lyrics

Sunday morning man
She woke up fightin' mad
Bitchin' and moanin' on and on
'Bout the time I had
And by Tuesday you could say
That girl was good as gone
Then when Thursday came around I was all alone
So I went for a drive to clear my mind
Ended up at a Shell on I-65

Then I won a hundred bucks on a scratch-off ticket
I bought two 12-packs and a tank of gas with it
She swore they were a waste of time
Ah, but she was wrong
I was caller number five on a radio station
Won a four day 3 night beach vacation
Deep sea señorita fishin' down at Panama
And I ain't gotta see my
Ex-future-mother-in-law anymore

When It Rains It Pours (Luke Combs) Song Lyrics Reviews & Comments

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  • Lilesfred05

    5 stars
    Love love love. This has become one of my favorite albums!!
  • Szadis52

    5 stars
    Phenomenal. Luke sings with such passion in every song and it really makes you feel like you’re at a concert with him every time.
  • Chrissie Snow

    5 stars
    Favorite Artist!. Love this whole album. I could listen to it on repeat all day long.
  • Bellagaeta

    5 stars
    He puts Country Music back in Country! Love Luke and his music 💙💪🏼. He’s pure he’s genuine and his music makes you sing and dance every time you hear it or play it 💙💙💙👌🏼
  • Abrofromtn

    5 stars
    Been waiting for years for this album. Can’t get enough, I keep it on repeat
  • helmer39071

    5 stars
    Awesome. Man this guy is going to rise up to the top! Great album and class act
  • gavieboo

    5 stars
    Amazing song. It's so amazing when l'm sad it cheers me up
  • NaéNaé

    5 stars
    Amazing!!. Luke has an amazing voice! After hearing 1 song on the radio, I bought the album without hesitation, and I couldn't love it more!! 😍 Been listening to it non stop since I bought it!!
  • KdawgTriviaCracker

    5 stars
    💜 From the Beginning 💯. I fell in love with his first music, and now his newest music are my favorite songs currently out on the radio!!! - Also helps he is crazy attractive! 😉💜🎶
  • broclie12

    5 stars
    Yes!!!! 🤗. When it Rains it Pours is my favorite song!! I listen to it at least three times a day! His voice is rich and is so easy to listen to all day long.
  • SamBonePromos

    5 stars
    Jake Hoot Sounds Like Ronnie Dunn on Luke Combs' "When It Rains It Pours” - The Voice Blinds
  • FDRadioRocks

    5 stars
    #FDRadioNowPlaying #OneChildOneInstrument #80s #disco #pop #nowplaying listen on …
  • Wzqrfm

    5 stars
    Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours (Radio Edit)Luke Combs20172
  • 541ryde

    5 stars
    Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours via @YouTube
  • JMediaFMRadio

    5 stars
    #JMediaFMRadio 🔊 Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours
  • Ayyjessicaaaa

    5 stars
    Luke combs was right... when it rains it pours.
  • HopeRahn

    5 stars
    I always listen to my music on shuffle and it went from lithium by Nirvana to When it rains it pours by Luke combs…
  • Cailin_sampey

    5 stars
    Luke combs when it rains it pours is literally my life 🤪
  • Whiteboycryalot

    5 stars
    @anchor_arms When it rains it pours by Luke Combs
  • Whatsoeverradio

    5 stars
    ON AIR at WSER-Global: Luke Combs with When It Rains It Pours. Listen on, ,
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