Cold As You Song Lyrics

Cold As You by Luke Combs Song Lyrics

Just a junked out joint off a backroad
Blinkin' window sign with an arrow
The gravel Iot chock full of toolbox trucks
Makin' their happy hour way home
When guys like me lose girls like you
That's where we run to

They got "Whiskey River" on a jukebox

The honky tonk sawdust dance floor

A neon, five o'clock, pro clock

Plenty damn many when you want one more

Of this broke heart fool on an old bar stool

Drinkin' beer almost as cold as you

Bunch of good time numbers on the stall door

Picture you on a dart board

Them cinder block walls ain't ever been cleaned

Still ain't as dirty as you done me

They got "Whiskey River" on a jukebox

The honky tonk sawdust dance floor

A neon, five o'clock, pro clock

Plenty damn many when you want one more

Of this broke heart fool on an old bar stool

Drinkin' beer almost as cold as you

They got "Whiskey River" on a jukebox

A honky tonk sawdust dance floor

A neon, five o'clock, pro clock

Plenty damn many when you want one more

Of this broke heart fool on an old bar stool

Drinkin' beer almost as cold as you

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Luke Combs - Cold As You Song Reviews

- Love it!

Luke Combs is amazing!


Don’t support such a horrible human being!!!

- Yuck🤢

Trash music made by a trash person 🤮

- Ugh

Country needs to retire

- Mwah the best

arianas song sucked. This is gold😼

- Amazing.

There is very few country artists that can actually have every song, in each album, duplicate or not, and every single song is amazing.

- Eww

This man is so racist it makes me ears bleed!!

- Forever After All

Love everything he releases. Great job Luke!

- Never fails

People need to stop comparing ari to Luke. Two very different genres. Both have talent, no need to throw hate like that it’s unnecessary. We love you Luke! I don’t care what anybody says but you kill every song you sing and make, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! I love to see all your dreams come true❤️ don’t listen to the haters cause they still waste their time writing reviews that won’t ever top your fellow bootleggers!❤️

- Luke Delivers Again

He’s the next Strait, Jones, and Williams Jr. all rolled into one. Every song he has hits the mark - the man simply does not put out bad tracks. I eagerly follow his career and cannot see where he will go with it. Also, all the butthurt Ariana stans - you reflect poorly on Ari. I’m sure she doesn’t want that. Y’all cool off.

- Trash

Absolutely terrible music

- Trash

Didn’t like it could’ve done an ep instead of re releasing old songs and stream positions your racist and Misogynistic Ariana deserves to be number 1

- Love Luke Combs!!!!

Luke Combs never disappoints!

- Gaga and Ariana remain superior.

Snooze fest all around

- Look into his old tweets


- A good sound that is becoming addictive

I was slow to sign on, but friends really like you and recommended your music. i am so glad I listened.

- flop

this tanked and ari outsold so go stream positions the album tonight

- Would not recommend

I am a HUGE fan of country music but this doesn’t attract my likings. Very repetitive and lyrics are nonsense.

- amazing!!

Luke always gives us the best music!! This album has some of his best songs.

- Ariana is WAY BETTER

Y’all really over here giving the confederate flag supporter the number 1 spot on the charts? Do better

- It can’t get better than this

Luke never fails to impress. He makes music that touches the lives of everyone in one way or another. I’m not ashamed to say I have all his songs on repeat and it never gets old.

- Stream Luke Combs Forever After All!!

stop writing reviews on this album about trying to get people to listen to Ariana. Honestly in my opinion Luke Combs is a better singer than Ariana. (MY OPINION) Ariana has maaaaaany more #1 hits than Luke Combs. So maybe just give him a chance and we will see what he has to bring in the future. LUKE COMBS!

- Bootlegger

Make history with this one!

- Awesome artist!

Luke Combs is the best there is and he will go down in history for his voice, his songs, live performances and his personality

- Amazing Album

Absolute goat

- So overrated

Literally every country song sounds the same, and this is no different 🤢

- 🐐🐐🐐

Introducing Luke Combs to family and friends feels amazing. With these songs and plenty in the past, he makes everything so relatable and great to see people’s reactions on how great he is. #BootLeggers

- Don’t buy

He a racist and doesn’t believe in woman’s rights at all

- lol

someone’s money hungry

- Love this!

Huge fan of Luke’s music! Excellent “album”.


This album is everything I never thought I’d need for 2020. Gets me pumped before work. My boyfriend and I sing these songs to each other through FaceTime. Forever after all has been a song we’ve been waiting to be released since we heard it in TikTok. I remember hearing Luke Combs for the first time on the radio. And his music got me through it the hardest breakup in my life. And his music brought me to the love of my life. THIS ALBUM IS AND WILL BE AMAZING!! Country music is still alive and going strong💕

- eh

nothing special

- A staple for your library’

This man is unbelievable. His writing ability, voice & his character is spot on!!

- Best album yet

Best Luke combs album yet! He just keeps getting better and better with time! Love all songs!

- Forever after all

Awesome song. Some of us still believe in forever. Great lyrics.

- racist, homophobic, and sexist

when he’s all three ... it’s getting weird

- Bad bad bad

New music is bad

- Terrible

the slbum was really bad it was a maga fest with nuthing but [email protected] music deserves no attention he is also obese and should admit himself into a hospital because he looks like hes one burger away from a heart attack.

- trash


- Goat

You are goated

- #1

Amazing album

- Sounds like every other country song

I could literally find 50 other songs that sound exactly like “forever after all”. It’s disappointing to have to hear the same vocal production time and time again, give us something new . In addition, this album lacks talent. It doesn’t take much to sing these songs and sound good as opposed to other artists in the charts with actual real vocal talent.

- garbage

racist flop wbk


I can’t believe you have a confederate flag on your guitar! Not surprised because you are a white man! And that tweet about nicki aka the queen of rap! I hope you flop because you wanted more money and wanted to realease a deluxe?!?! FLOP AND A RACIST STREAM POSTIONS AND NICKIS 5TH ALBUM WHEN IT COMES OUT

- Deluxe!

In love with all his music! These new songs are awesome!

- Best music ever

He never fails to impress

- Forever after all

Luke Combs is the best and Forever after all speaks to my heart. Amazing music by an extraordinary musician!!

- Love the new songs

Absolutely love Cold as you and The other guy. I hope you make history Luke you deserve it. All these people hating on country music for no reason. You deserve to be #1. You’re awesome and the haters are always goin to hate. Keep making great music and don’t stop.

- Does to me

Great as always

- Amazing

Luke never disappoints ❤️

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Sonia Mehraulia

@Matt_LeBlanc In this cold weather, enjoying friends at home, nothing can give me that much happiness as you give. #joeytribbiani #Love🤗😍.

Alan Vena

@ABC What is shameful is you lady and I use that term loosely. I say that you sold yourself to Trump and that you are as cold blooded as he is. You got your fame and fortune and now it’s time to shut your mouth..

Nyx || 성화 love bot

As you were bout to say anytg you felt his cold hand on your thigh moving up your inner thigh as he leans back on his chair. And as you were about to interrupt, yeosang quietly whispers, "ssh stay quiet kitten, you dont want us to get caught".


It’s already cold here in FL I know AC cold as hell. The wind be bout to blow you over too.

James Howes 🏴‍☠️

@HannahGTFC @bushontheradio @absoluteradio I am sure it was tennis when I was at school 😳 Lord of the Dance is another absolute banger along with This Little Light of Mine. How can you forget When I Needed a Neighbour? The giggles from Year 5 and 6 as you tried to sing "I was cold, I was naked" 😂.

Ronell(Simba 🦁)

@_thatprettymf__ Oooh, you as good as Waldorf. 😅😅 jk, I'm a single man, but the babies good, aside from the younger one gettin' thru a cold..

Dumpster fire Avenger

@RedlnHerLedger - that it was going to cold. Ice cold, as hell. “So, what you’re saying is. It’s going to be cold as fuck.” The archer shouted as he leaned his back against the wall. “What do you think Natasha? The abominable snowman? The yeti king of the -. expert - Elaine Clark

@KnutsfordNews would you be interested in this as a story? Rep going from house to house cold calling during a pandemic! How stupid is that? .

Hannah “wear a feucht-in’ mask!” Bunker

@KyleJamesHoward It’s like diagnosing malignant cancer as a cold. You have to call it what it is in order to treat it to make it healthy..


@HiddenKaguya use the sheer rage you feel from the cold as warmth.

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