What You See Is What You Get

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Artist:   Luke Combs
Album Name:   What You See Is What..
Genre:   Country
Relase:   08 November 2019
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

What You See Is What You Get (Luke Combs) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Beer Never Broke My Heart 3:06
2.Refrigerator Door 3:24
3.Even Though I'm Leaving 3:45
4.Lovin' on You 3:15
5.Moon Over Mexico 3:24
6.1, 2 Many 3:00
7.Blue Collar Boys 3:41
8.New Every Day 3:19
9.Reasons 3:44
10.Every Little Bit Helps 4:08
11.Dear Today 3:39
12.What You See Is What You Get 2:52
13.Does To Me (feat. Eric Church) 3:43
14.Angels Workin' Overtime 4:13
15.All Over Again 3:30
16.Nothing Like You 3:16
17.Better Together 3:37

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What You See Is What You Get (Luke Combs) Album Comments

What You See Is What You Get (Luke Combs) Album Reviews

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  • countrygirl1

    5 stars
    Great Album. I was skeptical of this album at first but the more I listen the more I love it!! Great album!!
  • Binski07

    5 stars
    💕 what hasn’t broke my heart 🍻. Awesome music to listen to when working!🚜 🌱
  • jpowe613

    5 stars
    Pure Country. The title speaks for itself! Amazing record all the way through!
  • a real country fan

    5 stars
    Done right. Yes lots of songs about beer and tractors and breaks ups! Hahaha that’s the point country music is not about city lights and fine wine with theater lol. He’s doing it right or else he wouldn’t have made it in the grand ole opre so young. Love his sounds and lyrics sure lots about beer yes but it’s okay that’s what it’s supposed to be! Stop trying to put this new pop twist on everything if you want that there is a whole genre called pop you can go to and talk about the city and find dining and pretty things all you want. This guys brings back all the traditional country with a little newer stronger sound and that’s fine. Keep singing about tractors, truck, beer, guns, love and the south that’s what country music is. If your looking for the city lights and date nights and staying indoors and not being around the fire with tailgates down go to pop, hip-hop, rap and r&b, you can talk about all that there lol! I have even heard country songs that have a lyric saying how they can even start a fire, well that ain’t country lol. this is country music keep it going Luke and who ever else is involved in this! To everyone else stop hating on the old sounds of country we need it now more that ever and this guy can deliver along with a few others!!
  • ChrisJo72

    5 stars
    HEYL YEAH!!!. I LOVE LUKE’s music and the fact that he is stickin to “ country” unlike MOST of the country singers now days.. KEEP IT UP LUKE❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Perez H

    5 stars
    Thank you. I’m reading a lot of hate comments here. I’m Hispanic, didn’t grow up listening to country. I join the army, made some good friends and got myself an American bread girlfriend and they all like country but it was just ok to me besides Johnny Cash (that man was something else) but then I heard this man and I have to say, because of him country music won my heart and this album is amazing and Luke is a wonderful artist so thank you!!!!
  • the utah redneck

    5 stars
    Luke. What you see is what you get is such a good song! Probably my favorite on the album along with many others! Keep it up!!!!! 🤠
  • kcolrehs69

    5 stars
    How can you hate?. This album is amazing! To those who are hating on all his beer songs: That’s one of the main things country is all about so… no point in stopping writing about what songs are supposed to be about. I don’t think there’s a single song by Combs I don’t like. Keep doin yo thang!
  • B_RAD!ca/

    5 stars
    Reviewing. 5star for sure best music you won’t regret it promise!!
  • skmnc100

    5 stars
    Finally a country album that’s actually country. Great album with everything that country is supposed to be. His last album was great but this one is a very well thought out and legitimate completely country album. SICK OF POP being marketed as country. This is great!

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