What You See Is What You Get

Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Luke Combs
Album Name:   What You See Is What..
Genre:   Country
Relase:   08 November 2019
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

What You See Is What You Get (Luke Combs) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Beer Never Broke My Heart 3:06
2.Refrigerator Door 3:24
3.Even Though I'm Leaving 3:45
4.Lovin' on You 3:15
5.Moon Over Mexico 3:24
6.1, 2 Many 3:00
7.Blue Collar Boys 0:00
8.New Every Day 0:00
9.Reasons 0:00
10.Every Little Bit Helps 0:00
11.Dear Today 0:00
12.What You See Is What You Get 2:52
13.Does To Me (feat. Eric Church) 0:00
14.Angels Workin' Overtime 0:00
15.All Over Again 0:00
16.Nothing Like You 0:00
17.Better Together 0:00

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What You See Is What You Get (Luke Combs) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • wombats are awesone

    5 stars
    I love Luke Combs. Luke Combs new alum in REALLY AWESOME
  • Jack b nimble 2

    5 stars
    1 Star?. I wonder who a earth could ever give this guy a 1 star review? Are you freaking nuts? The most anticipated album release in my world right now! At-a-boy Luke.
  • John sala

    5 stars
    Single handily is going to bring back country!!. This is what real country sounds like!!! People that are hating don’t know real country!!!
  • XxLeeannxX

    5 stars
    Love it. Good music
  • EJVanderweerd

    5 stars
    Love it!. Love it!
  • petepaulrock

    1 stars
    Boring. Classic pandering country Now hung new here
  • SirBadAss00

    5 stars
    Amazing!. I’ve loved his music ever since he release hurricane. Had the opportunity to meet him a couple years ago in front of his tour bus in Memphis. This man is the real deal. Very genuine and polite. Can’t wait for this album!
  • TWF_KY

    5 stars
    More Great Country Music from Luke Combs. Refrigerator Door is great. Can’t wait until this full album gets released. I’ve completely given up on Nashville & Country Music except for Luke Combs. I don’t buy a single song or album anymore on iTunes except for Luke Combs. I hope Nashville looks up one day soon & realizes they have put themselves out of business & they’re cash flow has dried up bc they simply put out garbage that the people that buy Country Music won’t pay for. Thankfully Luke Combs is defying the Nashville Executives & putting out Country Music that the fans want & need.
  • Macdonldchris

    5 stars
    Real country. Some of u are complete why Luke Combes is the awesome country singer out there the albums he does is all real country music
  • Jcssky

    1 stars
    Yes indeed!. More beer will help. Day job will be good. Enough beer songs!

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