POWER UP [AC/DC] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:37
2 4:06
3 3:05
4 3:32
5 3:10
6 3:42
7 3:30
8 2:54
9 3:39
10 3:12
11 3:05
12 3:31
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POWER UP by AC/DC Album Reviews

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- Still at it!


- They do what they do

Thats all you need to know.GREAT!!!!!!

- Best album in 20 years of rock n roll

Album is a must buy


First time best since back in black

- Unexpected

I did not expect AC/DC to make another album. But man this one is soooo good! Every song is great and has that old AC/DC sound that I love.

- A Solid Release from MVP Hard Rockers

Rock fans expect A LOT from AC/DC because we’ve been spoiled rotten by their consistently stellar musical output. Most bands can’t even make ONE great album. AC/DC struck gold, song after song, year after year for DECADES. That’s why they are legends. This new release isn’t their best by a long shot; it’s not their worst either. What’s inspiring is that these guys...despite death, health crisis, and the creeping hands of time trying to hold them back, they REFUSE to back down or give up on the glorious power of rock n roll. I’m cranking “Wild Reputation” and “No Man’s Land” loudly as I do other AC/DC classics. Why? Cause there are moments on this album that are UNDENIABLE: Moments where I instantly roll the windows down and step on the gas because the boys are DELIVERING: hypnotizing guitar riffs, a bulldozing, relentless beat, and clever, cheeky lyrics. The best thing about 2020 for America? Some new killer AC/DC songs worth blasting to kickstart the party. ‘Nuff said....

- It really does beat a walk in the park

It doesn’t matter how old they are, AC/DC will forever be the kings of hard rock.

- Goats of Rock-&-Roll

Best to ever do it

- They’re BACK

AC/DC is back with the lineup we all wanted. This album delivers.

- You better give me what I want, or I’ll bleed on you...

At Metacritic, which assigns a normalisedrating out of 100 to reviews from professional publications, the release received an averagescore of 79, based on 18 reviews, indicating "Generally favourable reviews".

- The ROCK never stops with AC/DC!!!

This is another instant classic, at 70+ years old these guy are still doing it better than anyone about there. This is just pure, real deal, bang your head, scream your lungs out hard rock!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!!!

- Old guys still rock

AC/DC is still raw and pure and back better than their last couple albums

- Awesome

Amazing and Awesome album from a timeless band that will live on as legends in rock n roll forever

- Classic!

Great album, of course, but how in the hell does Brian Johnson still have those pipes after all these years? A normal man would sound more like Bob Dylan by now!

- This is an AMAZING ALBUM

Through the mists if time is FANTASTIC 5 STARS

- Amazing!

Thanks,AC/DC, for bringing some light in this dark time, and for staying true to your roots! This album is amazing!


Thank you boys!!! Awesome album, even my tinnitus is jamming out to this! To those who gave 1 star. SOD OFF!!!

- New music from AC/DC... rock lives

For me evry song is AC/DC excellent... after so much bad formula driven contemporary popular music... if I'm going to go with a formula, it's when a classic band gives me excellent music. AC/DC delivered here for me. I am so pleased... playing this nonstop... My soul is rock and roll.

- Amazing Album

This is a fantastic album. Just what we needed in 2020. I love AC/DC! Keeping rock music alive!

- Hell yeah!

Best rock band ever puts out another great album.

- I just can’t buy it

The last 5 albums all sound the same. I mean the good stuff like Highway to Hell, Flick of the Switch, Powerage, Back in Black, High Voltage had songs that were all different sounding, not predictable. They had energy to them, aggressive energy. This sounds like Thunderstruck for 2 hours or the “Well let’s just stick to what we’ve been doing guys” syndrome. After all, we’re AC/DC, they’ll buy it and we’ll keep rolling in the money. Honestly it sounds like the Black Ice album, oh wait it sounds like Rock or Bust! Nah, I love the band, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it. Nothing iconic and new here to listen to that I’ll wanna keep playing day after day. It’s all the same same formula from the album before the album before etc.. you get my point. Yeah times change, but at this point, just retire. Don’t be a movie with 10 sequels.

- Rock farmer

AC/DC IS THE ROCK and They salute to Everyone who Rock and THIS New CD IS THE ROCK AN ROLL!!!!🎸

- Rest In Peace Malcolm

The boys sure made Malcolm proud with this album.

- Thank you AC/DC

This album is exactly what the doctor ordered I look forward to seeing them in concert asap!

- Great album

After so many years they’re still putting out such great music!!

- Trash

Trash. Rehashed melodies that sound exactly like their older stuff. Nothing new, nothing edgy, nothing I could listen to more than once.

- Honestly...

Huge, down-to-earth fan here. Back in Black is a five star album, so Power Up would be a 2 star album, at best. AC/DC has been stuck repeating the title of the song over and over again within a lot of songs since Flick of the Switch. Power Up songs have a lot of that going on in them. It would be great if they had a producer to hop in there and show them the light since this formula is worn out. Shot in the Dark and Code Red are my standouts.

- This rocks!!

Classic AC/DC!! This has been my go to album for my commute. Definitely gets the steering wheel drums going. These guys have put out another dose of fantastic rock n’ roll.

- No


- AC/DC still rocks

Amazing album love it

- Awesome


- Just when you think AC/DC is down for the count

Arguably this album is the best AC/DC has come out with in years. Obviously it all comes down to personal opinion. Personally I have always been more of a fan of the Bon Scott era of the band, Bon was a real lyricist. But there have been a few good albums Brian has fronted. After years of not having AC/DC it’s just nice to have them back. On this album there are quite a few good songs and it’s obvious the band put a lot of effort into coming out with album fans will enjoy. Yes it breaks no new ground but cmon man it’s AC/DC and they came out with a really fun album in a year that has sucked so much. Thanks guys for the album and for giving the fans something to think about and listen to that isn’t about the pandemic

- Classic

Really awesome to see them deliver an album as great as anything they have ever done really love it great job AC/DC 🤘🔥

- Mr. Rockman


- Welcome back AC/DC

It's so great to hear new Rock music from AC/DC!! Cool songs, I only wish there was a tour to look forward to. Prayers for 2021....

- 🙄

It goes without saying that after Malcolm Young passed away, that was the end of AC/DC. He IS AC/DC's sound and this album besides Shot In The Dark is not worth buying. You have two types of people when rating music the purist who analyze it thoroughly and then the people who like it because it is a favorite band they listen to regardless of how it sounds. I'll stick to the older stuff.

- Awesome album

Rejection, realize, shot in the dark, witch’s spell are all fire, and sounds like classic AC/DC hits

- Phenomenal

Malcolm would be proud. I can’t stop listening......

- give it a rest already

missing malcolm

- Exactly what I expected

A great way to just chill and enjoy some simple rock and roll as is the exact point why most people listen to AC/DC. Old dogs can still pound out the tunes! Thanks boys!

- We all know this is a banger already

You know it’s a banger when it’s AC/DC, a lot of the songs have the same vibe, the same good vibe, and if you came here and gave this a one star review, then somethings wrong with you, these men are in their 70s playing like they did in the 70s, when all it was was the classics, name a song by AC/DC, it’ll always have the same vibe. You can make anything if you’re AC/DC, and no matter what, it’ll always be good, this is what we need, I like some music from today, but I don’t want to hear the n word in every song, music needs to come back to this, where we could just party all day, and note, I didn’t live in the 80s, but we all know it was wild, parties, mosh pits, etc. If you like 1 song, you’ll like every song

- licks keep on tickin

just a great band. glad to hear brian sounding the same. unbelievable for there age.

- Just Awesome!!!

Nothing left to say but just awesome!!


The boys are back always been a fan🔥🔥🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸🎸

- Made this old pappy happy

A new AC/DC that is awesome from start to finish. 65 years old and been rocking AC/DC most of them...

- Power Up -AC/DC

There is something very comforting about certain things, that we can routinely count on: Nat King Cold on Christmas, The Beach Boys on a beautiful California beach in the summer, and now AC/DC shows up, with their voyage down, in a time in history, that is anything but certain. Poser Up is full of familiar three chord tracks, that get beat to hell by Phil Rudd’s drumming Chris Evans bass playing, all the while Angus Young’s guitar, slices and dices, through song after song. ,while Brian Johnson’s gravely voice, fashions a perfect compliment to his band mates Members, well into the 70’s, are a welcome sound to a rock scene that has scene it's best days behind it. Long live AC/DC! Cheers to you fellas!

- Outstanding

Thanks boys - It's just what I needed in 2020.

- Power up and up

Great to see the world’s best rock and roll band reformed and ready to rock. Power up to 11!

- Thank You Angus Young

Never goes out of style !!!


Through the mists of time. RIP Malcolm, Long live AC/DC

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Undrgrndkng - acdc

some new tracks!

canned snow - Fantastic album !

This is a fantastic album. Their best work in decades. Malcolm is smiling down from Rock N Roll heaven, and he is proud.

2thescorpion2 - Amazing tribute album!

Thanx for the Power Up boys! Miss ya Malcolm! We choose ROCK!🤟🏾

ellen.ss18 - Awesome!!!

One of my favourite albums of all time!!! My dad won’t stop listening to there new album! ❤️😊

yellow_scar - Good

My teacher and I talked about this at school😂

captaincommentz - Ruined

The high hats are ruining this album... not sure how the producers missed this.......

derekpaul72 - AC⚡️DC ARE BACK!!!!!!

The boys from down under our back in a big way. This is the best thing to happen in 2020. Period. Classic AC/DC song writing. You can hear Malcolm in every riff. So good to hear from one of the biggest bands in the world.Get ready to rock your face off!

woke up in a dream - Awesome

Finally something to light up everyone’s day in 2020, great music. Malcolm Lives through the music, thanks to the band.

mrwisers69 - Good tunes

It’s all good

ric9865 - Awesome!

Finally something good happened this year!

shoot-to-thrill - AC/DC never disappoints

great album

JBG The Name - 🔥🔥🔥🔥AC⚡️DC is Back🔥🔥🔥🔥

real rock n roll that sounds like the 80s-90s 😎 amazingly GOOD

Star turtle - Respect

These guys came to Canada many years ago and played our SarsStock when SARS hit Ontario hard. They played with Rush and many other bands and even though I was a huge fan of Rush as a kid, these guys honestly blew everyone off the stage. My mom loved it. She’s gone now, but as a kid, “Powerage” and everything up to “Back in Black” were regulars on my turntable. This album is just straight Rock and Roll and speaking for me, Thank Phuck! It’s exactly what I needed. Good to see them still going and providing a soundtrack as a reprieve from the madness going on. LOVE IT👊🏻❤️👊🏻

Wiz wannabes - It’s midnight! Give me my songs!

Album is great! ITunes has changed. I was listening to Rock or Bust at 12am Nov 18 2014!!! I can’t get the whole album yet. It’s pre-ordered! Sorry....but needed to rant!

Jay Canning - First new album in six years and the wait was worth it!

Even in their 70’s or 60’s, AC/DC can still make a kickass album! Great work, guys! 🤘

acdcStar - Shot in the dark

I really like the new song shot in the dark . Will be the best song on that album

Dstroy_Acadi3n - De la vrai bombe

Sa prendrez 50 étoile car AC/DC encore une fois après toute ses années y sorte un CD ( que j'attends avec impatience lol) qui marque le monde du rock qui donne le gout d'écouter a fond dans ma voiture 💪🏻😎🤟🏻

GunnerInSaskCda - Just what the Dr ordered!!

A Shot in the Dark!!! Love it.

Sir Master J - Still Rockin’

The Boyz are still rockin, and are here to save 2020 with a new album for us! What more could we ask for?


Good to have the boys back together when AC/DC picked up Axl Rose for vocals on their last tour that was one of the saddest days in the history of Rock and Roll . I just listen to the first single off the new album well it is what it is it’s Rock and Roll Malcolm would be proud . “Nice way to end 2020”

mel and son 75 - Acdc is dead

Avec tous les problèmes du groupe depuis quelques années ils devraient arrêter leur carrière,un qui est sourd un qui souffre de demances bref leur carrière est fini ,vive les débuts du groupe qui était leurs meilleurs années Mel and son

Afnewfie - The greatest band in the World....ever!!

Loved this incredible band since TNT! Favourite and none compare. Welcome back boys. Malcolm and Bon would be proud!!!

Front Row Jan. 9, 2009 - Angus and the Boys are Back!

...and boy does Brian Johnson sound great! LOVE this song and November 13, 2020 can't come fast enough for me. There are just no words to express how bad this year (2020) has been yet PWR/UP just outright makes up for it! Thanks Lads Acca/Dacca forever. RIP MAL it great hearing from you.

Samu004 - Love AC/DC


Nikodonis - Fantastic

Glad AC/DC put out this new album. It rocks like everything AC/DC does. Thanks Angus and AC/DC I’m glad you’re still rocking it.

Wes---- - Love it!

Thanks AC/DC for bringing some normal into this crazy world! Hearing this song inspired me to listen to the whole Back In Black album during my workout which ended up being my hardest in a long time lol. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks!

Sweet daddy cane - Real Rock Music ‼️😎

What a concept ❗️😎

Al - Digger - Pure Medicine

A great tune that brings you up !

Antho666 - AC/DC IS BACK AFTER 6 YEARS WITH a 17th album


Lspence 16 - Amazing

Great new song. Sounds like an instant classic. My kids can’t stop duckwalking around the house when it’s on!

NovaScotia Stong - Finally

It’s great to see the guys all together again and enjoying what they love doing making music. I can’t wait until the world gets back to normal so we can see these legends live in concert again

1tuffndn - Angus & the boys are back

Can't wait to hear the rest of the song on power up shot in the dark is great another cool acdc tune

Holben2005 - Our COVID-19 vaccine 🤘

Enough said, it’s AC/DC 🤘

FoMoCo17 - Absolutely Unreal!!!!

Instant classic, so mind blowingly good!!!!!

HoomanDashti - 🤘🏼

AC/DC for life.

ILoveMysmartCar - First Song = Awesome

Big Fan, love the new music and can’t wait for rest of album!

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acegobsmacked47 - A Rock N’ Roll Punch In The Chops

Everyone has an opinion. As for mine, well I don’t expect anything like their <1980s work, that was when they were young, hungry and had everything to prove. I got my hands on a cassette of Ballbreaker in 1996 having never heard of them and since then when they’ve put anything out, I just want it to be GOOD and not feature anything like Mistress For Christmas from TRE. This album IS good and I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times now and i can safely say that 10 out of the 12 tracks give you what you want from AC/DC and at this point in the game, my opinion is that’s pretty remarkable.

DAZZER987 - Just enjoy

Let’s just get a few things clear here, this is not classic AC/DC, Let There Be Rock, Highway To Hell, Back In Black or any personal favourite you care to pick. But it is AC/DC and lets just be happy that there’s another album from the worlds greatest rock n roll band. From the first note it’s obvious who it is, so savour every track as this may be a fitting encore to a wonderful career, and don’t forget to Power Up!!!!

ggerry688 - Not the best

Some good rifts but not up to ACDCs greatest songs

Mr T88 - AC/DC

Malcolm would be proud, well done, No 1!!

Dunc Tyke - Best effort for a long time

There are some genuinely great archetypal AC/DC songs on here - monster riffs, catchy shout-along choruses, etc. We simply can’t expect BIB2, not at this stage of their careers, but it’s a really listenable album pretty much all the way through. However, I’d wish they’d remember that all of their great albums had 10 songs max - I’d ditch No Man’s Land and Systems Down (plodders) and it would definitely be a case of “less is more”. Overall, really good.

Brownie 19 - Highlight of the year

A hugely enjoyable album and a much better one than anyone really had a right to expect after the traumas that the band have been through over the last few years. Yes there will be the usual criticism from people saying all the songs sound the same ,i dont agree with that and i never have. ACDC have a winning formula and stick to it and i woudnt want it any other way and i hope that this isnt the last time we hear from angus and the boys.

Dan_437 - AC/DC are BACK!

Sounds amazing , Brian sounds very good and the whole album is just great. Glad to see them back. RIP EVH

Happy happy lol - Sound is awful

Sorry guys I love your music and was over the moon to know it wasn’t over yet , but the sound is shocking ! Sounds like it was recorded over a standard cheapo mic set up , came to buy the album but doubt I’ll bother

Chrisrome - Trash

Horrible i wouldnt call it MUSIC!!!


All aboard the rock n roll train! Yet another flawless album from the greatest band to exist. 2020 saved. Brilliant guys, Malcolm would be proud.

mihajlo1372 - Boys back in Town

What you can say miserable year and then (light) AC⚡️DC on the end of (tunnel) year bright evening. Thank you AC⚡️DC

BasildonianJames - An average album...

After the disappointment of 'Rock of Bust' its good that they've produced another album, and a stronger effort than the previous release. You can't deny that they rock, still, after all these years. The riffs are still there but it's not as strong as many of the previous albums. I love AC/DC and have done since the 1990's so I hope the album is a massive success for them.

Real Roxfan - Incredible album

AC/DC stil got it!!! brilliant sound and tracks.. unfortunatly there aren't many left of bands who makes real music like them. Well done guys and keep rocking!

Bodlod - One-Paced and Repetitive!

Got excited after hearing track 1, only to find nearly all the other tracks are similar speed and with similar sounding tunes! Sorry guys - love you but.....

Callum Elliott-Wallace - AC/DC

Man got to be second best album out of all of them they have done together

Pistol pete 251170 - Best rock band in the world

Seen AC/DC back in 1988 live with dokken never looked back love there new album they just know how to make good music

ad hoc al - AC/DC for the 2020’s

Power up Volume up Bounce up and down This is a fitting tribute to Malcolm, a head nodding, foot stomping rock and roll album. Once again the boys take their musical formula, like comfort food for the ears and blast out power cords married with a pounding drum and bass, topped with Brian and Angus doing what they do best. Every track on the album is a gem, it’s hard to pick stand outs, but “shot in the Dark” already feels like a classic. The guitar feed back to start “ Systems Down” builds to open the track out bringing us to the guitar, beat and vocal and as always there are key lines that click “we got a chain reaction, it needs immediate action” and “systems are burning out and they all fall down” seems to echo a 2020 vibe. Brian brings his deep vocal narration to introduce “Demon Fire” the guitar takes over to become the road you’re travelling along. You can take comfort in the track, that you’re not the only one that thinks, why do they “Kick You When You’re Down” to pull you through to it’s counter point “Witch’s Spell” with the AC/DC rock ‘n’ roll swing. I believe it could be contagious “Money Shot” what’s the antidote? Get this new album to help move forward to the end of 2020 and beyond. Years from now we’ll look back and smile “Through The Mist Of Time” blasting out and we’ll “Realize” they have the power to electrify. PWR⚡️UP

Andy All Black - Andy All Black

The year is 2020, Thank god we still have AC/DC.

ZA21 - Brilliantly Simple Tunes

AC/DC back with a simple but brilliant tune , Only AC/DC can do these catchy rock tunes time after time 👍 47 years in the business and still capable of these great tunes! Look forward to Nov 13th for the complete album **Update**Well having listened all day to the album I have to say its a Rip Roaring Classic ,2020 saved by AC/DC ‘s Best in 20 years!

Grateful Lifelong Fan - Power Up = Cheered Us Up

Wonderul album - put a smile on my face in the darkest of times. One listen through, instantly reaffirms that no band comes anywhere close to AC/DC. Amazing work guys, and thank-you - you make a massive difference to your fans! Please tour again when you can, having been a lifelong fan and seen you many times, I now want my kids to experience you play live - MH, Blackpool, England

stewrtieadams.co.uk - Great Album ...

In good voice Brian ....🎤🎸🎸🥁😎🥃🥃🥃

FoxyACDC - The boys are back on track

Shot in the dark is classic DC. Not complicated, fun, rock and roll hook, what’s more to say. It’s the lads FFS!! The volume must be loud !! Brilliant album from start to finish it’s easily a top three or four in the Johnson era Realize roars bloody brilliant. If you don’t like this album god help you 🥴

JAW2890 - Let There Be Rock!! (Again)

An awesome album that was well worth waiting for!! 😃🤘🏻🎤🎸🥁

alfman da dj - Sorry

I am not into rock but I have a relative who has been to all of there concerts

Dan M 77 - Never gets old!

This isn’t a Back in Black, but AC/DC consistently produce brilliant melodic, hard rock and this is no exception. So good to have them back. Code Red is a highlight.

We Big Man - Not the best but will grow on me.

It's an AC/DC album. No doubt about that. Little underwhelmed by it.

dmhancock512 - They’re back!

The best album since back in black - easy.

Ok pompom - Just what we need

A miracle that Brian's hearing has been saved. Angus always plays and sounds like only Angus can and Malcolm is still with them..in spirit and soul. We need AC/DC. This planet is a much happier place with this band. Sometimes musicians don't realise the full extent of their contribution to humanity, I.e. Why did Zeppelin fold? Never got over that one and what a loss to music and live touring. I could ramble on but there's no need. Just keep going guys...just keep going.

jty19 - The music scene needed this !

The best rock band ever, are back with another classic !

kikilouz - Amazing as always


Two wheels forever - Outstanding

Well they are back, AC/DC have got to be the best rock band of all time. This album has got some great grass route music of their earlier days. Brilliant work. Rock on.

Doodlep1g - Grab it while you can!

Good or bad we don’t yet know but the single is great and our hope is the album will be too. The band sounds great and looks good and the packaging is spot on. These boys are legends so grab it while you can and treasure every moment because the are not going to be around forever.

Buffsbluff - Words can't express how good it is to AC/DC again

It's been a long hard interlude. So good to hear Brian back in harness. AC/DC just turn the tap on again and out comes this fabulous sound. This could be the ultimate cure for Covid19.

Lord Marmalade - Outstanding

Pwr up... classic AC/DC. No more words required really. The very same so called music fans who criticise bands for changing their sound (Foos, BMTH, Biffy, A7X) will be the ones who also criticise bands for retaining their sound. AC/DC as always produce a sound that is deceptively “simple”. But it’s oh so complicatedly brilliant in every way. The world needs new AC/DC. 2020 needs new AC/DC. Thank you lads. Thank you Mal. Thank you Bon, without you both there would be no AC/DC. Thank you Brian, Angus, Phil, Cliff, Stevie and Chris Slade too, even dare I say it thank you Axl Rose. Multiple generations of AC/DC fans love you guys. Ignore the haters because the love by far outweighs the bad.

Cty4576 - AC/DC

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

DoctorNoir - YES!

Just came here from the demon fire trailer Im even more excited! 🤘🏻

Dizzyg123 - ???

Cover looks a lot like the one on Erasures latest album!!

Smanna - Amazing as always.

This band never fails to make amazing, feel-good music. Such a good sound.

Gurewittz - Back in Business

Great new song, good to have them back.

Mouseman0_0 - Full volume!!

The Boys are back!! Brilliantly simple, best played in the car at full volume with the windows down! 2020 just got better 🤘⚡️🎸

Slipmurder1 - Awesome

Awesome song can’t wait for the album

Bazz barron - full blast .

One for the car on full volume windows open even in winter. Wooop woooop.

manofmetal - trending water again

ac/dc by numbers again.another throw away from rock or bust. Just living of the back os the success from R N R train. ac/dc by numbers.

Matthew Abbott - So there is some hope this year

So there is some hope for this year! Just heard Bon Jovi’s new album and it was terrible. This though is proper music! They haven’t had an album since 2014 and am I disappointed by this song? Not in a million years! Shot In The Dark is like classic AC/DC! Can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out! 🎸 Glad to see them back. R.I.P Eddie Van Halen

paulusthewoodgnome - By numbers

OK not so bad afterall just a little underwhelmed that's all, decent enough and as most say it's AC/CD, rock on!

GNR Fan! - Rock and roll!

Finally a good rock album,R.I.P Eddie Van Halen

Return Of The Son Of Banjo - Glad they are still going

Worth 5 stars every time. Loved AC/DC summat like 40 years ago and still do : ) As an aside, R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen.

Thedocctor - Happy fan

Do we want anything radically different at this stage of their career. Hell no. This is AC/DC and they are back with a great new tune and as a fan I love it. Something to cheer us up in these dark times. Covid vaccine?? This is it

Lord_Vandal - Shot in the Dark

The boys are back!! 🤟🏻

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POWER UP (the "Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up") is an American non-profit organization and film production company with the stated mission "to promote the visibility and integration of gay women in entertainment, the arts, and all forms of media". It was founded in 2000 by K. Pearson Brown, Stacy Codikow and Amy Shomer. Its members include women and men, gay and straight. POWER UP provides funding and assistance to filmmakers, as well as producing its own films. After several short films, its first feature film was the comedy Itty Bitty Titty Committee directed by Jamie Babbit. In 2004, POWER UP was awarded the Leadership Award by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.In 2001 K. Pearson Brown, one of the founding members, brought a sexual harassment suit against another founding member, Stacey Codikow. Codikow counter-sued alleging that Brown had made sexual overtures towards her and accusing Brown of defamation. Codikow also demanded Brown's resignation on the grounds that she was bisexual, and Brown later resigned. Both suits were dropped in late 2002..

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