Flat On the Floor Song Lyrics

Flat On the Floor by Carrie Underwood Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Carrie Underwood song Flat On the Floor coming soon. Today's advice: ❝If it still itches after a week, go to the doctors.❞

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Carrie Underwood - Flat On the Floor Song Reviews

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All american girl. I absalutely love this song! It has a real meaning

Oh my gosh. This is a work of art.. I like every single song. I can just play the album on repeat all the time nonstop. 1. Flat on the floor - 4.5/5 I love how county it is and it's constantly stuck in my head. So good! 2. All-American girl - 4.5/5 So sweet and cute and has the best music video ever! 3. So Small - 5.5/5 So beautiful and meaningful and just everything. Love love love it! 4. Just a dream - 5.5/5 so beautiful and sad and tell a great story 5. Get out of this town - 4/5 good but not quite as good as the first 4 6. Crazy dreams - 3/5 I think his is the only song I'm not feeling on this album 7. I know you won't - 4.5/5 originally didn't like, but it grew on me. Very very good 8. Last name - 5/5 catchy and good story - nice and sassy 9. You won't find this - 5.5/5 so good!!! Might be my favorite in the album!! So pretty and amazing. So so so so so so so so so good!! ❤️ 10. I told you so - 3/5 I'm just not feeling it. It's not a bad song, but doesn't shine as much as the others 11. The more boys I meet - 4/5 hilarious! 12. Twisted - 4/5 very good and very relatable 13. Wheel of the World - 6/5 beautiful!!! Just amazing!! Amazing lyrics, amazing voice, amazing song!!! Love love love love love love love LOVE!!!!

Not a bad song on the album!. Every single track is awesome! I love Play On and Blown Away, but I would like to see Carrie return to a Carnival Ride sound on future music. Album highlights include All American Girl, So Small, Just A Dream, and Wheel of the World. Oh, and I forgot Last Name, Flat on the Floor, and Get Out of This Town. Well, every song is great so buy it and you'll LOVE it.

Love it. I love this album it is AMAZING!!!!!

Wonderful album!!!!. I LOVED listening to this. There aren't too many Carrie Underwood songs I don't like. I really like the first song, "Flat on the Floor." I also like "Just a Dream" a lot. If you listen to this whole thing, you won't regret it and won't be wasting your time.

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Flat On the Floor (Carrie Underwood Song) Comments

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FAQs for Flat On the Floor

When did flat on the floor come out?

Flat On the Floor is a song that was released in 22 October 2007.

From which album is the song flat on the floor?

Flat On the Floor is a song from the Carnival Ride album.

Who performs the song flat on the floor?

Flat On the Floor is performed by Carrie Underwood.

How long is flat on the floor?

Flat On the Floor has a duration of 3:19 minutes.

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