Stages (Deluxe Version) by Josh Groban

Stages (Deluxe Version) [Josh Groban] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Pure Imagination (From "Charlie And... 4:23
2.What I Did For Love (From "A Chorus... 4:49
3.Bring Him Home (From "Les Misérabl... 3:23
4.Le Temps Des Cathédrales (From "No... 4:02
5.All I Ask Of You (Duet With Kelly C... 3:59
6.Try To Remember (From "The Fantasti... 4:39
7.Over The Rainbow (From "The Wizard ... 4:26
8.Children Will Listen / Not While I'... 4:36
9.You'll Never Walk Alone (From "Caro... 4:28
10.Old Devil Moon (feat. Chris Botti) ... 4:21
11.Finishing The Hat (From "Sunday In ... 3:08
12.If I Loved You (Duet With Audra McD... 4:16
13.Anthem (From "Chess") 3:28
14.Gold Can Turn To Sand (From "Kristi... 4:13
15.Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (From ... 4:12

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Stages (Deluxe Version) by Josh Groban Album Reviews

- Definately an album worth buying !

This man belongs in theater, such an incredible voice, great passion and phenomenal covers.

- Never disappoints

Josh's voice never fails to move me. Beautiful, emotional and perfectly executed!

- Josh - Stages

BEST ALBUM OF 2015- And the Grammy goes to: Josh Groban for Stages!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

- Incredible

This cd is incredible!! Every song is worth listening to over & over. Every song is a favorite.

- Whoever Jspeck is

Little late but he’s dang wrong ! Kelly is more versatile than many and for josh to pick her to sing with should be no surprise. She’s talented and gifted as is he.

- Once again, Groban nails it with his 7th studio album!

Having listened to it through various sources, along with iTunes, I do believe that Josh Groban has knocked me socks off with each song. Each song has its own lovely blend of instrumentation & vocalization. Adding Kelly Clarkson & Audra McDonald to "All I Ask of You" & "If I Loved You, respectively, was a brilliant move on Groban's behalf. Both Audra & Kelly (great at their respective music careers), made their songs with Josh more realistic & believable. I can't wait to see what Josh has up his sleeve for his next album, whenever that will be released!

- Flawless

Everything on this album is perfect: vocals, repertoire, and orchestra. Amazing.

- Great Album!

Throughly enjoy his music!!!! He is one of the great singers!

- Gives Me Chills!

This album is warm and inviting. It is filled with great moments! While there are some songs that will be familiar to many, Josh has done a great job of making them new again. Thanks Josh…..keep these great albums coming!!

- Amazing

Josh Groban has an amazing voice, & I love that he chose these beautiful songs from musicals! His duet with Kelly Clarkson is amazing. Her vocals don't surprise me at all. This talented lady can sing any genre of music.

- He nailed it

The best recordings have nuance that encourage multiple listenings. This has it. Groban, has hit his stride again that began with his last Album. Welcome back Josh.

- Stunning

This is amazing! His voice is so smooth and powerful. Talent.

- Stunning Duet with Kelly Clarkson

Josh Groban selected wisely in choosing to partner with Kelly Clarkson on this album. While they come from different musical genres, her versatility and vocal talent is a fantastic match on “All I Ask Of You”. She more than meets that challenge and hits some note that will take your breath away.

- Lousy balance

Some songs, JG is voice forward. Others, he's barely audible over the heavily electronic arrangements. The entire album needed more finessing/production. Disappointing.

- Greatest

Love all his music

- Love it!

This album is absolutely beautiful!! It's a magical journey through each musical theater stage!! Blessings!

- Why Kelly?

Phantom of the Opera is one of the greatest Broadway musicals of all time. Kelly Clarkson still cannot determine if she is country, contemporary or now even classical Broadway. Poor choice! Audra MacDonald would have been perfect for this track.

- Josh Groban + Musicals = Pure Happiness

Josh Groban has always been on of my favs. I didn’t even know this was out, thanks to Dancing with the Stars.. I quickly rushed to my computer to download this gem! From a musical theater geek… This is just the best! :) So so so happy! Great music, beautifully sung by the master himself!

- Bring him home

This song brings tears to my eyes Josh is empowered to be one of the greatest singers of our times. This is absolutely beautiful

- Grammy x5!!!

One of his absolute best CDs. He and Kelly nail their duet together!!! This version is bound to be at every wedding over the next 10 years.

- Love it

This is such a great album!!!! Every song is so beautiful!!!! I love broadway and josh Groban so I'm very happy this album exists!!!!! However, most of the songs are very emotional and josh doesn't seem to put the emotion in! Although it's an album not a cast recording so it's ok!!!! Also he should have chosen someone other than Kelly clarkson for All I ask of you.

- Wonderful!

Josh Groban doesn't disappoint at all with this new album! Buy immediately, you won't regret it!

- All I ask of you

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban are fantastic! Bravo!!!

- Great voice, great songs

The greatest Josh Groban has ever sounded in my opinion. If I could change one thing, I would've preferred he sang Music of the Night from phantom of the opera instead of all I ask of you. Overall, amazing.

- Excellent!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh Groban & this album.

- The voice still soars

Some folks seem to think there is not enough emotion in Josh in the songs on Stages. I differ. These are all wonderful songs from the stage, and Josh does them so well. I think he does well not to overdo them, but just to use his immense, God-given talent and impeccable technique and let the melodies and lyrics carry the day. These renditions are special because Josh’s voice still soars! I’ve been waiting for an album like this from him.

- Amazing!!

Josh Groban is amazing! His music is amazing! Love this album.

- Changing Colors 🍃➡️🍂

He's not green and small anymore, and there's nothing wrong with that. Artists go through changes, and I can accept that. But most artists start out with cover albums and try to evolve to such amazing feats like "Closer" or "Awake". The music is well done, but it's not the Josh Groban I listened to when I first heard "Don't Give Up." I was disappointed by "All That Echoes" because it was 80% covers, and I missed the real stuff. I liked the change in genre in that album, but it wasn't his style. I wish him well on this album, and I hope everyone who listens to it enjoys it!

- One super happy fan

Okay I admit I may be partial to anything Josh does but THIS is just pure ear candy. Thank you thank you thank you Josh!

- Wonderful

Love everything about this! Wonderful voice and awesome songs! Josh never lets me down!


I can't quit listening to this album. I bought it a while ago, but have recently started bingeing on it again. He has the most amazing voice in the world to me

- Beautiful homage to the classics

A beautiful collection of songs. A few of the arrangements surprised me, especially "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". "All I Ask of You" with Kelly Clarkson moved me to tears. She and Groban are great duet partners. Hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.

- Ok, Ok,....

Ok, Ok, I'll admit it. "Pure Imagination" had me in tears. God, how I wish I had a voice like Groban's!

- Josh Groban is as good as it gets !!!!

I’ve loved Josh Groban’s music since he began his career. He never disappoints!!! He’s the consummate singer with his voice singing the the great songs and this album is a perfect example.

- always excellent

love it

- Need more stars!!

5 stars isn't nearly enough!! Love this album!!

- On Repeat Again and Again

I've listened to the individual songs as they were released, but after I got the whole album the other day, it's been on continuous repeat. Josh has never sounded better, and many of the songs just knock it out of the park. My favorites are What I Did for Love, Bring Him Home and All I Ask of You. On the latter, I wasn't sold on Kelly Clarkson's piece when I first heard it, but I'm a big fan of hers too and as I hear it more, I increasingly think she nailed it. Great album!!

- Josh Groban Stages

I heard this for the first time today! "All I Ask of You" made me cry as I played it over and over. Jelly Clarkson is fabulous! "Anthem" is out of this world! Great job getting back to the powerhouse roots again! WOW!!! 🌸

- Not the best Groban CD out there

A good try, but fails. I'm a from-the-beginning fan of Josh Groban, and I listen to his work daily on my long commutes to work (2 hours each way). His last 2 CD's - All That Echoes and Illuminations - had some low spots on them, but 90% of the songs work. I was looking forward to Stages, because I love Broadway musicals - but oh, what a disappointment. Josh tries hard, but the only 2 songs that work are Anthem from Chess, which we already had available, and Dulcinea on the Target special edition. The rest are downers - songs about loss, death and destruction. Even the song from Willie Wonka is just sad. I wonder if Josh Groban is depressed, because the songs are just down, down, down. There are so many power ballads available, like Defying Gravity from Wicked, that would be inspirational, not these end-of-the-world, love is lost, my brother died, my friends died sad songs. My recommendation, and I am totally amazed that I am saying this, is to skip this one, don't even try it, or just buy the one upbeat song (Anthem), or get the special Target edition and get Anthem and Dulcinea - and scrap the rest. It's that sad. I'm going to archive it in iTunes because I just cannot listen to an hour of downer during my commute. Two stars for having a good idea in showcasing musical tunes, but subtracting 3 stars for such depressing songs. Hopefully we will have a new CD next year with inspirational and new material. Sorry Josh.

- Stages album

This mans voice is phenomenal live and on cd. He has a true talent. This cd is full of beautiful music.

- Breathtaking

Josh has the voice of an angel!


This album is amazing, although I'd have to say by far my favorite song is empty chairs at empty tables. Josh should've just taken the role of Marius in les miserables he sounds so perfect. Other good ones include bring him home, and children will listen. I also enjoyed all I ask of you, although I think Josh could've found a better fit than kelly for the female parts. All in all, still amazing

- My confession

I have to confess -- since I bought this album I have listened to it every single day. Josh's voice is magnificent -- he breathes new life into these wonderful songs. Together, they make a whole new creative offering. The album is at once poignant and optimistic. The instrumental music behind his voice is near perfect -- as if the singer and the orchestra/pianist are exactly in sync. There is a joie de vivre in this production that is absolutely transcendent. I can't wait until he produces another album of standards. But even then, I'll probably listen to this album every day.

- Kelly= Amazing

No matter what you do-haters gonna hate! Kelly sounded AMAZING!!! All in all a solid, very enjoyable album!


Kelly and Josh together? Holy mother overload of goodness!!! Scratch that, GREATNESS!!! Can we have a whole album of duets with just you two? Please!!!

- Should be called AUDITIONS

Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan for more than 11 years and am a faithful fan. It's obvious, however, that the beard and big, over-produced Broadway music are his attempt to attract the attention of big producers. Would I travel from SoCal to NYC to see him in a Broadway musical? You betcha!

- Pure Josh Groban

His song selections for this album showcase his pure, clear voice, and are not overpowered by the orchestra, but instead are enhanced by the accompaniment. The duet with Kelly Clarkson, an awesome talent in her own right, is a standout. I think this is my favorite thus far, and I have them all.

- Love Josh, hate this album

2 stars because "Anthem" was perfection. Aside from that, vocals were devoid of emotion. Les Mis songs should've ripped flesh from bones. Phantom should've come from a lifetime of pain and loneliness and failure. Instead, each song was revved up on vocal steroids, so at the crescendo, there was nowhere else to go. I've loved Josh ever since I thought his name was Malcolm, and it pains me to write this, but a lifetime of privilege has not given him the kind of loss, love, turmoil, emptiness necessary--no, critical--to sing these songs right. His simple love ballads back before he became a megastar were his best work, "You're still you", "Si volvieras a mi". Back when tickets to watch him were free.

- Amazballs

Josh Groban, your voice is so beautiful and hearing you sing these classics made me feel that dreams can come true and that fairtales can exist again. Thank you💜💜💜

- Phantom of the opera

He would make a great phantom that's all I gotta say :P

Wise 💸

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- Amazing!!!

Best album yet!!!

- Stages Josh Groban

Beyond Expectations, every song Great. Anthem andTry to remember, so poignant. Can we have Stages II ASAP.

- Wow

Que de talent!!! Bravo :)

- Outstanding!

Really love these. I’ve heard a few on YouTube over the years and the new versions are awesome. Great job, Josh! Nice to see new music out.

- Delightful!

I've been looking forward to this release for weeks and what a delightful listening experience. The duets are outstanding and the arrangements wonderful! Kelly a great surprise , Chris nicely subdued & Audra - oh my!!!

- Finally!!

Since first hearing Josh sing I have wanted him to do some broadway songs. This album was worth the wait. It is as amazing as I thought it would be. Highly recommended not only for fans of Josh but broadway fans as well, he doesn't disappoint!

- Josh Groban.. No words neccessary


- Just stunning!

I am in love with this album and had been listening to it on First Play over and over again until its release. I feel that each song was arranged with so much consideration and care, you can tell Josh has a connection with each song in the album. The collaborations/duets are also perfect. What a great time in his career to be doing an album of musical theatre favourites!

- Same old...

A very tired set with nothing original to be found.

- A new classic...

I'll be the first to admit I wasn't all that excited about this album at first, but every listen I enjoy it more and more. The orchestration on the songs is spectacular and Josh sounds as phenomal as ever. While I'm still waiting for a new album of originals, this will fill the gap until that time. Hands down my favourite is Empty Chairs At Empty Tables which I personally find hauntingly beautiful.

- wonderful

wonderful and aweinspiring as always

- He made it pop

He's making all the ladies pop with this album.

- Flawless

Josh Groban's voice is sounding phenomenal. At last with his seventh album he goes back to what he grew up with. His parents worked in theatre where Josh fell in love with the music and it shows in his voice.


Stunning voice and great interpretations of some of the best songs from the musical theatre stage.

- Perfect

Beautiful voice, beautiful songs, beautiful man.

- I'm lol at ladies pop

Really pop

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