All That Echoes by Josh Groban

Genre Pop
Release 01 February 2013
Price $9.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
9.99 USD

Josh Groban - All That Echoes Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Brave 3:59
2. False Alarms 4:33
3. Falling Slowly 4:20
4. She Moved Through The Fair 4:55
5. Below The Line 3:28
6. E Ti Prometterò (feat. Laura Pausin... 3:56
7. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress 3:45
8. Un Alma Mas (feat. Arturo Sandoval) 4:10
9. Happy In My Heartache 3:08
10. Hollow Talk 5:34
11. Sincera 3:35
12. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It W... 5:58

All That Echoes by Josh Groban Album Reviews

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Amazing. He has such an amazing signing voice. It just speaks to you.

My Review. Josh is my favorite singer. Rob Cavallo has produced an album that sounds like a parody of a good Josh Groban album. Allen Sides' mixes sound as if Josh is in the next room on many songs. Josh is still my favorite singer. If you would be happy to hear him sing the alphabet, then buy this album.

This album is AWSOME!. I bought this album just about two weeks ago and I love it!!! I think that it is the best album that Josh Groban ever made! Way to go Josh Groban!!!!! I give your album 5 stars. You did a wonderful job!!! This album is AWSOME and i hope that you guys get it because it is well worth your money.

Disappointed. There is no "you raise me up" or "too where you are" on this album. It's just oh Kay

I own everything you have produced Josh. I have loved most everything you have produced. I saw you in Las Vegas at the MGM, but this album is a disappointment to me, I love your powerful voice, but it seems to be somewhere else this time. You have kept the emotional value which Is a mark of a great singer,

Brad "Comedy" Smith. You're music never ceases to amaze me, but you made me laugh when you sang about Kanye West's tweets. My #1 favorite tweet from him to what you sang was "french fries are the devil".

Josh Groban...How Can You Go Wrong?. I have listened to this album several times on my Ipad and find it the best of the best. Groban's voice is so versatile and expressive. Great to listen to with a friend and a good glass of wine too!

Never Ceases To Amaze. I have been a Grobanite for 10 years and I believe this by far one of his better albums. There is a really good mix of songs that keep the listener entertained and mesmorized. My favorite tracks are "She Moved Through The Fair" and "Happy In My Heartache". Both are vocally solid tracks and present a good variety. Overall, the album is a little more upbeat than the others, however, it is equally as astounding vocally. Excellent!

All The echoes. Josh groban Fantastic AMAZING

Never Gets Old. There's nothing like an operatic voice. Especially Josh Groban. Great Album

Wow!. As always captivating voice, I heard his song "happy in my heartache" in CSI NY episode and I had to get it.

Magnificently Beautiful!. I am a long time fan of Josh and am so delighted that he has released another album as he is so talented. As any fan of his would expect, this is another masterpiece! Such an exceptionally talented artist, an unexpressable joy that can only be provided by God and his blessings toward Josh. Hope you love it, enjoy it & admire it as much as I do. I love you Josh. May God continue to bless you, & further your victorious prosperity & success. Kymberlee

All That Echoes. I love Josh Groban! BUT this album has a problem in that the orchestra overwhelms Josh's voice. I don't know who the producer was but he needs to go back to whomever did previous albums.

i love the song brave. i really think this album is his best one. had a friend who bought it.

Good Not Great. Josh has done a lot great stuff---largely his early works. This album, while good, isn't in the same league as his ground-breaking early albums. At some point I trust David Foster will see the wisdom of reintroducing us to the Josh Groban that we once fell in love with. One can only hope....

Brave. I have one word for the song Brave. AWFUL. When I hear this song on Sirius I think someone changed the station to a religious station. This guy has no business recording music.

Thank you Josh!!!. This album is amazing because as a true fan of Josh, not just his music, I feel this album was more personal. The lyrics really stand out to me in my current situation in life. Thank you Josh for expressing your soul!

love it. When you think he is at his peak he hits you with something like this. This music is wonderful when i first listen to it his words and voice blew me away. I love you Josh.

This is more like it. Illuminations was "meh," but this is just perfect. It's almost like he went back to what worked before while adding more of a modern feel to it. Also the fact that he wrote a majority of the songs (or should I say co-wrote) was exactly what the doctor ordered! Bravo!

All That Echoes. I first must say that I love Josh Groban. He is an incredible singer. I really love this album. True that it is a bit different than his others, but still good. I think that it is cool that he is trying new things. I really love the bonus track Changing Colours. There is something about it, he is not overdoing it, it is really beautiful and simple. Love nearly every song. Yay Josh.

Love it !. I love this album..I listen to it over and over.

Good but. Understand Josh is finding his style as an artist, but David Foster production showcased his vocal quality far better than his more recent albums with other producers.

Great!. Love all the songs on this new cd!!

This is great.. So well produced and Brave is such an awesome song.

Amazing. He has an amazing voice and I love the song Brave! <3 oh my!

Amazing Voice. I love this album. You did it again. Awesome!

Soulful. This is a great album that really presents Josh's feelings towards past relationships. My favorite song is probably the last one: "I Believe ( When I Fall in Love it Will be Forever). This truly brings out a part of Josh that the fans don't really get to see. However, I do miss the days when Josh would sing powerful songs produced by David Foster. I love Josh not only because of his music, but also because of his personality

Disappointing album, from such a talent. After watching Josh Groban's video about the album were Josh is all excited about it, making comparisons to the first album, I purchase the album and was totally disappointed. His first album knocked me off my feet. "All That Echoes" is no comparison at all with his first album. I felt like I wasted 12 bucks. My recommendation is to listen to the tracks or portions first, and then make up your mind and buy individual tracks or go forward with the full purchase if you think it is worth it.

A Change. It's always a pleasure to hear new songs from Josh Groban. Some fans of his past work may be disappointed by the changes in this album, for there are quite a few changes in Groban's style this time around. However, I feel the new style to be refreshing; after all, if nothing ever changed it would inevitably stagnate. I feel no need for exaggeration and will simply advise people to give the album a change. One thing I will say, though, is that some of the musical scores can only be truly appreciated with the use of a good set of headphones.

Better version. I prefer Art Garfunkel's version of "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" on his Breakaway album vs. Josh's version here. One note, the song was written by Stevie Wonder.

Somethings missing. This CD is not the Josh Groban i fell in love with many years ago. There is something missing on this CD. Hopefully his next CD will be better..

Much better than last time.... I have been a huge fan of his ever since he performed with Celine at the Grammy's. I think he tried to make some big changes on his last album that didn't really fit, but I feel like he has found his sound in this album.

Disappointing. I loved Josh Groban's first two albums, and even "Awake" was still a really decent CD. The recording quality was wonderful, his voice sounded incredible and there was so much emotion in his songs (voice and instrumentals). And then he stopped working with David Foster in producing his music, which in my opinion, was a huge mistake. Everything I loved about Josh's music is seemingly gone in his last two releases. The moving instrumentals are gone, the production quality of his voice is gone. He frequently sounds pitchy and dry. I still listen to his previous albums regularly, but "Illumination" and "All That Echoes" have lost me.

Sadly.... Sadly, "Brave" is the only song that really stands out on this album. I loved Awake and Illuminations and liked Closer. This one is the only album other than his debut that doesn't move me at all. I can't even pinpoint's just not doing it for me.

Not my favorite JG album. Like many others I was disappointed in All that Echoes. One of the songs sounds like it was plucked off the soundtrack of a bad 80's movie. I know the diehard fans will like anything Josh puts out, but I can't help but have an opinion of my own. Hopefully Josh will return to his musical roots at some point.

All That Echos. This is the best album yet. I listen to it over and over and never get tired of his great set of pipes! Can't wait for the next one!

perfect. couldn't have done a better job! can't wait to hear tour dates!!!

Absolutely Perfect. Josh Groban has a perfect voice! You need to buy this album!

Amazing. He sings like an angel. I just threw my Ipod. I can't take it.

AWESOME & AMAZING!. Josh Groban has been such an amazing singer and is an inspiration to me in music in so many ways. His songs are great to listen to anytime you feel the need.

Extraordinary voice and personality. And yet his vocals are used for this?! There's a contemporary voice out there where people could enjoy his gift. Instead, we are annoyed by his attempt to sing an upbeat, faster paced song (ie. Brave) that sounds out of place. Groban should go back to the genre that David Foster had him help thrive and flourish, because THE FOSTER is always right!!

this is an amazing album. you hear him speak and he sounds kinda geeky but then you hear him sing and it just makes the geeky look like a sore thumb. i love his christmas album and i look forward to more music from him. keep up the good work josh.

Brave. Love this song and the new album

:/. Love him, his voice is indeed magical but, have always disliked his music. It's not deep it's whiny to me.

listening to it right now x]. to all the critical reviews, if u are a REAL josh groban fan u wouldnt mind what he does with his music he is doing this to try to please ALL his fans its an awesome album im listening to it right now with my older sister and my mother and we are enjoying it because we are REAL groban fans so if u dont like it dont bother listening to the album ok? ok

Love it. Love him idk he could sing YEAH WOW WAY TO GO BRUH WALPOLE JENNIFER

Brave. Thanks for these lyrics and your compelling voice. You truly are a gift J G from heaven.

Good but.... This album is good but I wish he'd go back to David Foster. He was better then

Amazing Voice. Thank you Josh for some of us who are suckers for romance,the English songs on the album so so beautiful.I think Josh has just shown his versatility as an artist!Amazing talent,amazing voice!He only gets better and better.An album brilliantly done Josh!

Fantastic. Great music. One of the years best albums.

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Brave. Absolutely fantastic!!! Superbly sang, excellent orchestration and really terrific song! It is on my iPhone: my wife's: my iPad and Air, plus a CD in the car. Even bought a Bose Sound Dock to do it justice. Best song of the year!

Bring back David Foster!. There are some lovely moments here, but I really miss the epic sound of David Foster's production.

Josh you're slipping.. Firstly let me say that this is not a bad album. It's good. However, 'good' is not the 'Great' which I've come to expect from Josh Groban.

Mass marketed drivel. Really disappointed with this album. Have all of Josh's earlier albums where he was making full use of his amazing voice and talent. Nothing on this album stands out against all the other manufactured tripe that they stick on a cd and call music. Hopefully the next album with be a return to the original JG.

All that echoes. Thanks Josh I love this album fantastic vocals and great orchestration A must buy !:)

Paula. This is a beautiful cd and his voice is amazing. Listen and enjoy.

All that Echoes. Best album to date, you can feel he loves the music, he has an amazing voice and this album displays all of his talents.

What's with all these new unknown singers?. 👎

What happened. Most artists move away from their producers, but only if things sound better. On this case, they don't. I'm sure it's probably politics and all that, but please... Whatever it takes, get David Foster & Jochem Back on your side. You're amazing voice is one side of the success, but their production is the other. "All that echoes" is a good album, but 'good' doesn't stack up to your previous work. Bring foster back.

An amazing album, one not to be missed!. I am so excited about the release of this album. All previous albums by Josh have been fantastic and each new one out does the rest. All that Echoes is no exception. A live performance on American tv channel HSN proved this. There are so many beautiful songs to choose from that it makes it difficult to pick one favourite. I love them all!

simply stunning. I absoloutely adore Josh Groban, his voice is like liquid….this is a beautiful album!! :)

Seriously brilliant. As a Josh Groban virgin I was pleasantly surprised , brilliant album!! Will be delving back into other albums of his now!

good voice. love the duet with the greatest MULTI AWARDS WINNER LAURA PAUSINI...WOW

All That Echoes - Josh Groban. Judging by the live HSN concert when Josh previewed the songs off this album its going to be another winner. Some of the best music he has ever recorded!

All that Echoes. V. Disappointed. I love Josh Groban and have all his music. I had preordered this album and was eagerly awaiting it's release. Josh's voice is as. Amazing as ever but the songs are very same-y and some are just not good. Hire some better song writers Josh or get someone else to choose them. A shame, but I'm still a fan.

Its not Closer!. This is back to basics in my view what Josh does best which is a big sound production. The last album strayed away from that and clearly was intended to be an experiment in a new sound. Its not as good as Closer or Awake in my view but its always going to be hard to top these Albums! If I have any criticism its ditch the bagpipes lets have more drums, cellos and synths! Oh yes the diction is slipping a bit old pop stay true to your classical routes and avoid being totally POP!

Play it on Loop. Fantastic album .. Every track a winner .. "Brave" is a truly inspirational fist pumping mega tune ... Saw him belt these beauties out in concert last year and he gave me goosebumps ... What a voice ... What a guy ... What a star .. ❤️

All that echoes. Disappointed. I too was looking forward to this new album. Have been a massive fan for years. Josh seems to have lost his way. The older songs are so much better. Maybe some time out would be good. Fall in love. And come back refreshed.

What a voice!! Amazing album!!. One of the best male vocalist out there. February song, You raise me up and Awake have always been my favourites but the songs on this album are definitely up their with Josh's best. A truly amazing album that just seems to get better and better with every listen. 10/10

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