Greatest Hits

Journey - Greatest Hits album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Journey
Album Name :   Greatest Hits
Genre :   Rock
Relase Date :   31 July 2006
Tracks :   16
Country :   USA

Greatest Hits (Journey) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Only the Young Journey 4:05
2. Don't Stop Believin' Journey 4:10
3. Wheel In the Sky Journey 4:12
4. Faithfully Journey 4:33
5. I'll Be Alright Without You Journey 4:34
6. Any Way You Want It Journey 3:23
7. Ask the Lonely Journey 3:54
8. Who's Crying Now Journey 5:02
9. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey 5:26
10. Lights Journey 3:10
11. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Journey 3:54
12. Open Arms Journey 3:19
13. Girl Can't Help It Journey 3:50
14. Send Her My Love Journey 3:55
15. Be Good to Yourself Journey 3:51
16. When You Love a Woman Journey 4:07

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Journey - Greatest Hits Album Wiki

A greatest hits album, sometimes called a "best of" album or a catalog album, is a compilation of songs by a particular artist or band. Most often the track list contains previously released recordings with a high degree of notability. However, to increase the appeal, especially to people who already own the original release, it is common to include remixes or alternate takes of popular songs; sometimes even new material (previously unreleased) will function as bonus tracks. At times, a greatest hits compilation is the original album release for songs that have been released as singles and charted successfully. Many of these albums surface despite the unwillingness of original artists to support them, the songwriters being embroiled in fighting record company decisions. Despite The Rolling Stones' conflicts over the control of their tracks, the band-opposed Hot Rocks 1964–1971 surfaced in December 1971, and the contentious legal issues failed to clip the wings of the record's commercial success. Nonetheless, many other of these albums actually receive detailed co-operation from the musicians involved, which can mean trying to present a specific 'goal' or 'sound' in the work (roughly akin to that in concept albums)..

Greatest Hits (Journey) Album Comments

Greatest Hits (Journey) Album Reviews

  • Absolutely brilliant

    texas chainsaw addict
    This is by far my favorite band never disappoints me even going back years later
  • Amazing

    Still amazing to this day
  • The best

    Cory ch
    You must have this collection of Journey music. So many hits and all around great music.
  • 31 years later...

    Still good
  • Volume I?

    This collection is amazing. But there are SO many great Journey deep cuts and minor hits that are missing here. This easily could have been a 2 CD set. Love it all the same...
  • This is a must have

    Lifts shut
    Its just so classic and they dont have any bad songs
  • Wheal in da ski

    This is life
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Mal rae
    Queen is the best!!!!! Long live queen!!!
  • Favorite band on planet Earth

    Journey is so awesome, Steve Perry has one of the best rock n roll voices out there, and here’s a list of all his biggest songs. What’s not to love
  • A Moment in Time

    Philosopher Blue in Green
    Journey with Steve Perry is timeless...if you don’t know this, you’re glib.