Sausage Rolls for Everyone (feat. Ed Sheeran & Elton John) - Single by LadBaby

LadBaby - Sausage Rolls for Everyone (feat. Ed Sheeran & Elton John) - Single Album Songs

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1. Sausage Rolls For Everyone (feat. E... 3:27

Sausage Rolls for Everyone (feat. Ed Sheeran & Elton John) - Single by LadBaby Album Reviews

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Your awesome!!. We love you here in the USA. Thank you for all you do for everyone. What a blessing to make everyone smile at this time of year takes a special heart. Keep making these wonderful videos.

Christmas Number One. Praying for LadBaby to reach Christmas Number One again! You guys are amazing!

Love lad baby. You guys are amazing . Love y’all from Orlando Florida. And omg rox how was u so calm next to Ed Sheeran I would of been dying he is my number 1 so awesome he helped with this …

Sausage Rolls for the win!!. Fun song and a wonderful family doing good!!!

Love you two!. Such a sweet couple!

Buy this song!!!. Love you both! This is the colab we didn’t know we needed! Thank you for all you do and for helping others. Much love from the states ❤️ Yes Mate!

Wishing the best from USA. Pretty much the only time I’ll buy a song… when there’s a donation involved! Love what LAD BABY and LAD MAMA do for their community! And seriously, you know you’ve won when you add SIR Elton John and Ed Sheeran! Great Job Ya’ll!!!!

Hard Yes!. New, catchy, great, charity, sausage rolls, Sir Elton John, Ed Sheehan? Love it. xx

Get it. Yassss mate!

A song for a good cause. Mind blowing with legends! FOR A GREAT CAUSE!!

My favorite tradition. I love it! Amazing , just great all round x

Has to be the best Christmas sausage roll song ever!. Hands down the best song about sausage rolls!!

Love it!!. You guys are so amazing and have a heart of gold. This song is so cheerful and uplifting. Thank you for being so giving and helping those in need.

Catchy. Fun song, great cause. Good on you guys!

Yes mate!. We love ladbaby... 😁 Love from Fountain Inn South Carolina 🎄:)

Love from SoCal. Mark and Rox, you guys make me smile. Keep doing what you do. Looks like you are doing everything you can to enjoy your life and family. I love it!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Great Song for the Holiday. Love the song. Also the meaning behind it is what it’s all about. Not just at holiday time but all year.

Great Song!!. Hi from Dunnellon Florida! Conch53

Wonderful!. So happy to help such a worthy cause! Best of luck, the song is so cheerful and fun!

#sausagerolls4lyfe. Absolute banger

Helping others. There is no greater joy in helping others. I hope you reach your goals in helping families. Sending much love.

Christmas spirit. What blessings you both are. Much love from NH, USA

Outstanding!. You guys are doing a wonderful thing! Much love from the states!

Love it!. Love what you do for the people of England. Wish you were here in the USA. Love you all. Love Karen Cross Port Saint Lucie Florida

Awesome. Congrats!

Fun Christmas song helping feed families. I love LadBaby and how they give back year after year. I hope everyone buys and encourages others to support the Trussell Trust

Love from NYC. Absolutely love what you and Rox do every year for food banks!

😂. 👍

LOVE. I love you guys !!!

Love it. Thank y’all for what all y’all do.

Elton John?. Hard pass. 🤢

Awesome!. Keep up the good work

Thumbs up!. Good music! Good heart! Bless all those it helps this Christmas!

Love it!!. Merry Christmas!!

Love it!. These always make me laugh - and it didn’t hurt that it was to the tune of my new favorite Christmas song! Yes mate!

4 for 4 = Feed Hungry Brits. The best four when it comes to raising money for charity. Until you need food you will never know what this song means. 4TrussellTrust Legends!

Yes, Mate!. Yes, Mate! From the U.S. with Love!

So fun!. Amazing work for Charity and Great collaboration!! Merry Christmas!! Here’s to Number 4!!

Cheers all. Thank you for your beautiful hearts. Ladbaby ladymum Sir Elton and Ed


This is what Christmas is all About!. Keep spreading the love! Giving, caring and kindness to one another is what the season is all about.

Christmas Must Have. A must have song for Christmas 2021.

Yes Mate. Yes Mate

Always Excellent. Love everything they do. Love the song like previous songs.

💕Happy Holidays!💕. Love the new song, especially the meaning behind putting yourselves out there year after year! It’s clear how humbly you care for all people and choose to help make lives better. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year! You should be very proud!

Great!. Love it!

Killed it. You guys rock! Love from NYC

Charity. This is FOR CHARITY NOT PROFIT! Download the song to help feed people …. It’s a $1 I mean jeez!!’ Help feed those who need it!

Y’all are seriously the best!. I love you guys and love the song! Merry Christmas and keep spreading the love! Please send us some of those sausage rolls over here in Kentucky, USA 😘

Love it. I’ve been fallowing you guys for a long time. I always buy your songs every year. To help your charity. Your and your family are the best. Love you all. Angela from California

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Great everything. Love love love , Alberta canada 🇨🇦

Five stars. If you do anything this Christmas, please stream this song ☃️❤️

Yes mate!. Been watching from the beginning—of course I’m going to support a good cause! All the way from Canada…..keep it up! 🇨🇦🎄

Great song, great cause!. We need more of this "kind" of music in the world ❤️🇨🇦🕊

So fun. Love you all!!

Yes Mate. The fact that you all collaborated for such a much needed cause. Truly is a world wide epidemic famine. Vancouver B.C Canada 🇨🇦 thanks you. Britain 🇬🇧

Ladbaby Christmas Song #1. Downloaded and its on loop. Love this song , so wholesome. Please people download the song and lets help others so that in result people don’t go hungry. God bless Ladbaby❤️. Christmas is about giving and healing. Not about the materialistic items like presents. SAUSAGE ROLL FOR EVERYONE.

Love this so so much!. I look forward to this every year 🎉😍

Couldn’t be more worth it!. Go Ladbaby!!! You deserve this, such wonderful people helping others this Christmas, with joy and giving to charity! Yes mate!! Merry Christmas!!

sausage Roll for everyone. Great song well done guys, great to know this is for kids.👌

Brilliant. This is awesome and very catchy. A great cause .Congratulations guys 💖💖

Great work again ladbaby. What an awesome song for a great cause! Merry Christmas form down under, Aussie Aussie Aussie! 🎄🎅

Every little bit helps. Love this! Congratulations and good on you👍Merry Christmas to all 🎄🦘🇦🇺🕊🎄

Ladbaby. Love the song well done Mark, Rox, Ed and Elton.

Great song 🎄. Great song 🎄

Embarrassing. Awful.

love love love. Well done to you all xx

Love the song. Keep doing what you do for charity.

LoVe from Downunder Australia. Absolutely loved this song! Thank you Ladbaby, Ed Sheeran,Sir Elton!!

Love this!. I absolutely look forward to all these sausage roll song releases every year! Can’t wait to hear it 🤩

🎄Amazing 🎄🎉. Great Christmas charity song sang beautifully by Ed Sheeran & Elton John, what more can you ask from these 2 Legends. Merry Christmas to you both and all the best for 2022.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!. This is amazing! The song and everything your doing! Merry Christmas from Oz!

Sausage rolls. Very catchy sone . Well done everyone 👏👏👏👏🌲🙏🇦🇺

LOVE It!!!!!. Great cause and good song. Thank you for continuing to keep us entertained and for fighting and supporting those in need. Well done!!

Love it. Love the song, so glad to be able to hear it all. Well done to you all and happy to support you over here in Australia 😊Merry Christmas

Cringe song just like lad baby, greedy child. Please just.. stop.

Legends. Love this and love you guys, the haters can go do one. Keep it up LadBaby you are legends and what you are doing for charity especially in these difficult time is legendary.

🥰. Your both amazing! Keep doing what your doing and Bollox to all the haters!

Good luck. Good luck, really hope you get to no1 and raise some much needed funds for a good cause 🎄

Still nailing it!!. Love all that you do for a charity that people need so much - thank you & keep it up. Ignore the haters x

Brilliant!!. Great song, Roxy & Mark are great and so funny and I’m really happy for them. Elton John and Ed Sheeran, kudos to them for lending a hand in making this happen when they had their own contender. I haven’t bought a single for years but here I am 🤣. Can’t believe people in these reviews are begrudging a family trying to help feed other more vulnerable families!!

Inspiring. Amazing work mark and rox

Keep going. This is great. Such stupid hateful comments. Love this, not because it is musically brilliant, but because it helps those who need help.

Smile. Banging tune with such a happy vibe. Thank you for this Xmas cheer and all for a good cause. I have volunteered in a food bank and people are so grateful. Well done keep going. X

Why do we have food banks?. Boris for #1

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT BECAUSE. it’s everything this festive season should be about: having fun, togetherness, hearty food and sharing with those less lucky than ourselves… and of course some can’t resist bringing in a side of bah humbug!

Amazing. You guys bring the Christmas spirit and for a great cause! We need more people like you! And less of the knobs giving you 1 star.

Embarrasing.. Not feeding into the myth that British people are chavvy simpletons at all. Charity is good... but not when it's dredged up on cringe like this.

Good cause. Good luck guys! Smash it out of the park! Merry Christmas to you all x

Don’t stop!. Haters gonna hate Keep up the excellent work x

Festive fun. Love that these 4 have come together to do a collab for charity! As for people who write a bad review, it’s 99p, it’s helping those who are less fortunate. Whilst you lot are enjoying Christmas there are people who are suffering and what’s 99p!? Seriously people take things for granted and hasn’t these past couple of years not taught you anything!? Merry Christmas to all! 🎄🎅🏼

Same old. Change the record ! Literally.

Terrible. It was more a Christmas song this year I preferred the other 3 but ik this will get a number 1 again

Lad baby. Me and my husband absolutely love you guys keep being you we back you and RESPECT absolutely amazing what you guys are doing #sausagerolls

Absolutely brilliant. A brilliant song by brilliant people. How anyone can moan about them raising money for a good cause is beyond me! Keep it up ladbaby!

FFS. Get stuffed. Crap From number 1 to number 29 within a week in the official chart. Say no more

Another festive tube. Always good to hear from them again

Crap. Charity or not, STOP

Wonderful !!!. Keep up the fabulous and noble work 👏👏

Amazing. Amazing song for an amazing cause

Fantastic. You are fantastic for doing this again this year. Keep it going x

Ignore the idiots!! It’s a charity single for goodness sake!!. Mark, Rox, Keep up the great work guys!!…Please ignore the idiots on here!…I would rather buy a charity single at Christmas than any other single out there…where’s everyone’s Christmas spirit gone?…well done and have a wonderful Christmas 🎅🏻☃️

It’s for Charity!! Love it!!. Amazing to hear Ladbaby have another song out for Christmas No. 1. So well deserved considering it’s for charity, regardless if you like the song or not…although I love it. Great you have the support of Ed and Elton!! Go Ladbaby!!

It’s all for charity. Love the song very catchy and the kids play it on repeat, to those saying your board of this and you hate it, ITS FOR CHARITY!! If you don’t like it so what, buy the song anyway and donate to this worthy cause.

It’s for charity 99p. Can’t believe the 1* haters. Let the haters hate. Thank you so much for doing something to help. Your boys will look back and be so proud.

LadBaby are not ‘apolitical’. If you refuse to acknowledge that the existence of food banks is a direct consequence of the deliberate and concerted neglect enacted by the Conservative government of the last decade, it would indicate that you aren’t actually interested in removing the need for people to have to use food banks. Of course, that makes sense if you need to profit off the issue in order to promote your own social media business. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Keep going. Well done merry Christmas get the number 1

Thank you. Merry Christmas and happy near year! Good luck for number one. 🎄

Fantastic!. Brilliantly hilarious! Love you guys so much & it’s such a great cause

Doing a great job! 🤩. There will always be haters, people moaning or ignorant privileged people. You’re helping people in need and making people smile or laugh all year too. Keep doing what you’re doing! Fingers crossed for the 4th year 🤞

Great! Yet again!. Another amazing thing you have done to raise awareness and cash for food banks! Well done! And to all the haters just sing along, you never know when you will need to use the food bank yourselves and then you will be grateful for people to do things like this!

Rubbish. Find something else to do with your lives!

For a very good cause #bekind. Well done Rox and Mark. Let the haters hate and you keep going. I wish you and your family the most amazing Christmas and New year ❤️

Sausage rolls for everyone.. I really wanted to enjoy this song and this music video because I thought it was a positive raising money and bringing awareness to poverty as like everyone in life I’ve had my struggles. On the music video I was really disappointed to see them not bringing any awareness (apart from a few seconds clip) as to what poverty is about. Instead it’s a video of them eating sausage rolls and laughing when people in poverty are having to choose between heating or hot water, food or clothing and getting themselves into debt to try make their family’s Christmas special. No one wants to see those images at Christmas of poverty but it’s the reality of the situation and I felt their music video was very much all about themselves and their family rather than what they are trying to raise money for. In future if they’re genuinely trying to raise money for a charity and not for their own self promotion then I hope they choose to do their music video where it actually brings awareness to the charity they’ve chosen especially with the platform they have they could make a huge impact sharing those who are living in poverty experiences (ie actually sit down with those who are in poverty and see how it effects them and see what they feel the gov should be doing) because money doesn’t make everything better raising awareness by images is just as impactful than money. At first I felt like it was genuine, now it feels as if it’s gains for them. I feel very let down and disappointed.

Love it!. So catchy, been singing it all week! Downloaded in support of xmas number 1 & the Trussell Trust ❤️ Well done guys 👏

Fabulous. This is a great song with a funny video. Ignore the snowflake moaners wouldn’t know a good cause if it bit them on the bum.

Tricked. How many people got tricked into buying this crap when they could just donate directly and not have to listen to this awful song… sausage rolls was never even funny the first time you did it, never mind the fourth

cringe. cringe

Great cause and great people. I love this couple and everything they have done. With Ed and Elton doing this with them it’s even better. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dire. Cynical garbage. If you want to donate to charity, go directly to The Trussell Trust.

Well done. Keep doing what your doing! You both amazing x

Christmas charity number. I can guarantee that this song will help people who are hungry locally. At Colchester Foodbank we fed 15,000 in 2020. Through the hub and amazing satellites we will carry on right the way through the challenges of COVID and we will keep on keeping on. We then plan to close in 2030 - Foodbank shouldn’t be forever!

Great song for a great cause. Well done Mark, Roxanne, Ed and Elton. Fantastic cause

Love it!. So proud of you both, I hope you make it to number one 🤞 keep being amazing! ♥️

absolutely horrendous. if i could give 0 stars, i would. tories.

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