Food Aid - Single by LadBaby

Genre Pop
Release 16 December 2022
Price $1.29
Tracks 1
Country USA
1.29 USD

LadBaby - Food Aid - Single Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Food Aid 4:00

Food Aid - Single by LadBaby Album Reviews

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Awesome. With love from the USA

Luv you guys!!!. Let’s make it a 5th year!!!!

A SONG THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. I look forward to LadBaby’s Christmas songs every year and this one didn’t disappoint. Plus, it wouldn’t be Christmas without one of their CrEaTiVe songs!

From New Hampshire USA. Love you guys always a good laugh. That’s for being you.

Inspiring music, but is this purely monetary?. I’d be interested to know if the revenue from Food Aid is being used for charity. If not, I retract my good feelings. Exercising topics of charity for personal gain is not a supportable cause. If so, I appreciate Ladbaby, and I will keep my five stars. On to the web! Edit: I’ve gotten confirmation that Food Aid is supporting the Trussel Trust food charity in England. Bring it to #1!

Go for 5!. 5 stars for the 5th year. Let’s do this!!

Food Aid. Love this song, let’s get this to #1 to help all in need this Christmas!

From Pennsylvania US. Hope you get 5 ! You do such good thing for the people in the UK keep it up.

Lad baby Christmas love. I love you and will always support you all❤️

I love this song, Its so Amazing !!!!! JennyCC53. I Love, what you are doing and I live in the United States and I to have struggle to feed my family and pay our bills, please keep making these wonderful songs and videos they help so many people and you touch peoples lives all the to Zephyrhills, Florida in the United States 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Christmas 2022. Mark and Rox are two of the most giving people. I don’t know them personally but they touch my heart, make me laugh, and sometimes put a tear in my eyes. Keep up the great work you do, you are both amazing. From a 70 year old fan in the U. S. A.

Yes!! So good!!. I absolutely adore this couple - they make me so happy and I am from the states but I will ALWAYS support their cause! And never forget Sausage Rolls For Everyone!

You guys rock!. Such a great idea!!!!!

Marvelous!!. This song is fabulous! I cannot commend Rox and Mark enough for all they do to help those in need. Their annual Christmas song is always wonderful and one of the top tunes during the season.

Ladbaby You Can Do It!. I buy your Christmas song every year! Let’s make this number 1 again for the 5th year in a row! Mark and Rox you got this!!!

Yes Mate!. I love that you continue to help those less fortunate. Here’s to Christmas #1 again!

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When You Can Do Good. Brilliant song. Speaks to many people globally.. Miss living in the UK and love watching you both. From another Canadian. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mark & Rox. Thank you for sharing your love, laughter and opening your hearts to the true meaning of Christmas. Always going to be #1 for me. I’m in Canada and hope one day you swim across the sea to experience our beautiful country. Bless you all.

Canuck. From a Canadian who give throughout the year to community fridges and food banks. So many in the world with food insecurity. Wonderful you are doing this again.

Thank you. Thank you Ladbaby for making my toddler so happy with your music!! we love you❤️merry christmas x

Awful. Absolutely awful

Good on you Rox & Mark, Yesss maate!. Great song, happy to support, love you guys heaps Merry Christmas to all xx from Australia

Fun and heart-felt. I love the positivity Mark and Rox spreads through these fun Christmas songs. At the same time though, they’re touching on something very real and sad. Well done guys for raising money to help families in need ❤️ Love all the way from Australia 🇦🇺

Up the sidemen for No.1. It’s all for charity so big up both of you but sidemen>>>

Food aid Christmas Carol. Go Ladbaby #1 2023 Australia listen

Help this guys come number one again and please buy this some people. Go number guys and please people bye this song is the support the homeless people don’t shouldn’t be homeless for Christmas. Specially homes for anyone anywhere in the world. If we all gave each person same amount of money would be all better off in this world

food aid. sausage rolls the worst thing you can eat, some some ham would be better

Great cause to help so many people. A beautiful song to help so many people here’s to another Christmas number 1 ❤️

Feed uk. Com On ppl get him to 1

Ladbaby food aid. Great remix, love it

For a great cause well done. Whoever gives us a one star should be ashamed of themselves

Trash. Do you know why people are hungry? Donate 99p to the homeless and the vulnerable and forget this couples yearly ego bonanza Oh let’s just all go on strike instead

Most of you WRONG.. Ladbaby receives ZERO, nothing, zip, nada every last penny raised goes to the Trussell Trust. Go on facebook and ask the Trussell Trust yourself. They get NOTHING for the work they put into making this single. Show some respect and gratitude for what they have done for this country. You ungrateful bunch of ingrates. Ladbaby fingers crossed for a FIFTH consecutive NUMBER 1.

B-O-R-I-N-G. Self-seeking publicity, mainly about taking The Beatles' record of most Christmas No. 1s. The charity is secondary; the music, the recording dreadful. Please STOP!

Offensive. This is offensively bad. How can anyone sing, “There’s a food bank on every corner” and “feed the UK” without feeling an extreme sadness? So depressing.

Rigged. Absolute terrible song, it’s been rigged to get higher on the charts, been leaked and exposed by multiple sources! Should be ashamed!!

Npc music. Refuse to think people acc listen to this 🤣😭

Idk. Not good

People are stupid. Just give the money to charity, at least that way they get all of it. The charity get about 10% from this song, most of the money goes to these two, they don’t care much about food banks. If you still think LadBaby are doing this for charity you’re beyond help.

Please donate directly to charity!. The best way of donating is directly to the Trussell Trust, both Ladbaby and ITunes will each take a cut of your 99p!

Why put money in this Tory voting nonces pocket. This guy only donates 15p of each purchase to charity the rest is for his conservative voting family. If it wasn’t for people like him voting Tory we wouldn’t need food banks or to have to worry about making songs for charity to help people eat over Christmas

Awful. Ears are bleeding cheers

Charity support. A great way to help the needy and this should be supported . Well done guys. As a fundraiser myself, it’s good to see this get to number 1 for a good cause. It’s just a shame our country is in such disarray, and we have to do these things to help others survive !

Awful, Awful, Awful. I’ve nothing against a charity single but when the sole purpose is to raise money surely it would make sense to make a half decent track that can sustain more than a week in the charts to maximize its potential to raise funds. All Ladbaby are interested In is promoting there brand and breaking a record with 5 consecutive Xmas No 1’s donate a £1 direct to the charity instead of giving these the promotion they don’t deserve.

FRAUDS. The song isn’t worth to be #1. They can’t sing and the money made is going straight to Ladbaby only a tiny amount to charity. Stop supporting these fools

Got to be done. The tune is catchy, fun and the charitable causes are worthy. Happy to see the Trussell Trust also welcomes the support despite the few naysayers - Emma Revie, CEO of the Trussell Trust, said: “We are so grateful to LadBaby for their incredible support for a fifth year running.” Take care all and of all.

What a con!. They obvs have someone high up buying stacks of the record to get it to number 1!!

Time for a conversation.. Overall, the song itself may not be particularly noteworthy or memorable in terms of its musical quality or lyrics, but the intention behind it is admirable. It is commendable that LadBaby and others are using their platforms and talents to raise awareness and funds for a worthwhile cause, and their efforts are likely to have a positive impact on those in need. However, it is important to recognize that the need for charity songs like "Food Aid" is a reflection of larger societal issues, specifically the impact of government austerity measures on the most vulnerable members of society. It is unfortunate that such measures have led to an increase in poverty and food insecurity, and it is crucial that we hold the government accountable for the choices they make that contribute to these problems. In short, while supporting the Trussell Trust and other charitable organizations through initiatives like "Food Aid" is important and necessary, it is also crucial that we address the root causes of poverty and inequality in our society and work towards creating a more just and equitable world for all. So, it is our responsibility to support these charities but also to advocate for change and hold the government accountable for their actions.

Who profits more?. 90% goes in their pocket and 10% goes to charity. Look at the facts. The British public are their own worst enemy and hypocrites. Imagine funding these tories and a husband who cheats on his wife.

Christmas drillings deserved the 1.. You are Tory supporters singing and having a laugh about the cost of living crisis, wich we have been pushed into by the Tory’s in power. So far from “ down to earth”. And all the profits of the song DONT EVEN go too charity or towards people in poverty🤦🏻‍♂️jokes absolute jokes. No one finds you funny anymore it’s time to retire

Disgusting. No one should buy this song. Pay the charity directly

Utterly Ridiculous. It’s completely outrageous that this song has gained so much popularity. The lyrics are just cringe and unbearable and the vocals are terrible. I understand that the song was intended to raise awareness about the current cost of living crisis ongoing in the UK, however the delivery and execution of the message isn’t conveyed due to the awful humour in the song and the obvious auto tune. LadBaby arguably ruined a perfectly good Christmas song which didn’t need to be modernised. I despise this song also, because it’s practically unheard of to the majority of the UK, yet it still reaches number 1 on the charts. This really shows how desperate musicians are nowadays that they can’t be bothered to produce their own Christmas songs, instead they copy off a successful example of one. Considering the UK was known for its influential music with notable artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Queen highlight how much of a laughingstock this country in terms of music has become. We were once a country which excelled in the music industry but now it seems as if music is downgrading and we’re going backwards rather than forwards. Lastly, if you wanted to support those in the UK, I would recommend the Trussel Trust because at least you would know that the money you’re donating is actually going towards those left hungry as opposed to LadBaby’s pockets.

Stop complaining. All these people complaining, it’s unbelievable! What are you doing to raise any kind of money? At least ladbaby raise awareness, raise much needed money!! Cant do right for wrong these days….

Awesome. Love this song! and for a great cause! 100% of the profits go to charity! Not sure why people are saying they get paid that’s 100% rubbish! You go ladbaby if everyone was like you guys this country would be a whole better place!

For People Who Are Glued To The TV & Watch Daytime TV. Get a grip.

Con artists only 7p goes to charity. Only 7p in every pound goes to charity these people are lining their own pockets don’t be scammed.

Unoriginal garbage.. It’s frustrating to see someone using charities in a way to further their own careers. Never had an original song, only share the profits with charity, not all the proceeds.. so they take their cut first. Please stop! Let Christmas number one be based on the music!

Feed the Uk. Britain comes first people need help in our own country let’s made it number one please

?. Go pay for sidemen

Disgraceful. This song made me violently hate charity

Why is this no.1?. The song is terrible who’s actually buying and listening to it?

Scam. Donate your money directly not through buying this awful song!

Feed the tories. Might as well be singing, mock the poor this Christmas time

Commendable. Awful song, truly. But that’s not the point. The point of this song is to raise money for CHARITY. Who cares what their cut is, at least they’re doing something to raise money for amazing causes. What tf are YOU doing? Nothing, that’s right! The only thing you’re doing is being a key board warrior, bashing something that’s actually making a difference. Jealous swines.

.. ....

Awful!. This song just reminds everyone who are suffering just how bad things are for them! Well done 👏🏻 what song will you bring out next?- how people lost loved ones to covid? How people have died in wars? How people have lost their houses because they can’t afford rent????? REALLY!?!? 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Tories. Tory supporters pretending they care about the poor to boost their own wealth and fame

Awful. Really, they seem to get worse every year. Please don’t make another next Christmas

Truly amazing this is LadBaby awesome 👏. What a beautiful song 🎵 ❤️🎄

Yessss mate!. Number 1

Boring. Yawn.. Christmas number 1 means nothing now.

Stop haters. To all the haters mark and roxy have done very well 5 Christmas number ones if you guys where trying to get Christmas number one you would come in 20 th all the money they win goes to charity they mentioned charity and we have helped a lot to win so don’t go calling the names Becuase what is you are in the situation yo7 would be happy they won Becuase teh charity gets money that equals for food so STOP THIS STUPID AND ANNOYING HATE AND PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE love you guys mark and roxy I was cheering you guys for so long I am so happy you won

🔔 end. This wonky teeth rat 🐀 is a joke! Dirty cheater! And she a stupid staying with him! Whoever bought this you are pathetic! You have a sad boring life! You have no taste! You are disgusting! Probably middle/old people feeling sorry for fake charity! He doesn’t donate it all!

Rigged. The amount of money they used to fake this to number one is crazy

The sidemen had there #1 stolen by this smh. Hell no

Horrendous. This is awful, how is it 1 in the charts 😂

Botted no1. Robbed sidemen

Just awful. Not too sure why people enjoy this?

Only good for the specials.. If you actually rate this song you are definitely special needs.

Time for this charade to end. Just pure dross yet Ladbaby get richer year on year!

Ignore the miserable w*nkers. What is wrong with people. “Donate directly instead”. NONE OF YOU were donating before these two made you aware of the charity name. Their fortune comes from their socials, not from these charity singles! Do you research and stop listening to selfish propaganda

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