Wasted on You - Single by Evanescence

Wasted on You - Single [Evanescence] Album Songs

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1.Wasted On You 4:24
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Wasted on You - Single by Evanescence Album Reviews

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- Finally a comeback

The lyrics on this is track so relatable. Evanescence still gots that old and new style mixed together. I can’t wait for the whole album to be released.

- Love, love, love this song!

I fell in love with Evanescence with their Fallen album. Such a talented band, their videos are also amazing. I’ve played Fallen and The Open Door probably a hundred times, especially on road trips, and the new single “Wasted on you” takes you back to those years. I can’t wait to hear the whole new album. Amy’s voice is just so amazing, the same with their music and lyrics, I’m sure many of us identify with their songs. If you like rock paired with an amazing voice, you get hooked immediately. Evanescence songs transport you somewhere else. They’re my drug, for sure.

- Amazing

This song is amazing. It’s reminiscent of Open Door and is very emotional. I can’t wait for the rest of this album!

- The moment

Has passed. Take note.


They still here yesss!!!!

- Phenomenal!

Evanescence at its finest! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

- OBSESSED with this song ...

Music is my escape ... especially from my favorites!! I have been waiting for some new music and I LOVE 💕 this song ... love the words, love how the guitar/drum play a bigger part then the average at setting the tone of the mood, so to speak ... if that makes any sense. Amy’s voice is as beautiful as ever - definitely added to my FAVORITE LIST, easily! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album ❣️❣️THANK YOU for not waiting to release this, I think we all needed a little pick-me-up

- Yass

Love this 😍😍😍

- Made my year

Awesome! This band is amazing and I am so glad we get a new song

- what happened here???

I LOVED the first album but the more you guys released it just went down hill from there you started drifting away from God and its NOT good where is the Amy from 2003?. Amy i hope you mend your relationship with God and that this review is a wake up call to you and your band members.very disappointed 😔 PS.bring back the original beat maker he was legit a legend!

- the best as always

evanescence is coming back in the role and they are the best like before

- Beautiful

Amazing song Amy vocals are on fire people who are complaining need to get over it. Amy isn’t the same person anymore when she wrote fallen she grown and mature.

- Thank you!!!!!!

Your voice was missed and needed back in this day and age!!!! Imma happy girl!!!!

- Different but so good

It’s different from her past songs, but I love it! It’s had this lightness to it while still carrying that heavy sound. It has a good balance and is definitely a good mood song.

- Amazing


- 90’s vibes

A new sound for the band that combines little bits of all past albums! A great ballad with 90’s -2000’s vibes

- YES!

Was waiting for some new material and GODAMN DID THEY COME BACK IN STYLE!!! I really love the vibe in this song, cannot wait for the new album!

- DrXtreme leave already

Why post a bad review? Such a selfish person to belittle such a masterpiece of a song. An opinion as trash as your username is undeserved and reflective of your moronic sensibility. Evanescence returned with glorious form that is unique to their style and yet evolves from the past. Hush up and leave!

- This is GREAT

One of my favorites of theirs INSTANTLY!! It's so good!!!

- Beautiful song

This is so refreshing from what is “popular” now. Old evanescence meets new evanescence. I can’t wait for this album.

- Ew gross


- missed them!

hoping for more rock-sounding songs - this is an interesting first single, but i like it overall! especially starting around halfway through

- Wake Me Up in 2020

I’m digging the new vibe! I’m hyped for the new album!

- Different

A different sound for them, but it works. Paying homage to 90’s rock, mixed with ethereal pop. It’s definitely a new direction for a first single, however Amy stated the rest of the album wouldn’t be like this single. I imagine they will go in the direction of rock mixed with electronic, as it’s what they had in mind for their self titled album but the label didn’t let them take that direction. Regardless, I’m excited for the new material, and know the band will deliver!

- Great!


- New sound

I love it!

- A welcome return to form

“Wasted On You” combines the newer elements of more recent Evanescence tracks with the darker, more familiar sound of “The Open Door.” The vocals of Amy Lee are incredible as always. A slow burner compared to past lead singles, but totally redeeming when the band fully kicks in. Happy they’re finally back!

- Awesome

Love the melody , as always is Evanescence. We want more releases Pleaseee!!!

- Old sound but new.

Reminds me of high school because of the way it sounds. Not in a bad way, but a good way. Such simpler times. Good choice for a new single due to its subject matter and what the world is going through at this moment.

- Saving 2020

I can’t wait for the whole album! #BitterTruth


shes back and better than ever!!! Still after all this time a phenomenal singer!!

- There back!

Evanescence is back this new song radiates with me right now in this time. Please keep singing.

- They lost the magic

Much like the self titled album this feels extremely uninspired and generic. What happened to them? The vocals aren’t believable I’m not feeling the passion of the lyrics like they once were able to do. She said she wrote this as a breakup with herself and it comes accross as forced. There was no real emotional push behind it. The guitars have no life to them. Terry from the open door played his instrument in such a unique way that it made the songs poetic. This sounds way too much like other songs we already have heard from other bands. Additionally it’s the same cord and drum sequence for most of the song "Secret Door" we heard on synthesis and the self titled. Three albums in a row carrying that is boring. The verse conjurs up strong comparisons to Radio head Creep in a way that s less homage and more knockoff. I have no faith in the release coming. The producer Has turned them into another generic dude band.


I love this song so much! Evanescence never disappoints!!!

- Simply beautiful!

This song is just... SO BEAUTIFUL! It has a dreamy atmosphere. I really love the new sound!


so pumped for this new album & era! Amy’s vocals never fail. In love with the way they constantly reinvent themselves but somehow find a way to keep that sound we all fell in love with in 2003 but at the same time make it sound new and fresh! A TIMELESS GROUP.

- Open Door Vibes

Yess Open Door is my favorite Album and it has similar sounds to it!! I can’t wait for the new album!!!

- Keep going evanescence!

This song brings me right back to my happiness now and then. I couldn’t wait for their newest album to come out pretty soon. I had a feeling it should be coming out at the end of 2020.

- Me like It!

Love the harmonies, drums, and lead guitar.....and off course the lead singer...beautiful voice.

- On Target!

Very moving song. I think people will be able to relate it to what is going on in their lives right now during the pandemic. I hope the rest of the album will be as captivating.

- Loved it


- Live!!!

Love it!!! Cant wait for the rest on this new album.

- Gorgeous song

This song is angsty and sweet-sounding. It reminds me of a tragic gothic romance. I can’t wait for the new album with this song on it!

- Yes

About time!

- Good

When is the full album out

- Evanescence Fan 4 Life

I know this wasn’t supposed to be the 1st single but given what’s going on around us...it’s the song we needed. Love the music video, so intimate & a peek into the bands daily lives in quarantine. Can’t wait to see what else is in store. #TheBitterTruth

- Love it

I LOVE Amy’s voice and this melody!

- Phenomenal song!

loved it!!!! It feels so new and yet so old it’s hard to explain

- Old Meets New

I love they way it sounds like, ‘call me when your sober’ meets a little bit of a modern tone. I think they’re back!

- New Single!

What a great track! And I loved how Nick produced this especially the sounds you hear on the first half.

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