MONSTA X - RUSH - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist:   MONSTA X
Album Name:   RUSH - EP
Genre:   K-Pop
Relase:   07 September 2015
Tracks:   6
Country:   USA

RUSH - EP (MONSTA X) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.RUSH 3:42
2.Hero 3:51
3.Perfect Girl 3:39
4.Amen 3:56
5.Gone Bad 3:42
6.Broken Heart 3:47

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RUSH - EP (MONSTA X) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • JodieMonbebe

    5 stars
    MX. These guys work so hard and need to be known by everyone!!!!
  • Stu Dude 2.0

    5 stars
    yes pls. my kings
  • Hot summer, sweet spring

    5 stars
    Monsta X❤️. Great album as always ❤️
  • Stu-Dude

    5 stars
    YES. Rush is such a bop and don't even get me started on broken heart...
  • JP-8797-2801

    5 stars
    Hero is amazing!. I started out loving Seventeen and Exo because of my teenage daughter... then moved onto BTS. We have sen them all in concert now! Next on my list is Monsta X and Blackpink. Everyone in the US should experience Kpop, and this is definitely a song they should hear!! 💕
  • Serenahuang

    5 stars
    Rush is one of my love song. I don't need to describe how much I love MX! Fighting! 👍🏻
  • dat boi robin

    5 stars
    10/10 -IGN. hero did you mean a highkey bop
  • 30 curry

    5 stars
    Monsta x. They are talented people they are meant to Be together
  • Atlnewf

    5 stars
    Fun and addicting. Love the songs and the performers. A fun album with catchy tunes. Looking forward to more great music from these guys.
  • Crystalline Bright

    5 stars
    Vroom Vroom. Monsta X's song "Rush" is amazing!!!!!

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