NoSong TitleTime
1 3:09
2 2:40
3 2:58
4 2:51
5 2:21
6 2:46
7 3:19
8 3:01
9 3:24
10 3:08
11 3:28
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- Best Pop Album that I’ve Heard in Ages5 star

Every track has me singing along. This is definitely my favorite pop album of 2020 and one of the best pop albums I’ve heard in ages. All About Luv gives me pure joy.

- IN LUVV5 star

Album is GREAT, multiple periodsssssss

- Amazing5 star

This is litttt

- highly recommend for non kpop listeners!!5 star

This album has a mix of r&b, popular yet slow and groovy tunes. Monsta X obviously comes from a kpop background, and are the first kpop group to make an all english album. This not only gains attention for english audiences but audiences around the world. Members have even taken part in making this album. looking to give kpop and it’s artists a chance??? highly suggest getting to know Monsta X and especially this album.

- This is the ALBUM OF LOVE5 star

they are Kong’s for releasing such a well produced English album! US Monbebe love it!

- It’s a bop!5 star

I’m very impressed with this album, and I’ve never really stanned them before. But yeah, I really like them!

- Leave Me Wanting More!5 star

This is the first album I purchased where every song is in English and actually enjoy it! Their pronounciation is spot on. I can't say one bad thing about any of the songs on this album. A must buy!

- OT7!! ✨5 star

The entire album is a BOP! Every single song on there is so good! 🙏🏽 proud of my boys!

- Amazing album!5 star

I am so proud of what Monsta X has accomplished. These 7 extremely talented much are amazing. I can’t wait to see what their future holds. I love All About Luv! Favorite song is Got my Number.

- Love it5 star

Love the songs and lyrics so much!

- Absolutely LOVE!5 star

Monsta X never fails to put out a good album. Love all the songs! OT7 forever!

- The best!5 star

Each song is great. I’m not able to listen to most albums all the way through but I easily did that with this album. So proud of these boys!

- Am I a monbebe now?5 star

I don’t listen to much kpop, but slowly my best friend has been introducing me to MONSTA X and I highkey love it!!! Y’all just got to listen to it, that is all.

- Monsta X English Albumis amazing!5 star

Monsta X are great guys with great talent. They are open to all genres and people. They love their fans, Monbebe. They like to connect easier with their fans which was one of the reasons they recorded in English. This is a Pop album in English done by Korean artists. They have had the abilty to sing in English since before their debut in 2015. All of them speak English at different levels. This album is so good. I cannot recommend it enough. I am so proud to be Monbebe and so proud of Monsta X.

- Proud Monbebe!5 star

This sound is so much softer than their korean albums. I don't care what anyone says. Rap line has VOCALS. They also worked so hard on their pronounciation. I couldn't be any prouder of our 7 boys. Thank you for bringing this album to monbebe!

- 10/10 Would Recommend!5 star

Excellent album filled with bop after bop. Monsta X has done it again. They're such a talented and dedicated group. This album did not disappoint. This makes me even more excited for the upcoming Japanese song and Korean comeback album!

- Unexpected but Very Pleasantly Surprised5 star

I am used to the energy-driven group that gives off such an intimidating aura. So I didn’t expect them to do anything like this. This album goes to show how diverse Monsta X keeps their music. They are NOT afraid to dive into different realms of genres. This album also showcases ALL of their vocal capabilities that aren’t shown much in their previous albums. Like Minhyuk's part in “Misbehave”, THAT was so beautiful! I hope this album gives them the Western exposure they deserve! I absolutely love “Happy Without Me” a lot, it’s been on repeat! Monsta X, you guys did such an amazing job! We are ALWAYS proud of your hard work! Love, A dedicated and life-time fan, Julie! ❤️

- Every song is good5 star

No skips on the whole album.

- PERFECTION 💯🔥5 star

this album is one of my favorites and i cant stress this enough by saying that every song in there is absolutely beautiful and i’ve been listening to the album 24/7 because i love them all, i give this album 7 Wonhos out of 7 Wonhos :-)

- LUV LUV LUV.5 star

Every single song is amazing, listen for yourself.

- great album!5 star

there’s a lot of variety of styles and genres it’s great! definitely my favorite song is love u or she’s the one! great work guys!

- Love this album!5 star

Very rare for me to say I actually like every song on an album but there is always a first time! All songs are in English. Check it out if you are not familiar with this group and after you fall in love with them check out their Korean albums too!

- INSANE5 star

Love the music!!! You can’t hold my heart had me snatched! Stream monsta x and go support them buy the album


This album is one of the best (if not the best) English albums I’ve listened to. I’m talking about this album along with western artist albums cause All About Luv has AMAZING vocals and raps along with NUMEROUS types of songs that it’s hard to not like at least a few if not all of the songs. Monsta X is truly a versatile and talented group and those who can perfect any genre and their accents to any language - ITS REALLY RARE FOR A MUSIC ARTIST!! I am so proud of myself for finding this group and getting to listen to their amazing music so if you haven’t checked out their albums THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GIVE THEM A CHANCE! FALL IN LIVE WITH THEM!

- MONSTA X masters of style and language5 star

Once again with this album Monsta X has done a PHENOMENAL job. The style is different for them, but they handled it effortlessly. They are absolutely a flexible group able to suit a style no matter how different from their Korean and Japanese music. A soft style, beautiful pronunciation, Monsta X have added to their already amazing discography.


It is everything you need and more. An album that’s full of love for Monbebes and all people. Seriously go listen to it 💖

- Yall..5 star

Monstax really outdid themselves. These songs are BOPS

- Highly Recommend5 star

This product has cleared my acne and solved my chronic depression!!

- I LOVE IT5 star

This album is amazing! They worked hard and gave amazing results!!!

- What more to ask for than good music?5 star

All the songs are amazing in their own ways. Been playing this on repeat for a week

- I would rate it 1000000 if I could!5 star

I absolutely love this album. Every single song is amazing. There is no skip in this album. I am extremely proud of Monsta X, they really did such an amazing job with this album. Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, & Changkyun, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Thank you for releasing an English album for your International Monbebes. We are LOVING it so much!💓

- AMAZING5 star

I love Monsta x so much , they really deserve the recognition that they’re getting. The album in itself is a perfect example of how versatile the group is and how singing in another language that they’re not fluent in can’t stop them from sounding amazing !!! All of the songs are great , each song is different from eachother and they pretty much talk about the stages of being in love with someone and what you go through . Please give the album a listen and support the boys if you can because they deserve the world . Ot7 forever 💕💕

- Love it so much!!!5 star

I’m so proud of the boys they did a great job on this album!

- absolute banger5 star

every song is top tier

- god tier, sir5 star

I love it, the fact they experimented in not only sound but sang it in English? Amazing. They worked so hard on this and they deserve all the best.

- LOVE U5 star

This album is absolutely top notch. Love every song on this album. Thank you MONSTA X for gifting Monbebe’s this masterpiece 💜

- Love!5 star

They did a great job!

- Amazing album!5 star

What a different and fresh new album by the very talented MONSTA X. I’m in love!

- LOVE IT5 star

All the songs are fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

- I’m complete!!!5 star

I’d die happy, if I died tomorrow. This album is the ultimate spike of obsession in place. Thank you, perfection for completing my soul!!!!!!

- LUV!!!5 star

There’s not much I can say besides I love this album and MX! It has such a different sound compared to their kpop sound but I’m not complaining at all 💖

- Love all the seven voices 🥰5 star

It doesn’t sound like a kpop group, their English is really good. I can’t pick a favorite song. Thank you Monsta X for this album 💓💕💓

- Valentine’s Album5 star

It’s basically a Valentine’s Day album from our boys. So sweet 🥰

- Monbebe in love!5 star

There is not a bad song on this album! I love them all!

- Every song is amazing5 star

There is no skipping a song on this album. Each song has a different vibe and sound. Excellent English album from a Kpop band.

- In love5 star

This album is amazing! I can’t wait to see them Wednesday

- History making Kings!5 star

I’m so happy for Monsta X in making the first ever all English album for a kpop group! I love the album so much! The songs are so good and I can’t stop listening to them! I’m such a proud Monbebe ❤️


My boys did good and work their a** off to release this ! It has been hard for them recently but that didn’t stop them, no ma’am! They are trying their very best and they are giving us 11/10. Point, Blank, PERIOD!

- AMAZING!!5 star

Each song has its own vibe and their vocals are amazing!!!!

- MONSTA X DID IT AGAIN!! MX7!!!5 star

MONSTA X never disappoints! Love hearing all seven voices again— we miss you WONHO & JOOHEON! Jooheon, please keep healing & WONHO PLEASE COME HOME!!!!!!!! MX7 FOREVER!


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monbebeandrea - monbebe5 star


^play this game - MX never disappoints!5 star

So proud of them!

Emily____3 - So proud5 star

The boys really did so well 😭❤️ I’m proud of them for branching out and delving into new sounds and a completely different language! Really, we were spoiled. They worked hard and you can tell; the tracks all have different messages. Misbehave is a very mature song for them!

Mel (deverel) - Another amazing album from MX7!5 star

A great album! It's a completely different style for them but somehow still manages to retain the depth that only Monsta X has. Their vocals are stunning, and the harmonies powerful. I'm especially happy to hear Changkyun's rap in the extended version which we don't often get the chance to on their english tracks, as well as Wonho's voice in every song. I'm so glad he's credited on this album, he deserves to be. Thank you Monsta X for this, looking forward to everything you release in the future.

_Hathor_ - One Of The Best Love Albums5 star

Each song hits a different emotion that it is impossible for a person that has been in love not to relate to at least one. The vocal range and control is amazing and the mosaic of the different voices blend together beautifully and magically, one of the best albums out there for sure !!!

Marvelitocusness - Amazing songs!!5 star

Great songs!! All seven of them have done a great job!!

ran7856 - THIS ALBUM IS FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥5 star

I literally love every song!!

Allighost - Great music5 star

Love this album, You Got My Number and You Can’t Hold My Heart especially have two very different styles and I love them both!

lizpaula - The Best of Monsta X5 star

For me this is the best Monsta X's album, not because it's in English, but all the songs and melodies are absolutely great.

XxXxXxXxXxXx68998 - Stellar5 star

I always ask myself “how are monsta x going to top this?” but then they do — phenomenal album

K.Slytherin - In love5 star

Each song makes me feel so happy and loved. They way the music is written instantly gives you these emotions of peace and the lyrics are like love letters. Honestly adore this album!

Nessyy22 - Incredible5 star

Everything about this is amazing, I’m so proud they released such an amazing album in a language they don’t speak and it’s end product is this good. I hope everyone recognising there amazing talents and stream there songs. If new to Monsta X take a look at there Korean songs they are amazing and those dancers. They also have Japanese releases and the Rapper I.M has solo releases such as fly with me and Horizon, so does Jooheon has red carpet and flower cafe.


Beautiful vocals! Bops all day!

amiel :D - Amazing! Stan monsta x5 star

This album is so beautiful, start to finish, every single song is great and their English pronunciations are equally as great! These boys deserve the world ❤️

Kikslacoba - Perfect Valentines Day Album5 star

This is a beautiful, soft, sensual and provocative album. It’s equal parts spicy, sweet and heartbreaking. It truly lives up to its name, covering the full spectrum of all the ways we fall in and out of love. A brilliant entry into an already strong discography.

siovivnne - catchy and easy to listen to!5 star

amazing and revolutionary step for international artists worldwide. mad respect to monsta x for releasing an entire album in english. songs are easy on the ears with angel like vocals to accompany 🥰

mydogsaredumb - LOVE THESE BOYS5 star

Beautiful as always! Forever on repeat ❤️ We love you Monsta X!!!!!!!

aaaaabhjj - BEST BOYS STAN MONSTA X5 star


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_stxaybebe - Absolutely amazing 💖💖🥺5 star

I’m so so proud of Monsta X they did amazingly on this album!! I love them so much and I hope that they will continue to grow in success. They deserve all the love and support in this world. Monsta X OT7 all the way~ ❤️

Hikariuchiha - Top 5 on Billboard - Well deserved5 star

A very different sound from their usual hard hitting Korean sound. They were defineinty targetting a more general audience with this album but there are still some amazing songs on here and we get to hear all memebers sing, even the Rappers! Their english pronounciation is very clear, All in all a great album and Stan monsta X

Georgie2458 - A album people NEED TO LISTEN TO!5 star

I’ve been a fan of Monsta X for 2 years now and for me this group gets better AND BETTER! They took a risk with going for a full English album but the risk most definitely paid off! Every song is fantastic and you can really tell just how much love and hardwork the group put into giving us this album. I feel like even if you’ve never heard of Monsta x before this album is a great introduction! So much love for MONSTA X! They have done themselves and us monbebe proud!

Aleyaah - Amazing songs5 star

Every song on this album is a hit. Love the group love the members love the songs and love the album!

#nottoday - Perfect5 star

This album is hitting no.1 for all the right reasons. UK mon bebe

chloelovesmonstax - Mx7 ❤️5 star

Omg where do I start omg I love the album I’m so glad we can hear wonho all the songs are Amazing and so beautiful

Isitmyturnalready - Just amazing!5 star

So different to their usual sound but I’m absolutely loving it! Every single track is so good, I’ve had it on repeat since it came out!!

Mel.1133 - AMAZING5 star

One of the best albums ever!

d3d3anne - KINGS5 star

we stan talented kings we do much loves from british monbebe UwO stan MX7 yes 🥰

Emz55 - 10/105 star

Monsta x world domination 2020

Wonho's kmchi - A different direction that showcases their voices5 star

A slightly different direction for these guys, with a more 'Western' style compared to their Korean and Japanese albums. The quality of their English is excellent with their pronounciation often clearer than Western artists whose first language is English! The 'rappers' singing voices are beautifully showcased in the songs and prove that every member of Monsta X is a vocalist. A must for any Monbebe's album collection.

monbebelaura - Amazing & I’m so proud5 star

I’m so proud of these boys for all that they went through last year, they still managed to put out this album full of incredible songs. Seriously every song is so good, there isn’t one skip in the whole album. I love how every member gets their own time to shine. I miss Wonho so much and getting to hear his voice again made me so happy. Jooheon’s vocals are so soothing and pretty, he’s so taleted. 🥺 Really hope I get to see you boys again on tour and get to hear these songs live 💜 Keep fighting onwards Monsta X, Monbebe always support you ✨

jonasgirl188 - I’m All About Luv for MONSTA X5 star

So very proud of these guys. For a korean group to produce and sing entirely a language that is not their own is spectacular. Each song is beautiful and well sang. It’s different from some of their other music, this feels more heartfelt. I can’t wait for the tour!

appleangel - I’m All About Luv for MONSTA X5 star

1st K-Pop full English album... Vocals, lyrics and rap lines..... this has it all Monbebe 🇬🇧😘

Hannah_Norton12345 - so many emotions5 star

This album is honestly incredible and I am so proud of these boys. For them to go through what they have had to go through over the last 6 months and still produce a completely English album is phenomenal... every single song on here is incredible.

jazzy_121 - Best album all year5 star

This album is wonderful, every song has a nice colour and shows off the vocals of each member

Tas C - Amazing!5 star

Just as great as anticipated!

4everMXMB - One of the BEST english album!!!5 star

Best gift for Valentine’s Day. The album tackled different forms of love and all kinds of emotions incorporated to it. Monsta X really exceeded beyond perfection. Love them! Congratulations on TOP 5 of Billboards 200! Well deserved! 👍🏼

M Dawn X - LEGENDARY5 star

This album is different from their usual sound, and that's what's made it great because they proved that they can deliver talent on any challenges that they tackle on. I love the 7 boys! Hope they could continue living this dream and share their blessings for the world to see.

roxylalonde73 - Nice5 star

Different from their usual hard-hitting tracks but the songs are well-produced and fun to listen to



hamji750 - THE BEST ALBUM5 star

All songs are the best. Each one is unique and sounds really good.

村木 小池 - MONSTA X is exceptionally good!5 star

I love every song in the album! My heart is so full! The only problems I have are: 1. My favorite songs are too short. 2. I miss Wonho. :(

iori123456 - Wonho5 star

Comback lee hoseok ,miss your voice. congratulation monsta x. Thank you so much for this Album .

yhanniekels - monsta x: all about luv5 star

so good to be true!! ♥️♥️

chaekkung - This is it!!5 star

I love how this album brought out new tones in their voices I’ve never heard before. Misbehave is “my love at first listen”. It’s hard to find a favorite because all songs are amazing!! 💖

Ivansedanto - Amazing album!5 star

Monsta X sure knows how to make bops! They did not disappoint with this one.

LeeEunHyoo - OMG THIS IS SO GOOD !!!5 star

By far the best English album I listened to !!!! Congrats Monsta X !

nunu'sangel - Got my number5 star


Julogy - Emotionally satisfying5 star

This album got me feeling feels I never knew existed. I love all the songs but most of all I love MONSTA X ❤️

iamwhatiam30 - MonstaX5 star

Uwaaaaa!!! The album is out now!!!

ahgaseeeesss - Middle of the night5 star

Monsta X are talented. They can even sing a totally english sub just wow!!!!

Igbsiybs - Galing5 star




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Amritamiet5 star

Today I'm not with you my Princess...But I'm sure we definitely don't need a single day to celebrate as ur…

AngeItaejin5 star

@BTS_twt: It's been about a month and a half since BANGTAN's twitter's started. THANK Y'ALL and plz keep watching us. We luv you too~ LOL

Stealermin5 star

pensando en porque el ashy nos pregunto que canciones de all about luv nos gustaría que presentaran

Luv_Ali_5 star

@jtoni_n: Armys excited Realizing about all The The new. Records they new…

Jwhowsez5 star

@MichaelCoudrey Whats completely Fckd up is its all on Video! Wheres the Corrupt Main Stream Media? There is so muc…

AsmitaSaha155 star

@babysealheesung @BTSIndiaShop See if you wanna order from weverse which I think you can after 5 October, bc ems sh…

BangTanTan_5 star

@GuardianesTeam: Teams del @WarbotMcu as canciones del album All About Luv de Monsta X

Raya_luv5 star

@Shemee1 @designmom It’s all about you? After all of that. Wow. My body my choice and that goes for having sex with…

Stranahanm5 star

@FntsyHeadliners luv u guys wish I found about u guys sooner.thank u for all the extensive work u guys do on fantas…

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