The Tulkun Return Song Lyrics

The Tulkun Return by Simon Franglen Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Simon Franglen song The Tulkun Return coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Life is better when you sing about bananas.❞

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Simon Franglen - The Tulkun Return Song Reviews

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2 Songs. This is a steep price for a Weeknd and Zoe song, coupled with a bunch of “chamber music”. Zoe can actual sing though. The Weeknd’s effort isn’t bad but not his best. Unless you are a orchestra fan, I would download The Weeknd’s and/or Zoe’s song and save the rest of your money for a full album that you will listen to more than once.

Awful. Written by a filler composer in the music department, and it’s painfully obvious. So many great scores are cherry picked from other composers and sound like bad covers. I’m sure Cameron had a difficult effort finding a composer to commit to the extended runtime, but this movie deserves better than this schizophrenic, derivative mess of an “original” score.

Customer Response. The album art is as bland as the film it represents. But Cameron made a choice to have what was a masterpiece be a gum franchise where you get stretching and stretching and nothing else. The Way of Water was a one note stressor. The water and the world building left much to be desired by contrast of the characters and stale plot. It didn't have to be made and I certainly waited 13 years for something above this. I mean seriously. the franchise logo as the album cover? Where is the imagery, or Kiri's face like Neytiri's in the first movie soundtrack? The music was nothing parallel to the genius that is James Horner but got the job done. I hold no hope for the score album coming out on the 20th...

Stunning. Absolutely wonderful. Takes James Horner’s score from the original film and builds on it to something unforgettable.

Yay!. Yes! I love this so much!

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The Tulkun Return (Simon Franglen Song) Comments

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FAQs for The Tulkun Return

When did the tulkun return come out?

The Tulkun Return is a song that was released in 15 December 2022.

From which album is the song the tulkun return?

The Tulkun Return is a song from the Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album.

Who performs the song the tulkun return?

The Tulkun Return is performed by Simon Franglen.

How long is the tulkun return?

The Tulkun Return has a duration of 2:51 minutes.

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