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Unholy by Sam Smith & Kim Petras Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Sam Smith & Kim Petras song Unholy coming soon. Today's advice: ❝One of the single best things about being an adult, is being able to buy as much LEGO as you want.❞

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Sam Smith & Kim Petras - Unholy Song Reviews

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No. Awful song

Worst most disgusting song. Absolutely disgusting You’re literally what’s wrong with this world - even one broken family from this disgraceful song is one too many - gross

Disgusting lyrics. I couldn’t even understand the first two lines of the chorus. Sam sounds like he’s eating a donut while recording it. What a way to glorify cheating. There’s always someone out there trying to push the envelope with trash. Always missing the mark. Sam, this was much expected of you. Grow up.

Glorification trash.. What kind of person listen to this trash? I mean, it's very sad to see everyone listening to this lifeless tune about satanic topics and stuff, not even a heavy metal band will give credit for it. The beat is soulless, the lyrics are terrible. I'm glad I grew up listening to the music my parents enjoy. Old music is WAY better than this garbage. You people - any of you who enjoys this song - have terrible taste in music.

Weirdo. Weirdo

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So good. Nothing is so freaking good for your nice voice to send this so nice but I can’t say but you’re so nice why aren’t you can stay

Shameful, disgusting.. I will never ever look at Sam Smith the way I used to look at them. The fact that they have released such beautiful music, their first two albums which I adored. Then he went to the mainstream way, the way that I seriously thought would be an okay route for them. But it became very shallow, impersonal and very repetitive/cliche/poppy-pop trash. Their old songs had meaning, unfortunately with this song… the meaning is extremely explicit and of course, use anti religious motives to get your money. Now, I absolutely am not saying Sam Smith cannot experiment. He did well with a couple of pop songs, like “How Do You Sleep”, “Dancing With a Stranger” and “Diamonds”. But I absolutely did not expect this, from Sam Smith???? Like???? And I am sorry. But Kim Petras deserves way better than to collab with them. That girl needs a better record label, that won’t diminish her first album and fire that team of hers. Ugh. Zero stars.

Yuck. 🤮

Not his best. It is not his best song but as many songs have meaning he wrote song as a way of everyone knowing what his father did hen samsmith was young and but he could passed on the message a different way

Amazing. Amazing

Unholy (Sam Smith & Kim Petras Song) Comments

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FAQs for Unholy

When did unholy come out?

Unholy is a song that was released in 22 September 2022.

From which album is the song unholy?

Unholy is a song from the Unholy - Single album.

Who performs the song unholy?

Unholy is performed by Sam Smith & Kim Petras.

How long is unholy?

Unholy has a duration of 2:36 minutes.

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