Unholy - Single by Sam Smith & Kim Petras

Genre Pop
Release 22 September 2022
Price $1.29
Tracks 1
Country USA
1.29 USD

Sam Smith & Kim Petras - Unholy - Single Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Unholy 2:36

Unholy - Single by Sam Smith & Kim Petras Album Reviews

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Three words :. Catchy but inappropriate

Name calling. Just say you don’t like the song and don’t name calling

Trash. The heck? My class sings it this it’s better mommy don’t know daddy’s lunch at taco belll

No. No

Worse ever. Was sooooo glitchy couldn’t even hear the music

Glorification trash.. What kind of person listen to this trash? I mean, it's very sad to see everyone listening to this lifeless tune about satanic topics and stuff, not even a heavy metal band will give credit for it. The beat is soulless, the lyrics are terrible. I'm glad I grew up listening to the music my parents enjoy. Old music is WAY better than this garbage. You people - any of you who enjoys this song - have terrible taste in music.

Pure evil. Will never support an artist that spread which darkness in the world.

Trash. Deleted all his music.

T R A S H. This song is not art or talent. It’s sleezy, trashy and sends a message that someone feels irrelevant and begging for attention. SAD

Worst most disgusting song. Absolutely disgusting You’re literally what’s wrong with this world - even one broken family from this disgraceful song is one too many - gross

No good. This song and the people who sing it are awful

It’s not the vibe. I feel like this song could be a lot better if they changed the lyrics. I think the music is ok, but still.

HAIL SATAN!!!!!. I love how terrified Christian conservatives are of this song! Hey! Conservatives! Did you know apple is the largest LGBTQ employer in the world so every time you buy an iPhone, or apple products you’re supporting the LGBTQ community! Bahahaha! Looks like you better get an android! 😂👀

Love it.. Cisfemale here. Just bought the song. Love it! Cancel culture get off your pulpit.

So in love with this song~! ❤️😘❤️. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it. Catchy ! One of my faves

it’s okay. the beat scratches my brain so well I can’t even lie but sams singing is so bad and Kim Petras part is hella generic. Instrumental would be better

Demons. So crazy demonic, never listen to this song ever under no circumstances

The best song I could here. It’s very good just inappropriate things but it’s nice just it’s need less s3xy things into it

Oof. I’m sorry but literally “unholy” Does that sound like a good song? Good songs have lessons in them. Not… this

Trash. Trash

Super. Super queer. Super fab!!!!!

Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great song

Love it. Omg amazing

Disgusting lyrics. I couldn’t even understand the first two lines of the chorus. Sam sounds like he’s eating a donut while recording it. What a way to glorify cheating. There’s always someone out there trying to push the envelope with trash. Always missing the mark. Sam, this was much expected of you. Grow up.

Best song ever!. I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Fantastic. This song slaps!!! You can tell it’s the religious wackos who are hating on this song. How is this song “evil”? Lol. Anyway great song from Smith and Petris. Hope they get to perform it at the Grammy’s

horrible. this song is awful

Just no.. Rape apologist + gay person = this.

Bad song but... Bad song but good vocals and nice voice!!!

Love it!. Great song!

Unholy. I love this song so so much and it’s better than any other song.

Trash. Bought and deleted. Terrible

Demonic queer trash. Nothing like 2 Antichrists just singing about what they most people would expect them to sing…. Being gay and a proud sinner. And people ask how this song is evil. They must be taking sides with them

Conservative outrage. Conservatives are outraged and bothered by everything. Religion is a mental illness and is for the weak minded

Bad. Bad

Bad song. This is WAY too bad I hate this song so much. What is this garbage???!!!??

Weirdo. Weirdo

No. Awful song

gross. this song makes me want to throw up. I think that this song does not deserve any STARS.

Keep seething, haters 💅. Sitting here bopping to Unholy; still waiting for the results of that “satanic ritual” Grammy performance. I’m sure ol’ scratch will show up any day now. 😈😂 Congrats to Sam and Kim on such a successful song and the Grammy win! The music video is stellar, and I loved the Grammy performance! I hope to see more from these two soon. ❤️

Terrible song, bad Grammy performance. That grammy performance was disgusting. This song is disgusting. Keep the performances a bit more respectful.

Does this pass as music now?. Really really bad.

As Usual, Conservatives Are Clueless And Don’t Read. I always love how the Kristian Krazies either claim or blaspheme popular music without ever reading the lyrics. The song YMCA, for example, is a gay male cruising song from the 1970s, not an homage to the YMCA. I just have to laugh every time I see Trump and his hair-brained minions cluelessly, awkwardly “dancing” to classic gay disco while they formulate plans to criminalize drag shows and eliminate marriage equality. Or every time I see a doe-eyed conservative church performance of “Hallelujah,” a song written by a Canadian Jew, about a man’s failed love affair with a woman. And now they come for Sam Smith and “Unholy,” a song NOT about demons or witchcraft or other culture war nonsense, but about a man married to a woman, who himself is having an extramarital affair. Smith, as the singer, is addressing the singee, a man who’s cheating on his wife. Kim Petras plays the role of the girl the man is cheating with, interpreting her as a woman playing with her sugar daddy. “Unholy” is a judgement against this kind of behavior—which seems to be quite popular among philandering conservative males who are public figures. And where these people should direct their ire, not at Sam Smith.

SLAYYYYYYY. Sam smith you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED and Kim Petras AMAZING YOU DESERVE THE PRADA AND MIU MIU GIRL😎😁🤩😊👸🏼 (Still not as amazing as Roddy Rich’s Song The Box 📦) For some reason this song sounds familiar…. Hmmm,

Best I have ever heard ❤️. This is so awesome and the people who are saying gross they are wrong

Garbage.. You think this is “music”? This is demonic garbage and we are tired of it being shoved down our throats.

Just no... Song is so annoying

Garbage. Garbage garbage

Har har. She do be poppin it

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I don’t like but still catchy. It’s a good song but Kim Petras is misogynistic Sam smith believes in the devil and the lyrics are dirty

Satan is workin. Satan is working in these entertainers for certain, too bad beautiful voices. I not not comply with this kind of music

This song is bad. The lyrics are very awful and it’s very dirty.

Can't support. Can't support the deeply misogynist Kim Petras.

🔥🔥🔥. The wait was brutal haha but the rest of the song slaps too

Really bad. Awful

Great song. Amazing 🤩

🤢. You know who Sam Smith sounds a lot like? Uter from the Simpsons

Unholy. Being unholy for the first time in life for Swan Upon Leda

By me. Love it hate the haters which I consider haters Karen’s online Karen’s to all the haters I mean ALL OF THE HATERS can u do any better no so just shut up and leave it’s an amazing song ur just weird if u don’t like it I remember when people where literally begging for the song to come out it was Hilarious but just great work Sam smith 👍😁😃😀😄😁🙂☺️😊😙😚😗🤪😝🤗

Sus. Everyone is singing this song, sussy baka!

Unholy. It’s really good I reallly don’t know why there’s haters 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Me and friends sing this non stop But the good thing is that my teacher lets us sing this She even puts this on for the class The funny thing is that all the boys in my class hate it And all the girls in my class sing this including me 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😊😊😊😻😻😻🥰😘😊😻🥰😘😊😻

…. Like what’s the big deal?!! It’s not even that good of a song and all my classmates in school are singing it and my teacher is like “stop it, that’s inappropriate” and im like wth how is it inappropriate except for the body shop thing

The beat is sick. My only real critique is that it’s so grand sounding in scope it could stand to be 30 seconds longer.

Such a vibe. This song is awesome. It has such a catchy beat. 100% download.

Annoying that’s all. It’s overwhelmingly annoying actually I don’t get the appeal. I’d rather listen to a elephant fking a owl.

Great!!😍. Almost every kid in my school sings this song so do I !!😃😄keep up the great work all the hater’s you need to get a brain 🧠literally😡😡🤬🤬😡PLEASE

This is good music. ✌️

The way the truth and the light. I love this song with my entire being, it will be on repeat until the day I die

Good. It’s a good song except can’t support Kim Petras

Amazing!. Even more catchy than just the snippet that got popular on TikTok!

Amazing. Amazing


Shameful, disgusting.. I will never ever look at Sam Smith the way I used to look at them. The fact that they have released such beautiful music, their first two albums which I adored. Then he went to the mainstream way, the way that I seriously thought would be an okay route for them. But it became very shallow, impersonal and very repetitive/cliche/poppy-pop trash. Their old songs had meaning, unfortunately with this song… the meaning is extremely explicit and of course, use anti religious motives to get your money. Now, I absolutely am not saying Sam Smith cannot experiment. He did well with a couple of pop songs, like “How Do You Sleep”, “Dancing With a Stranger” and “Diamonds”. But I absolutely did not expect this, from Sam Smith???? Like???? And I am sorry. But Kim Petras deserves way better than to collab with them. That girl needs a better record label, that won’t diminish her first album and fire that team of hers. Ugh. Zero stars.

No no no. No way 😜

Terrible. Why change to this

Ewww. Worst song I’ve ever heard

So good. Nothing is so freaking good for your nice voice to send this so nice but I can’t say but you’re so nice why aren’t you can stay

The worst. You give pop a bad name you Are a disgrace and an unholy singer

Not his best. It is not his best song but as many songs have meaning he wrote song as a way of everyone knowing what his father did hen samsmith was young and but he could passed on the message a different way

Bruh. Bruh why isn’t this explicit it’s a bad song. Many believe it is explicit. Why are you releasing this song to thousands upon millions of innocent children not knowing what is going to be unleashed on them.

I hate this song. Worst song ever!

Filth. Unholy music for unholy ‘singers’. He’s gone downhill and It’s gone no where. Not sure what they are.

Um. Ew

This song is the best. It is great it’s just pop music its the best song I’ve heard first on radio now phone it’s just epic

Well it's well named if nothing else. Sounds like a collab set up by his label to help launch the girl - some might like it I but doubt his fans will

Mama doesn’t know daddy getting hot on the body shop. Love it keep it up Hon

Lexis review. I love it it’s really good stuck in my head!

Awful. I feel like I’ll vomit


Yuck. 🤮

Meh. Overhyped for a meh song.

It ok. I feel like this song could be improved so much!

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