Pov Song Lyrics

Pov by Ariana Grande Song Lyrics

It's like you got superpowers
Turn my minutes into hours
You've got more than 20/20, babe
Made of glass the way you see through me
You know me better than I do

Can't seem to keep nothing from you

How you touch my soul from the outside

Permeate my ego and my pride

I wanna love me (Ooh)

The way that you love me (Ooh)

Ooh, for all of my pretty

And all of my ugly too

I'd love to see me from your point of view

I wanna trust me (Trust me)

The way you trust me (Trust me)

Ooh, 'cause nobody ever

Loved me like you do

I'd love to see me from your point of view

I'm getting used to receiving

Still getting good at not leaving

I'ma love you even though I'm scared

Learning to be grateful for myself

You love my lips, 'cause they say the

Things we've always been afraid of

I can feel it starting to subside

Learning to believe in what is mine

I wanna love me (Ooh)

The way that you love me (Ooh)

Ooh, for all of my pretty

And all of my ugly too

I'd love to see me from your point of view

I wanna trust me (Trust me)

The way you trust me (Trust me)

Ooh, 'cause nobody ever

Loved me like you do

I'd love to see me from your point of view

I couldn't believe it

Or see it for myself

Know I be impatient

But now, I'm out here falling, falling

Frozen, slowly thawing

Got me right

I won't keep you waiting, waiting

All my baggage fading safely

And if my eyes deceive me

Won't let them stray too far

I wanna love me (Ooh)

The way that you love me (Ooh)

Ooh, for all of my pretty

And all of my ugly too

I'd love to see me from your point of view

I wanna trust me (Trust me)

The way you trust me, baby (Trust me)

'Cause nobody ever

Loved me like you do

I'd love to see me from your point of view


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Ariana Grande - Pov Song Reviews

- So good



Every song was so catchy!


yes just YES

- So good!

It’s been weeks and I love this album! People are really sleeping on it just because it’s not her normal pop sound. There isn’t a song I hate on this album it’s very good and I love the new sound.

- Ari album is pure trash cursing like that it not good

Ari don’t care about children and kids because the is so disrespectful the cusing oh man. I can’t listen to that. It's crazy taking about do this to and that etc. Oh god it not nice friendly for kids and adults listening to that come on. That disgust I can’t never Stan her because you think I want to listen or buy album and play her saying I want to get f. Oh man no way.


The album was amazing and a lot of songs were growers my favourite songs were motive,positions,nasty,and six thirty

- She deserves 5


- Vast improvement

I’m seeing a ton of bad reviews on here but I think this is her best album since My Everything. Her past few albums haven’t been my cup of tea. But this album is pretty good. She’s actually singing on this one. Her past several albums the vocals have been Underwhelming.

- Wow...


- What happened?

All of these songs sound the same. And they aren’t even catchy or idk but this isn’t what I was expecting. This album is the most boring piece of work I’ve probably ever listened to. My hair was fun but it was like motivation by Normani; it’s fun when you first hear it then your like ok next and you never play it again. West side was catchy at first but slow and boring after the first 30-35 seconds. I like how it reminds me of Mariah Carey but idk Ariana always tryin sooo hard to be a black r&b singer and it shows. Badly. Sorry. But this album was straight up trash. Nah... a let down.

- People are hating on this

People should not hate on this I think this is really good I love 34+35 and positions and POV people just wanna hate in her because they wish they were her I think the songs are great and she gave her best she always think about her fans writing the song. The only thing I should say is to make it a little more appropriate for example 34+35: Baby I need a seatbelt when I ride it? Which something that some parents don’t want there kids to hear overall j love this album!


This album is my fav album in the entire world. I love all the songs, but 34+35 is a little s*xual in my opinion. I love this album, I listen to it everyday and I love it. Ariana has beautiful vocals. I know this album is getting a lot of hate, but you need to support her(I’m not forcing), singers can try something new. ily ari ❤️

- Each album gets worse

Her older music showcased how powerful her voice is and just sounded better. Each album becomes more generic and boring. I used to be a huge fan from the very beginning. Come on Ari...

- I love this album!

I don’t care what other people say! This album is amazing. I listen to it 24/7. I cannot get enough of it. I love it so much!!!!❤️❤️❤️

- Love it

For all the people that are saying the album is bad it is just not for you because you are kids. This album is for doing the deed and you just don’t understand because your kids. I understand how you feel because at first I didn’t completely like it but it’s catchy and flirtatious. Tik tok did ruin some songs for me but this album is just to good.

- Great album!!

This album is like the alone thing I have been listening to. But, the alone thing I don’t like about it is that the beats are a little Too similar. Other then that this album is great!

- Disappointed.

This album had potential..not my favorite tho. They all start to sound the same. I’m not a big fan of the sexual songs (nothing wrong with it, just not my thing). She’s definitely had better albums. The only songs that stand out are POV and 34+35. She is really talented and has a beautiful voice, expecting more from her in the future.

- Good job girl.

Safety net... ugh 💖💖

- You Bad girly!!!!

Love it darling inspiring✨

- Where’s the flavor??

All her songs sound the same ..

- Amazing

She has found her sound. This whole album is soooo good and her voice is just so amazing. Also, for all of you guys saying that this is her worst album and where are the pop anthems, just shut up; she has said many times that she was never the biggest fan of doing pop anthems. if you don’t liken them album then leave we don’t need you here. Ariana will still be breaking records without you.🤍

- Ari ✨💕

Love this album! I won’t stop listening! ❤️✨

- Ok

I like some songs but it then just sounds the same. I like the older albums like dangerous woman and sweetener

- I love it

I don’t know why people are so disappointed in this album I love it I think it shows how happy she is and how far she’s come definitely since sweetener

- 11/10

Some of these songs were not great collabs, but miss girl... SHE DID THIS. EXCUSE ME? HER AND DOJA=POWER!!!

- Obsessed

I love when artists take on a whole new sound. I never know what to expect with ari. And I like that. Every album is so unique. This album caught me off guard. But in a good way! I love all the features too. The Weeknd was definetly my favorite feature. I love off the table so much.


This album is exactly what I want from Ariana. She really delivered. Highly recommend!!! :)

- Really not a fan of this.....

I love Ariana, I really do. I’ve been a fan of her and her music for 7 years. But my god..... what is this? This album is such a downgrade compared to ‘thank u, next’ and ‘dangerous woman’. The only songs I actually like on this album is ‘safety net’, ‘hair’, ‘pov’, ‘off the table’, ‘just like magic’, and ‘nasty. That’s it. Everything else just sounds like filler songs that are meant to add up the number of songs to call it an album. Ever since ‘sweetener’, I now have to prepare myself to not give my hopes up. I love her dearly as a person, but her sound with all of this trap and everything else just isn’t doing it for me.

- Horrible

The most overrated artist in the music industry

- Straight trash

I literally wish I could give this album zero stars. She is so overrated it’s crazy. There is absolutely nothing good about it. The songs are disappointing, I can barley understand her, and the beats are so repetitive. How about some A cappella?

- I love it

The first few times I listened to this album it sounded a bit weird and different. Most of her songs that I don’t immediately like I grow to love, and that happened on this album. Probably my favorite album, no skips!

- Love her and everything she does

Honestly a whole bop love her work and always will love u forever!!!

- Easy Math

Equals 69, you gotta listen to the lyrics... I like her music, she’s pop and she has a good voice She always reminded me of a young Mariah Carey Take some time and listen to the lyrics

- hear me out.

now i understand that a lot of people thinks it’s generic, and i can see where they’re coming from, but i think it’s a good album. i know a lot of the songs are sexual, but it’s still good. some are bops, some are eh. but rly, instead of just saying it’s “trash” and you are “so disappointed” just say it wasn’t your favorite or not her best album. my favorite tracks are safety net, pov, motive, shut up, west side, and off the table. some songs i just didn’t like, and 34+35 was just too much for me, it’s like a cutesy version of WAP. six thirty, obvious, love language weren’t my favorites either. overall a good album, don’t hate on it so much. but really ariana, making an album every year is too much, maybe take like 2 years and come out with a really thought out and put together album, and don’t make everything sexual please, it just isn’t necessary.

- Queen

I’m happy that she’s happy

- Very Good but not her best

She reminds me of Mariah Carey except better! 😊

- So proud

You can tell that this is the album that Ariana has been wanting to make for years now! It is so special to her and I’m so glad that she’s finally in a good place in her life and she’s happy now!

- Ari’s Queen

Thank you for saving my life this year Ariana I love you ❤️

- This is too much and I cannot take it

She is a good person but here is what I need from her. In the future, I want her to cut the sex and drugs. Make music on the radio and music in general great again! Also do not want the word ‘savage’ being used. Record some music videos without any of the following included: -Drinks or smoking seen -Nudity or recording other’s (even your own) butts -your friend kissing, hugging, etc. Only record yourself with appropriate clothing. Make some great music without autotune.

- Like It

It’s hard for people to accept that their favorite artist can switch things up and try a different sound. I like the R&B switch up. Keep it going 👍🏼

- Amazing

Her best album yet

- I had bigger expectations

Dissapointed. I am sad.



- one of her best albums

so happy she is doing something different other then pop

- Best Album

I love all the songs !

- I'm not surprised

- Is Amazing

I loved the album the wine is very good but with everything



- Cool

Best one yet

- Show peace

The album was great because you can still hear and feel Ariana’s heart in her music. Maybe this was a little controversial but that is music these days, she could be saying worse and she almost points out that she did not want to represent sixnine in no way lol. Ariana has already hit greatness in my great Opinions book. She can still go up by helping others of course once she’s sets way before she rests. I love Mrs. Grande hehe♥️🙏🏽👏🏾

- 🤍😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘

Girl is album is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good 😌 👁💧👄💧👁

- Perfection

This album saved 2020. Don’t listen to the other reviews. Ariana is a queen.

- period

period x2

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- amazing period🤩

I luv it sm <3

- Ahhh

Omg Ariana this is so so sooo good ahhh I love pov and all the others ilysmmm

- Amazing!

This album is 💯🔥! Stellar vocals as usual!

- Yaaassss Queen💖💕🥰👏🏻😘👑

Vocals are amazing and lyrics are beautiful. Her sound has grown so much over the years. Ariana is really trying to tell her life story here. It’s now one of my favourite albums by her. The whole album is genius and I will for sure have it on repeat for a while now. Well done queen 💖💕🥰👏🏻😘👑

- So good!!

I love it so much!!! Thank you so much Ari🤍🤍🤍

- best album

by far one of her best albums. stream it!!!!

- positions

she did it again, and did it better than ever



- woah.

she really did that


This album is very mature and you can hear the growth in sound. She is without a doubt he vocalist of this generation. She just served us her most mature album yet in terms of vocals, lyrics and production ✨

- this is beautiful

ariana grande once again does it. this is the best thing i’ve heard in a while. pov 🤍

- Absolute Garbage

Don’t waste your money on these songs, I recommend you listening to Kylie Minogue’s new album Disco Deluxe. That’s real music. I’m super disappointed in Ariana!!!!

- This album saved 2020

This album is really good my favorite song would have to be off the table but all of the songs are so good I could Listen to the whole album forever thanks for blessing us with this album ari ❤️❤️❤️

- Amazing!

Ariana is no doubt a talented artist. This album was absolutely fantastic, the vocals were amazing and the song production was flawless. Although I wish some songs were longer, and that there were more songs on the album. But over all it was great!

- Yess queen

It’s Ariana frocking Grande she always comes out with bops



- Vibey Albulm

A great vibey album that’s smooth and consistent. It’s cohesive and has some great tunes. The collaborations are expertly chosen and make this album even better. Some tracks are a bit repetitive ( six thirty, shut up) but the best ones make up for it (pov, obvious, positions, my hair, safety net, off the table).


Ariana really grows with her music and she definitely delivered this album! So sexy


omg I love this one💕💕Love all though🥺

- 🤍🏹

In my opinion, this album is basically the adult version of Yours Truly combined with Sweetener, which I really love! POV is the best song in this album for me🤍🏹




This album is sooo different compared to her others imo. There were a lot of good songs on this album and I really love the R&B vibe to it, while it’s mixed with trap, pop, and hip hop elements. overall this album is soo good, a lot of very good vocals on here and i love it.

- Ilove it


- Waaah I was so hype for this but damn..

This album is full of skips.. I was super excited for her new album .. but it’s a no for me.. it’s very slow and boring.



- on of her best albums yet

the vibe is slow , magical , and just perfect. Ariana Grande never disappoints. This album is beautiful, it might not be for everyone, but for most ariana stans this album will be in your top 3 of hers.

- her best album <3


- ✨Perfect ! ✨

Nothing more to say ! Just Perfect !

- Masterpiece

Safety net is soooo good. I love this album so much

- Queen of Pop

Queen of pop

- Thank u, next 2.0

This album doesn’t carry the excitement and it falls short. This LP somehow feels like an EP of her previous work Thank U, Next. This album lacks his own soul and the songs only feels like a copy+paste from the previous album. I was expecting more from it.

- The weeknd and Doja save that album.

Not her best work





- Perfection

I needed new music. Thank you Ari, I’m gonna listen to this on repeat 😍



- Periodt

It doesn’t get better than this!



- her best album

that’s on periodtt

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- disappointed

after hearing ‘rule the world’ i was excited for ariana to do rnb, but most of these tracks are generic and lack flavour. I miss her dangerous woman era :(

- Hmmmm

After one full listen and then a few tracks individually, must say it is disappointing especially after thank u, next which was all killer. Too much swearing, too many short tracks and many of them seem to blend into one another sonically. It will sell bucketloads but critically, I'd say it will receive very average reviews. Shame really.

- All sounds the same

Crap album. all the songs are boring and sound the same. Nothing catchy at all 😕

- The best

The best album yet. So proud of how far she’s come

- a disappointment

i love ariana grande so so much but this album is such a disappointment :( after a number of listen to each song there is about 1 or 2 that are okay, the rest bland and generic. ill listen to dangerous women sweetener and thank u next until she waits a few years to be able to produce something iconic again

- A great album.

This is a great album, yet it cannot live up to its 2 predecessors (sweetener and thank u, next). But I don’t blame it, it had some very big shoes to fill. This is probably one of Ariana’s best albums to date. And to everyone who says all the songs sound the same, they don’t. Either like it or don’t. If you don’t, do what track 1 tells you to (shut up) and go and find something you like. :)

- Superb!

Fantastic! it’s such a good sound and it all connects perfectly

- Thank u next/Dangerous Woman Sound Combined🔥🔥

Really great album and it’s refreshing to see a short and sweet track list compared to the standard bloated 30 track albums coming out on streaming platforms. Personal favourites are 34+35, my hair, nasty and of course positions.

- Rubbish.

Auto-tune anyone?

- Very disappointing

As much as I love Ariana to me this album just feels like her heart truly isn’t in this album. It almost feels rushed and just doesn’t have that special touch that thank u next did. I did enjoy some tracks such as pov, love language and motive but to me many of the tracks really just seem so flat. Some tracks I really didn’t enjoy: shut up, just like magic, off the table, six thirty, nasty and west side which is a shame.

- Awesome but...

Great album! There is not a single song from this album that I dislike... BUT... almost every song is about s*x. It just gets a little boring after a while if that’s all that she can sing about. She needs to go back to singing nice songs that people can relate to. Ranking: 1. Dangerous Woman 2. POSITIONS 3. Sweetener 4. My Everything 5. thank u, next 6. Yours Truly

- Amazing

Amazing 😍 love this . Ariana may be swearing more but she can do what she wants,people need to get a grip and ‘shut up’😂😂she’s grown up and her vocals are stronger than ever 🤍☁️

- I really hate it

I don’t see the appeal in anything off this album. Is this really what she deems as her best album? It’s literally so bland. All songs sound the same, they all sound like they were recorded in a day with no soul. It’s very robotic and Ariana on autopilot.

- Boring and generic.

You can tell she played it extremely safe with this album, no originality, no creativity and overall rushed. I prefer when artists go and take some time away to come up with new concepts instead of feeling obligated to rush out new music all the time.

- Amazing!!


- Can’t understand what she is singing

Her vocals are too high that she is too hard to understand and the lyrics are very sexually explicit.

- For the “critics”

Yall wanna sit there and say “all songs sound the same” you clearly have never picked up her albums OR even listened thoroughly. This album is probably her most grown. She’s an adult signing about adult sh*t. 34 35, Shut up, Nasty, Obvious, my hair and positions are top songs for me. Also to the “adults” who are saying they can’t allow their children to listen; good. Ariana has never been for children - play them kids bop like A Karen would. Also, there is a clean version of the album for a reason!! Stop complaining it’s not for kids. Jesus. A bop. The end. Over everyone else’s comments girl please.

- phenomenal

perfectly showcases her healing and growth over the years. it’s a beautiful ending to a horrible chapter in her life. the music feels like she’s finally found her way to something she’s always wanted to create and it’s very obvious with how stunning each track is. There’s some stunning raw and emotional tracks and also some really fun sexy songs and honestly as she’s a 27 year old woman that’s exactly what i’d expect. nailed it yet again ariana

- same old stuff

its getting boring same ho same ho all songs sound the same ....rubbish

- obsessed

this album is so different from the rest i love it

- i haven’t breathed since it came out

miss ponytail took my breath away w the first second of shut up and i cannot breathe no more. the whole album is exquisite. u go from feeling like a bad b in 34+35 and nasty to thinking deeply ab ur feelings and urself in pov. 10/10. i love it. thank u ariana ilysm

- ok??

ariana where have u been?? u were such a good artist and i loved ur old songs better but seriously?? the only good song is pov❤️ but the others....😐 i dont know what to say anymore..........

- Hmmm

I love Ariana... but this wasn’t it for me! After hearing positions,the single, I was expecting the album to go down that road which I was so excited about! However, the rest of the album just wasn’t abit of me😫maybe if I listen again it’s a different story but nothing jumped out at me and made me want to listen again.

- ARI!!!!!!!

Ngl I do prefer thank u, next but this album is amazing and I hate that people are are giving it so much hate. Stand outs are 34+35, motive, safety net, my hair, nasty and pov. Thank u ari!!!!

- Unreal album

Proud of ari x

- Trying too hard to appear grown up

Like my title says really, adding a few swear words is probably the only exciting thing in this Album. So disappointed in it as Ariana has the most special gift of singing, yet this sadly does not reflect her talent in this. All the tracks are generic, I hate to leave a bad review but she could do so much better than this. I feel tormented because it looks like a bubblegum pop princess is trying to show the world she has grown up yet she has not evolved at all.

- loved it

i really enjoyed listening to this album, it has a very unique sound. ariana has chosen to take a different route by incorporating r&b undertones and also discussing the topic of relationships throughout the album. i really enjoyed this new sound from ariana, it is very vulnerable and there are songs that people are able to relate to in some ways. this is definitely my favourite album she has released to date, although others may not feel the same way, i thought it was great!

- Not my cup of tea, boring and sounds the same

Every track sounds the same and nothing new here ! Half the time you can not understand what’s she is even singing

- positions

absolutely phenomenal !!

- so calming

may not be the favourite (thank u, next is) but i love it! it gives off goodnight n go and breathin vibes. it’s calming and emotional. you can really see her growing up. and the song positions shows he love for her new boyfriend. she has put her heart and soul into every song. very calming, and helps to feel relaxed.

- Insipid

Words fail me considering her fans are 12 years old

- Usually love her

I usually love her music but these last two albums haven’t been the best. At least TUN had a few great singles, this album just seems really toned down - not in a good way.

- one of my favourite albums ever

i love positions. its a different style to what ariana usually does and i love it so much

- Swearing

It says something when there has to be a clean version of her album.

- mediocre isn’t always bad!

ariana may not deliver when it comes to diction, breath control, or industry-pushing themes, but she and her team sure can craft a catchy melody! this is a cohesive body of work that drifts through her process of healing over the last 18 months - from fear, panic, humor, horniness, love, anxiety, trust, and hope. she tells her story through beautiful vocal layering, and simple but effective lyrics, often written with her besties. is it anything groundbreaking that we havent heard before? no, neither vocally, lyrically or in terms of production... but thats not a bad thing! not EVERY album has to be. sometimes a simple collection of songs that document a personal experience is enough! the album is full of catchy hooks, insta-worthy lyrics, with a sprinkling of vocal highlights. it has replay value! the production is often reductive (motive), and sometimes even too distracting from her voice/lyrics (love language is far too busy, shut up seems overbearing, etc). but on tracks like safety net and my hair, she shines, as does the production! overall the album is one of hope. its joyful, comedic and sexy. but like all of those emotions - not EVERY experience (or album) is the BEST, and thats just life. positions isnt her best album, and its certainly not the album of the year!! but its a gorgeous body of work to bop along to and get us through winter. let her fans enjoy it! rating - 6.5/10 ⭐️ best tracks: safety net, my hair. worst tracks: off the table, shut up, love language. favorite tracks: motive, 34 35, positions.

- Best album period.

She came to serve once again saved 2020

- Meh.

I loved her first few albums, sweetener was a bit of a dip but then thank you, next was a brilliant album. I like one song on this album the rest are so boring and don’t stick in your head like good songs do.. feels very rushed and quite frankly is a boring album.

- perfection

my queen legend

- amazing !

one of my fave albums from her

- <3


- saved 2020 for us all

every song slaps ! not every song has to be pop to be a ‘banger’ ladies and gentlemen

- She did it again!

Amazing album she can never disappoint!

- Lovvveeeee ittt

She always brings such amazing tunes... this is everything 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

- Not my favourite album

I didn’t like this album but appreciate she’s making music for herself now? I would even say I prefer Sweetner over this! Nevermind.. maybe I had too high expectations

- Ugh

I’m sick and tired of hearing the same boring regurgitated rubbish. After dangerous woman it’s just gone down hill, she has so much talent but is releasing bore after bore!

- all the lonely virgins

yall are so obsessed with her, virgins me thinks

- Really disappointed

Thank U, Next was a bit of a level off from her earlier continuous climb in content and stardom, but this is now a drop off. I was really looking forward to this release but it’s a reluctant poor review from me.

- 🎶🥰

Love this album, made of songs that are lyrically pleasing and beautiful harmony’s 🙏🏼

- incredible

why are people hating ?? yes yall have your own opinion but, if you actually listen to the songs more than once you will realise how unique they are from eachother. pls! i love it. best album yet. 🖤

- Poor

Really disappointed in this album. Initially I was excited as she was going to be leaning into her R&B side more which I love. However the quality isn’t there. The enunciation is getting worse too, not to mention the increased use of expletives. They can be effective to use in certain songs, but here they just fill in gaps left by the lazy songwriting.


Solid and astonishing. How can you adapted those war declare scene with a great choices of double pov..

Lucifer Morningstar

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@kingstoptv POV: Kingstop had 3 cruisers.



Shloka Saswati

Did Makers edit Jas wala POV too? Dayumn! This z too much, Constantly trying to potray bahu as +ve! Promo me dikhate ho engagement ke liye and edit the part for real TV audience! Biasedness at its peak! #RahulVaidya #DilSeRahulVaidya.

CLH is finally writing the book after 11 years

What if a mystery was told in an omniscient pov?.

Just A Kat

POV: you don't deserve rights #berrynose #warriorcats .

ً rain⁷☀️

Bisexuality is so demonised on tiktok? like yk the trend where it was "pov ur the problem" and the first thing they'd show was a bi flag..? like i get they're doing it about themselves but like every single tiktok i saw included a bi flag.


@mygjwy omg wait I just noticed what you meant. I'm probably gonna watch it from sykkuno's pov.

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