Wildfire (Talegate Remix) Song Lyrics

Wildfire (Talegate Remix) by Nate Smith Song Lyrics

(Burning like a wildfire)

I met her on a Monday night singing karaoke, yeah
I played it cool like I didn't see her notice me
Whoa! And she grabbed that mic
Hopped up on that stage and rocked that song she's singing
I was like, "Whoa! Girl, I didn't know that I would feel this way"

She had me burning like a wildfire
Those flames kept gettin' higher
Burning me up, burning me up
I just couldn't get enough
Mesmerise by the look in her eyes
Not knowing wrong from right
All 'cause she have my heart
Burning like a wildfire
Burning like a wildfire (have me burning, have me burning)
Burning like a wildfire

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Nate Smith - Wildfire (Talegate Remix) Song Reviews

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Wildfire (Talegate Remix) (Nate Smith Song) Comments

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FAQs for Wildfire (Talegate Remix)

When did wildfire (talegate remix) come out?

Wildfire (Talegate Remix) is a song that was released in 25 September 2020.

From which album is the song wildfire (talegate remix)?

Wildfire (Talegate Remix) is a song from the Wildfire (Talegate Remix) - Single album.

Who performs the song wildfire (talegate remix)?

Wildfire (Talegate Remix) is performed by Nate Smith.

How long is wildfire (talegate remix)?

Wildfire (Talegate Remix) has a duration of 3:06 minutes.

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