Obsession - EXO Lyrics

EXO - Obsession song lyrics
Artist:   EXO
Album:   OBSESSION - The 6th ..
Genre:   K-Pop
Date:   27 November 2019 (USA)
Track No:   1 / 10
Duration:   3 minutes 23 seconds

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EXO - Obsession Song Lyrics

제발 이제 그만

밤이 눈을 멀게 끔 하니
넌 또 몰래 숨어들었지
잠든 귓가 쓱 핥다 쳐다보다
할퀴곤 웃어대

끝도 없이 속삭이는 목소리
Oh, you're the bad dream kill
나를 홀려 자꾸 불러
너 있는 곳 그래 네게 오라고

날 안다고? (I don't think so)
뭔데 내게 파고들어 (I don't think so)
넌 내 눈을 가려 (I don't think so)
진실들을 덮어 (I don't think so)

헛된 꿈 버려 (I don't think so)
독을 뱉게 하지 마 (I don't think so)
넌 날 다신 못 가져 (I don't think so)
Shut up and go away

Thousand nights 지겹도록 말했어
쫓고 쫓는 악몽 이젠 끝낼게
(불이 꺼진 exit light) 불이 꺼진 exit light
이제 그만 꺼져 줄래 내게서

지겨워 ha! 그만해 둬
내 귓속에 쏟아대는 소리 I'ma let it blow
오감은 그것으로 쏠리고 곤두서고

Obsession (EXO) Song Lyrics Reviews & Comments

IQ Certificate
  • exovengers

    5 stars
    10/10. No one is doing it like them.
  • Baeklavas

    5 stars
    outsold. literally outsold — kings behavior
  • Alvin Hong

    5 stars
    Exceptional song!. Wow!! I saw this song trending on YouTube and couldn’t help but come here to purchase it. The persistent “I want you” is so addictive and the track overall carries a powerful, exciting vibe. I really love it!
  • xiuminxjongin

    5 stars
    Wow!. Team ĖXØ 🗣
  • lovebtsandblackpink

    5 stars
    Love. Exo
  • CollegeMother25

    5 stars
    Ignore the haters. This album is very good (even without the other 3 members)... My top fav songs are Obsession, Ya Ya Ya, Trouble, and Butterfly Effect.
  • GnPras

    5 stars
    EXOeptionally good!. EXOeptionally good!
  • Juli KT

    5 stars
    As expected of EXO. What can we say? The kings have returned!
  • pshona1

    5 stars
    MY BOYS ARE KILLING IT. So proud of EXO there voice are heavenly I can listen to them all day long and won’t get enough
  • egxeo

    5 stars
    Leyendas del kpop. Obra de arte este album es
  • 6188DEUXS

    5 stars
    IU has a lot of interactions with exo , promoted flower and covered that's okay junmyeon attended her concert a few weeks ago…
  • MonicaWahyuniP

    5 stars
    Once again i heard "they've worked hard" i will block you Do you think EXO just drinking coffee while eating Hong Rui Zhe…
  • Exolovers20191

    5 stars
    Once again i heard "they've worked hard" i will block you Do you think EXO just drinking coffee while eating Hong Rui Zhe…
  • Jnheefg

    5 stars
    ËXØ OBSËSSIØN ALBUMS SEALED •Worldwide •Retweet & Like •Reply which version you want [EXO or X EXO] •…
  • ExoLifeL1485

    5 stars
    EXO - 1st 🔥WE FOCUS ON…
  • Reina1331

    5 stars
    EXO - 1st 🔥WE FOCUS ON…
  • Dabeleenr

    5 stars
    OBSESSION ALBUM WAS #1 on most US SITES IT HAD BIG CHANCE TO DEBUT HIGHER even with 2 days of tracking if sm shipped album…
  • Xj9020

    5 stars
    exo heading back to the basement after obsession era is over knowing they will be locked there until next year …
  • Aprilsnow12

    5 stars
    EXO - 1st 🔥WE FOCUS ON…
  • HarrietMoon16

    5 stars
    [!] 191207 Congratulations #EXO for their second win for #OBSESSION on Show! Music Core 🏆🎉 Let's all trend #Obsession2ndWin…
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