OBSESSION - The 6th Album by EXO

OBSESSION - The 6th Album [EXO] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:23
2 3:17
3 3:41
4 3:28
5 3:42
6 2:58
7 3:24
8 3:42
9 3:10
10 3:23
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OBSESSION - The 6th Album by EXO Album Reviews

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- Obsession!!!5 star

Love the song Butterfly Effect!

- Best comeback and album of 20195 star

This album is the embodiment of quality over quantity . Although at first listen I was unsure whether it live up to the amazingness of “Don’t mess up my tempo”, I later understood that it may have even superseded it! Songs like Jekyll, Ya Ya Ya, and Groove are exciting and offer surprising musical twists while boasting the strong vocal and rap abilities of each member. Though Minseok, Kyungsoo, and Yixing were not able to participate in obsession, this album does not feel empty or mediocre. One of exo’s best!!

- ❤️5 star

The best

- Kings are back 🤴5 star

We are one ☝️ ❤️

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

This album was straight fire. They are vocal kings, all of them. The talent that you can hear is insane. I love them so much!!!

- WOW5 star

Seriously such an amazing album!!! Every song is fantastic!! I bought every version of this album!!!

- Still hitting hard5 star

Even without Kyungsoo and Minseok they kept going strong and they looks and sound so well the concept was unbelievably breathtaking and captivating!

- Absolutely amazing!5 star

This album is amazing in every way. Songs, vocals, production, concept, etc... Everything!!❤️ EXO never fails to release incredible, unique sounding music year after year. Their music is timeless, and I will enjoy it for the rest of my life 💕

- Exo will always live up to the hype5 star

This album is with 6/9 members but it is still some of the strongest work they’ve released. They improve every year, and hone their craft to perfection.

- Yes!5 star

Just hell yes!!

- Absolutely amazing album!!!!5 star

This album is a masterpiece!!!! Songs, vocals, production, concept, etc.— Every single thing about this album is incredible. I would recommend it to anyone, even to someone who’s not a fan of EXO or k-pop!! EXO never fails to impress me with their music year after year ❤️❤️

- Obsession5 star

So good , been listening to this new cd basically every day in my car! Exo-L

- Obsession5 star

I love the boys so much Baekhyun’s visuals were on point. Wish Sehun didn’t get shot but it’s fine. Jongin (Kai) in a crop top has been my obsession (haha get it) since tempo. Ten out of ten boys I love you


This album is just exceptional in every way possible. Every track has a different vibe that I was completely in awe for. This is the best album EXO has done, yet! I can sense the maturity and the new direction they are taking and I approve of it 100%! When I think EXO cannot surprise me anymore, then they get this 6th album! Very proud of the guys and all the work they poured into making this new album, but again they always do!

- I really like this5 star


- You will be OBSESSED.5 star

I’m sure I’m not the first one to used that terrible pun line but it’s the truth. The album is filled with amazing vocals and beats that will have you dancing around your apartment and singing like a maniac. EXO continues to surprise us with different genres as they still remain the same EXO we have come to love and admire... or should I say EXO? Anyway, check it out! It’ll be more than worth it I promise.

- Amazing Album5 star

As expected, exo gave us another amazing album, genre bending, experimental and great sampling. Exo is the blueprint for K-pop Boy Bands!

- Awesome5 star

This comeback is really good.

- Always out of the park5 star

The boys continue to surprise me with the boundaries they push with their music. Groove has been on non-stop since the moment I first heard it


P e r f e c t i o n

- Obsessed with EXO5 star

Love every track on this album! Second comeback with my babies. so proud to be an exol and so proud of our boys! EXO AND EXOLS FIGHTING!!~~~~

- LOVE!5 star

Love all the tracks!!

- Amazing!!!5 star


- Fire!!!!5 star

This album has everything. Hot beats, strings, horns, vocals....can’t figure out a fav b/c I love it all

- KINGS5 star

Every song is a bop. Stan Exo!

- Love love love5 star

My babies did that❤️❤️❤️💓

- Excelente5 star

Me encanto el concepto y que cada canción sea tan diferente en ritmo me encantaron todas


👑👑DID NOT DISAPPOINT...This how an album should be made!!😍

- EXO KINGS5 star


- I mean...what more do we expect from the kings of kpop?5 star

^^says it all. Vocals, visuals, dance, album all broke the scale.

- I’m obsessed!!!5 star

I love this album so so so much. The title track “Obsession” is so unique but after a second listen, it completely grows on you and has become one of my favorite title tracks from EXO. It’s so catchy and the second half of the song is full of surprises. The album is amazing!!! My personal favorites are “Day by day” and “Groove.” I have this album on repeat and continuously enjoy the harmonizations, smooth vocals, and amazing raps. Sehun sounds particularly amazing in this album for me! Overall, I love this!!!

- Throwback for a Comeback5 star

I’ll say it again: since changing music genre in 2016-2017, kpop has been giving me the 90’s feel of music that I grew up with. When that happens, I have been sold ever since. Was listening to Ya Ya Ya while writing this and that is the main reason why 😅🤣 but point has been made

- Seriously good, REALLY!5 star

I’m not the typical K-pop fan, in fact I wasn’t a fan at all. I assumed K-pop was overproduced, vanilla music having it’s 15 min. on the music rollercoaster. Then I randomly heard a few songs that intrigued me to listen to more. Glad I did! This group EXO and this album, Obsession, has made me a fan of theirs. While still a bit overproduced, this album is seriously good. From start to finish, with one exception, every song is interesting and really well done.

- Phenomenal5 star

Despite temporarily losing an additional two key members, EXO still delivers, in outstanding fashion. OBSESSION is arguably the highest of all EXO albums in terms of production value and variety; it sets itself apart from previous albums, yet finds a way to not only maintain, but also outdo the quality we've become accustomed to with EXO. With each track its own distinct "feel," and addictive nature, there's not a single blemish or jarring moment to be had. Highly recommend giving this a listen, two listens, and beyond.

- Love Exo5 star

I really love this album. Exo is the best.

- Kings5 star

EXO-Ls keep streaming 💪💪💪 Surpassed all my expectations with Obsession, Trouble, Baby You Are, and Butterfly Effect Proud to be an EXO-L 💪

- KINGS5 star

no bad song at all in this album. i love this album sm😭😭😭😭

- Very impressed, especially with other members in the military service.5 star

Ya Ya Ya is the best song in this album!

- kings did it again5 star

exo never disappoints... their only competition is themselves and they continue to be the standard

- The best album5 star

I really love it, I buy it ❤️


They are the best group and it’s the best album ever 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 EXO-L Fighting!!!

- Yes!5 star

Love it!!♥️🙌🏽

- SO GOOD5 star

I got this the day it was released before a 6 hour car ride and just had it on repeat for most of it. THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD. EVERY SONG IS SO GOOD. I’m so proud of them💗

- It slaps5 star


- They5 star

Really are the most reliable 💋💋💋

- Exo Obsession5 star

While listening to the new songs it doesn’t feel like EXO, but then again EXO never stick to just one genre. They are very diverse! Their vocals allow them to test out new stuff, and EXO can make it work! EXO never disappoint!

- Kings of Kpop5 star

The whole album is so amazing!!!

- Besssssst5 star

Exo is the bestttttt!!!

- Ain’t it 😒1 star


- So Good!5 star

My favorite songs are 'Trouble, Obsession, and Baby You Are'. 🔥


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anyueng - I want you! I want you! I want you! 🎶5 star

I’m obsessed with EXO 😍

anonymous ahgase - EXO KINGS5 star

they always put their best into their work. as always, they're extremely talented.

EXOLUXION - The entire album is really good5 star

B-sides are lit 🔥🔥

Razorblade1251 - exo never disappoints5 star

to see them make their own comeback without sm's contribution shows how powerful they really are. WE ARE ONE

HNExoKM - #NoWords #They’reTheBest #Obsession #EXO5 star


mentallyunstable123 - Legendary PERIODT5 star


BHassock - Amazing!5 star

EXO never disappoints, they always come back with quality music! The whole album is amazing, listen to it, buy it, download it, and stream it!

licaPark - KINGS ARE BACK!5 star


Nikki Penano - ❤️❤️❤️5 star


minsikai - SO GOOD5 star

Exo never disappoint !! Truly on another league !! Every single song is so so so carefully crafted and so good and unique!

reinpon - the best 😍5 star

exo never fails to deliver every time.

EJPCY - Exo kings5 star

Obsessed with exo

Liv2311 - EXO fighting!5 star

Such a different feeling to what we are used to but as always EXO delivers. Very proud of the boys

tiaroxxz - phenomenal5 star

This is an amazing album from beginning to the end! The quality of each song is amazing and matched with the vocals of exo, it makes you want to loop this album for the rest of your life

annabeljadedarmali - TITLE TRACK IS SO DIFFERENT5 star

Never would I have thought exo would be able to pull off EDM so well. The title track ‘Obsession’ has absolutely so flaws.

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L.Got.Army - AOTY5 star

Exo kings

#nottoday - King quality music5 star


Johny Hillburg - AMAZING5 star

Perfection as an album! I am a groove and jekyll enthusiast aha!

SJ.BTS.EXO.TVXQ - Good enough5 star

Good enough

Aria9 - 9 members become 6 (where is Yixing)4 star

3/9 members are not on this album, two (MinSeok & D.O) are serving in the military. Yixing, that one Chinese member that SM keep in the cupboard, isn’t on here either, not on the promos, not on the Chinese version unless my ears can’t find him, which is a shame but there it is. So you have Kai, Baekhyun, Chen, Suho, Sehun, & Chanyeol left. And their dark, scary alter egos? Which is what obsession is about. Is the album good? Sure. Obsession has a computer generated feel and is very messy, the constant autotuned deep voice going “I want you” over and over again to the point it sounds like “I want chip” and “I don’t think so” line just...my ears needed a breather. I know it’s their alter egos with x Exo but you did the deep voice thing in Dont Mess Up my Tempo . Their vocals are fine, their rap is fine, their dancing is fine, even the lack of certain members is fine, because they are very well balanced and story, but the quality just isn’t there. The songs are just so ...meh, they lack substance and drive, an edge, I don’t blame Exo, they work hard, it’s more their label and the creativity going in a weird direction. It feels like SM did this solely to show their “fanbase” That because Kai and Baekhyun were in SuperM doesn’t mean they forgot their duties to Exo.

pinguvsme - SO SO GOOD5 star

I miss the vocals of Kyungsoo on this album but it’s STILL an amazing album. The title song is incredibly catchy, combines trap and R&B in such an unusual concoction it could only be done well by Exo. Fav tracks is obsession, trouble, Jekyll, Groove, ya ya ya.. and tbh everything else. It’s an album well done. Vocals by Chen and Baekhyun are a staple in each album, the former particularly blows away each time a high note is in sight. probably because there’s two less members, the vocals of Kai REALLY stands out in this album, and he’s good. Like good good. I’ve probably not given him enough credit in the past. My fav vocals remain to be Chanyeol’s, i love his his tone. Sehun, Like Kai is usually underrated as a singer but he’s talents are also pronounced on this album. In short, they did really well. But then you’d expect nothing less from Exo.

shixuns - obsessed with obsession5 star


Lau Of The Land - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star

EXO have yet to disappoint, continuing their high music quality with their highly anticipated 6th album “Obsession”. Always one to push their boundaries in music, EXO have once again ventured into a new genre for their title track ‘Obsession’ with strong beats & a catchy vocal drone through the whole song leaving you wanting to listen to the song repeatedly. The rest of the album takes you on a journey through genres, most notably RnB & hip-hop with songs like “Ya Ya Ya” sampling the iconic RnB girl group SWV’s hit “You’re the One”, while songs like “Non Stop” gave us a catchy pop song with an addicting melody! With a range of genres covered, it was another clear demonstration of how versatile EXO is!! With such a variety, the whole album is still able to come together & be very cohesive!! Showcasing the group’s skill in both vocals and rap, an album I would definitely recommend to all!! As always, EXO delivered!

kkaebsongyehet - 😭😂😭🙃😶5 star

It’s just so gooooooooood!!!! I always recover my strength when EXO has a comeback. Want to chill, party or just have some background music, this album has it all. My babies!!!!!😭😭😭

PatTheEve - Love love5 star

I love it.

StanKings-EXOshot - Kings are back5 star

Despite the missing vocals of Kyungsoo Lay and Xiumin, EXO have done well with this album. We get to appreciate vocals from the dancers and rappers. This is a BOP that has saved kpop 2019. Thank you Exo for your hard work

I am so there I'm already here - An SM sound3 star

Losing several strong members to military duty sees this album lose the key EXO sound in terms of vocals. The remaining members are hugely talented but it was the breadth of range that is obviously missing on this album. Obsession is an outstanding song but too many if the tracks sound as though they where meant for NCT or borrow heavily from past EXO songs - with one sounding so much like ‘Call me baby’ I started singing it! SM continues to create slick music, but it needs to widen its production values, stop looking to past songs and widen their pot of producers and styles if EXO and fellow team members such as RV are to continue to remain interesting. Few great tracks that should be on a mini album only.

myreviews00 - WOW!5 star

EXO have the best songs/albums in kpop

NLim1993 - KINGS5 star

Amazing Album. Would recommend to all.

chogiwaaaa - A BOP🔥5 star

What an excellent album!!! Every song is just phenomenal!! They seriously do not disappoint!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Frederick Bauhaus - EXO delivers as always5 star

Obsession is the most genre-spanning and well-produced KPop album of 2019

JChelle18 - Kings of KPOP5 star

I love all the songs. The best album

ᜉ̊ᜈᜓᜌ᜔ ᜁᜃ᜔ᜐᜓ-ᜎ᜔ 🇵🇭 - The Crown of K-POP is safe in the hands of EXO - Billboard, 20195 star

EXO never fails to give us (EXO-Ls) bad music. You may dislike their songs but you can’t deny how talented and visual kings they are. 💗💗💗 Anyway, #BAEKHYUN’s 2nd album coming out on 05.25.20 #Delight #EXO #weareoneEXO #사랑하자

pritz2688 - the best as always5 star

exo forever ❤️

Siryn29 - Hail the Kings of K-POP5 star

Pure addiction! I can’t stop myself from listening to this song and hum along with it. Obsession makes you become obsessed. It stucks!

exo-L K - EXO is EXO5 star


renchenyue - Exo nailed it!5 star

this comeback albim is my fav now its a lit

ZaslerExo - EXO - my OBSESSION 🥰5 star

My Kings 👑

KIM JONG-ANE - ❤️🖤5 star


cathazul - Sexy!!5 star

i feel like their approach in this album is quite different. i can hear their confidence and maturity in singing now and maybe it’s just me but most of the songs give a SEXY vibe and im loving it 😊

iamangelreyes - I LOVE YOU EXO5 star

Still number 1!!!

Markborromeo - Hey5 star


Xlyn1230x - Amazing!5 star

New style but definitely EXO's style. I love it

juuuyjuuuy - Love It!!5 star


reghzn - Totally Obssessed5 star

Too bad Kyungsoo Lay and Xiumin aren’t here but anywayyyy it’s still amazing ♥️♥️

peachy1288 - AOTY 🥳5 star

once again, exo saved me.

jazreb - KING EXO5 star

EXO never disappoints! ❤️ they don’t repeat their concepts, which every exo-l and the music industry can look forward to every comeback 💪🏻 their 6th album is definitely worth the wait! ❤️❤️ Love you, EXO 💕

steve160809 - FIRE5 star

Well what could I say. Words are not enough. This song is nightmare. I love it 🥰

dizzyMM - I am Obsessed with EXO5 star

I just can’t get enough of their talent, Music, artistry, charisma, screen and stage presence! ❤️ EXO = LEGENDARY KINGS.


EXO proved themselves again as a versatile artist for having a unique song this comeback. Obsession is a song that you won't expect from them, but they nailed it so hard! Other songs in the album are also different from each other. Get ready to be amazed with their songs in various genres.

Mama M! - I'M OBSESSED!!!5 star

The best thing I did in 2019 is to stan EXO!!! This is a BOP✨ Keep supporting EXO!!!

leshievouz - EXO JJANG!5 star


bagsieobagaoal - That’s uri EXO5 star

as expected from Nation’s Pick EXO. Amazing vocals, dance, visuals and Concept! Original and trendsetter. EXO vs. X-EXO 🔥🔥🔥

exo_acs - Obsession5 star

I'm obsessed with this album

chaxdks - B-SIDES ARE PERFECTION5 star

Title song will grow on you, it's not for everyone (i personally like it), but the b-sides are beautiful!!!!

LouellaVanessa - THE KINGS ARE BACK ♥️♥️5 star


Jannaguurrll - Kings are back! 👑5 star

It’s my first time to witness such an amazing comeback, worth the wait! I stan real talents and amazing artist! 😭😭😭 #EXO

boHszxmapagmahal - I love this album!!!5 star

Its a fantastic one baby

jybndng - Damn!!! 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Truly the kings!

KaiShiiii❤️ - Obsession EXO X EXO 🔥5 star

Kings are back 🏳️🏴🔥🔥🔥

quite-might - EXO- Obssession5 star

EXO will always be EXO- the Best...!!! Super and simply amazing❤️❤️❤️

claudinetifa - EXO COMEBACK!5 star

exo comeback is superb!!!! phenomenal MV and songs!!!😍😍😍 i really love their voice...😍😍😍

jasb1245 - EXO never disappoints!5 star

As expected, they always come back with a different concept and still slays!!! Album's LIT!!! 🔥 Let's enjoy!! Fighting!!

sekaiboo - A MUST LISTEN ALBUM5 star


CMisOBSESSEDwithEXO - Obsessed with Exo5 star

This is definitely worth the wait. Exo delivers as expected.

Gashxsidcnsch - 대박!!!!!5 star

이 앨범은 유일무이한 앨범입니다! 모두가이 놀라운 앨범을 들어야한다. 이것은 올해의 앨범을 이길 자격이! 엑소 파이팅~

My Green Lantern - ALBUM OF THE CENTURY5 star

Kings are baaaack

kyungzei❤️ - Exo5 star

Our King 👑 is back 😍❤️

cleofex - Obsession 🖤5 star

EXO snapped!!!

Mitchlamok - Obsessed so much5 star

The EXO boys, exceeding their capacity! Thank You EXO :)

Hermajestyguinivere - as expected to kings of k-pop5 star

very addictive!!

mtsr_ - 🔥 the kings are back 🔥5 star

You’re not buying this album? I don’t think so.

songaeri92 - X-EXO is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

One of their bests!!! Definitely worth the wait! #OBSESSEDwithEXO #TimeForOBSESSION #EXODEUX #EXO6thREPORT #weareoneEXO #EXOoneareww

alyy_cp - OBSESSED WITH EXO5 star

Kings are back to save 2019. ❤️

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Fatemeh12055 star

@weareoneEXO: 🔊Pre-order #EXO’s 6th album #OBSESSION (EXO & X-EXO Ver.) from the links below🔥👇🏻👇🏻 ▶️ Amazon: …

Fatemeh12055 star

@weareoneEXO: #EXO's 6th full-length album #OBSESSION raises expectations w/ the participation of global musicians. Meet unrivaled color…

Fatemeh12055 star

@weareoneEXO: EXO 엑소 The 6th Album 'OBSESSION' – Album Details See more 👉 #EXO #엑소 #weareoneEXO #EXOonearewe @e…

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: 🔊Pre-order #EXO’s 6th album #OBSESSION (EXO & X-EXO Ver.) from the links below🔥👇🏻👇🏻 ▶️ Amazon: …

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: #EXO's 6th full-length album #OBSESSION raises expectations w/ the participation of global musicians. Meet unrivaled color…

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: EXO 엑소 The 6th Album 'OBSESSION' – Album Details See more 👉 #EXO #엑소 #weareoneEXO #EXOonearewe @e…

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: 'K-POP King' #EXO will further enrich its 6th full-length album with special offline events! Don't miss 'EXO THE STAGE,' p…

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: EXO 엑소 The 6th Album 'OBSESSION' (OBSESSION Ver.) – Album Details See more 👉 #EXO #엑소 #weareone…

Reyhaneexol45 star

@weareoneEXO: ‘Return of the King’ #EXO's 6th full-length album ‘OBSESSION' and the MV of the title track ‘Obsession’ will be released a…

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