Brand New Man (with Luke Combs) Song Lyrics

Brand New Man (with Luke Combs) by Brooks & Dunn Song Lyrics

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Brooks & Dunn - Brand New Man (with Luke Combs) Song Reviews


I’m so glad brooks an Dunn have come back and will save country music from snap tracks (Kane brown) and others.

- Made me cry GOOD tears!

Seriously beautiful duets. Can’t believe how many people are hating on it (and didn’t even buy/listen to the whole album 🙄). It’s mixing new country with legends. Creativity abound, not ruining anything. The haters obviously don’t like change or appreciate this kind of art. Thank you B&D and your artistry, talent, and new twists on your classic music.

- Different but good

I like seeing anything Brooks and Dunn loved this while it is different it’s still fun, the only exception is ain’t nuthin bout you... DONT CHANGE THE LYRICS!!!!

- Love Lost and Found!!

Love Tyler Booth and Luke Combs. Saw them both on the Brantley Gilbert Cruise!

- Amazing

I just want to say thank you... I have missed true country!

- Amazing!

The best album ever!

- Bad

The songs sound auto tuned and why are there pop singers like Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldridge on here you know there not country, disappointing.

- These Dudes!!!


- Awesome

I am so happy they did this. I am blaring it with jeep topless. Love

- Trash!!

If I were Kix and Ronnie I would have vetoed this project so hard!!

- Tyler Booth knocked it out!

Great job Tyler Booth in “Lost and Found” We’re looking forward to your album release! Keep up the hard work!

- Horrible

The Luke combs release was such false advertisement. That song was awesome and I was expecting much of the same. NOPE! The rest of the album either puts you asleep or hate the pop country guys even more for ruining the songs. What a let down!

- Pure country

I’m sorry idc how many new singers you collab with. The originals are the best. You can’t change great music. No offense to Luke combs(great singer). But Brooks & Dunn could get it done back then and they can get it done now without the new generation.

- Lost and Found Tyler Booth

Awesome job by Tyler Booth on this collaboration with Brooks and Dunn. I would give it a ten if there were ten stars!! Way to go, Tyler.

- Can’t wait!

Can’t wait to hear Red dirt road with Cody Johnson!!

- Thank God for Apple Music

10 bucks for this... it was just a bunch of pop country stuff... the only saving grace was Cody Johnson! I found myself just going and listening to the original stuff and maybe that was their point!

- Just Great!

Best song so far to me is B&D's duet with Luke Combs on Brand New Man. In the words of David Allan Coe, that song is "solid country gold"!

- disappointed

I'm not a fan of this album. Despite my tastes running more towards rock now, ( grew up as a Brooks & Dunn fan and I followed Ronnie Dunn into his solo career...but this album bothers me. It's a cashgrab of duets that are nowhere near as good as the original singles and it lacks largely lacks the thing that made Brooks & Dunn unique in the first place--Ronnie Dunn's vocals. I would have much rather had the new Ronnie Dunn solo album we've been promised or a new original Brooks & Dunn album. This is essentially a greatest hits album without the elements that made the hits good in the first place. 2.5.

- Not One Of Their Best Decisions

I am not sure who was behind this but it wasnt a good decision. I only chose one song off of the entire album to download and thats only because I love Ashley McBryde.

- Aaa and p


- Confused

I love Brooks and Dunn as much as the next guy but what’s the point in this album?? Actually put out some new music. Don’t release these horrible cover songs. Hopefully they’ll be recording some new stuff soon!

- Midland

Midland is so underrated! Their song was EASILY my favorite!

- It's like rewriting history

It's like rewriting history. Should have left amazing alone.

- Love it!

Still has a Brooks & Dunn sound with new artists working together to blend old and new! I don’t love every single song, but overall it’s something I can get behind!

- Love it.

Great sounding album!

- Haters hate.

My uncle Scotty Hawkins recently passed away. He played drums for Reba for 11 years and Brooks and Dunn for a good while after. Neon Circus Tour was first concert when I was 13 or 14. It was amazing. Soon after I started creating music. I started of with heavy metal. And later started playing acoustic and singing when I was 20 in 2010. My uncle traded me one of my electric guitars for an acoustic so I could have one to write songs with. I wrote alternative rock in the beginning and that turned into indie and into a maroon 5/the script style by 2014. That’s when I started trying to pursue country. I always wanted to blend styles together so that people of multiple genre lovers would enjoy it, like I do. Acts like Sam Hunt, Dan and Shay and Kane Brown really helped me break ground for what I was wanting to do for years. The fact is that classics are classics. Things change and people change. There is no genre of music or race of humans. It’s all the same. In 40-50 years or so when the generation of older people are gone. I’m sure we will be looking back at what we have today and like and saying the same thing. What is this crap on the radio. It’s not like the Kane Brown and Sam Hunt we had growing up. If you just look past the “genre” and see it for the music itself and writing and collaboration. Then you may have a slightly different perspective. But no one can change a sour mind. Except for the person holding it. - Myles Nelson. A Pop Country Artist..


Couldn’t wait for this and didn’t disappoint! Love the collaborations...Tried to pick a favorite..not possible love them all! Thank You!!

- First off, love the concept for the Re-imagining

Before someone cracks the stupid and obvious joke of the albums page and review Section, let me state the bs people will always say...”they are too old”. Well let me let you in on a secret with Brooks and Dunn their pioneers shape shifters they don’t age they just reincarnate themselves into something better that’s why this remake of this hit album kicked so much butt!! #BNDKickAss

- Very very bad

The Brett Young version was an abortion to music. 90% of this album is crap and that’s sad because B&D are amazing. No idea who green lighted this album but they should be fired immediately. This album pure country crap.

- 🔥🔥🔥

I don’t care what anyone says y’all are making a comeback so proud you’ve got such great artists to help y’all with this reboot! So proud thanks guys

- Kacey!

I don’t usually like Kacey musgraves material, but she sounds so good on neon moon. She has paid great tribute to the legendary duo!👏

- Super Exciting

5 songs have been released and it has not dissapointed. I can't wait for the rest. Thank You B&D. Your music never disappoints!

- Ick

Brooks and Dunn tell stories when they sing. This album turn their stories into cheesy pop divel. This is coming from someone who enjoys a cheesy pop song. However, this does not work.

- This isn’t new music

Be like George Strait. Put out new music and help save country music.

- Kacey!

Neon Moon reboot is pure fire!

- Brooks & Dunn for a new generation

I don’t get where the hate is coming from. Of course these aren’t their original hits and that’s the point. This album is a nice surprise. It’s going to show Brooks & Dunn’s best hits while also giving the spotlight to new artists. It’s going to give people who’ve never heard of Brooks & Dunn an introduction to who they are. Whoever is giving this a negative review is missing the point. It’s all about introducing them to a new generation with current artists while also paying tribute to the hits that made them. Believe it or not there’s a generation out there who’ve never heard of Brooks & Dunn. It’s not like they aren’t on the album, they’re just giving backing vocals.

- Very Disappointing

Was excited for this album, but was greatly disappointed after listening. They recorded every song at a slow pace, nothing close to the country gold of the originals. Other than the Luke Combs collaboration, this album was an epic fail.

- Please Leave Well Enough Alone

What is with this generation of entertainers. They can't make anything original so they take something old and make "art" or so they think but what they really do is take a dump on something classic. What the heck! How could you turn Neon Moon into a techno pop-country fusion. Stop! Just Stop!

- Why?

I don't see the point of this at all! The songs are made any better! They aren't going to be more relevant. This is an attempt to make them more accessable to new country and new country audience. They should have just put out new music! I won't be buying it, or downloading it on Apple Music! It's just sad!

- Amazing

One of the best albums in my opinion. I think they need to do more reboot songs.

- Horrible!

Who’s horrible idea was this? Come on B&D you are better then this. Brett Young is a horrible singer!!!

- Love!!

Love all these tracks re-imagined with artists who grew up with Brooks & Dunn. So cool!!

- Ruined

Why ruin good Brooks and Dunn songs with pop country playing behind the lyrics?

- Found another way to kill country music

As if the garbage out now had not killed country music, this album finds a way to take classics and finish them off with folks that vocally can’t hold a candle to Brooks and Dunn.

- you ruin this album

putting Kane brown who isnt a country singer ruined Believe. why is brett young on here. almost bought this album until i saw kane brown on here.

- Reboot Brooks and Dunn

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE!!!!! Bought the album immediately!!!!

- Ruined Neon Moon

I did not think it was possible to ruin a classic, but Kacey ruined Neon Moon. What suit approved this?

- Some good some bad

Guys like Cody Johnson, Luke Combs, and Jon Pardi killed it. Even Thomas Rhett sounded good. But some of the pop beats over these songs aren’t my cup of tea. Hopefully this introduces new people to B&D though

- Ruined Brooks and Dunn

This doesn’t even sound like country music anymore

- Yessssssss

Brooks & Dunn, Reba, and George Strait at the top of the iTunes Charts today!! Feels like the early 90s when country was the best! Love it and love this album too

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