Weekend Song Lyrics

Weekend by Kane Brown Song Lyrics

Its 4:30 Friday
I get off at 5.
I'm gunna come into your place,
You come into mine.
Got a bottle of Jack
And cheap red wine.

Yeah our own little world.

Wanna open em up
And close all the doors,
Spin you around
On that kitchen floor,
Cuz all week long I've been waiting for,
You and me girl.

Just chilling on the weekend, weekend.
Sipping something on the cheap end,
Cheap end.
Skinny dipping in the deep end, deep end,
Or Bass fishing with your feet in,
Feet in.
Up all night then we sleep in, sleep in.
When we were never really sleepin,
Tangled up in the sheets and sheets and
Goose bumps gets to creeping,

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Kane Brown - Weekend Song Reviews

- It ain’t you it’s me ❤️


- Amazing talent

Kane Brown is the American dream ... his singing talent is amazing . He is exactly what country music needs . Diversity and a bit of a make over or an up do ! He is the real deal . He has crossed over to other genres for duets and knocked every one of those songs out of the park . Best of luck and keep on making great music . Forget the haters . - The real Captain Thomas

- Disgrace

Not country

- Kannnnnneee❤️


- Trash

Trash record from a trash person

- Love the music

Idc what anyone says about this not being country, it’s a new generation so country is basically like technology it’s upgrading by the creator and what taste of lyrics and beats they think their fans will love so all them haters are just want a be country singers KANE BROWN ROCKS,LOVE THE MUSIC

- Country? Nope!

The lyrics are so cheesy, it sounds like pop, this isn’t country. This ain’t true country. What have u done. If anything, please move to pop.

- Move along now

To call this joker a country singer is an insult to country music. He needs to move over to r&b

- This is Country.

Not Pop. Get that through your head. It is modern COUNTRY. If you want the classic stuff then don’t listen to this album. The songs are great. But They are COUNTRY!!! Take a modern pop song of today and compare it to this. You could easily distribute each song in a category. Y’all need to chill.

- Amazing

Kane Brown has a beautiful voice, I love everything he puts out.

- Boycott

All-time Worst Fake-country album

- Live Forever💓

This man is amazing and this is the best album he’s ever done!! I love him so much! And his music is incredible! Just me, but Live Forever is the best song!!🌹♥️💓❤️💗💕💞💘💖💝🖤💜💚💛💙

- Amazing

Oh my god he’s amazing. I barely listen to country but now imma listen every day

- Garbage

‘Nuff said!

- 🤮

Embarrassment to country music

- Best album released in 2018

Other than weekend i listen to every single track on repeat.

- Love!

Somewhere between his sultry voice, the classic sound, and the fresh energy Kane Brown is bringing to country music lies the perfect album.

- Caleigh

I just love the way you sing

- Not country music but...

This is definitely not country music so if that’s what you are looking for this is not it, however I love country like Tim or Brad but I also love pop and this is like pop music with a hint of country in it. So no this is not country but it’s still good!!

- Quit calling this misogynistic garbage country

Kane has a really good country voice that is being drastically wasted...If you want to make R&B and pop music cool. Move over to those genres. But quit trying to invade country spaces to do it in. There’s real country artists out there who deserve to be discovered for their body of work. And take that Bruno Mars wannabe Thomas Rhett with you!

- amazing

This is just great like dead amazing you freakin kill it kane

- Where’s the classic?

Where’s the steel guitar??😔😣

- I absolutely love it

This is the best album I’ve ever heard can’t even say it enough

- ❤️✨Emma✨❤️

I absolutely love Kane brown so much! I love his music so much! I hope you make more albums cause they are the best!

- Kane Brown

Love this guy and the music he has produced! The only negative this I have to say about this album is, I want to be able to download “lost in the middle of nowhere” and it can’t be found on iTunes. I think someone should make that happen

- TRASH!!!!


- Snap-beat pop/rb

It’s listenable , I’ve heard worse. But we have seen a tired trend of snap beat / elec drum pad, corporate-pop sounds infiltrating country music for some years now . Don’t blame the artists folks, the music culture always reflects the audience / popular culture. Kane is a perfect product of his generation, and today’s culture. This sound is designed and written for teen/college aged girls - they’re the primary target group for this stuff today.

- Impressive

It’s a another story of another underdog, however, Kane kills it!

- His voice!


- Great 👍

This is different country but it’s better I think this man is amazing and has great talent.

- Awesome

Music is music it doesnt matter if its country or rock n roll. It’s all about how it makes you feel. I like all kinds of music I may not like a certain song, but I don’t dislike a song because I don’t think it’s country enough. Kane Brown has a great voice and his music his songs are great.

- Beautiful voice

Every song by Kane melts me! His lyrics are incredible. i can’t get enough of him

- Greatness

For one: he does sing his own songs. I’ve been to many concerts and met him every time (9x) second: he may be new country but he is still country. It’s evolutionizing. Just because he sounds different, does not mean a thing. Thirdly: he’s honestly the most down to earth person I have ever met. He’s nice, caring, funny. Honestly if you dislike him you a psycho.

- Love this kid. Love his sound.

He’s so different. So original. His voice is amazing. He’s so sexy too. Omg. I’m loving this album.

- What’s up with this Kane Brown guy!!???

I don’t get it...

- Crap


- Love him!

I’ve been a country music lover for 50 years and I absolutely love this album! Kane Brown is a singer who brings a fresh style to an old genre! Homesick won me over to start following this young man and recommend him to everyone who loves great country songs! Thank you Mr. Brown for coming into our lives!


This is a great blend of Country, rock and a bit of pop. People need to get over what they "think" Country is because these days it is a bit of everything so get over it! This man has a beautiful voice and I truly enjoy all of the tracks on this album! I look forward to hearing more from him!

- Trash

This is terrible. Pop trash.

- Cant wait for new album from George strait

George strait will save country and also the people that is complaining about us giving him one star y’all don’t know what country is and this is not it and he doesn’t even deserve one star, but George strait makes me feel better

- He’s good, but....

There’s no doubt Kane is a good singer. But in my opinion he sounds like a mix between Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

- Garbage is an Understatement

I’m just amazed of the stupidity someone would have to possess to sign this clown 🤡 to a record deal & promote him. Talentless & as I titled this, Garbage would be an understatement in defining this poor excuse for music. Country Fans, our home of Country Music, Nashville, has been invaded & overtaken by L.A. Liberals. They want to take our firearms away, our hard earned money, & the rest of our Constitutional Rights away, but for now they’ve taken away our Country Music & replaced it with this garbage.

- OMG I’ve listened to this album so much since it’s came out

Kane I love all your albums don’t let anyone tell you that your not country because your country and I’ve seen you in concert twice 1- Tuscaloosa Alabama 04/19/18 2- Pensacola Florida 01/11/19


Really good.Highly recommend!

- Good music, plain and simple :)

I love every song! Every single song touches me in a different way, by making me smile, or bringing back memories. The best thing is this is music I can listen to with my young son. He loves the music and when a song ends he say “more music mama”. KB keep doing your thing we love it, thank you!

- Good

Can be better

- Diana Bushmire writing about Kane💙🙏

I think he has a great voice and feel he has every right to be a ballad type singer voicing feelings that we all have! I’m old and like older country style music but there is something about Kane Brown!!! My all time favorite is King George!!! Look at some of the newer country artists—— they start crossing over and many of you don’t complain!!! Maybe in several years we will have a King Kane!!! Give him a chance. All music is good for the soul‼️❤️🙏💙

- Lose it!!!😎😎😎

The song”lose it” reminds me of a girl that has a crush on me,and I get nervous around her.

- Disgrace!

A disgrace to country music. Please stop making music yesterday!

- Different BUT I do like it

Awesome & very talented. Keep up the great work Kane... you’re awesome!!

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Katherine Speirs

Just watching ‘unseen’ #BreakingDad , easiest route from Epping to Leeds is up the M11 onto A1, do it every other weekend 😘.

To You, 2,000 Years From Now

Can’t wait for the weekend 🥺♥️.

𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓪𝓼 🧚🏽‍♀️

@laasarah_ @_coreywithane Yeah I watched the entire thing over the weekend. 😅 it’s really the person you least expect. The other books are about the rest of the family (I think)..

Not Bridgette

ALRIGHT gotta make it through today and tomorrow and then BAM, another 4 day weekend!.

Skin Kwon Doe 👽🏴‍☠️🕉☯️♒

Look at this sweet peice of eARTh art we found over the weekend! Its important during these trying times to find things to lift us up! I find it in nature. #art #nature #michigan #traversecity #sleepingbeardunes .


Weekdays tapi atmosphere nya weekend.

Jonathan E. Sy

What’s the point of a longer weekend if we’d still be stuck at home because of a fucking mismanaged pandemic? .


When 7 college friends pack their swimsuits for a weekend of fun-in-the-sun activities at their friend Sara's lake house, but their paradise quickly turns into a nightmare. . . . #sharknight #horror #sharkattack #scary #SaraPaxton #DustinMilligan #ChrisCarmack #KatharineMcPhee .

Sugar Cookie Season

Things I miss: -hugging -eating out with my friends. @LiteFMGangsta always knows the best restaurants. -weekend jaunts to Michigan or Milwaukee -swimming in my parents pool and hanging out on their lanai.

Barbara Lee DeFratis ♌⚾🏈🌈🕉💙🖖🏼

@EddieGEastcoast Trump spent each and every weekend playing golf. But watch out, IF President Biden even thinks about playing as much as half around of golf as often as once a month or two, cbn will go into shock and horror mode..

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