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The Sound of Silence by Disturbed Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Disturbed song The Sound of Silence coming soon.

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Disturbed - The Sound of Silence Song Reviews

- Sound of Silence

After watching this live and watching the video on YouTube I'm speechless. I'm a Disturbed fan. Not a fanatic, but a fan. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything as groundbreaking and intense as that. Simply outstanding.

- 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Love It💜

- Sound Of Silence

Give me more! Amazing job on Sound of Silence Draiman! What's next? First ITunes review/worth the time!

- Do it

I would buy a Christmas album...

- Amazing

I saw their video of the cover of Sound of Silence on Facebook. To say that it blew my mind is putting it mildly. I watched it 3 times in a row with complete fascination. I would describe it as dark and beautiful. What a voice. I absolutely had to hear more from Disturbed and I'm very glad I bought the album. Amazing music by an incredibly talented band.

- Ok

Okay.... LOVE HIM.... but am I the only one that thinks all these songs sound the same??? Except for Sound of Silence...which is excellent!!!

- Quality

Overall it's an enjoyable album but, Draiman's cover of "The Sound of Silence" is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've EVER heard. Incredible.............

- Literally goosebumps

This shows how amazing music can really be.

- Live

Disturbed awesome live in concert.

- Very good

Album is real good

- 🖕

This has to be the worst band in the world. Don't ever let them cover S&G again. Disgrace to music


Absolutely delicious metal!!!! LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!

- Amazing

Brought me to tears... A+

- Immortalized


- As usual

Disturbed never ceases to amaze me.

- Good song, BAD cover

Don't get me wrong, The Sound of Silence is a great song, but this version is just crappy. The feeling that has to be put into this song to make it amazing just isn't there. Now Noella's cover of it is gorgeous.

- 5 star

They never seem to fail or let down! This is a great album!!! Buy it!!


AMAZING doesn't even begin to describe this album! Way to go, Disturbed!!!! I love that their sound hasn't changed! If you're looking for the classic Disturbed, you're in luck!!!

- Please tell me

That "PureCash" knows this IS a Simon & Garfunkel song, which might be a why they are reminded of Simon & Garfunkel. This is a nice cover with a interesting take on the song.

- Sound of Silence

This is the best cover I have ever heard. Amazing!! Goosebumps and tears. The power in his voice is just phenomenal. ❤️❤️


this a very good album from a legendary group

- Superior

No other rock band can truly define "rock" as well as Disturbed. They have always given it everything they had. Immortalized sounds just as good as the past albums. Keep it up!

- This is totally worth it!!

I truly love this song his voice is so soothing and The background music Is just amazing.In my oppinion it's better then Simon and garfunkels :)

- Awe inspiring...

Absolutely incredible. Still can’t get over “The Sound of Silence.” o.O

- The Light

While the whole album show's just how good and versatile a group they are. The light is possibly the most meaningful song to me...ever I cried the first time that I heard it.

- The sound of silence

Wow that caught me by surprise!!! Awesome voice and it really hit an emotional chord-tear in eye!!! Love this band - always.

- Sound of silence blows me away

Great Album.. disturbed never disappoints.. plus sound of silence is prob the best cover EVER in my opinion


This guy sings this song better than any other. I listen to other people sing it but to my cod this scrap is pure gold no not gold pure Diamond I love it and the way he sings it is just perfect and so clear I would listen to this song any time any where.

- BORING sound of silence is better by Simon and garfunkle

Simon and Garfunkle did sound of silence e much better

- Got me into them

Before randomly coming across Immortalized in Spotify radio, I had never heard of Disturbed. And just months later it has become one of my favorite bands. If you're looking for a metal band with great vocals, fantastic instrumentation, and songs with actual meaning, Disturbed is for you.

- This album is...Sick!!!

Righteous from beginning to end, they've proven yet again why they are the baddest of the bad!!! Disturbed for life!!!

- Sound of Silence

Absolutely outstanding. Much better in every respect than the original, and I'm old enough to have heard the original when it first came out. This young man has a very powerful vocal presentation and leads the listener to each clear note of the song. Excellent .

- Awesome

The sound of silence remake is sooooo amazing! Even if you don't get the whole album this song is a must download!!!

- Horrible

Horrible rendition of Simon and Garfunkle's golden own "The Sound of Silence". Yet another worthless remake in attempt to make money. Fowl.

- Finally Something Good

It's nice to finally hear something from these guys in the likes of Believe. This resembles their earlier sound and I'm liking it! Good job guys. Welcome back.

- No sound effects?

Why does this album have no traces of "nah" or "yao", such a disappointment.

- The Sound of silence is breathtakingly beautiful

The sound of silence is an absolute must have for those looking for something to truly make them feel and think thoughts that make them search their very soul

- Amazing!

Their best album so far. Enough said.

- What???????

The voice, the song, the instrumentals, the energy, it was of another planet! I will never hear anything as spiritually powerful as this song by the band and of course Damian....Thank you for sharing your gift to the world and hopefully, transforming us all at the same time. WOW...

- Awesome!

I've loved disturbed since their first cd and this one is just as amazing. Sound of Silence brought me to this album and Open Your Eyes solidified my love. Great cd!!

- Hauntingly Beautiful

I had never heard Disturbed before this rendition and while it its not their genre it's one of the most beautifully haunting songs ever! Just goes to show good musicans can do anything. Truely impressed

- Love this singer

The sound of silence is like the best song in the whole world

- Absolutely Amazing

I was always a boy-band pop loving girl. When I heard the cover of "Sound of Silence" I was hooked. My sister shared the song with me, saying I would love it but I was reluctant. After finally giving in and listening to the cover, I immediately became obsessed. Every song has an impact. A positive impact. The album runs on repeat in my office, home and car. I cannot get enough, nor can I describe the feeling this album generates. Top notch. Huge new fan.

- Loved


- C'mon now

Another metal band makin hay on aggresive but preachin how bad America is and all the world needs is a hug. Scream peace and bash harmony into mankind, message not understood. Sing about things you may understand and leave the hard stuff to those that make ulitmate sacrafice for your abilty to speak your though just shut the pie hole. I do really like the music though, thats the 3, - 2 for message.

- 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Awesome can't even describe it

- The Sound of Silence...

One of the greatest renditions of the song hands down. This may sound crazy but lead singer should get permission from the band Boston to cut a few tracks...

- Song sound of silence💪🏼

I just got SO PUMPED from listening to the sound of silence. It helps me with my hardcore workouts. I wuld recomend as a work out song💪🏼bout to head back to the gym and get that intense workout going🔥

- Blown.

New to this type of music. This album is the best I've heard so far out of all my music.

- The Sound of Silence

I'm not usually a big fan of metal, but this version of Simon & Garfunkel's Classic hit, is raw and beautiful.

Wise 💸

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- Can't wait!!!

As soon as I heard you were back I listened to "The Vengeful One" I knew this album was special and I pre-ordered it for my birthday! Disturbed is my favourite band and I have long awaited their return.

- Great song!

I’m liking the first release! Sounds great! Glad Disturbed are at it again!!!

- Empowering Album

The album as a whole I was already going to preorder just because it's Disturbed. But after listening to the free stream of it I for sure can't wait until it arrives. If you haven't preordered yet, change that now!

- Hurray

I can't wait to buy the new album. Just the extract of one of the song is amazing I was awaiting for a new album.

- Excited as F***

I am extremely happy and excited that Disturbed is back with a new album after such a long hiatus. I can hardly wait for this ones release. Been listening to the released songs on a loop

- It's okay

Still sounds like old school Disturbed. I love The Vengeful One but since the release of Fire It Up.. Ehh not so sure about the album. I do not think songs that encourage the use of drugs are good. The instrumentals are good though. But the melodies could be better (especially in Fire It Up).

- Never Left!

They Never left! These guys always make AAA music. I expect nothing less and theyve never disappointed me!

- It’s Ok

As my star rating says it is ok. Listened to the entire album on the free stream and found it ok. Not all that memorable or not really crappy either - just kinda ok. Would be curious to hear them with a producer that strips down their sound to the basics as I think that would do wonders for Disturbed as I find some of the tracks on this album are a bit overproduced and try to add a modern rock pop/feel. The overall production is fine, just find it a bit to modern and makes me dislike some of the tracks as they loose some of the edge this band had before - especially notice it on tracks that have a bad drum machine sound. Gotta say the cover is really bad (think it is track #9) - shows off a great voice but doesn’t belong here. Fans of Disturbed will like this album and not regret the purchase - just do not think they will think this is their best effort.

- Awesome Year

Been waiting too long for this to happen...SO PUMPED THAT THEY HAVE RETURNED TO THE METAL SCENE!!!! AWESOME TUNE AND CANT WAIT FOR THE REST!!! Between this, FFDP, Apocalyptica, Nightwish and Breaking Benjamin, this is my favourite year for music :) KEEP ROCKING DISTURBED!!!!


It is with a shout of excitement that I am happy to see that disturbed after such long break has returned. Hope plenty more songs by them

- Gonna get it.....maybe

Will wait for the album's released so I can sample it on iTunes that will be the deciding factor on whather or not I buy it or not.

- EPIC!!!

This looks like is going to be a awesome album can't wait for the rest of it when it comes out.

- Epic

Best album from Disturbed!

- Boring

The singing is good, the drums are alright, but the guitar makes me throw up. It's so plain. Their other albums were better

- I don't know...

To me it sounds exactly like all their other songs. That may just be me though....

- Another collossal record

Immortalized is the perfect name for this album, Disturbed has always been goliaths of metal and never fail to impress, this is no exception, after hearing the title track the lyrics never seemed so fitting. "Secure a legacy that will never die, be IMORTALIZED"

- Disturbed

Amazing simply amazing DISTURBED kills it every time

- Worth 5 stars for the announcement alone.

Disturbed is great for two reasons. 1). They say what they want to say, but say it in a way that everybody can relate to and apply however they want in their own lives. 2). They have a brilliant sound and aren't afraid to stick to it. I have spent 5 years waiting for this. It gets 1 star for each year. The single alone was worth the purchase price. It can only get better.

- Wow!

So I'm basing this off of about half the album at this point, but I really like that this captures Disturbed's signature aggressive style while experimenting with some new ideas/sounds for songs like You're Mine and The Sound of Silence. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect after the hiatus, but I am quite impressed! Definitely will be buying this when it drops next week! Only thing I'd say is that the stream is censored, so I'm hoping the actual album isn't haha

- Finally!

The guys are back and ready to continue the onslaught of our backwards & disturbed society. Time to drop some plates!

- I'm so happy right now!!!

I already know I'll love this whole album!!

- RecklessC

This is the same Disturbed every fan has been missing for the last 5 years, so excited for this album! Would be 5 stars but the song "Fire It Up" doesn't sound like a Disturbed song at all, feels very out of place.

- !!

I just came.

- My socks are full of c men!

Insta bought!

- Meh

The same song from any of their last album , they need to change their formula

- They've returned!!!!!

Omg I've waited so long for these guys who will always have the #1 place in my heart there the best band ever and I can't wait for the rest of the album the single is honestly fire it's so good !!!!

- thank god

omgs thatnk u loved the first song i heard better than asylem

- :D


- Disturbed is back

Disturbed is back.Cant wait to hear the new album. Hope there back for good. One of my favourite bands.

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The Girl With the Bad Dragon Tattoo

@pikestaff *Sound of Silence playing in the distance*.

Arlington Road and Bluebell

@jonesdan253 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You’d think they’d prefer the sound of silence..


You might think having close to 0% engagement on Twitter is a bad thing, but have you seen what engagement does to people? The only thing worse than the sound of silence is the sound of 100 glib depressed people trying to outdo each other..


NOWPLAYING | Paul Simon - The Sound of Silence TuneIn: Web:.

Mostly offline, online when I go out

For the uncultured people who don't know what the Sound of Silence is .

Rita Gossen

Sometimes the sound of silence is the most defeaning sound of all!.

Abigail ♡

Did you guys know babies scan speak basic phrases by 11-12 months of age? harry was 14 months when james and lily were murdered. just imagine him calling out for his parents, but only the sound of silence followed.

Dr. L.T. Force

The Sound and Volume of Silence: “The Whisperer” We all have friends...and then there are 'special friends'....a true gift! (click-on image to read) .


@mediumhollow The Sound of Silence.

Robert moguel

@chancetlewis99 @LincolnLoudTLH Show em Lincoln Lincoln got the ear buds from the episode sound of silence.

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